Best Wham! Songs

The Big British Duo formed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in the early 1980s.

The Top Ten

1 Last Christmas Last Christmas Cover Art

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is gettin' overhyped and Last Christmas isn't taked too serious? Hahahahaha Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is the most mediocre Wham! song I've ever heard on my existence.

This song should be Number 1. It's one of the best Christmas songs of all time. Also the best song delivered by George Michael during his career in Wham!

Last Christmas I Gave you my Heart- But the very Next Day you'll gave it Away! this year to Save me from Tears ... I give it To Someone special

I love both ''Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'' and this one, but this to real gotta' be the best Wham! did. and the song got even under 100+ comments in the web: ThisIsMyJam

2 Everything She Wants Everything She Wants Cover Art

This song's rules, all the way. Wham! Is pure life.

Just the best song they made - classic pop

One of the biggest Radio Pop songs on 80's.

The best song from their best album

3 Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Cover Art

Yeah it's a pretty decent song, I mean not that great as the british young fan-base told. But is ok, probably one of the first international Wham! hits ever had!

was too damn hard to decide between this song and Last Christmas but I had to chosen this one, I think it's more iconic and better reviewed by the racial critic.

This is Just the best and greatest Wham! song of its entire career. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, cause' I'm not planning not going solo.

how careless whisper is over this one? I meant of careless whisper is not offically a wham! song yet. it was sung by george michael not when he was still on wham! with andre ridgeley

4 Freedom Freedom Cover Art

In an interview with the Christmas 2009 issue of The Big Issue, Michael said of this song, that when he wrote it he knew he had arrived: "When I was 19, I wrote 'Freedom' - the original version - and I thought, 'I can't believe I've just done that!' I was absolutely thrilled. Because until then I had no real understanding of my abilities, but with 'Freedom,' I started to take myself seriously as a writer.

How this song is not originally considered for the Top 3 Rank Statements? this is song is highly good as songs like Last Christmas or Everything She Wants are.

Good grief! Don't you people know the difference between Wham! & George Michael? Freedom is a song George Michael recorded when he became a solo artist & is definitely NOT A WHAM! song!

One of their best songs. Beautifully written and expressed! Love the line "Like a prisoner who has his own key..."

5 I'm Your Man I'm Your Man Cover Art

Comin' good, comin' there. I'll be the support to your aldness to will live on a there... Also supporting the good flyes on the sinking air. Baby I'm your man.

Underrated as hell, well... at least is a song with many Energy on -

I love this song, it ain't a big classic by wham! but is one of the bests

I'm this song's man

6 Club Tropicana Club Tropicana Cover Art

Why do this song doesn't it gets the credit it deserves? it's one of the most motivating and nicer George Michael songs apart from Careless Whisper. Rank this song at number 2 at least is one of the best songs ever.

My personal favorite Wham song. The album this comes from, Fantastic, is their best work, this being the best in the album.

A much better song than I'm Your Man, why did even that song is above this one reaching almost the Top 3 places?

I'm Your Man is a bad song, and it's higher than a decent song like Club Tropicana ... Really?

7 The Edge of Heaven The Edge of Heaven Cover Art

My favourite Wham! /George Michael song after Careless Whisper. It’s fun, greatly instrumental and the lyrics are surprisingly more serious than other Wham! songs but still contain that bubblegum feeling and never dives into pretention. This was the definitive moment where George was really for a solo career!

Much darker compared to the rest of their output, and that's why I love it!

I remember me and my friends dancing this song when we're on the orphanatory. Wonderful times!

This song just take my soul to the edge of Heaven

8 Bad Boys Bad Boys Cover Art

One of the best songs by wham! just pure genius lyrics adapted to reality...

This is definitely the best

Rank this song no #2 at least

Good song is probably my favorite Wham! song

9 Young Guns (Go for It!) Young Guns (Go for It!) Cover Art

Michael's biographer Rob Jovanovic said the song is about "death by matrimony," which is in fact the last line of the chorus. It was written from experience, and described old school friends marrying and setting down roots while Michael and Ridgeley were still having fun. This was rather presumptuous as the two were not yet twenty years old when it was released, in any case, Michael spent much of the next few years struggling with his sexuality, and in April 1998, when he was thirty-five years old, he "outed" himself publicly as homosexual in an incident he "celebrated" in the song "Outside."

Sounds like a detective 80's season, introduction. But good song in general.

Better than Badboys at least

Wham! a't his best!

10 Where Did Your Heart Go

Since my cousin recommended to me this song, I fall I love with it.

The Contenders

11 The Boys The Boys Cover Art
12 Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) Cover Art
13 If You Were There If You Were There Cover Art

A good wham song but incredibly underrated yet

14 Battlestations Battlestations Cover Art

The trumpets are great and so peaceful, very great song. I highly recommend it.

One of the best Top 10 songs in my opinion.

Rank this song no. #1 (if not Heartbeat)

One of my Top 3 fave Wham tracks

15 Love Machine Love Machine Cover Art
16 A Different Corner A Different Corner Cover Art

Surely this is one of the best..

17 Heartbeat Heartbeat Cover Art

I will dedicated this song to my peace-world on my mind.

One of their most underrated songs. So romantic!

This song it's too smart to be ranked so low.

This song just steal my heart.

18 Blue Blue Cover Art
19 A Ray of Sunshine A Ray of Sunshine Cover Art
20 Like a Baby Like a Baby Cover Art

One of the best George Michael songs

relaxing and suspiciously good.

21 Credit Card Baby Credit Card Baby Cover Art

Underrated but good song to me at least

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