Top 10 Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths

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1 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower, and a father named Stormtail. Bluestar is a large, lean, blue-gray she-cat with thick, dense, long fur, a broad face, a broad head, silver hair tinged around her muzzle and tail, a torn ear, broad shoulders, a scar that parts the fur across her shoulders, a long, sleek tail, and piercing, round, wide, clear, brilliant, blue eyes.

Bluestar was one of my favourite cats. She was so kind and so brave. Her death is just one of the saddest deaths. I slammed the book shut and vried. Bluestar was heartbroken when she found out that Tigerstar tried to kill her. She tought no one in her clan was loyal. WHen the clan ran to hide form the dog pack Bluestar felt guilty and ran to svae Firestar. She jumped into the side og the pack leader nad both her and the dog fell down in the gorge.

"You will have the warmth of fire to protect the Clan and the fierceness to defend it. You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan."

"Fire can save the Clan... You never understood, did you? Not even when I gave you your apprentice name, Firepaw. And I doubted it myself, when fire raged through our camp. Yet I see the truth now. Fireheart, you are the fire to save ThunderClan. You will be a great leader. One of the greatest the forest has ever known. You would have the warmth of fire to protect the Clan and the fierceness to defend it. You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan."


This was by far one of the saddest deaths. When I read it, I was shocked. And then I cried. Bluestar did not deserve this. She was so brave and wise and I was so proud of her for telling Mistyfoot and Stonefur the truth. But seriously... Firestar's death may have been the saddest, but this was by far the most shocking and tragic.

I didn't like Bluestar in Bluestar's Prophecy, but she matured into the leader we knew in the beginning. I admired her, and she was a wise, calm leader, but still had her beliefs. When she went mad, I originally was just irritated by it. But after looking at others' opinions, and re-reading the book where Tigerstar betrays her, it's pretty tragic how much she changed. She had to leave her kits, and Mosskit died on the way. Her mate died, and she went through her whole family dying (besides Whitestorm, and I don't consider Stormtail family). In the Warriors universe, with battles, cars, drowning rivers and more, it's not that uncommon, but you can't blame Bluestar for feeling like everything was lost. Her death was depressing, snapping at the last moment and saving her clan and Fireheart, and dying with her kits on the shore. I don't consider it the saddest of the whole series, but it's up there on my list in the top six.

2 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty. Firestar is killed by fatal wounds by the spirit of Tigerstar and a falling tree
Firestar's personality seems to be very courageous and dedicated, he always dose things that he thinks are right, even if it went against the warrior code. Even if Firestar's ideas don't always work, his strength, courage, kindness, and loyalty leads him to be a strong built leader and point of view. more.

Why did he have to die? I love this character and everything he did, he was the best cat in the entire series, Erin, why? How could you do this to everybody that loves and cares about Firestar/Rusty? And he shouldn't have died, it only took away one of his lives, and he is a lot like Bluestar (former leader of ThunderClan) And Tigerstar should die, I really don't like that he wounded Firestar, why did it have to kill him? Just why? Bramblestar is the not the best leader in the series, and why did so many good cats have to die? This was the saddest death of all of them.
1. He killed a villain
2. He was a hero
3. He did everything he could for the clan and he dies?
4. He was in the first book
5. He was very loyal to his clan
6. He was wounded by a evil spirit
7. A tree fell on him
8. He was a perfect leader
9. It was the saddest death
10. He was by far the best cat in the series
And this is why it was the saddest death of all, he was the best character ...more

Why? That was my first question. Erin, why? Firestar was, in my opinion, the best cat in the entire series. First, he led ThunderClan and the others clans against BloodClan, saved the forest, ya know, then he helped lead the clans on the journey to the lake, then he killed Tigerstar. And my insides are bursting with happiness as I read that bit, and then he dies. Like, what? Erin is getting lazy? Did she want ThunderClan to have a horrible leader? Bramblestar-I'm sorry- is a horrible leader. Like, come on. This was the saddest death for a reason. At least he died a hero.

Firestar- We met him as Rusty. We followed him into the heart of the forest. Together, side-by-side, we learned the ways of the warrior code. We fought bravely to protect our clan. We stalked through the depths of the forest. We grew with him, we learned with him, we followed in his pawsteps. From Rusty, to Firepaw, to Fireheart, to Firestar- we became a Warrior through his eyes. The first stories, THE stories, the ones that made us who we are, the ones that gave us Warriors- they are his stories. To see him die is to watch our link die- to watch ourselves die. Rusty was, and still is, and always will be- part of ME. Part of YOU. Part of everything that is Warriors. Such a sad and noble death- may Firestar live forever in the hearts of young Warriors, his memory never fade, his soul forever hunt in Starclan.

Every had that feeling when you you get a test back and think you aced it, but you failed? That's what I felt when Firestar died. He had just killed Tigerstar, and then he had to die, leaving Thunderclan with Bramble as a leader (who is TERRIBLE). Sure, he killed the greatest threat to the forest, but he still died. He gave everyone of his lives to save his clan, and he went down that way. He saved the other clan time and time again, and if they kill his spirt off I'm going to hate Erin Hunter. by the way, nice dying words Firestar. "You live like a rouge, you die like a rouge", going out screaming death and in a ball of fire. R.I.P Firestar, R.I.P

3 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver -and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She used to be a Riverclan Warrior/Queen before joining Starclan. more.

It was so sad when that kind, gentle silver stream died! The reason why she died becuase something went wrong when she was giving birth. Well it was too much blood loss when she was giving birth. Her kits were feathertail and stormfur, also gray stripes kits.

Silver stream, you were beautiful and so amazing, I can't even say goodbye to you.. you are one of the saddest deaths ever..You will have an amazing place in star clan and the biggest place in my heart

She was my favorite cat in the beginning and always will be. she died so early in the book and her kits ended up having horrible fates as well. I think any she-cat dying of birth is sad since its supposed to be the happiest moment for them. R.I.P silverstream!

Silverstream was always my favorite ever since she saved Graystripe(My favorite before Ss) and she had this sass that Fireheart and Graystripe couldn't get. That was before (sniffs up and cries) She died. Her kits were amazing and one of the two became a Prophecy, I mean that is sweet, but you know the Prophecy kit Feathertail was my favorite after that but... (Them tears are real) She died too. See this family was amazing, without these two she-cats Warriors wouldn't be the thing it is today, without the cats I'm talking about there would be no Tribe, there would be no Graystripe, there would be no... Well you get it, but I miss Silver all the same, she was truly an amazing cat. I hope her and Graystripe have fun in Starclan together.

4 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last moments with her mother Leafpool. On the Warrior Cats Wiki Hollyleaf is described as a slender, long-legged, black she-cat with soft and long fur. She has green eyes, and a bushy tail. Hollyleaf is also sometimes depicted with amber or yellow eyes, and in fanart she is sometimes depicted with a actual holly leaf on her ear.

Hollyleaf may have had some problems, but she was a loyal cat and didn't deserve to die. She always worked hard for her family and the warrior code.

Leafpool's Wish - The Last Hope
She was smart, loyal & brave.
She trained harder than the other apprentices & cared for her family & Clan more than anyone could know.
She was more upset than ever when she realized her birth, her existence, was against the warrior code. That was when she fell apart. She killed Ashfur in an attempt to protect her brothers. She than attempted to kill her own mother. She then fled.
After some time in the tunnels, however, she regained her strength.
She fought hard in the Great Battle, & died saving Ivypool.
She forgave Leafpool & Squirrelflight when she died.
RIP, strong Hollyleaf. We still miss you so much.
Rejoice with your mother, grandparents, & mate in the stars.

Hollyleaf is my absolute favorite character! She has my kind of personality. Stubborn, short temper, and curious of whats going on around her. Her brother, Lionblaze, is like my brother. Stubborn, proud, and a show off! Since I have read Warriors, Hollyleaf has been my favorite character and is still today. I was sad when she died and would have loved if she was still alive today. At least she is with Fallen Leaves in Starclan. She is my absolute favorite character and will always be even though she will not appear again in the series. I will miss her and will always remember about her forever! She is my number 1 cat and will always be! FOREVER!

She was a wonderful character! She deserved to be Bramblestar's deputy it if wasn't for Hawkfrost. Plus, it's obvious Bramble was going to choose her if she lived. Besides, she showed the Warrior Code and StarClan more respect and was one of the most forgiving and loyal cats I have read about in the series. When she found out she was replaced, she didn't fuss like her replacement probably would've, she forgave her biological mother as well as her foster one, as well as both her fathers (Crow and Bramble) and tried to make amends even though there were big downs. She never gave up, and she came back. She did all of those things that I said above, as well as did EVERYTHING in her will and power to help. She trained cats in the tunnels and rescued them when they fell in. She even saved Ivypool from Hawkfrost, causing her undoing. She did all of those things, went through so much to return to ThunderClan to see her friends and family again...only to die a second time.

5 Mosskit

Moss kit, how do I even say my feelings for you? They are so much stronger than words I can even explain it, my feeling s for Moss Kit are something I can't even translate into English or any language

Poor Mosskit, the kit was left out in the snow to die because Bluestar wouldn't keep going...she should have mother power. The power to keep going for her kits. You know, the power the thunderclan Queens had to protect their kits in the last book of the fourth series

Her death I just couldn't help but actually cry, she was such a loving kit spans would have become an amazing warrior of riverclan or thunderclan. The way Bluestar(fur) reacted was also just so sad!

Mosskit died nearly after he was born. If he survived and got a bad name I would be furious. He should be named Mossheart because of how kind he is. He forgave his mother for leaving him out in the cold with Oakheart.
- Crystalpool the medicine cat of thunderclan

6 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be a Riverclan warrior before joining Starclan. She and her brother were one of the chosen cats to go the journey to the sun-drown place along with Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Squirrelpaw and Crowpaw in the second arc.

I'm so sorry you died. Al least you saved the Tribe. They were happy but later what did they do? NOTHING to honor her except a grave.

She and her friends were just trying to find a safer home for the clans. And poor Crowfeather. I liked them together and it was just so sad to see him grieve like that. He really did care for her so much. Feather tail died saving her friends and the Tribe WHO THEY JUST MET! It was so sad to see Stormfur so heartbroken too. He was the best brother and stayed with the Tribe to be close to her and his mate, Brooke. It was just really sad and I hated her death.

This was so sad! Poor poor crowfeather & Stormfur! Crowfeather is probably like top 3 as far as warrior cats go for me, and his reaction made me feel so sad! I think it was the reaction of crowfeather and her heartbroken brother Stormfur, that really made her death so sad!

You know what I would have done? I would have shoved a spider in those horrible tribe cat's noses. Feathertail died saving their STUPID BUTTS from Sharptooth. And Crowpaw and Stormfur's reaction was just... devastating. I miss her.

7 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker as her new mentor. After earning her medicine cat name, Spottedleaf received a prophecy from StarClan that referred to the newcomer, Firepaw. The two felt something for each other, but they never revealed their true feelings as Spottedleaf was killed by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior. She ascended to StarClan and particularly appeared in Fireheart's dreams. She then gave Fireheart a life more.

Why do people hate Spottedleaf? She's not a bloody Mary Sue! Here are her flaws: 1. Died young (which is not her fault), 2 Irritated easily. 2 flaws! She's not a Mary Sue! Her life was so unfair, she became a medicine cat so Thistleclaw wouldn't turn her into a stupid demon (points to Mapleshade). Mapleshade is a stupid idiot. Both Spottedleaf's deaths were sad, and Clawface and Mapleshade are stupid idiots. Mapleshade is overrated, while poor sweet Spottedleaf is so underrated! Goodbye, Spottedleaf. We'll miss you... or at least the good people who understand Warriors will...

Spotted leaf was killed by the weirdest name of a cat I've ever heard of "Clawface" was the murderer behind this death. She was so sweet and I had to read I page 6 times before I could resume reading the book itself

Spottedleaf, how just how? When she died in the great battle with dark her last words were "This was never going to happen, we cannot journey together, I'm so sorry" she says that to Firestar when she's about to die, poor her, why did anyone even kill her spirit of, the poor died twice and when she was so young

Spotted leaf had a very unexpected death! I didn't actually like her that much, even for the short time we knew her and when she was alive…. Sandstorm was a better match, but it was pretty sad when she died…. It was SUPER SUPER unexpected, and as firstars new crush, it was super sad, especially because it's from his point of view.

8 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

Yellowfang. Honestly, I don't know who is more sadder than her death. Yellowfang had her heart torn inbetween the Clans and her own son. But, that story is for a different. Me, I'm thinking Yellowfang should have died a more hero death, but this is what the book tells us. Yellowfang died of smoke annihilation, and she was left there until Fireheart found her. Even her last words will make me cry. She said to Fireheart, "I wish you'd been my son, but I could not have borne a cat like you." Rest in peace Yellowfang. You deserve it. The grumpy, impatiant, cranky elder, and also, the most loyal cat you could meet was dead. Yellowfang. -Creekglade (Limpcreek)

It was her time, but I wished she could've stayed with us much longer. She was truly the best med cat, so wise and even though she was bad-tempered, she was truly a good cat.

Why is Yellowfang's death #8? It was so sad and sudden when the forest fire happened and Yellowfang was trapped in the camp. She also had such a sad life and she did not deserve to die especially because of how bad everybody treated her. Sure, she is a bit bossy and all, but that just makes it more sad and tragic when she dies. Now Silverstream, seriously? Sure it was kind of sad but we only knew her for 2 books and we knew Yellowfang for much more. When you think about it, Yellowfang also served aa very important role, she became the next medicine cat of thunder clan when Spottedleaf did not have an apprentice. But Silverstream or Feathertail, or Hollyleaf, or Spottedleaf all were put into the story to add a little more entertainment, some of them did not succeed though. There is just too much forbidden love, but Yellowfang accepted it, but nobody else did. I do not want to put any unnecessary hate in anybody's favorite character, but I got to say it's hard not to hate them. So I ...more

Yellowfang didn't deserve to die. She actually accepted Russetfur and Boulder, she had powers she couldn't speak of, and she nearly killed Firepaw, and lay down and accepted that her time had come when Firepaw pinned her. She was undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters, and even Tigerstar admits that do cat deserves to go up in flames. I felt a sinkhole going into my stomach, and actually cried when she died. She didn't deserve this!

9 Stonefur

NOOO! I slammed the book shut when he died ngl. He is my 2nd favorite cat! His death showed so much courage, love, bravery and nobleness. I think I would've been terrified but he held his head high. And the fact that he was nearly starved and wounded and STILL managed to fight Darktail off was epic. I was furious at Blackstar/foot when he came in and killed him. (I forgave him over time though) at least he saved his sister and the apps. R.I.p Stonefur we love you!

He is the BEST Riverclan warrior cat EVER! How is he not higher!? He was so brave, ready to save poor Stormpaw and Featherpaw. He would rather fight for them than watch them slaughtered by heartless Tigerstar. He is such a good cat, it should be Stonestar rather than stupid old Leopardstar. I hate her! I mean who watches your deputy die in front of your eyes?! And not do anything about it?! Stonefur was such a noble, honorable, kind, and brave cat!
You will be forever be in my heart Stonefur!

Stone fur was literally held prisoner and was murdered by Tiger star and Black foot.. OKAY THAT DOESn't MAKE SENSE FOR YOU TO DO. They literally cut his throat open in front of everyone, Firestar and graystripe couldn't do anything unless they wanted 3 deaths in about 2 minutes.. Stone fur, I miss you and good bye..

Blackfoot killed Stonefur when they were tigerclan. Stonefur, Mistyfoot (at the time), featherkit (also at the time), and stonekit (also at the time again) when they were held basically as prisoners. Stonefur fought bravely, but then was finished off by Blackfoot, soon to be Blackstar.

10 Snowfur Snowfur is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. She's Bluestar's sister, Whitestorm's mother and Thistleclaw's mate (when she was alive) and used to be a Thunderclan Queen before joining Starclan. She's one of the main characters in Bluestar's Prophecy which stays for a while before getting hit by a car in attempt to drive out Shadowclan warriors. In Starclan, she's the cat who volunteers to take care of her sister's deceased kit, Mosskit, right after dying from hyporthemia.

I felt like after losing her mother and her father Stormtails interest in Bluefur that would be enough greif but when Snowfur died I was like what?! Because she was basically the last kin that Bluefur had (excluding Whitestorm/whitekit at the time) I was sad for the way Snowfur died I mean getting crushed by a monster is just horrible!

She had just given birth to her kit! Snowfur, I admit, should of maybe been a little more careful though, but this death took me by surprise! I was so sad!

It was the saddest death for me. And it caused so much too. Snowfur died so:
Thistleclaw turned violent.
So Tigerstar turned evil.
So Tigerstar went to the dark forest.
So Hawkfrost went to the dark forest and Brambleclaw was born.
So Ivypool went to train in the dark forest.
So the clans learnt about the great battle.

Now, I may be wrong about some of that I'm a little rusty but you get my point.

Snowfur has no issues as of my concern. Whitekit/storm was born pure Thunderclan, His father was the normal I'm gonna kill your sister type of guy. The only problem was the stupid Shadowclan cat. Bluestar had tried to stop Snowfur but Snowfur was set on being as loyal as she could be even dying while your kit was waiting for you. Why is she ranked so low? Firestar is honestly a happy death he should be #9 and she should be #2

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11 Swiftpaw

Swiftpaw had a sudden death, and along came bright hearts bad injuries, but at least bright heart survived. Sadly, Swiftpaw died. He was just about to become a warrior which is super sad because he just ventured out to snake rocks (if I remember correctly) and got killed brutally by some dogs that got loose as we know because of the prologue. I think that he should've got his warrior name about the day before and at least he'd die bravely with a warrior name, and which I were to name him, he'd be Swiftheart. Also, random fact, it's funny he got mentored bu long tail, for long tail is also his half brother.

Poor swiftpaw. All he wanted was to be a warrior and serve his clan. I was a lil vexed that he drug Brightheart into it but oh well. Bluestar made tOO MANY stupid decisions when she was sick-minded or whatever she was. I wish she said sorry to everyone she hurt during it.

Swiftpaw. Oh, Swiftpaw. I know he was supposed to have his warrior name by now, but Bluestar, I'm sorry to say this, but Bluestar, no matter what you need to give an apprentice his warrior name when they are ready no matter what. If not, this might happen. You try to prove yourself to become a warrior, and die. I'm sorry. I wish I could have gone with him to heal him back to health. He died fighting, which is one of the most saddest and bravest thing to die of. Especially to dogs. Dogs the worst. -Whiteleaf-

Another complaint about Bluestar, so poor Swiftpaw was trying so hard for Bluestar to let him be a warrior, he and Brightpaw (Brightheart) went out to attack what was in the cave and when they did...poor Swiftpaw was killed and Brightpaw was terribly injured. But hey ho Bluestar never apologised to Brightheart and probably never apologised to Swiftpaw in Starclan. I'm sorry but I don't really like Bluestar for what she's done

12 Honeyfern Honeyfern is a character in the Warriors series created by Erin Hunter. She is a pretty ginger she-cat. Her siblings were Molekit, Cinderheart, and Poppyfrost. Honeyfern's parents may be known as Brackenfur and Sorreltail. Honeyfern died young after being bitten by a deadly adder while saving Brairlight when she was only a kit.

I felt so sad when she died! then I felt angry at Berrynose. I felt so bad for him right when Honeyfern died, but then he disappeared from the scene and when you next see him he's totally over it, its like he doesn't even remember her!

Its just so sad that honeyfern didn't get a chance to mate with berrynose ad have kits of their own and her mother and father (sorreltail and brackenfur) only had two daughters left!

I really cried when she died, I read the scene 5 times before I could continue and assume her death. I was really shocked... I think she might be on 10 place or low

Honeyfern was so brave! She saved Briarkit from that stupid adder. That was just a lazy excuse for having Hollyleaf try to kill Leafpool. (Not trying to hate on Hollyleaf, just the facts) Honeyfern did not deserve this gruesome death.
- Sunheart of Thunderclan

13 Ferncloud

I mean come on WHY FERNCLOUD. She was the best. Her death was really sad I cried. She left Dustpelt and all of her kits. And half of her kits died which was really sad. The sweets part was that Dustpelt took a piece of her bedding and put in his nest so he can have her scent with him.

The Last Hope was probably the saddest book for me. I mean, Ferncloud, Mousefur, AND Hollyleaf all dying in the same book? COME ON, Erins! Ferncloud was (Still is!) my favourite queen and she probably always will be. And for the record she didn't have 10000000 kits like everyone says she does. She has 7. Lots of cats have 7 kits if they have multiple litters, and some domesticated cats have like 5 or 6 kits in each litter! Sorreltail has 6 kits and no one flips their lids, but Ferncloud has 7 and now she's useless and whiny!? Explain this! It was so sad when Snowkit and Amberkit were like "Why won't she get up?" I cried even harder. Plus I've always loved Dustpelt and his reaction was so sad! "Is it over?" The tabby warrior stumbled to a halt, following the gaze of his Clanmates toward his mate's body. "Ferncloud?" He stiffened. "Ferncloud!" He raced to her and tugged at her pelt with a frantic paw.

Birchfall and Icecloud joined him. Their eyes glistened as they gazed at their ...more

Stupid Brokenstar. He stayed behind after the Dark Forest Battle in the Last Hope was over and grabbed Ferncloud (sweet, gentle Ferncloud) by the neck, snapping her neck and killing her. Yellowfang bit down into his own neck, killing him, because she was so mad her own son could do that. But Dustpelt and her full grown kits were crushed. May the heavens guide your spirit across the stars forever, Ferncloud. Rest. Your life's work is done.

Okay first of all, Ferncloud didn't have 'too many kits' she only had like three litters, you probably think that is a lot, and it kinda is, but her first litter, Shrewpaw died, second one lark-kit and hollykit died, and in the other one, later on in the books, icepaw(forgot what her warrior name became) and fox leap both died. I hate you Brokenstar! You are called because of your broken heart! I also love Yellowfang she killed Brokenstar twice for being a monster and killing Ferncloud! I really cried so much when Ferncloud died, she was one of my favorite characters...

14 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a small, fluffy, sleek and soft-furred, smoky dark gray she-cat with wide blue eyes. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a medicine cat instead after a monster breaking her leg on the Thunderpath. She died saving Sorreltail and her newborn kits from badgers. She new of her death in advance, but accepted it. She was reincarnated as Cinderheart so she could accomplish her life-long dream of becoming a warrior and her spirit was released by Lionblaze, before the battle with the Darkforest

Cinderpelt was a medicine cat after Yellowfang, who died in a fire, but told firestar to save his own life. Cinderpelt was killed by a badger trying to defend Sorreltail and her own kits. I also feel terrible for leafpool, who has already been through so much, but then has this terrible thing happen to her which is Cinderpelt die, and then she becomes medicine cat.

I was devastated, when I found out how Cinderpelt died. At least she was instantly recreated into Cinderheart. But still. I feel terrible for Leafpool. She's gone through so much already. Cinderpelt, and all of the other medicine cats that have died or are still alive are the best cats I could name. She died so young, and I HATE badger's. They deserve to eat death berries, for what they've done the Cinderpelt, and how they badly injured all the other cats. Curse you badger's. Badger's are a piece of crowfood to me. -Whiteleaf-

I love Cinderpelt, I cried when she died because she had such a hard life; when she was an apprentice she got hit by a car, so she couldn't be a warrior...she made a great medicine cat, ThunderClan needs her, Leafpool is good but I don't think she was ready to be by herself. I know this doesn't really make sense but l just really love Cinderpelt...

This was so sad, she had so much unfinished business...I cried. Why did she have to die so early? Leafpool needed her, she spends every second thinking about how much she wants to apologize to her, and making sure cinder heart has the life she deserves. Firestar needs her, he was so sad when she died and yellowfang needs her, you could tell she was struggling when it came time to handle cinderheart...I was glad when she sepperated from cinderheart and is able to reconnect with yellowfamg and later on Leafpool,
Run free cinderpelt, live the life you've always wanted, and that you deserve!

15 Moonflower

Can't relate. I never liked her, was sad for bluestar though :( but...the attack was unjustified! Hawkheart was just following orders! And I don't blame goosefeather- poor guy lives with constant T.M.I !

I wonder how a medicine cat can't feel sorry for killing an innocent cat's mother. She was so young, so emotional, and Eagleheart didn't even look like he regret his actions! I get it, she was destroying the medicine supply, but really? The warrior code says you don't need to kill to be a good warrior. And he isn't even a warrior!

I just really don't like Eagleheart. He has the nerve to taunt the poor, young warrior at a gathering, too! Killing an innocent apprenyince's mother and not even feeling sorry. What a medicine cat he is.

Oh, how I hate Hawkheart! Moonflower was such an amazing shecat! Gentle, kind and caring.

First of all, Moonflower probably felt nervous about her kits going outside so early in their lives. But did she stop them? No! She wanted her kits to live life to the fullest, and experience the most they could! Secondly, she was brave and strong. Moonflower let her kits do things at their own will, and she fought against WindClan like a true warrior, to help protect her Clan and the cats she loved!

Bluepaw and Snowpaw should have never had to lose their mother so soon! I almost cried on my way home from school reading it. And then Bluefur lost Snowfur leaving just her and Whitekit. And then she had to give up her kits to become leader. I guess all this tragedy formed her into the strong noble leader she was but I believe she should have never lost Moonflower, not when she was so young it just breaks my heart at her reaction.

16 Willowbreeze Willowbreeze is a pale silver-gray tabby she-cat with soft fur and amber eyes.

Willowbreeze was a RiverClan warrior under Hailstar's and Crookedstar's leaderships in the forest territories. Willowkit was born to Fallowtail of RiverClan and Reedfeather of WindClan alongside with her sister, Graykit. When Reedfeather revealed himself to be their father, he took Willowkit and her sister away to WindClan, claiming right to them as their father. They were soon taken back by RiverClan, and Willowkit was apprenticed to Owlfur as Willowpaw. During her apprenticeship, she became quite close to Crookedpaw, and the two flirted frequently together. more.

Willow breeze was amazing to see in the story and I guess they just had to die. Willow breeze was amazing and I loved them the most after Feather Tail

I was absolutely shocked when she died like I knew it was gonna happen but I didn't want it to happen that way. I felt super upset that two of her and Crookedstars kits got called at the ranks of star clan. I still grieve for her and their two kits who died

I didn't really know who Willobreeze was until I read Crookedstar's Promise. I mean she got stolen from her home by Windclan, THEN got stolen back from Riverclan. Then she died after having her kits. Also two of her kits died with her.

Okay, when Firestar died, I admit, I cried. But when I read Crookedstar's Promise, I was BAWLING my eyes out when she wanted to name the kits and she was telling Crookedstar to be brave. And I cried even more when he confronted Mapleshade. Then, at the end of the book where he gets into a fight with Oakheart, it ends with him telling his only surviving kit that he's her father. I'm still pretty upset that she died too after kitting Graystripe's kits.

17 Whitestorm

If I'm honest I'm not sure why Bluestar didn't make him Deputy as Whitestorm was probably way better at being leader than Firestar. I actually found it very depressing when he died because he was a beautiful tom. I guess he was getting old so the Erin's wanted to kill him off. It hit me hard when I read about Whitepaw (Whitewing) in the second series.

Okay, Everyone who has read at least the first series of Warrior Cats should know how Whitestorm died. Bone, I want you gone forever, and to never be remembered. The one who killed Whitestorm. Whitestorm was a bit old, but he still had a job to do. He was wise, and a great warrior. I could have saved him, ya know. I'm a medicine cat, and I wish I could save every cat. -Whiteleaf-

Poor Whitestorm! He was such a sweet cat. I hate Bone for killing him! He would have been a great leader, so much better than Bramblestar.

I didn't think he was gonna die so soon I thought he would at least die in the second series, but no! He died in the last one his white fur stained with blood! And his poor mate I really feel for her

18 Brindleface Brindleface is a pale gray tabby she-cat with darker flecks and green eyes. more.

It is always so sad to see kits mothers die. Especially when they are still apprentices. I didn't like Ashfur later on in the series but it was still really sad. Brindleface was a good mother to Cloudtail, Ashfur, and Ferncloud.

Brindleface was a great mother to Cloudtail, Ashfur, and Ferncloud! She cared for Cloudtail as his own mother would have an even though he became very evil, it was so sad to see Ashfur so heartbroken after his mother's death... These are the things that get to me; when a mother with kits get killed and the kit(s) are left confused and stricken. So sad...

She was a caring mother. She raised Cloudtail, Ashfur, and Ferncloud. She was in camp as cats went to go investigate the dogs lurking at Snakerocks. Tigerstar killed her as bait for the dogs so they'd like the taste of cat blood, but the warriors hauled her body away before anything happened.

Brindleface was such a sweet, wonderful character. She was always loving and understanding. Her death was very sad. She was part of Tigerstar's plan to destroy Thunderclan with the dog pack, which also led to Bluestar's death. Brindleface a was a great cat and she won't be forgotten.

19 Lionheart

He was a great mentor and would have been a great deputy if only he had more time to shine. How dare they kill him. At least he died doing what he loved defending his clan.

Lionheart was one of my favorites characters when book 1 started. I was so excited to see how his life would play out, how he would be there when his kits were apprentices. But then, he was killed. This poor man didn't even get to see his kits made apprentices. Cinderpelt and Brackenfur were even made apprentices early! Man I hate the old ShadowClan, they killed both Lionheart and Spottedleaf in cold blood and then tried to steal Frostfur and Lionheart's kits! Lionheart will forever be remembered as a great deputy.-Fallen from before StarClan

I loved Lionheart from the very beginning. He was a patient, hardworking warrior and an amazing mentor to Graypaw. I was so happy when he became deputy, and I cried when he died.

Such a loveable and courageous character, and so loyal to his clan. There should be more cats like him. I was so sad when he died.

20 Flametail

When Flametail died being trapped under the ice, it was definitely one of the the cruelest ways to die. It was really annoying that Rock told Jayfeather to let go. I always thought Flametail would have been a great medicine cat to shadowclan after Littlecloud because he had the proper Shadowclan attitude toward Thunderclan.

Is it just me or does anyone else think cats can have phobias? If so, FlameTail woul have aquaphobia (Fear of drowning) His death would be like this from his point of view.

He was plunged into dark, freezing water. It burnt his lungs as he swallowed mouthful to mouthful. He could hear muffled shrieks coming from the surface, as a shape leaped into the water after him.
JayFeather. But something was different. Instead of his eyes glazed with light, frosty blue, they were like normal eyes. And he could SEE him. But... Isn't JayFeather blind? Then, a hairless cat appeared beside JayFeather.
"It's not your time. Leave him." the cat said.
Then the world turned black.

Okay, this was definitely the scariest death in this list. I really felt sorry for Jayfeather having to know he was drowning and not being able to do anything about it. Also tied between Cinderpelt and Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw's was so scary but imagine being trapped under ice in the frezeing water, struggling under the current with only a blind medicine cat there to save you. Awful death. RIP Flametail

OMG, I had nightmare from this death. He was trapped under the ice, and he was lead out on to the ice from by his sister. He should always be a part of shadowclan's memory, and never have to fear water again.

21 Badgerfang Badgerfang is a Warrior Cats character that appears in Yellowfang's secret. He was a fluffy black kit with a white stripe running down his face.

Just look at the picture. When he tells Flintfang what a good mentor he is and how he wants to be named after him I start wailing. STUPID, DAMNING, *insert swear word here* BROKENSTAR! I wish that Badgerfang got the same opportunity as the other cats to live longer asn be an apprentice at six moons like *voice breaking and tears start* everyone else. *Starts wailing* *screams out the window* BADGERFANG!

Yellowfang's Secret - Yellowfang's Secret
He was braver than Brokenstar ever gave him credit for. He fought so hard, at such a young age. All he wanted was for his mother & leader to be proud of him. When he died, he just wanted Flintfang to know how great of a mentor he was. I love him so much.
RIP Badgerfang. Rejoice with your mentor & parents in the stars. We still love you.

I saw Badgerpaw up there but I had to find Badgerfang because he is warrior, no matter how young. He didn't deserve to die. When I read that part in the book I just like gasped. He was much to young to go. He was a Warrior, and a good one at that.

He was way to young, but he didn't argue or run, he stayed in that battle and he fought, but because of his age, he was to weak and he failed. As well as Yellowfang and Sorreltail, this cat should be reborn!

22 Longtail Longtail is a lean, pale brown or silver tabby tom with black stripes, a "V"-shaped nick in his ear and a long tail. more.

Why did Longtail died? I feel like instead of Brambleclaw (now Star) Firestar should have made him deputy! Longstar, leader of ThunderClan. Only if the dumb rabbit hadn't blinded him! I mean like, that's horrible Erin, HORRIBLE! Why couldn't Briarlight be the one who died, and Longtail be the one who survived? THIS SHOULD BE DEATH 1! That's all I have to say. (Bows, then runs of stage and starts crying)

Longtail might of not welcomed Fireheart but he is still really awesome. He also kind of had a sad life. First his only "friends" betrayed him. Then he blind by a dumb rabbit. Last of all he got killed by a TREE.

I am totally blaming Mousefur for that. Stupid old coot. It's her fault he died. His death is the only time I ever cried over a book and I am still not over it. He was my favorite of all books of all fandoms. Also I love his personality and humor a lot. He was brave enough to stand up to Tigerclaw and saved a kitten from an owl. If he hadn't been there the Clan would have been eaten by the dogs. He went through the mountains being blind. A tree shouldn't have ended that.

Ugh. I hate how un noticed Longtail's death went. He is an amazing cat! He was arrogant and rude but he changed! Which is the best part about him. I personally think Longtail is one of the most relatable warrior cat characters- ever. His death was COMPLETELY shadowed by Briarlight's injury. I mean come on people. At least she LIVED, even though she's a big Mary Sue. Poor Longtail. I was so sad when he died.

23 Storm

Storm had a very sad death, crushed by a building that was being torn down by some two-legs. Now that I've read this, it makes me feel so bad at what we've done, because we are the two-legs. Grey wing loved storm, but storms mate was clear sky. She went to live alone. While she went, she got pregnant and she gave birth in a building. Soon after her kist were born, the building they were living in was being torn down. Storm did not survive, and neither did two of her kits. Though one of her kits survived, and his name was thunder. Storms death was both sad for grey wing and clear sky.

It's so sad that storm was crushed under a building! And by a airplane!?!? Why did the wing have to crush her and her kits!? at least thunder survived to be thunderstar first leader of thunderclan

It's sad. She didn't have to die but dum Clear Sky stole her from poor Grey Wing (who is my favourite cat) and because he was horrible she went away then, died

I really wish she chose gray wing. he liked her for who she was, but clear sky only liked her because of her look. when clear sky disowned thunder I felt an urge to just pick him up and tell him that if he wasn't a good father for him, I would slap him to StarClan. ahh nvm he didn't know what StarClan was yet. but storm is just so nice and deserved better than clear sky.

24 Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. Brokenstar is a matted, dark brown tabby tom with a broad, flat face, a bent tail, and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

I honestly love Yellowfang, and I would 100 percent if she hadn't chosen to give up her kits. I think, if Yellowfang has supported him and Wishkit and Hopekit had lived, he would be great. It's not his fault.

I have two reasons for this.
#1: Brokenstar should've lived for WAY LONGER. Can you imagine how iconic it would've been for Tigerstar to serve as a deputy beside Brokenstar, then there'd be an actually long fight when Tigerstar tried to kill him.
#2: Yellowfang went through life-long trauma after poisoning Brokenstar, her own son! Brokenstar didn't even know that until his last moments of his life. Everything I'd read just collapsed infront of my eyes when I read this, and I actually cried.

I hate brokenstar but I voted him because of how he died. Like wouldn't it be kind of sad if your mother poisoned you? and he didn't even believe Yellowfang was his mother so it is not that sad.

I don't like brokenstar, dear goodness NO, but his death was tragic. Not tragic in the way that he as a character died, but tragic in the concept that yellow can't poisoned her own son for the good of the clan. That was really sad.

25 Redtail

At first, I thought what Ravenpaw said is not true. But then, after the treachery of Tigerclaw, I believed him. That's when I started to hate him more than any cat.

honestly I don't know what to write. I haven't read the super edition, but he seems like a nice and helpful cat to me. I wish I knew him better.

Redtail was one of the bravest warrior in the entire clan. I can't believe he died from a rock fall. One day he decided to go hunting. He went with Fireheart, Brambelpaw, Sandstorm, and Bluestar. He was just about to seek his teeth into a vole under a very rocky hill. Suddenly, a bolder stared to roll down the hill. Redtail turned to run but it was to late. He was squashed under the weight of the bolder. Fireheart, and Sandstorm came running. Bluestar couldn't believe what she saw when she finally got to Redtail. They went back to camp with Redtail's body. When Bluestar told the clan that Graystripe would be deputy next. The clan started to sit in vigil for Redtail. Graysripe was not to thrilled to be deputy. First of all he hadn't had an apprentice yet. The next day Bluestar told the clan that Graystripe would be the mentor of Cloudpaw. Redtail looked down from starclan. He was sad to see Graystripe was deputy. He knew Graystripe was not the right choice. Starclan sent a sign to ...more

RedTail was the ThunderClan deputy before LionHeart. He was the first cat to die in the warrior cat series. He was said to have been killed by OakHeart, the RiverClan deputy, but it was later discovered that TigerClaw was responsible for his death. He did it in hopes of becoming the new ThunderClan deputy. We did not know RedTail long enough to form a bond with him, but we all hope he enjoys StarClan. R.I.P RedTail!

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