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I love Swampert. Although most would pick Torchic for it's evolution, Blaziken. Who, I'll admit, is pretty decent. And then others would pick Treecko for Sceptile's speed. I picked Mudkip. Because Swampert is just flat out awesome. Although it isn't the fastest thing in the world, it's speed is alright. It definitely makes up for that with it's Defenses being a little better than average. It's a Ground and Water type. So, although Grass type moves will do quadruple damage, Electric type moves are cancelled out because Swampert is a Ground type. That leaves you at a big advantage because Electric type moves are a huge threat to Water types. His Water typing also cancels out moves that would be super effective on Ground types and makes them do normal amounts, or little damage done. Rather than super effective damage. For example, Ice type moves, which would have been super effective on Swampert if Water typing wasn't there to take away the sting and make it do normal damage. That leaves ...more

Blastoise is cool and the original water starter Pokemon, but Swampert is just a load better! He has a higher base stat than Blastoise, he's cute and quirky, he can totally murder his only vulnerability (which is grass) by learning ice type moves like Ice Beam, and he can learn dig which I believe many Trainers will find useful! Water isn't my favourite type, but damn does it have good Pokemon. And when it comes to Water? It's all about Swampert - and Emploeon since that guy is sick as hell AND one of a kind (being the only water/steel dual type Pokemon) but I at the end of the day Swampert is the best, so I'm voting for him. Come on people, this awesome fish/lizard deserves your votes too! Let's at least get him at the number 2 spot!

Swampert (Mudkip) was my first Pokemon and I literally never saw him faint. He has only one weakness 4x to grass but his defences are high enough to survive a grass type move IF a Pokemon outspeeds him and he will strike back with a vengeance considering that you can teach him ice type moves. And truth be told with the ice type moves you will wreck trough dragon types as well considering they wont really be able to do much to you unless you let them. A big plus is that he looks cooler than any other water starter Pokemon

It has an amazing design while not being over busy. The whole evolution line looks awesome and Swampert just tops it off perfectly. On the non-design side of things, it's just a solid Pokemon. Its one weakness (grass) can be taken care of by its move-pool and it has the highest stats of all the starters so far. Sure, Blastoise and Gyarados have nostalgia on their side, but Swampert is just tops. Swampert has quickly climbed to my favorite Pokemon in all of the franchise.

Swampert is awesome yet so cute! :D besides, it's second type is ground, which is pretty cool.

Swampert is amazing because it is a physical water type. It is also resistant to electric types. It makes Earthquake more powerful. It also makes waterfall more powerful. It can also effectively use ice punch and brick break. Or any other filler move. This guy is the most EPIC water starter of them ALL.

Swampert is the best! It can learn poison, ice, ground, fighting, water and rock moves that are very powerful. 2 of which are super effective against its ONLY weakness which is grass. It is the best water Pokemon cause it can take care of its self.

I think blastoise is good but a little bi overrated... Swampert is the best water type Pokemon in my opinion because it has great attack and defense stats along with killer moves. Howevver the only drawbuck of it, is that it is very slow.

Swampert is the best water type Pokemon because it only has one weakness! Electric type moves don't effect him because he is a ground type and he can just use ice type moves to destroy his only weakness, Grass, anyways!

Swampert is a killer he looks awesome and only one weakness that is grass. He can take on blastoise and kill it I really mean that. I fought my friends blastoise best one I have seen level 100. he is a water ground type it's so good. He can be used for a wall stunner killer powerhouse and is cool

Usually, I'm hesitant to pick the Water starter since there's a lot of competition from the tons of other Water Pokemon available. Water's probably the most common types of them all. However, despite being in the water-filled Hoenn, I'd STILL recommend Swampert. It's just so strong that it blows the competition away. Only 1 weakness, great stats all around (except for speed), and has a ton of options for moves (especially in the remakes).

Swampert is just epic in general. It destroys the Rock, Electric and Fire Gyms and is pretty effective against the Fighting, Normal, Flying, Psychic and Water Gyms. It can learn Ice moves to take care of its only remaining weakness, Grass. It has amazing design and learns great moves.

I don't see how Swampert is not number one. There is no Pokemon that actually beat it. As long as it knows Ice Beam or Blizzard or any other ice move, along with its already water and ground type moves. It will take out any other Pokemon.

Swampert has a higher base stat total then any other starter! Blastoise is my second favorite water type and swampert is my favorite

Swampert is the strongest water type Pokemon. Because of its type and its stats. It has only one weakness, grass but if you teach it some ice moves like ice beam or blizzard grass types will automatically knock out because of its high attack. It has high defense and has the highest hp of all starters than charizard or blastoise. Mines has surf, focus punch, earthquake and ice beam

Swampert is a tank! How could you not like Swampert? How can you not agree that this guy is BADASS? He can sweep the floor with pretty much ANYTHING! His only weakness, which is grass, can get totally initiated by ice type moves as well.

Very powerful, looks real cool, I had one named Angelo

Level 84 or something And I have a Palkia named the same name, and he's level 91

He has mostly only water moves

Swampert's a beast. It's typing makes it vulnerable to only grass types and is an incredible tank with a high attack. Not to mention it's totally badass.

I'm a mostly ground type trainer and Swampert is the bomb! Amazing stats, mudkip is adorable, and STAB on great moves like earthquake! Plus... ONLY ONE WEAKNESS! What water type is better than Swampert?

My first Pokemon that I received is the mudkipz (lol), although there are some really good competitors here, this is one of the best ( if not, the best) water type ever. My first game was emerald, and I completely swiped the elite 4 with this. And, now with Pokemon ORAS and mega evolution, now swampert is even more powerful, being able to learn earthquake (), and having a good mega evolution, its really good compared to some other rival water types. And some which are totally not deserving to be here. ( blastiose, at least 5th. Empoleum, why is it even here? It can be easily defeated by the other starters easily. Lapras, maybe a bit higher. KYOGRE its not first or second change it now)

Swampert is OP. Seriously, because he is Ground/Water it makes him immune to electric type attacks and ground type attacks. As soon as he learns Take Down, he can beat any grass type Pokemon as well as all the others!

Swampert is the best water-type starter EVAR! Its pretty cool because it can learn earthquake (its the best ground move I know) and ice beam that is great move if fighting against a grass-type pokemon.

Let's see... Highest base stat total of all starters as of generation six, one single weakness (granted it's 4x), and it can learn ice type moves to cover that weakness. Swampert deserves the top spot on this list.

Swampert is so OP! It won't get killed easily by grass or electric types like most water types because it is part ground. It is ultra effective to fire types and will destroy them within seconds.

My all time favourite Pokemon. It basically can't be touched by anything but grass types which will be blasted away with ice beam/blizzard (whichever you prefer)