Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths

The Top Ten
1 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the code by being mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and having her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, and Mosskit. Stonefur and Mistyfoot live in RiverClan, while Mosskit died of hypothermia. She has a more.

Firestar's death may be the saddest, but Bluestar's is by far the most shocking and tragic of them all. It's so happy and sad at the same time when she reconciles with her kits and it's heart-warming to realize she wasn't crazy. I'm not usually emotionally, but I was so angry and shocked at this death I was about to yeet the book into the trash can. Bluestar is truly one of a kind and has likely made the most sacrifices of anyone in the series. She gave up her whole family life in order to protect her clan from cats like Thistleclaw and Tigerstar. Bluestar also went through being betrayed by one of her most trusted comrades. Bluestar is one of the toughest animals I've read about, physically and mentally. If anyone went through what Bluestar went through, they probably wouldn't be able to handle it and just end it all. Bluestar, may you live with eternal peace and happiness with your family and friends up in StarClan, we miss you.

I cried so much during Bluestars prophecy! Her mother dies and her really good mentor moves to the elders den. Then Snowfur dies and Bluefur falls in love with someone from a different clan! Then she has kits and has to say good bye to her kits and her love. Then she dies saying good bye to her kits after they said they forgave her! She never got to get to know her kits. Not to mention one of her kits died! I was crying the whole way through Bluestar no question had a very sad life.

I love Bluestar and I can't seem to find a OC that matches her. But I can say, that she was a brave and noble leader. Even tho she has had a lot of stress and heart break, in her final moments she realized that her Clan was in safe paws with Firestar, and always would be until HIS final moments. It took real courage for her to protect Fireheart from that dog, even tho he had broken her trust. She could have just left him there, but instead she sacrificed her own life to save his, because she finally realized that he truly was the fire that would save the Clan.

Her is my turmoil of emotions about Bluestar:

1. Respect in the beginning
2. Frustration when she descended into what seemed like insanity
3. Pity when her kits rejected her
4. Sadness when she died
5. Happiness when her kits forgave her as she died.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

2 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty. Firestar is a bright flame-colored tom with emerald-green eyes.

When I was reading his death, it broke my heart. He died for his clan, like the great leader before him, Bluestar. He was noble, mighty, and kind. Protecting his clan was instinct, and he sacrificed his LIFE for his clan. He wanted them to thrive, live. His death, and Bluestars' hit me the hardest. Like an actual blow to the stomach, or more theoretically, my mental emotions. He knew his clan would be okay. He fought for them, but it was time for him to go. He led his clan through many challenges and died for it facing one. I'd say that's as brave as you get. Erin Hunter made great progress in showing Firestar's personality and beliefs. StarClan made him great, they helped him, because no Warrior cat can get off without some sort of help. Even Tigerstar/caw needed Scourge, even though Scourge ended up killing Tigerstar/claw.

I mean, what else do you want me to say. This was the cat who started it all off. One of the most loveable, relatable, respected, and good-hearted characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. When Firestar died, it was so tragic and depressing. We all knew it was going to happen, but when it did, we were all still shocked because Firestar seemed immortal. His arc from kittypet to clan leader is one of the best character arcs in Warriors and it's just so sad to see it end. Firestar is the true main character of the entire series and has affected so many people in the series and has affected us, the readers in many positive ways. Without Firestar, there is no Warriors, without Warriors, Erin Hunter is nothing. I know Firestar is fictional, but may he continue to live in peace and prosperity with his loved ones and clanmates up in StarClan. Firestar, you a legend, you have impacted me in so many ways, and you are my favorite character in the entire series, nothing will ever ...more

Firestar- We met him as Rusty. We followed him into the heart of the forest. Together, side-by-side, we learned the ways of the warrior code. We fought bravely to protect our clan. We stalked through the depths of the forest. We grew with him, we learned with him, we followed in his pawsteps. From Rusty, to Firepaw, to Fireheart, to Firestar- we became a Warrior through his eyes. The first stories, THE stories, the ones that made us who we are, the ones that gave us Warriors- they are his stories. To see him die is to watch our link die- to watch ourselves die. Rusty was, and still is, and always will be- part of ME. Part of YOU. Part of everything that is Warriors. Such a sad and noble death- may Firestar live forever in the hearts of young Warriors, his memory never fade, his soul forever hunt in Starclan.

He died for the Clans. He was so brave! He used every one of his lives for the good of the Clans and his Clan. He was brave. And he proved himself when he was being teased for having 'kittypet blood' in him. He was so brave and I love him so much. He was loyal, trusting, caring, kind, brave. All the traits that a leader should have.

3 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver -and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe more.

I honestly was so upset when she died, seeing Graystripe's reaction. Her kits will never have their mother, and Graystripe will not have a mate nor a friend since he left Thunderclan. She really deserved a better life, and I love to imagine if my OC, Nightstar could bring her back. Not to make my OC a Mary Sue, but to bring her back! I just cried for hours and couldn't bring myself to read the book for a while. I just wish she hadn't died, this was definitely th hardest death for me.

OMG. So Sad. There are only a few times that I have cried at books and they are all in Warrior cats. When Silverstream died I had to put the bookmark in and I spent like the next, 10 minutes sitting on the bean bag crying. And when greystipe returns in the sight with his 'mate' I just started yelling at him even though he was a fictional character in a book ( my mum had some questions). But seriously, after Silverstream Millie was just so lame. I mean what kind of mother splits on her other kits just 'cause one goes splat? ( no offence briarlight) Silverstream's death was tragic.

I wish Silverstream could have stayed alive! No offense to Millie but I think Silverstream was a much better mate to Graystripe. This was probably one of the saddest warrior cat deaths so far.

Oh Silverstream, you died to bring your kits into the world. You died to bring Feathertail into the world, a good death for an amazing cat. I haven't forgotten Stormfur, don't worry, but I think Feathertail is nobler so far.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

4 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be more.

Yeah its sad, I was actually on the Wikipedia page of gray stripe that is how I know she is a thing. My sister told me she FOUND a warrior cats book Into The Wild, I was shocked I told her to get it but I had to get it another time. Feather tail´s death was sad. For my opinion on Feather tail I don't think she is evil or anything like that I think she is great and normal, Feather tail´s death: force of impact, I think, Well that is all I will share

Feathertail, why did you die? I cried when you died! You risked your own life to save your clanmates, mostly from the act of love, Stormfur wasn't the silver cat that should rescue the Tribe, it was Feathertail, with love and affection, no cat would ever risk her/his life like you did, you would've had a wonderful life, a real picture of Silverstream, Graystripe would of been so happy for you and Stormfur, now Graystripe's heart is torn between two shreads, there is no more Silverstream and Feathertail. Why did you choose Millie as your second mate, did you forget about Feathertail and Silverstream? A beautiful name, a kind, affectionate, warrior, Crowpaw would ALWAYS love you, even if he doesn't pick you in StarClan. May StarcCan light your beautiful path always, so you will never, EVER, be forgotten, you WILL be remembered, for as long as the clans live.
-Featherstar (Feathercloud)

Feathertail, you died for your brother, for Squirrelflight, for Brambleclaw, for Tawnypelt. but most of all you died to save Crowfeather, who you loved. He was from WindClan, and you RiverClan, but you still loved him, and died for him. It was a horrible shock when you died, may you hunt with StarClan.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

She died,no sacrificed, herself for a group of cats she barely knew. She died saving her kin too and she knew she knew she must die but she also said to crowfeather he would never be alone she stood by him even in the stars

5 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild. she was killed by a cat named Clawface. more.

Poor Spottedleaf decided defending the kits, I was so shocked that she died. She didn't deserve that. It was sad but in the end it was probably better for Fireheart, because we might have ended up with another forbidden relationship.

She was so nice. How could any body dislike her. It is so heart breaking that she died as a spirit before Firestar could see her in Star Clan!

Having Fireheart like-like her and then them never having a thing is sad, since it would be good story. Honestly I wish she had stayed.

Spottedleaf is one of my favorite medicine cats. Stop saying she's too old for Firestar because it's actually not true! 6 moons till her apprentice ship, let's say one year of training, then about four moons of being a medicine cat since the books states she's young, Spottedleaf was just around two years old while Firestar was six moons old! They only have 1 year and 4 moons between them. SO stop saying she's too old for him, cause she's not. That being said, Spottedleaf was one of the most caring, gentle, and selfless cats ever. She died saving Sandstorm because she didn't want Firestar to be sad...I can't even begin to imagine how much she loved him!

6 Mosskit

Why do I always vote for Bluestar or cats with a close connection to her! :(
I have always loved Mosskit! She should never have died! I don't blame Bluestar for it but watching a video I couldn't stop asking myself why Bluestar didn't carry her to Oakheart. I think her warrior-name should have been Mosstail after Bluestar's father (Stormtail). Nobody can ever make me change my mind about Stonefur, he was named after Snowfur! (Bluestar's sister) and Stormfur was named after Stonefur.
Mosskit is just beautiful and so sweet!
Moonlight of Thunderclan.

I though Bluestar only had two kist at first, but I saw some fanart of her and one kit she was crying over, googled mosskit and now am just depressed. She deserved a longer life. I wish I could bring her back. I think she would be a good character, and I just am sooo sad of her death. I would sacrifice Mistyfoot for her. Just not her!

O my gosh I have read bluestar's prophecy twice and both times I cried when mosskit died it's so sad and the second time I read it, it was actually like a game. I just wish that bluefur kept her kits until they were apprentice and then become deputy.

Poor Mosskit...he could've been named Mossfur, or Mosswhisker. WHY did he have to die? WHY does Erin love killing off helpless little kits! I believe he would've been a great warrior or medicine cat! He deserves to be in the top 5, at the very least! Poor Mosskit, at least he reunited with his brother, mother, and father in StarClan. This is my fanfic for that...

"It can't be...!" Bluestar gasped. "Oakheart, is that Mosskit?" She padded up to him and sniffed him thoroughly. "It is you! Stonefur, Oakheart, Meet your brother and son." Mosskit let out a whimper as Stonefur and Oakheart approached. "Don' worry," Bluestar assures, licking her son comfortingly on the ear. "It's your father and brother! Mosskit, oh, I'm so sorry. You could've been such a great warrior..."
"Graypool told me about the kit that didn' make It," Stonefur said. "Is this him?"
"It is," Oakheart confirmed, licking his son's ears with his tongue.
-Snowstorm, ThunderClan deputy

7 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost.

Hollyleaf is one of my favraite characters, I don't have a fave character. but her death... it just tore me apart, shredded me... she gave her very own life to save Ivypool, another one of my faves, I think she is brave loyal, anyhting that you can ask for. I think that Hollyleaf defintly deserved to end up in StarClan, who cares if she killed Ashfur, even when I figured it out, it changed NOTHING in my mind about her, she is still awesome. I also am defintly connected to the one thing, she shouldent have had to live such a long part of her life in dark, cold and lonely tunnels, although I do thank Fallen Leaves to be with her. I think Hollyleafs death was very sad, I felt very connected to her, she is very much like me.

Ok first off she shouldn't have died. She should have stayed with falling leaves. They should have been mates and she died for thunder clan which proves how loyal she was so all you hates can shut it!

I used to hate her. But I understand now. She couldn't bear her birth, she loved the warrior code and to have it shattered like that was more than she could bear. She made peace with her mother. She died to save Ivypool. She died the noble death of a cat who knows exactly what is right and what is wrong.
-Rosefur, ShadowClan deputy
(I also comment as Mistfire of WindClan)

From the very beginning, she was the most loyal cat you've ever met. Her life was 100% dedicated to the warrior code, her clan, and StarClan.

She suffered so much pain after learning the truth about her parents. She was lost and wandering in the dark tunnels until Fallen Leaves found her. When she finally came back, she found it difficult to be around everyone she'd left and stayed away from for so long.

She gave her life to save Ivypool, a clanmate she barely got to know. During her dying breaths, she forgave those that had lied to her about her forbidden bloodlines and sent out a last desperate plea for forgiveness. She deserved to live longer. She definitely earned her place in StarClan.

8 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

In my opinion, nothing, absolutely nothing can be as heart wrenching as Yellowfang's death. She had the saddest life ever: She trained as a warrior and had Raggedpelt as her mate but ended up in the path of a medicine cat because of some stupid connection she had with StarClan. She ended up having Raggedpelt's kits and only one kit survived. She named the kit Brokenkit after how she felt when she gave him away. The young kit was mistreated by his foster mother and foster brothers/sister. He ended up being of the most evil cats in the history of warriors, and killed his own father; Yellowfang's mate, so that he could be leader. Yellowfang was the only cat who even bothered standing up towards him, which later got her accused and exiled from the Clan she gave all of her loyalty to. She was eventually accepted into ThunderClan and trained her own apprentice there, but than killed his own blinded son in order to save the forest. I'll never forget what how she told Firestar that it will be ...more

Yellowing was a great cat. She was a bit bossy at first but eventually she ended up treating firestar like a son. So sad to see her die and I wish cinderpelt was there too

Oh Yellowfang, your tormented last moments were almost more than I could bear. I am happy now, knowing you do, in fact, walk with StarClan. May you be happier in death than in life.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

How is she not at lest one #3? Sure, she's an old grump but she loved Cinderpelt so much, and even though she used to be a ShadowClan med-cat she was Loyal to ThunderClan through and through. She saved Cinderpaw and many other cats, and she fixed the mistake she made many moons ago by killing her own son, Bokentail.

9 Stonefur

A noble death to save his apprentice. A noble death for a noble cat. Another reason to hate Tigerstar. This made me realize how much Mistyfoot lost: Her brother, mother, father, adopted mother, and apprentice.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

His death was so gruesome, he died like a lot of Bluestar would, going out swinging. He could have easily saved himself if he had killed his apprentice. But he didn't. Which resulted in his sad and horrifying death.

How is he NOT saddest?! I mean, he was killed for not killing his own apprentice! He had a choice! He could've lived, but he chose not to because he wouldn't do what wasn't right! He was all starved and stuff when he had to fight Darkstripe, but he STILL beat him up, so then NO NO NO, that wasn't the end, Tigerstar ordered Blackfoot to help kill him! And this was in front of everyone, even Leopardstar, and no one did anything! Firestar and Graystripe couldn't do anything, or else they would've been killed too! And with Blackfoot's help, they held him down and killed him! They cut open his throat in front everyone, including two skinny, scared apprentices! And no one even mourned his death, except that Leopardstar did quickly so no one would see, and Mistyfoot saw her dead brother and ran to mourn him while they were trying to get away! SAD!

He died a noble death, but it was still sad, it was cruel of Tigerstar to order him to kill Stormpaw and Featherpaw! I mean, how dare Tigerstar! And then Stonefur risked his life for the sake of those two!

10 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She is a small, fluffy, sleek and soft-furred, smoky dark gray she-cat with wide blue eyes. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a medicine cat instead after a monster breaking her leg on the Thunderpath. more.

It's honestly so sad. Cinderpelt wanted to be and because of Tigerstar, she couldn't so she had to be a medicine cat. This also meant she couldn't mate. When she got in that argument with Leafpool, her whole life technically flashed before her eyes and she mentally broke down. It's even sadder since Leafpool and Cinderpelt were close and loved each other almost like family. Even worse, she knew she would die but was okay with it, that takes lots of courage. Cinderpelt's death was an integral part of Leafpool running away as well as coming back. Without Cinderpelt, most of the Warriors story would change. Any time a cat dies in the series it is tragic, but to lose someone as important and loved as Cinderpelt as just an extreme loss.

I wish she could have been happier, I really do. First, she was crippled by TIGERSTAR'S trap. Second, Firestar was so blind to what she (and Sandstorm) felt for him. Third, her apprentice ran away. Fourth, she lost Silverstream. Fifth, Yellowfang DIED. And then that dumb badged just HAD to kill HER. Long live the legacy of Cinderpelt.
- Mistfire, WindClan warrior

Oh, Cinderpelt. I love your enthusiasm and determination. You wanted to be a warrior, that dream was demolished by stupid freaking Tigerstar. Then you became a medicine cat. Then you got another chance. Cinderheart, Cinderheart, you are everything Cinderpelt was not. The scene where you set her free was heartbreaking in its own way.
-Rosefur, ShadowClan deputy
(I also comment as Mistfire of WindClan)

Poor Cinderpelt.
1. She hurt her leg and could not be a warrior
2. She became a medicine cat, but medicine cats aren't allowed to have kits
3. She had a crush on a cat (Firestar) who had no idea she loved him. STUPID TOMS
4. Her apprentice lied to her and was keeping secrets
5. Her mentor died so soon after she found happiness.
6., Yellowfang was so hard on her
7. She was kidnapped by ShadowClan Warriors to train as apprentices when they were only three moons!
8. She was killed by badgers!
R.I.P Cinderpelt. May you hunt peacefully in StarClan and May your death be avenged
-Frostwhisker, ShadowClan medicine cat

The Contenders
11 Snowfur Snowfur is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. She's Bluestar's sister, Whitestorm's mother and Thistleclaw's mate (when she was alive) and used to be a Thunderclan Queen before joining Starclan. She's one of the main characters in Bluestar's Prophecy more.

It was the saddest death for me. And it caused so much too. Snowfur died so:
Thistleclaw turned violent.
So Tigerstar turned evil.
So Tigerstar went to the dark forest.
So Hawkfrost went to the dark forest and Brambleclaw was born.
So Ivypool went to train in the dark forest.
So the clans learnt about the great battle.

Now, I may be wrong about some of that I'm a little rusty but you get my point.

Snowfur does help Mosskit, but I honestly wish she was back since Bluestar would do better with her living. Also she would be a great Thunderclan deputy

When Snowfur got hit by a monster, I burst into tears, she didn't deserve to die, she as to young and had a kit named Whitekit, when Bluefur told Whitekit that Snowfur died, it broke my heart how Whitekit reacted.

It was one of the saddest deaths ever. When she died, it was so sad. It was painful to read about her getting run over by a monster. And of course it was frustrating because Thistleclaw blamed it on Bluefur.

12 Honeyfern Honeyfern is a character in the Warriors series created by Erin Hunter. She is a pretty ginger she-cat. Her siblings were Molekit, Cinderheart, and Poppyfrost. Honeyfern's parents may be known as Brackenfur and Sorreltail. Honeyfern died young after being bitten by a deadly adder while saving Brairlight more.

I was literally crying when Honeyfern died. I would've let Briarlight die. It made me even sadder that she was mates with Berrynose!

I loved Honeyfern and it wasn't fair that she had to die. Berrynose was right that they would have great kits. It's sad that they never could.

Oh it was so sad when she died to save that kit. I cried on the inside when she died, she was perfect for Berrynose they should have been together!

You died talking about the kits you would have, to save a kit, who would later be incapable of being a warrior anyways. Oh Honeyfern, you were always so kind.
-Rosefur, ShadowClan deputy
(I also comment as Mistfire of WindClan)

13 Swiftpaw

He went to the snake rocks for glory. It may seem selfish but yet he still saved brightpaw. He saved her and if he could go back he would do it all again that is bravery

What makes Swiftpaw's death even sadder that his death have been avoided if Bluestar wasn't so stubborn and if Swiftpaw was thinking straight. I thought dogs were cute and furry friends! Okay, I hate swiftpaw.

What makes Swiftpaw's death even sadder was that his death could have been avoided if Bluestar wasn't so stubborn and if Swiftpaw was thinking straight. Brightheart was there too and got permanently scarred, but Swiftpaw had it worse.

I hate Swiftpaw. He couldn't keep his mouth shut, and had to tell everyone about Brokentail. And he couldn't just wait to become an apprentice.. Two young 'warriors' should not go investigate some mysterious thing alone. For god's sake, as soon as they smelled dog, which they should have been able to distinguish from the other scents, they should have gotten their asses out of there and back to ThunderClan camp.
But, we was a promising apprentice and it broke the heart of many cats, especially Brightheart (who has redeemed herself.. She's nice enough in the second series. ) His death wasn't really that deserved, and I think he should have had the chance to become a better warrior (and not the cat I hate).

14 Ferncloud

She didn't live for longer than Sandstorm, Graystripe, Dustpelt, etc. Cats can have up to five litters a year, she only had three litters ever. Her death was so sad, she was protecting the kits! Brokenstar I hate you.

Yeah, she may have lived for a long time (approximately 4 arcs.) and was a literal kit cloning machine. But she was a caring mother and made Dustpelt a sweeter cat. Ferncloud helped Leafpool's kits and sacrificed herself to defend those tiny little lives.

Okay ferncloud, I love ferncloud. I mean am I biased because dustpelt is my fave character, maybe, am I taking my bias in my choice of votes, absolutely not. Also I was like mad when sorreltail wasn't on this list. She deserves to be period.

Okay first of all, Ferncloud didn't have 'too many kits' she only had like three litters, you probably think that is a lot, and it kinda is, but her first litter, Shrewpaw died, second one lark-kit and hollykit died, and in the other one, later on in the books, icepaw(forgot what her warrior name became) and fox leap both died. I hate you Brokenstar! You are called because of your broken heart! I also love Yellowfang she killed Brokenstar twice for being a monster and killing Ferncloud! I really cried so much when Ferncloud died, she was one of my favorite characters...

15 Moonflower

I think that this is definitely goosefeathers fault he was the one who sent them to the windclan camp. she never deserved to die. she was basically killed by her brother. I never really cry that much but I cried whne snowfur and moonflower died. I was reading at night and I cried so much because bluestar swore not to lose anyone again but I kept thinking about snowfur and how she lost her even though that comes later in the book

Moonflower didn't deserve to die. I personally think that this is Goosefeather's fault, because Moonflower wouldn't even be destroying the medicine stock if it weren't for him and the "Vison" he had.

In a sense, it wasn't just Hawkheart's fault: It was Goosefeather's as well. Goosefeather told them they had to attack. Goosefeather told them to go. Hawkheart killed Moonflower. I can't believe it! Goosefeather, sending his own littermate to her death! He probably didn't know, though.

I wonder how a medicine cat can't feel sorry for killing an innocent cat's mother. She was so young, so emotional, and Eagleheart didn't even look like he regret his actions! I get it, she was destroying the medicine supply, but really? The warrior code says you don't need to kill to be a good warrior. And he isn't even a warrior!

I just really don't like Eagleheart. He has the nerve to taunt the poor, young warrior at a gathering, too! Killing an innocent apprenyince's mother and not even feeling sorry. What a medicine cat he is.

16 Whitestorm

I love Whitestorm! He deserved to be leader. And let's get a weird meme-type thing for you.

Whitestorm: Graystripe is meant to be your deputy... that is why I died.
Firestar: Graystripe will be the new deputy of Thunderclan!
Moons later...
Leafpool: Firestar, Firestar, I received a sign!
Firestar: yeah?
Leafpool: Brambleclaw is destinies to be the deputy of Thunderclan.

So underrated, at first I didn't really like whitestorm (he was a background character after all) but after he became deputy I loved him. And his death was heartbreaking.

Whitestorm was such a great cat. I just loved him, and it was tragic when he died. Why do they have to axe all my favourite characters?

Whitestorm, the noblest cat by far (all of the "good guys" are the noblest, I can't say Whitestorm is better than the rest, but I mean he was so noble! D:).
I cried when he died, but ha'd when Bone got swarmed and killed by the apprentices. And LOLOL to the person who said "Tigerbutt." I think in Warrior Cat language, it would be called "Tigerrear"...

I loved Whitestorm! He was so patient and understanding, even so noble just as an apprentice! I love him and I wish he had survived the battle, because even though he wouldn't have lived long enough to succeed Firestar as leader of ThunderClan, he would have made one of the greatest leaders ever known to the forest/lake territory.

17 Willowbreeze

I rarely cry when warrior cat die but I did when Willowbreeze did. The author makes everyone die but Willowbreeze (and Crookedstar) didn't deserve it.

Okay, when Firestar died, I admit, I cried. But when I read Crookedstar's Promise, I was BAWLING my eyes out when she wanted to name the kits and she was telling Crookedstar to be brave. And I cried even more when he confronted Mapleshade. Then, at the end of the book where he gets into a fight with Oakheart, it ends with him telling his only surviving kit that he's her father. I'm still pretty upset that she died too after kitting Graystripe's kits.

Love this cat! Why did she have to die just after her kitting? It was so sad how she died next to Crookedstar. And the her kits die next to him! All he had left was Silverkit, who grew up as an amazing warrior and died of the same fate as Wilowbreeze. So sad...

The breeze carry your scent,
Glueing it into my heart.
When I sleep,
You walk in my dreams,
I slowly await the day,
We will walk tail to tail.

Crookedstar had disfigured his face, lost both his parents, and his brother had kits with a cat from another Clan. When he met Willowbreeze, I thought things were finally going to go his way, until she died and all but one of their kits died. How horrible is that? This is by far the saddest Warrior cat death.

18 Brindleface

Brindleface just plain didn't deserve to die... there's another reason for me to hate Tigerstar... I also don't understand why you people think Tigerstar even DESERVED to be on the saddest warrior cat deaths, because he DIDN"T. y is warriors so sad...

I LOVED her so much. Tigerstar was a great villain and definitely was wrote to make people hate him. Brindleface was an amazing mother and was related to some of my favorite characters along with being one herself, <3

I know! He doesn't even deserve a warrior name! He deserves TigerKIT and that's all. She's loved her kits dearly, and the must've been devastated. I don't blame Cloudtail for wanting to rip his throat out, I would take my revenge if ANYTHING KILLED MY MOTHER, TOO!

She was a caring mother. She raised Cloudtail, Ashfur, and Ferncloud. She was in camp as cats went to go investigate the dogs lurking at Snakerocks. Tigerstar killed her as bait for the dogs so they'd like the taste of cat blood, but the warriors hauled her body away before anything happened.

19 Flametail

Is it just me or does anyone else think cats can have phobias? If so, FlameTail woul have aquaphobia (Fear of drowning) His death would be like this from his point of view.

He was plunged into dark, freezing water. It burnt his lungs as he swallowed mouthful to mouthful. He could hear muffled shrieks coming from the surface, as a shape leaped into the water after him.
JayFeather. But something was different. Instead of his eyes glazed with light, frosty blue, they were like normal eyes. And he could SEE him. But... Isn't JayFeather blind? Then, a hairless cat appeared beside JayFeather.
"It's not your time. Leave him." the cat said.
Then the world turned black.

Okay, this was definitely the scariest death in this list. I really felt sorry for Jayfeather having to know he was drowning and not being able to do anything about it. Also tied between Cinderpelt and Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw's was so scary but imagine being trapped under ice in the frezeing water, struggling under the current with only a blind medicine cat there to save you. Awful death. RIP Flametail

This is what happens when you head onto the ice. Dawnpelt blamed Jayfeather for this but Jayfeather was sad because he could not save Flametail! Awww

Poor, poor flametail. How ever hard Jayfeather tried to save him, he just couldn't. I truthfully hated flametail, but...the only reason I was sad of his death was because of what dawnpelt did after.

20 Longtail

even tho he was really rude and a bully at first, he growed into an excellent warrior and one of my favorite cats. I'm still kinda annoyed at Mousefur for unintentionally causing his death...

I am totally blaming Mousefur for that. Stupid old coot. It's her fault he died. His death is the only time I ever cried over a book and I am still not over it. He was my favorite of all books of all fandoms. Also I love his personality and humor a lot. He was brave enough to stand up to Tigerclaw and saved a kitten from an owl. If he hadn't been there the Clan would have been eaten by the dogs. He went through the mountains being blind. A tree shouldn't have ended that.

All I gotta say is he is one of my favorite characters ( if not my favorite). Poor Mousefur blamed herself and that was so sad :< He lost to a kittypet (oof) lost his vision to a rabbit- A FLIPPING RABBIT- and was killed by a flipping flopping tree!? Poor Longtail went through a lot. Literally hate trees now >:C

I have never read the books but I have started to learn more about them. I saw lots of names a Longtail was the first I picked. I love cheetahs and Longtail reminded me of one. He's yellow and black pattern and his personality was just like a cheetah's. I was very sad about Longtail's death when I found out he was blind and died because a tree hit him. I will keep Longtail's legacy on by playing as him in animal jam. I think you should vote for Longtail. Love, Longtail fan. P.S. my user is Animalgirl0906. 🐆

21 Lionheart

Lionheart was my favourite character from the start. His death made me, along with greystripe, completely and utterly depressed. Why couldn't have bluestar died, Lionheart become leader and let him have a nice, peaceful death, leaving the clan to fireheart and being even better than he already was. He'll stay in my heart forever. Also, when I started power of three, I thought, after the cinderpaw thing, maybe lionblaze could be a reincarnation of Lionheart. Sadly not. -Wildheart

Oh god, lionheart was just so cool. I mean God, nearly as cool as onestar (but one's onestar still is awesome). It was so sad he didn't die properly and Erin (yes all 3 of them) really missed a trick not making tigers tigerstar kill him instead. He was always there for bluestar and was so dang adorable as a kit in bluestar's prophecy. please vote lionheart

Lionheart is so under rated of his death! he is barely ever mentioned ever and redtail was lucky enough to get mentioned because of tigerclaw killing him I think Lionheart should have lived longer or not have been deputy even BLUESTAR said that Lionheart was as strong as tigerclaw

I'm just pretending that he secretly got killed by Tiger Claw. Lion Heart for me just dies so stupidly.
"A great Warrior dies from injuries" Are you serious?!

22 Tallstar Tallstar is a large, black-and-white tom with a very long, thin, black tail with a white tail-tip, powerful shoulders, amber eyes, strong paws, short, thick fur, and a white muzzle and paws.

Tallstar was the best leader ever in my opinion. At first, I wasn't sad, but when I read tallstar's revenge, I thought differently. Especially with the whole jake thing. He didn't even get to be in starclan with Jake, and colour only make the journey there with him. Very sad death, but not as sad as lionheart's death, I'd say drawn at second with yellowfang

Um, When Tallstar dies he makes Onewhisker his deputy because he gets a vision that Onestar will be a fair leader and ally with Firestar. I love Tallstar but I was mad and sad, Tallstar was such a great warrior.

He had all the traits a good leader should have. He was brave, and would do anything for the good of his Clan as long as it was not agenst the warrior code.

When Tallstar dies he makes Onewhisker his deputy because he gets a vision that Onestar will be a fair leader and ally with Firestar. But he was wrong. I can't stand that sad look on Mudclaw's face in the manga when Onewhisker is made looks so sad..

23 Storm

Storm was really nice, and I don't think that she should have chose Clear Sky over Gray Wing. Then again, Gray Wing wouldn't have missed Turtle Tail as much if they both had become mates. But still, she should have lived longer and watch Thunder grow up into the great leader of ThunderClan!

I had so many mixed feeling for storm, when she left gray wing and when she died I still can't believe she choose clear sky over GRAY WING! He loved her and she was like what ever why would she choose clear sky, like he is the worst cat!

When I read that storm abandoned Graywing to become mates with Clearsky I was like noo! Then when I read that she was crushed by debris and Graywing could do nothing to save her made me cry. Her last words were that she was just protecting her kits and to tell Clearsky that she was sorry.

Storm was one of my favorite cats I guess but she didn't deserve Skystar as a mate when he was in that state. If they weren't mates she would've been alive still.

24 Brokenstar Brokenstar is a villain character from the Warrior Cats series. Brokenstar is a matted, dark brown tabby tom with a broad, flat face, a bent tail, and orange eyes. Brokenstar was a former Shadowclan leader and a member of the Dark Forest. His mother is Yellowfang and his father is Raggedstar.

Fun fact: Brokenstar is higher than Badgerfang here because everyone is "What?!?!? He was evil" or "His mother killed him!1!1! Bad bad Yellow fang!1!1". Half of my friends do that. I know, he was abused and stuff, but can anyone remember Crookedstar? Don't vote here.

Brockenstar so deserved to die! I don't really care he died any way! He killed so many cats while trying to prove he was the bravest warrior of all time. He killed his father Raggedstar. I so disagree with this, his death was not sad at all!

Brokenstar - or Brokentail when he was taken in by ThunderClan - is a very sad death, but it was a quick death of death berries. He was ignorant to the end, but we all know he was just not loved as much as he could have been. He didn't know who his mother was till his last moments too. - Blackmoon/star, Warrior of PebbleClan and Leader of NightClan

I litteraly HATE Brokenstar! I was so happy when he died. Sorry Brokenstar lovers. I would have never cried. And yet I didn't. Please don't take this offensive it's my opinon. I agree only thing sad was his mother did not love him when she found out he was the cat with blood on his paws. AND killed him because of that.

25 Mousefur

I've loved Mousefur since Into The Wild, she was such a good character, and Longtail x Mousefur is REAL. I love them both so much, and at least she can be with Longtail in Starclan <3

I was so sad when she died, even though Erin Hunter only wrote a sentence or two of her death. I think she should have lived on, being the only cat that lived from the middle of Bluestar's Prophecy to the end of The Last Hope. She was grumpy, but that made her character more interesting and sad. <3 you Mousefur!

Mousefur was cranky, but always the most loyal cat in her clan she loved and cared for Longtail and she fought like all of starclan only to be killed by a stupid stupid dark forest weirdo R.I.P. mousefur!

I guess I just grew accustomed to having her in the clan, just making grumpy background comments. I didn't realize how sad I would be when she died.Thunderclan will never be the same.

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