Best Warrior Cat Characters (Book by Erin Hunter)

The Top Ten

1 Firestar

He is not only brave, loyal, clever, and understanding but, he saved the clans! Without him clans would be completely under control or dead! Also, his peaceful, thoughtful, and he had just a big a chance of killing Tigerstar as scourge did. (I HATE SCOURGE / I understand his life sucked but then he became a savage, evil, cruel, murderous cat and even said "Oh yes, blood is everything. But the only blood I'm interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! " But he even admits to loving to kill cats and dogs 99.99% of the time for no good reason. I HATE SCOURGE) On top of this stuff about Firestar he also killed Scourge and Tigerstar (Dark forest). Even after death he is still the worlds best character in the books ever! And I love that he helps EVERYONE that needs it. He is truly the most thoughtful. (Sorry for the rant about Scourge but seriously hate him) So in conclusion, Firestar should be voted in the best warrior cat character.

Firestar is the most famous character. Probably the most kind Warrior cat ever, there were times where he has been tempted and tested, every single time he stood strong and persevered. Very courageous, humorous, caring, loyal, intelligent, wise, etc. I just really enjoy Firestar as a character, his arc is amazing.

I vote for Firestar because he's fair and calm (at times) he likes to settle things peacefully but will fight if have to.Ever since he joined the clan he was misjudged and teased from where he came from and NO ONE is responsible for their birth.You can't just say I want to be born in Shadowclan, it's fate.Firestar saved not only Thunderclan but all five(Skyclan's the fifth) and yet cats hate him when he's just trying to save their stupid fur.His only problem is that he's sometimes too nice.Don't get me wrong being nice is great but Firestar is like "It's all my fault, now Sandstorm hates me"!When it's sometimes Sandstorm's fault.Besides it's usually the man who's in charge but Sandstorm is more in charge of Firestar then what it's suppose to be.But still, even with all the hate from other's Firestar pushes them away and does what he thinks is right, rising Thunderclan into glory.

Ugh...he's kinda overrated. He's the stereotypical main character so of course he has to be prefect, brave, kinda etc...I just wish he had some flaw. I mean sure, there was that one time he mistakes that prophecy in the second series and goes off at Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight but does that really count? I wish he wasn't such a gary sue.

2 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower and a father named Stormtail. more.

She's a truly amazing cat who suffered so much in her life. Thistleclaw becoming leader would've lead thunderclan to a bloody end, so bluefur had to do something about it. But the price to pay for leadership was her kits, who she had to give up to riverclan. Yes, she broke the warrior code with oakheart (who used his charms to get her) and eventually gave him up when she realized that she couldn't be loyal to her clan and oakheart. Her sister kinda died because of bluestar though, running away from her in rage, straight on the thunderpath...
Bluestar had a truly tragic story, you're the best, bluestar!

Oh my love! She's such good mother. Cute and strong. If I am tom, I would fell in love with her~ She has been awesome leader! Yes, She gone mad, but she changed her mind and that was just very short part of her life. She made sooooo many sacrifices for her clan. Imagine Thistleclaw being leader of Thunderclan. So many blood spilling! Bluestar put her clan first. She bring Firestar. She made huge effort no one could have done more.

Bluestar was amazing. She really dedicated herself to her Clan and worked hard to become leader. She realized that Thistleclaw wouldn't be a good Clan leader and that lead up to the death of Mosskit. I understand she was trying to do what was the best of her Clan, and I appreciate that she was willing to take the risk of bringing her kits through a blizzard to bring them to RiverClan. I know that she went a little bit crazy at the end of her life, but who can blame her? Her father never liked her much, she had watched her sister get hit by a car and then break the news to her son, hear about Oakheart's death and have to pretend she didn't care, give her kits away and watch her daughter freeze to death. I don't care what other people say, Bluestar is a flawed yet wonderful character.

Bluestar had a really sad life, Moonflower’s death, closely followed by Snowfur’s. When she knew she would let Thrushpelt down by not choosing him as a mate. But he was still so kind! And she had to give away her kits. Then I bet she was pretty sad in the timeline of the beginning of into the wild. Then the Tigerclaw issue, and then Swiftpaw. Then she died with her kits! I love her.

3 Graystripe

Being Firestar's nest friend, he had to be a great character. He's been through lots of horrible things. Forbidden love, death of a mate, capture, and most definitely controversy. But he is steadfast and is a very kind and loyal warrior. Sometimes he just needs time to figure things out.

Graystripe actually saved the clans instead of Firestar. He's the one who brought Firestar into the clans. Without Graystripe the clans would not exist!

graystripe should be at the top he was the first clan cat firestar ever met, he is so strong and he is one of the reasons firestar joined thunder clan.

I love how Graystripe was always loyal to his clan evan tho he was in river clan.And he should be 3 not 4 he should have been deputy not brambleclaw/star

4 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Jayfeather, the blind, grumpy, wise, clever, but caring, cat is one of the best characters the series has to offer. He took over The Power of Three and Omen of the Stars series with his humor, sharp tongue, and even his side relationships with Briarlight and Half-Moon. This character is so well made and his arc can be compared to Firestar's, he's also one of the most if not the most relatable character in the series.

Bruh, over the past two months I think I have developed a crush on Jay. He just so darn amazing. I ship him with no one but stick and me so back off half and briar!

I love Jayfeather he's so grumpy!
He is so cool! I always new who his actual parents were and I love Crow and Leaf! But I hated when he Holly and Lion thought Squirrel and Bramble were there parents (I hate Squirrelflight and Bramblestar there so cheesy and anoying! ). But this isn't about Squirrelflight and Bramblestar it's about Jayfeather. He's character is so cool with his special power. He is so sarcastic (like me😀) and my favorite line is when he says "great let's gather all the useless cats and hope a tree falls on them." I disliked the third series allot though after all it was so plain and boring! I love when Breezepelt attacks him it is so epic how they trash talk eachother.

Anyways I love Jayfeather

I LOVE JAYFEATHER! He is my second favorite cat in warriors! (Needletail is number one) He is such a cool cat to read about with is blindness. He stands up for himself and this grumpy boi is just amazing! (By the way BriarxJay must be a thing; I like Half Moon but Briarlight and Jayfeather work for me)

5 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

She is by far my favorite medicine cat of all time. She went through so much. Not being able to stay a warrior, not allowed to take Raggedstar as a mate, (Even though he was kind of a jerk), and having to give up her own kit. Then she had to watch her own kit grow up without a mother, and sad. Then having to deal with Brokentail killing Raggedstar (I never understood how), and many innocent lives including kits. Then being kicked out and betrayed by her clan and left to die. And to top it all off, having to kill her own son in the end to stop his murderous ways. She is not only my favorite medicine cat, but my favorite cat of all.

Yellow fang is my favorite cause, yes she was cranky and stubborn, at first. But as the books carried on she got more welcoming and warm. she was just so fun to read about cause you never knew what mood she was in. She would either be jokey (is that even a word? lol) and easy to work with or cranky and stubborn. Even though she was born in shadow clan she was not afraid to be in any battle with thunder clan. If we're being completely honest here, Yellow fang was the only death I cried to, and the time I was reading "the rising storm" I was in middle school, now I'm in high school. The Erin Hunters know just the right strings to pull to get anyone crying. My friend, who doesn't easily cry, cried at Bluestar's death. Now I'm on sunset and I still cry every time I reread Yellow Fang's death.

Yellowfang is a great spunky character. I love her grumpy-ness (but then again I really love all med cats :3) shes just a great and entertaining character!

I loved Yellowfang in the beginning, but as time passed, she became awful. Just a awful Starclan cat. I almost cried when I realized they had made Yellowfang into a brat. I look back at the original series, and I love her all over again, but then I go back to the later book, and dislike her again! Such an amazing character, but the starclan version of her ruined everything. Literally.

6 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.

She was such an energetic apprentice and I love her. She crippled her leg trying to help the clan and then became one of the greatest medicine cats of all! She mentored Leafpool so well and was loyal to her clan. If she could become a warrior, I'd totally ship her with Firestar! She really deserved to be reincarnated into Cinderheart and live her warrior life! She is too cute!


One of the saddest warrior cats backstories ever. Her future getting taken away from her by Tigerstar was so sad, and her getting killed by the badgers, she deserved to get reborn. She has lots of great traits, she's got the tenacity and sarp tongue of Yellowfang, Firestar's decision making skills, as well as Sandstorm's comforting aura.

I love Cinderpelt! She's not afraid to say what she thinks and stand up for herself. She's been through a lot but she's still good old Cinderpelt! First her hopes and dreams of being a warrior were crushed when she was almost murdered by Tigerstar that dumb beast! Then she still found a way through and kept on helping her Clan and her friends by becoming a medicine cat. And then poor Yellowfang died and she was crushed AGAIN! But she didn't give up, she kept pushing through because that's who Cinderpelt is!

cat medicine great a be to
hardest her tried still but warrior a become to deserved she character great a such is Cinderella

7 Squirrelflight

Hello everyone! It's me again. I really love Squirrelflight, and so should you. She's the best!

She's cheeky, feisty, expressive, kind, brave, noble, caring, wise, thoughtful, wonderful, amazing, awesome, determined, sometimes a bit snappy, pretty, cute, not braggy, loving, and more! I love her so much. She should be #1, or maybe #2; at least #3! What I'm trying to say is that she HAS to be in the top three. I like her ambitious personality and her brave face. She's so fierce! Squirrelflight really is the best, everyone! Please vote for her! I mean:


-Wings of Warriors

SQUIRRELFLIGHT FOREVER! I ADORE Squirrelflight! I think she is a great cat and deserves so much more than whiny Bramblestar. Bramblestar was so mean to her when hanging out with Jessy! She deserves a lot better. I almost think she doesn't even need a mate! (but then I wouldn't get my precious Alderheart, well that's why I said almost) Squirrelflight is amazing and deserves to be higher!

Squirrelflight is the best. She is feisty, determined, wise and kind. She may be a bit snappy sometimes, but I still like her the most! Squirrelflight deserves to be #1-- she is AWESOME! You should vote for her, if you didn't already. Squirrelflight cares about others, like when she made friends with The Sisters in Squirrelflight's Hope. She deserves to live and to be the leader of ThunderClan! So... please vote for...

Squirrelflight should be in the top 3. She is the best: cheeky, feisty, determined, awesome, bold, brave, amazing, pretty, a she-cat, and more. Squirrelflight is the best warrior cat! I love her so much. Maybe Erin Hunter should make more super editions about her! LOL. I wish Squirrelflight could be #1, for StarClan's sake. Please-- everyone, vote for her! Vote for...
Squirrelflight of ThunderClan! Thanks if you did.
-Wings of Warriors

8 Whitestorm

Probably one of my favourite cats in the books. I felt like his death did come at the right time but man... that one hit me hard. He was a fantastic warrior/deputy/mentor and even though he SHOULD HAVE been made deputy by Bluestar and then leader after her, he wasn't jealous of Fireheart/star.

Whitestorm always supported and encouraged Firestar. Whitestar should have been his destiny. I always admired Whitestorm. He was a really noble cat.

I've never liked Whitestorm much... I know he's a loyal warrior but I wouldn't call him wise. I think that he shouldn't have tried to stop Firestar from fighting Scourge and it was kinda cowardly to suggest the flee. I'm not saying that he deserved his death, but I'm sure Firestar would let him skip the fighting. If he wasn't up to have battles with other animals he shouldn't have agreed to become deputy. His advice wouldn't have helped anyone.

A true Thunderclan warrior...loyal until the end. Even though his father was Thistleclaw...he was kind and wise. He listens to his heart all the time, he had a GREAT future until Tigerstar came along. R.I.P Whitestorm!

9 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Calm and obedient Leafpool shows friendliness to cats who need help like Cody and other non-clanborn cats.She couldn't help falling in love with Crowfeather and it was so sad when her mate, kits and many other cats turned against her.Like she said, "It's not fair, I have feelings too"!And even though her family hated her when she was doing the right thing.And when Brambleclaw said that she had lost everything she said, "no I didn't, I watched my kits grow into fine warriors, and I still serve my clan with all my heart".

Leafpool is the best warrior cat that's ever lived. She deserves a special edition-- maybe even TWO! She is gentle, kind, awesome, wise, caring, thoughtful and did I say awesome? She is amazing and should be in the top 3. I actually think SHE should be deputy, not Squirrelflight! Like I said before, she deserves a super edition, so I am working on one about her called Leafpool's Time. I wanna publish it; well, I hope it's good enough to be published.
Plus, Leafpool's the one who found the Moonpool! The pool is very important, you know. Also, Leafpool has a special connection with StarClan. She is loyal, calm, amazing, mature and more. Leafpool is brave, bold, good at fighting, and more. She is the best! So...
Please vote for Leafpool of ThunderClan/StarClan! Thanks if you did. :3

She is the best! I mean, she has such a sad story - what makes it even worse is people hate her for it. So she is born to Firestar and Sandstorm. She has one sister, Squirrelkit. When they become apprentices, Leafpaw is Cinderpelt's apprentice, training to be a medicine cat, while Squirrelpaw takes a warrior's path being trained by Dustpelt. So first of all, Squirrelpaw DESERTS Leafpaw on a quest that she wasn't even meant to go on. How scared do you think Leafpaw feels about that? Terrified! Her sister could die! So Squirrelpaw does come home safely, they travel to their new home, and settle down. But then Leafpool falls in love with Crowfeather. Now HERE is the reason that everyone hates her. She couldn't help falling in love! So Cinderpelt, apparently, is so great, yet she is actually the one that steers Leafpool on that path by telling her to beware of falling in love with him although actually she is just thinking "How could a cat be any grumpier?". So she runs away ...more

Her relationship with Crowfeather is one of the best relationships in the series. She followed her heart and no matter how much times her peers shun her she still tries to make it up and be loyal. She's had lots of ups and downs but she proved herself worthy of being respected and loved.

10 Brambleclaw

. underrated underrated SO is who Ashfur over him chose Squirrleflight that believe can't I . Jessy Messy on hitting constantly was and leader be could he so just Firestar killing considered He bad. was he that meant it bad was Hawfrost said she when that assumed he trusted be couldn't he that him warned Squirrleflight though even brother half his with out hanged who idiot an is Brambleclaw First NO! OMG

I liked him a lot until he became "Bramblestar". Since then he stopped being himself and instead tried to be as like Firestar as he could. He abandoned Squirrelflight for doing she right thing, dating Jessie in front of her and then decided he wanted her back again. When he was still a warrior and deputy, he was very strong and stood up for himself about his father. I wish that he was the same way when he became leader. (SPOLIER ALERT) I feel really bad now that Bramblestar had become possessed and evil, and I hope that his spirit gets saved. I don't want him to die because he is still a good ThunderClan leader, but in a way I do so we can get Squirrelstar.

Brambleclaw/star Will always be my FAVORITE CHARACTER! And to all of you who hate him well guess what? You guys don't understand him! If I were a warrior cat I would want to be his mate. New books are coming in and I here a rumor about Squirrelstar... If he dies I am going to go find a hole and cry in it for the rest of my life! I mean he can't die! He is the best and he just bearly became leader. I will always love you Brambleclaw/star. Even before he was introduced I didn't have a favorite character. And when he was introduced I was like you are my favorite. And ever since then and until the end, he will NEVER STOP BEING MY FAVORITE! !

I hate him! I just do... Like I mean... Brambleclaw-treats squirrelflight like crap Ashfur- Treats Squirrelflight like a queen. Squirrelflight- chooses Brambleclaw

The Contenders

11 Sandstorm

If I were a tom cat in Warriors, I am definitely having kits with her just saying that she's very beautiful for a cat. She also has a great personality I really like how she respects authority and really challenges cats around her age. She also plays hard to get with Firestar, I'm sure that's where Squirrelflight got it from. She's a great mother, very independent, strong-willed, tough as well as gentle, and relatable.

Salty and feisty but sweet in the inside.Without her support, Firestar wouldn't have saved the clans and the clans wouldn't even be alive.Even though she treated Firestar as if he was a fox who ate her tail, she grew to respect him and fall in love producing a family.She played a big part in warriors and she is determined to give anything to her clan.When she was an elder and Alderheart was going on a journey to find Skyclan, she went with him knowing that she had a huge chance of dying.And when she did she told Alderheart, "I senses when I decided to go with you to search for Skyclan that I might not survive the journey.You know, I never wanted to spend my last days as an elder, sitting around in camp.I wanted to die doing something important".

I don't hate Sandstorm and I don't love Sandstorm. Sandstorm first loved Dustpaw and that is just WEIRD because he is her uncle! Well because her mom is Brindleface and Brindle is Dust's sister. But then she becomes Firestar's mate. I LOVE LEAFPOOL! And there is allways a sister you hate so the one I hate is SQUIRRELFLIGHT! She is so annoying. All I learned from the second series is that Bramblestar is stupid Hawkfrost and Leafpool are cool and Squirrelflight should SHUT UP! Okay blah, blah, blah Sandstorm's life goes on then she dies (Spoiler alert). But her death wasn't even sad!
Mother: Brindleface
Father: Redtail
Mate: Firestar
Daughters: Leafpool, Squirrelflight
This is my opinion! 😀

I think Sandstorm is a very kind and have a heart of gold. I also love her relationship with Firestar, she is very strong, smart, Beautiful and a good mother.

12 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has light grey fur with Amber, green, or blue eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things more.

I feel like Dovewing gets too much hate. I can see why, but I really like Dovewing! I thought it was fun to read her chapters when viewing other places around the lake. I am sad she replaced Hollyleaf, but she isn't a bad replacement! It was really interesting to see Dovewing and Ivypool interact when Ivypool was jealous and was training in the dark forest. She cares about her sister and want to help her.
Dovewing is brave and a good cat.

dovewing is alright but I'm not a big fan or anything...
dovewing was better when she stayed in thunderclan but she was a little stuck up and expected ivy to tell her about the df when she was hiding her own stuff; if they made both sisters more confessing to each other, that wouldve helped make both characters better

Dovewing has saved the clan at least 2 times 1: She found out that windclan was going to attack through the tunnels in the heart of thunderclan territory 2:she hears (with her special sences) that the dark forest would attack the clans.

I don't like her, she's super annoying ande all "I won't tell Ivy about anything but I'll expect her to tell me everything!" Seriously, so annoying.

13 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

I love how Hollyleaf thinks and her stick-to-the-warrior-code attitude.So what if she's sometimes too perfect would you rather stick to the warrior code and be honored for what you do with a less chance of dying or ignore it and might end up in Starclan.Like poor Swiftpaw.The code and her family is what Holly lived for but when her family turned out not to be her real family, they lied and broke the warrior code it shattered her.So much that she killed Ashfur and ran away.I mean Ashfur deserved it, he tried to kill like nine lives (Firestar's six, Lion, Jay, and Holly)and if Hollyleaf had a regular life, than she would've stuck to the warrior code and become an honorable warrior.

Hollyleaf is a hardworking cat who GETS STUFF DONE. When she thought she was one of the three she was working hard to fullfill the prophecy. And she even came back to help in the Great Battle! Hollyleaf could have stayed in the tunnels for the rest of her life, but she didn't! She came out to see her clan and family again! Even when she knew she would have to face her mother Leafpool, and possibly be punished for killing Ashfur. Hollyleaf is brave and saved Ivypool from Hawkfrost, and died in the process. She is a truely good cat.

she is a good character she is strong, brave, strict and good at fighting she got out of the clan because Ashfur started a fire and she so she killed him. comment for her and it could be a bad one too. And Hollyleaf was part of the three but then Dovewing took her place because she died to save Ivypool a cat she did not like that is so unfair she is in Starclan she could still be a power off three like COME ON! I am saying it again comment for her and remember it could be a bad one too keep that in mind!

Hollyleaf is real cool! Love her brother Jayfeather. But her pribkem is that she always is like "your breaking the warrior code! " Then she kills Ashfur because he was going to tell everycat who her parents are. Then she does what Ashfur was going to do by telling the gathering. She threatens to kill her mother then runs away so her clan thinks she is dead. Comes back after the cold season then dies!
Mother: Leafpool
Father: Crowfeather
Brothers: Jayfeather, Lionblaze
She is surely an interesting character

14 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

I Vote For Silverstream Although She Is Not The Main Character. Most Likely, I Am In Deep Love With Graystripe. He Looks Nice, Has A Beautiful Mate, Intelligent Kits And A Loyal Friend. If Only Silverstream Hadn't Died, If Only Feathertail And Stormfur Hasn't Met The Stupid Tribe Of Rushing Water And Caused A Bad Death For Silverstream's Beloved Feathertail... I Wouldn't Cry For A Day. I Love Silverstream More Than That Idiotic, Dumb, Annoying, Overprotective, Selfish Old Millie. Millie Has A Daughter, Which Is Innocent, And Is Very Protective, Even Keeping Her Away From Bramblestar! Millie Is My Most Hated Character, And In Bramblestar's Storm, I Even Saw Her Saying ‘ I Won't Forgive You If My Daughter Dies ’. I Hate Her! And I Don't Know How Graystripe Has Fallen In Love With The Idiotic She Cat, So I Think This Storyline Is Not Very Well Developed. Now, In Conclusion, Silverstream Is Always My Favorite Warrior Cat!

Silverstream is not really a developed character after all she is around for three books! I like her WAY better then dumb, old, anoying, overprotective and whiny Millie. How the HEAK did Graystripe fall in love with Millie. I think he later found out it was a mistake. In the brocken code Millie is not inlisted in the allegiances and there is no mention of her or of her dying. And when I realized that I was SO excited. I HATE HER! Okay back to Silverstream, if you think it was Mapleshade's fault for her dying it's not true. Mapleshade just knew of the loss coming up ahead for Crookedstar.
Father: Crookedstar
Mother: Willowbreeze
Sister: Willowkit
Mate: Graystripe
Daughter: Feathertail
Son: Stormfur
So that is what I have to say (technically I am writing).

I would die for silverstream I love her a pretty silver tabby I love silver tabbies I mean a silver cat with black stripes and blue eyes so pretty and my first favorite cat was dovewing and I didn't know who silverstream was and I saw sparks of the stars hymn for the missing it made me cry so much she became my favorite I read about her and I miss her so much and the name is beautiful to silverstream and she's a silver tabby she always be my favorite SILVERXGRAY FOREVER!

No he didn't, she saves him and he knew that she would always be there for him! And did you know that if a queen dies giving birth, it has lots in starclan?

15 Ivypool

Ivypool did so much for her clan, she knew the risk of the dark forest but still continued to go there every night to spy. Many people don't like her because they think she's "always jealous". First of all, she was jealous of a good reason and second of all, she did everything for her clan and her loyalty will never leave thunder clan even if she was jealous. (Unlike Dovewing who ditched thunder clan once) I mean if I had a sister who everyone loved, praised, and basically worshipped in front of me while I am treated like no one special, I would definitely be jealous and want to do better! Dovewing is a mary sue, in my opinion, she has two toms in love with her and she breaks both of their hearts. She has basically the best power in the world and she's here complaining. I think that Ivypool deserves to be a part of the three instead of her. Ivypool is hardworking, loyal, and smart. (I wanna know if I'm the only one that ships her with Hawkfrost) IVYPOOL X HAWKFROST

Ivypool is a tough independent girl!You can't blame her for going into the Dark forest, they gave her what she wanted, attention.The Dark forests got her attention by telling her that they were going to train her to be a better warrior to serve Thunderclan.And Ivypool thought that Dovewing(her sister)got more attention because she was a better warrior.Ivy didn't know that it was a trick until she accidentally eaves dropped on Tigerstar's plan.So she still went to the Dark forest to train AND spy for her clan taking a huge risk of life or death.

I think that, it wasn't unfair for her to seek more strength, after all dove was supposedly talented and a good hunter, even though that's all thanks to her power, and of course ivy would feel jealous, I understand that, and in the end, Ivy turned out much better than dove, didn't she? I don't like tiger star 2 either.

ok person that said she did everything for her clan if dovepawwing didn't warn thunder clan of the falling tree ivypool might have died as a apprentice also she probably will go to the dark forest cause she is actully always jealous she was alright at the begining of being a apprentice but she was always jealous after

16 Jaypaw

Jaypaw is the best I'm surprised he's not 1st or 2nd, On feral-heart I always make characters blind like jayfeather I always talk to the book when I read a chapter about him since he's so awesome I love his powers I love it how he can see in cats dreams I wish he could see but it is amazing how he can basicly see because of his powers and his hearing and sensing everyone who hates him I hate them since Jayfeather so awesome I loved the part when he saved lionpaw from falling in the old badger set and when he went back into the past with Fallen Leaves it was cool how Erin described him as a ghost when Fallen Leaves walked into the cave. :D Two words GO JAYFEATHER! YEAH

Jayfeather is always overlooked due to the fact he is blind. No matter how many times he proves himself he still, in the eyes of his clan, will never be as important as a warrior. When he receives his full name he is barely given two cents unlike the warriors who basically get a party. Though his eyes are unseeing his sight goes further than any cat in the clan. I wish he was given the respect he deserved every day for the "high and mighty" couldn't see how deep his mind went. I wish him all the best in life and Starclan, or to his far more ancient and ancestors, when he dies.

I love Jayfeather. I don't like the fact he's grumpy, and rejects cats' help, and shunned Leafpool and Squirrelflight for a while, but he matured. He hated Brightheart in the beginning, but helped her and respected her when he grew older. He's blind, and his other senses make up for it, but he still can only see blackness--at least when he's awake. He's my second favorite character, and he's amazing, and he showed the most development out of the Three (Hollyleaf the third, not Dovewing).

Jayfeather is one of my favorite characters in warriors (other then cinderpelt) Oh and by the way dawnpelt JAYFEATHER ONLY LET FLAMETAIL DIE BEACAUSE OF ROCK (he so evillllllll)

17 Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest.

Why is Lionblaze all the way down here?!

Okay. I love Lionblaze. He's afraid of his on power, and I love his thoughts and character development when he has dreams of being a murderer. But he's not a murderer, he's an amazing and brave cat.

A lot of people say that Lionblaze is a Gary-Sue, but that's not true. He's not completely invincible. He's just protected in battle, he can still get hurt. The one thing people hate about Lionblaze is that they think he has no personality. It's wrong, he has a LOT of personality, more than Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Dovewing. I feel that he expresses his personality way better than any other cat in the series!

Lionblaze is an amazing character, one of my favorite book characters.

I like him because he realized the spark before Cinderheart. Also, it cracks me up, their midnight runs could have background music of the song ‘can you feel the love tonight’ from the lion king. And LIONBLAZE IS DA KING OF COOL!

We would be great as Savage+Lion. As Savageheart, daughter of Scourge, I love him. I want to mate him. We'd be the best fighting force. If he wanted kits, I'd have kits. If he wanted to be mates right away, then we would do it. ( by the way, I am NOT as tiny as Scourge. I am a massive black she cat with white paws and amber eyes. I have long, sharpened dog teeth on my claws, yes. Which makes me a powerful foe. Savagelion! -SavageheartofDeathclan.

Lol Lionblaze just so ya know I have a crush on your bro. But I guess you’re pretty awesome too, just out of my league. Well, I don’t really know where my league ranges, so I think you’re in the clear.

18 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous more.

He is so cool! They do get his eye colour mixed up allot though. I love Ravenpaw's path it is apsolutely AMAZING! If he were a warrior I think his name would have been Ravenfrost or Ravenflight definitely NOT Ravenwing (you know what I mean if you have read Mapleshade's vengeance). I find Ravenpaw's farwell so sad. I love the Ravenpaw & Barley ship! Ravenpaw is just super kind and friendly. I like the friendship triangle of Fire, Gray and Raven! Fun fact is that Holly, Jay and Lion have the same colour of pelt as them. Lion is ginger (ginger golden same thing) Holly is black and Jay is gray.
Mother: Robinwing
Father: Fuzzypelt
Sisters: Brindleface, Frostfur
Brother: Dustpelt
I know I'm not really saying anything interesting but still wanted to share. I could continue talking but I won't so...

it's so sad when he dies in Ravenpaws Farewell in Barleys paws sooo touching. He made to kits dreams come true so that's at least good. I LITARLY cried when he died total favorite!

Oh my gosh I miss himmmmm when does he come back?! I need to see him again, the last time I saw him was like the great journey. So months ago.

Ravenpaw is awesome damn you tigerclaaw ravenpaw would have become a warrior if it wasn't for him he could have been called ravenwing I liked him better as a apprentice also I like the way ravenpaw turned from a coward to a hero (to mistyfoot stormpaw and featherpaw)

19 Crookedstar

He broke his jaw as a kit then his mother hated him. Then his mother, father, mate, and two of his kits died, and his brother went against the warrior code, and then his only surviving daughter Silverstream died giving birth to Graystripes kits, Feathertail, and Stormfur!

Mapleshade made him promise to be loyal to his clan above all else. He was born when the elder Duskwater drowned, he had the worst life in my opinion!, Madolin.

He had the worst life! His mother was horrible to him after his accident. Then his mate and 2 of 3 of his kits died. I love his relationship with BlueStar when they were apprentices.

Crookedstar is so on and off! He is sweet when you first meet him at the gathering in Bluestar's Prophecy. But then when Riverclan attacks he is real mean. He should of been Bluestar's mate instead of Oakheart. Oakheart is just pushy and ignorant. Bluestar tells Snowfur "You can't be Thistleclaw's mate he is EVIL! " Then Bluestar meets a Riverclan cat and becomes his mate! WHAT THE HEAK! Anyways I just got side tracked. I really like the book Crookedstar's promise and would recommend it (just saying).
Mother: Rainflower
Father: Shellheart
Brother: Oakheart
Mate: Willowbreeze
Daughters: Willowkit, Silverstream
So ya that is my opinion on Crookedstar! 😀

Crookedstar is so sweet to anyone. I was crying my eyes out when I read Crookedstar’s promise, because his MOTHER KICKED HIM OUT IF THE NEST AND RENAMED HIM! And his brother could stay is his nest.

20 Lionheart

He shouldn’t have died so soon! In Bluestar’s Prophecy, he stayed loyal to Pinestar to the end. He would be my best friend! Why did you have to die!

Lionheart is so ignored because he died, he deserved to live longer. I wonder why other people don't treat lionheart like a mentor of Firestar

"The bravest of them all" "His corage and wisdom would of made him the best leader" "This cat taught me many things such as Loyalty and corage, he was the best of all, yea maybe Firestar was meant to be, but the bravest warriors taught him what he knows today"

Spottedleaf is my favorite but Lionheart! I love Lionheart! He is my favorite tom! I wish he was still alive, he didn't deserve to be killed! With his bravery and wisdom, he would have made a wonderful leader, if I was a warrior cat, I'd totally be his mate! Lionheart died defending his clan, a true warrior's death-Swiftdawn

21 Stonefur

Aah! My favorite warrior cat of al time. Son of Bluestar and Oakheart. Mistystars brother. Honestly I think he deserved to be leader more than Mistystar did. He saved those kits when he didn't even know them! Would you jump in front of a total stranger who has a gun pointed at him? This proves how brave and loyal he is. He deserved to live!

He is so loyal, brave, and his death was so honorable and he would have been a great leader. I also like the fact that he is Bluestar's son and Mistyfoot's brother.

I remember reading Stonefur's death a few years back for the first time at school. In my opinion, he's the better of the siblings. He sacrificed himself for the sake of two apprentices he barely knew! Amazing!

Stonefur. Just hearing that name fills me with sorrow. He died to save his cousin's kits! (Because Oakheart and Crookedstar were brothers, and Stonefur was Oakheart's son, as was Silverstream with Crookedstar. Silverstream's kits were Stormfur and Feathertail, so Stonefur died to save his cousin's kits. ) (Sorry for that word vomit, heheh. ) He died a brave and noble death, and will never be forgotten. As they say, gone, but not forgotten. His spirit will live on in his sister, Mistyfoot/Mistystar's kits. He should have become Stonestar! I wish he had become a leader, but I'm not saying I regret Mistystar becoming a leader. I would have liked it better though if Stonefur had become Stonestar, and Mistyfoot became his deputy. But eve though he didn't become a leader, his life was laid out by StarClan, and he wasn't made to be a leader. He lived his own life, and I'm happy for him.

22 Bramblestar

Bramblestar is a really brave warrior and saved his leader when 2 of the most evil cats in history were telling him to kill him. Bramblestar got chosen by StarClan to be I'm the great journey and I think he deserves to be leader. Go Bramblestar!

Killed his own brother so his leader could live he's the best he should be in 1st place for that also he forgave squirrelflight for what she did your great the best warrior cat ever

I hate Bramblestar, he is so self-absorbed and thinks he has so much struggle and pain in his life AND he rejected Squirrelflight even though he would do what she did for Leafpool for Tawnypelt. Then, even though he was still in love with Squirrelflight, cat-kissed and hit on Jessy and then fell in love with Squirrelflight again. So annoying, Jessy is also snappy and irritating, too. Squirrelflight deserved so much better than him!

OMS! I love him so much! He did break the warrior code though when Firestar X( made him deputy but he's like a fuzzy Tigerstar, who I also love!

I used to hate him but after I read Bramblestars storm I LOVE HIM. He was loyal to his clan and aandodned his bro and dad to save Firestar from the Foxtrap. I'm surprised he's only in 24th he deserves higher. Firetsar did make a good choice.

23 Longtail

In the beginning he was just a big bully. But when Tigerclaw was exiled he started acting different. He saved Firestars life (WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THAT!). It was sad when he was blinded and had to become and elder. He also was a great mentor. I could almost say that he is some kind of hero! Longtail is just so underrated! I hope for people who don't see how brave he was, they will at least remember him for his sad death.

Longtail becomes more and more mature in the book series. He started off as a bully and then became a loyal thunderclan warrior. I sometimes wish he was not blind .

Longtail is the character with the best development, in my opinion. He was always a pretty good cat, but it seems his 'friends' changed him. After eating the squirrel and killing the elder (forgot her name) he started to change. He became more arrogant, cared less about rules, and started to hang out more often with Tigerstar and Darkstripe. But, then he realized that what he was doing was bad and he didn't want to be apart of that. It shows true strength to not follow your friends when they do something bad. Longtail was pushed around too much after he became a normal warrior and was happier. He went blind then was forced to retire early. He stayed happy throughout his life. Longtail is a loyal cat who recharged for the better.

LONGTAIL WILL ALWAYS BE MY favorite! He should be number one on this list. He was sorta mean in the begining, but it is Tigerclaw/star, and Darkstripe's fault. I like Darkstripe, but not Tigerclaw/star. Longtail will always be my favorite. He was SO SWEET later.R.I. P Longtail.P.S. longtail is mine!

24 Snowfur Snowfur is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. She's Bluestar's sister, Whitestorm's mother and Thistleclaw's mate (when she was alive) and used to be a Thunderclan Queen before joining Starclan. She's one of the main characters in Bluestar's Prophecy more.

I loved Snowfur and I cried when she died in Bluestar's prophecy! She was such a good sister to Bluestar/Bluefur. Bluefur was so sad when her sister died. :(

She is was a good sister to bluestar and a good mother to whitestorm and she was a awesome cat. To bad she had to die. Curse those shadowclan fools and you monser on the thunder path. She could have lived. When mosskit died she cared for her (bluestars daughter died in the frezzing cold weather while getting to sunning rocks to give her kits to there father).

Snowfur was my favorite she-cat even though she died and took care of Mosskit when she died, she always been a loving caring sister for Bluestar. Oh man I still can't believe that Snowfur died D;

Curse you, monster that killed her! That car was the reason that Tigerstar was evil. The car killed her which made her mate go mad and kind of abuse Tigerpaw and that is that. Curse the car.

25 Mistyfoot

She always makes decisions to help her clan as leader. Even though she is a half clan cat she is very loyal to Riverclan. She's been through a lot and has and has lost pretty much everyone except for her son Reedwhisker, discovered she was half clan, and been banished from Riverclan. Mistyfoot/Mistystar definitely deserves #1!

Mistyfoot is such and awesome cat! I love her! When Bluestar/Bluefur gave Mistyfoot/Mistykit to Oakheart I almost cried! It was sad! Bluestar's prophecy was SAD! I cried a lot in it like when, Snowfur died, and Bluefur's mom died! There was so much drama. Mistyfoot was loyal to her clan. I love Mistyfoot and her mother, Bluestar. Bluestar died bravely and Mistyfoot knows.

Mistyfoot may look calm, but she's ready to fight at any given moment-that makes a interesting character! Her backstory is the thing I like best about her. She was given away against her biological mother's will to her adopted mother-but she always thought her adopted mother just...didn't click. She had to witness Stonefur and Bluestar die! The thought that she stayed strong through all this tragedy is truly a value all people need to posess.

I love Mistyfoot she is absolutely one of my favorite characters (Brackenfur, Sorreltail, Willowpelt, Firestar, and more) she was so brave, and loyal to Riverclan I am so glad she became the leader, I love her so much, she was a great fighter and loyal friend, she never ceased to be trustworthy and strong, her mate was Blackclaw I think otherwise why would Reedwhisker (another one of my favorites) be black her mother was Bluestar and her brother was stonrfur, I love him also. She knew how to control her temper, she's just like whitetsorm or Lionheart, or Willowpelt a true warrior, before the battle with BloodCLAN when she was trapped and almost killed in tigerclan she stayed in ThunderClan personally I wish she hadn't returned to RiverClan but that was where she belonged, she was a great mother to her kits, (Primrosekit, Perchkit, Pikekit, Reedwhisker, Dawnflower, I think that's her kits)she was a great mentor to feathertail (love her! ) ad even though Bluestar lied about her parentry ...more

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