Best YouTube Gaming Channels

The best channels on YouTube that are based around gaming.

* ALSO * If you would like to add someone, PLEASE write out their YouTube name and not what people call them. Thanks.

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1 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 more.

He is awesome. Very very awesome. As soon as I discovered him, I'm totally addicted to his videos. :D He's funny, and love his sense of humor! BROFIST.

Are you 5? "I love his 'sense of humour'" All he does is curse and scream into a mic! - Brobusky

He makes scary horror games as funny as can be, and pewdie, if your playing amnesia right now, I hope you find stephano. BROFIST FROM SOCAL

He is very entertaining and extremely funny. The fastest growing channel on YouTube! BROFIST FROM Australia!

He used to be fun but now all he does is talk about random not gaming related stuff

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2 VanossGaming VanossGaming

Got turned on to VG two years ago and have been watching since. He and his friends are hilarious and make it much better than those playing solo and providing commentary. I too really like how he doesn't show himself in his videos as I don't care what he looks like while playing or what his facial expressions are. Just a good group of dudes having fun playing together. He's also humble about his success and doesn't push for his viewers to "like" or "subscribe" like the majority of these "let's play" folks out there. He also does some great video editing work and it's gotten better and better over time. My only complaint is that he doesn't put out enough videos. It's a decent amount but I binge off his videos and also crave more. Keep up the good work. I also want to shoutout to his friends. They don't get the love they deserve and this channel wouldn't be as great as it is without them.

Came across his channel one day by accident, automatically fell in love with the humor of the Call of Duty videos. Reminded me of playing with my friends and all our good times and now he has moved on to computer gaming and the videos keep getting better and better. I haven't been able to find another gaming channel that I like because none compare to VanossGaming

I been watching his videos sense his first mw3 video and I enjoyed every video sense with a big laugh before I go to school been subscribed for long time

VanossGaming is just great. - ABIRASZOFUZY

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3 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

Funniest gaming videos I've ever seen.. Also he puts like 2 every day.. Also seems very humble.. I find him better than nerdcubed and pewdiepie.. Can't believe he's so low in the ratings... But that just might be because he's new... But he's definitely gonna rise above the rest... Because he's the bos...

Jack is one of my favourite YouTubers ever he always knows how to make you feel special, and when you watch him it's like you are play/watching a game with your best friend, he loves everyone one of his subscribers and treats us all the same he respects everyone of us, and he never takes anything for granted he never lets the fame of YouTube get to his head, no matter how many subscribers he has he is still always humble and down to earth, he communicates with his fans through social media and even does a series reading your comments where he answers his fans, he now has over 9 million subscribers and he definitely deserves a lot more but he is amazing he always speaks his mind and can make anyone happy no matter how bad their day is.

Jack is absolutely amazing. He's down to earth, never ungrateful for each and every fan, and hilarious. He interacts with his fans on YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr! He opens fan gifts like it's Christmas, and takes each present to heart. He's so fun to watch, and I cannot watch a single one of his videos without laughing until I cry. He's simply amazing, and he'll definitely make his way up to the top ten.

He's a great guy, caring for his fans in fact. He's fact guys! - Titangod5

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4 RoosterTeeth RoosterTeeth

I think they are the best. Reason one. They are all friends having fun playing games. Two. They are more than just a letsplay channel. They also have a weekly podcast and a various info about games. Five facts, This is... , Achievment hunter weekly update. They even have their own site dedicated to having achievement checklists and forums. I watched pewdie before he was cool but now he feels like he sold out a bit. Yogscast are just plain stupid. I get so pissed off when I see them make retarded mistakes and wonder "oh what happened? Why did I just walk off a cliff" Roosterteeth isn"t great at miecraft but at least they are better than them.

Also the biggest part of rooster teeth is Red vs Blue which EVERYONE online has seen. Everybody has at least seen the first episode. Its even in halo. I have yet to seen a person/group from online make it into a major video game like Roosterteeth. They were featured in a documentary on discovery channel. They truly are the best

Red vs Blue, Rage Quit, Achievement hunter, FOTW, Achievement Horse, RT Shorts, how can you not love these dudes?

They have the best variety of videos, every day new content is being uploaded and the best of all is the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Let's play. Never get tired of watching these guys laugh their ass off and the community is such a tear jerker. Just watch the video on how Red vs. Blue is started and how all the original members had to sacrifice to become what they are today. Pure AWESOME!

They are amazing. Rooster Teeth helped me realize my passion for gaming is not weird. The podcasts, RWBY, RVB, On the Spot, and so many more of their shows are amazing. The staff is also hilarious and super nice. Love you guys!

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5 markiplierGAME markiplierGAME

Mark is extremely funny and is very kind and generous because of his charity live streams. He doesn't pose for people and doesn't think his fans or subscribers are just numbers. Plus, he can actually finish a game, even if it is terrifying. Mark should totally be in the top tens. When I'm having a rough day, I watch his videos, then I'm in a fit of giggling. Even though he is not number one on the list, he is in my book.

Mark is a great person, I'm not the one of the first fans to watch his lets plays but I love how he comments about the game as a whole and keep his character open to all us fans. people say that he's getting like some other YouTubers where he's just doing silly voices and screams all the time. while its true that his scream and shouting frequency has increases over time. he doesn't just scream but actually shout out some fairly hilarious things from time to time.

And the random shouting... don't we all do so too? Like when I play games or watch/read things, I just feel like shouting out random stuff that don't really make sense. talking to myself is kinda like a hobby to me now.

I just think he's gotten more confident on front of the camera, like if I'm watching something by myself, I speak a whole load of random rubbish without a care, but with other people around me, I try to keep as quiet as possible. this is relate-able to a lot of people.

Also at the end of ...more

Great guy with a big heart and the kind of level head a gamer is expected to have. Go check him out if you haven't already.

In my opinion, Markiplier is the one who diserves the most subscribers, (more than PewDiePie! )

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6 UberHaxorNova UberHaxorNova

He is hilarious. He is very down to earth and very funny and charismatic. He is fun to watch. His crazy personality and his hilarious freak outs are well worth the subscription. My favorite gaming channel.

Nova(James) was the guy that made me addicted to you tube gaming. He is funniest of all the creatures. I love most the creatures. I also watch Achievement hunter, ssohpkc, and other gamers, but he will always be my favorite!

Nova and sp00n are definitely my favorite of the Creatures. Why has Nova reached 1 million subscribers and none of the others have? Because Nova is just that cool and hilarious.

Love nova

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7 SkyDoesMinecraft

SKY ARMY! Does Minecraft mod showcases and gets a TON of views on them! A very fast growing channel that managed to reach 1.3 million subscribers in less than a year!

This guy is just hilarious, him and his friends make a game like Minecraft extremely hilarious because of the jokes they like to say. But the most hilarious thing about SkyDoesMinecraft is his laugh, it literally sound like a cross between a monkey and a parrot

How come no one put Adam on this list? Go butter!


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8 JamesNintendoNerd

James Rolfe AKA AVGN is amazing, he does his nerd reviews, mini movies, gameplay videos, board game videos, and so much more. James is actually a huge inspiration to me with being a collector and a director, I even have his autograph displayed on my game shelf (yeah he is that awesome). James is one of the best directors and gamer I have ever seen, heck he even has a full featured film AND his own video game coming out hopefully within the next year, long story short "he's gonna take you back to the past"...

While PewDiePie is having a good time at number one on this list, the Angry Video Game Nerd is just sitting at number 20. Most people don't really think of this channel as a good gaming channel, but the Angry Video Game Nerd will be more hilarious and more creative than the people higher on the list will ever be.

Give him guys the spot he deserves! He's one of the pioneers of the gaming channels on YouTube

Go GO Angry Game Nerd

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9 DashieGames DashieGames

Dashie should be way higher than the 44th spot. Don't take my comment for proof. Go and watch his channel. He also has two other channels full of hilarious content. He's his own person. Not concerned with what others are doing in their gaming videos and also tries to steer away from what they are doing because he doesn't want to be one of those guys. But as I said... Just go to his channel and you'll see that he deserves a higher ranking.

DashieGames is not the best gamer around, but his humor in his gaming videos are funny and enjoyable compared to Pewdiepie's annoying way of yelling and screaming.

This is a guy that definitely deserves more attention. His high energy, loud voice, and constant dirty mouth will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your stomach hurting from laughter.

I think dashie is 10000000000 times better then any other youtuber ever but I guess the rest of the world is aloud to have horrible taste

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10 Markiplier

Best gamer ever he is the best back me up he is best gamer

One of the best and most popular gamers! - TheParasiter

Are they kidding? Should be in the top5.

He�'s already on number 3! are you happy?

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The Newcomers

? eMBeaR

His Red Dead Redemption 2 videos are HILARIOUS! - DoroExploro13

The Contenders

11 Jontron Jontron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

This so far, is one of the best gaming channels out there. But with his game reviews, top 10's, and his other gaming channel Game Grumps, he is certainly one of the greats along with the others many people acknowledge. Personality wise, he is a wild and fun guy to be with, and not fun with IT'S JONTRON :D:, No, he's just the guy who would be cool to hang out with in real life. Just look at Game Grumps.

His wonderful works are very rare to come by. They require much patience and discipline for anyone to admire them.

But when he releases a video, it's heavenly.

Why is Jontron at 42! He is a lot funnier than PewDiePie and should be #1. He has tons of hilarious videos like Goosebumps and Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.

Dat face though

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12 machinima machinima

THese guys just do it right.. The latest.
though I think IGN has a better game review and rating..
i personally haven't seen the machinima reviews

Wouldn't say Machinima as a whole, but Inside Gaming definitely.

I thought these guys were evil.

Machinima is crap, they treat their employees like crap and they are so vast that you can't really say machinima because it includes too many channels. plus you didn't capitalize it, machinima is using gameplay to make videos shows or movies. Machinima is a dead, not a youtube channel, and contradictory to itself.

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13 PeanutButterGamer

Peanutbuttergamer is absolutely hilarious. He's one of my favorite YouTube channels and I love his top ten lists and game reviews.

I love peanut butter gamer! His videos are hilarious, especially derp Sims agents. I have seen most of his videos and all of them are funny

I went over to my friends house and we started watching YouTube for a little bit because it was rainy and we were bored. He decided he would show me something he liked and I was like, OH NO! This isn't going to be that funny. When I left, I made a YouTube account just so that I could subscribe. Sure I liked other people but NO ONE was funny enough to make a YouTube account for. He is the definition of HILARIOUS.

Well peanut butter is my favourite food and I like love games so BEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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14 AngryJoeShow

I've been watching him since before he had 10, 000 subscribers and he has never been corrupted. He is just an honest reviewer.

A gamer which puts his heart and anger into his videos. His rants and reviews are well put, and his humour is well placed, with a good reference to a game or two, I recommend eatching his long videos, as they go through a great amount of depth on the game that he is reviewing!

How is Joe so low? He's honest, loyal to his fanbase, and fights for his right to review! ALL HAIL THE ANGRY ARMY!

The Best in my opinion!

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15 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

This guy can make you laugh so much sometimes. Unlike some of the Lper's. His score on the cuss-o-meter is almost never on his channel which makes his channel E for everyone. There are a lot of memorable moments and how charismatic he is just makes him one of the best lpers I've ever seen.

Better than Pewdiepie all said people. All said.

Seriously he deserves to be number 1 due to all of his hard work! So much editting, info and dedication he puts in all of his videos! He doesn't make videos for money he makes them so we can watch them and enjoy them! Now this is a true Let's Player!

Chuggaaconroy isn't like all of the popular Let's Players on YouTube. He doesn't play the most popular games, he doesn't use annoying facecams on his videos, and he doesn't do annoying jokes or yells like the other Let's Players, most of the time. He was one of the main pioneers of Let's Playing on YouTube and, for a while, was the most popular LPer on YouTube. His Let's Plays mix informative and useful commentary with humor that will make you laugh so much, you can't even breathe. Throw in a couple of epic fails and some epic wins, and you have possibly the best gaming channel on YouTube.

I remember when chuggaaconroy debuted. Ahhh...the memories.

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16 KSIOlajidebt

I expected him in top 10.

He brings laughter to the most simple things in life. His first channel is all about FIFA related stuff (to die for), and his 2nd is any game you can think of. Must watch if you wanna "GET HYPER" :-)

Ksi should definitely be higher up this list he has 5 million subscribers plus he's the best FIFA gamer on YouTube also his second channel has everything from Grand Theft Auto V to slenderman, this man is a YouTube gaming legend!

Yes the all time best

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17 H2ODelirious

Delirious is just hilarious. He's like the child of Vanoss's crew. He also has probably one of the most unique and hilarious laughs and screams I've ever heard come out of a person's mouth, which is one of the main reasons why everyone loves him. He also does a lot of constant trash-talking, which is contagious but hilarious. - Mcgillacuddy

H2O Delirious is in my opinion one of the best. I love all the people he plays with too. Never a dull moment. His laugh is by far the most contagious laugh I have ever heard, always has me grinning widely. And I love the fact that I've never seen him annoyed on any of his videos or videos that he is in. He is overall just a happy guy and never fails to just laugh at anything and everything.

Delirious is like a little kid, which surprisingly makes good for gaming videos. He has probably one of the most unique voices and most obnoxious/hilarious laugh and scream I've ever heard.

The funniest youtuber in the youtube history

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18 speedyw03 speedyw03

Super hilarious and has a ton of segments, you should give his channel a look. And don't forget to check out the crew too.

KYR Speedy is top three definitely. He has 3 MILLION subscribers, and gets two million views on each video. One of the funniest guys around, he plays with the crew, and makes the daily post something to look forward to.

This guy is amazing, I mean if you love Call of Duty trolling videos you should totalt check This guy out.
He also does a fair amount of Grand Theft Auto videos, and it's just funny to watch This guy derp around with the crew.

Totally worth checking out.

Great I like him too

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19 TheGamingLemon TheGamingLemon

SO hilarious should be in the top ten Grand Theft Auto mods are AMAZING

BEST YOUTUBER EVER. Well funniest one. He makes a lot of funny stuf. His funniest by far are his grand theft auto reviews for mods. Just Perfect Go buy a copy of him Right now,

Definitely one of the funniest people on YouTube. His accent, his personality, his editing... Everything is hilarious! :D

He's hilarious I hope to meet him one day

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20 Daithi De Nogla

Your funny like hall meet hope you don't poo your panes

Daithi De Nogla is one of the funniest and most enjoyable members of the Vanoss crew to watch. His sudden outbursts, rages, dirty remarks, and jokes mixed with his rather unique Irish accent all sound downright hilarious.

I respect his love for potatoes.

I love him and his accent though.

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21 TheSyndicateProject TheSyndicateProject

He is the most entertaining out of all of them and he is a complete BEAST at Call of Duty and Minecraft. I enjoy all of his videos and he well deserves all his fame and subscribers.

Syndicate puts a lot of effort into his videos and has a very entertaining and upbeat attitude. His Mincraft Project series is amazing but I was blown away by his Animated Minecraft Series!

Are my eyes lying to me Syndicate is 7th he deserves to be 1st by far due to his dedication and frequency of his videos

He has awesome content and gives his fans what they want

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22 SmoshGames

Awesome they pretty much play everything used to be clever games funny watching Ian and Anthony fail at games

Why is Smosh Games so low on this list? Shows like Game Bang, Gametime With Smosh, Backseat Gaming, and others are HILARIOUS! It's even got Ian and Anthony failing miserably at games along with 4 other people. Smosh Games needs to be in the top 15 somewhere without a doubt!

Smosh Games should be at the top. They have quality editing and sound in their videos and a majority of them are hilarious. Not to mention they actually get along pretty well with each other.

I used to love Smosh Games... till Ian and Anthony left.

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23 Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.

Guy make awesome videos and save me from playing bad games

Best Youtubers

24 ScrewAttack! ScrewAttack!

It's like Machinima, but 23 times better!

It's always time for a DEATH BATTLE - winfreyb

The original YouTube business, their top tens, death battle, and much more make them timeless

They should be number 4 - CaptainChipmunk

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25 BlueXephos

Simon and Lewis are the greatest. They have over 2 million subscribers and they get around 6k subscribers a day! They are hilarious and put a lot of effort into their videos. Deserve to be first.

You will die with laughter every day when subscribed to these guys. Their videos are not just funny but high quality and there range of other channels like sips, sjin and duncan are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

These guys are like the funniest people I've Evah seen! 2 Million thumbs up :D!

Lol just da best

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26 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

I am in love with caddy best game reviews ever absolutely hilarious and he covers retro games as well as all the new releases new video every Sunday is the highlight of my week

Hilarious, I've watched almost all of his videos. I crack myself up in every one. My favorite is Peter Pancreas and Snow white

You will be convinced he belongs in an insane asylum after watching some of his videos, but you will be entertained.

Make sure to drink lots of miluk - Disasterpiece

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27 JeromeASF

He never gets boring

How is he n 34 he should be n1 for 4 reasons : 1-he is extremely funny and energetic 2- he does a lot of videos 3- he has tons of friends and projets 4- he's a bacca

I have watched jerome for 5 years now he never gets old

He is my idol

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28 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly argued against for their game theory content.

The only reason this is at 65 is because of haters. MatPat puts an insane amount of time and thought into every theory. The haters have been there from the start, saying things like, " His theories can easily be disproved " or " You can tell his channel is directed towards kids, because only kids would believe this crap". To that I say, screw you haters. He's an insanely smart guy, and it shows in his theories.

I know his theories are all far-fetched and he overlooks games a bit too much but unlike other similar channels, he actually provides solid evidence. He can blow your mind sometimes. Despite the hate the crossover series gets, I love. Same as GaijinGoombah. Ronnie's boss too

They deserve to be much higher I swear they belong in top 5 at least

Yea just 'cause

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29 Lui Calibre

Lui is an amazing person, plus his child voice he does in Squeaker Squad is amazing

Squeaker squad all the way

He so cool should be #2 because no offense TheGamingLemon should be #1

It is funny when talking kids voice

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30 TobyGames

This gut is all around funny. I love watching his Games, his Lazy Vlogs, and his other videos that he post out. Toby has a really great sense of humor and that makes you want to watch his videos at places you shouldn't; like school for one. If you haven't seen his channel or any of his channels you should give him a look see, you'll love him.

Toby is one of the funniest guys on YouTube! He can take any serious game and make it totally hilarious. The way he tells fake little stories while he is playing is so funny!

Toby is the funniest YouTuber I have ever seen. When I first saw him on Happy Wheels I got addicted to his videos and started watching more of his videos. For people who don't know who Tobuscus is, you guys should really check out his videos.

Hello once again Audience when we left off I died.
LOL so funny.

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31 BasicallyIDoWrk

There's nothing quite as funny as watching this guy play a calm round of DeathRun and listening to the rage-filled screams punctuate the air! Seriously, though, Marcel stands out in a crowd like crazy!

These guy is so funny ahaha I laugh just thinking of some of his vidoes

I'm voting your friends vannos you nogla and delireous

32 YogscastSips

Sips almost got mired down in the also-ran stuff of other gaming channels (IE: stupid jump-scare videos playing scary video games other channels play, Happy Wheels videos, etc). But, he branched off with his own style. His "Evening with Sips" videos show-cased weird or good games that were getting little love from others. They provided a one-off showing that didn't make him feel forced to crank out content on it for the sake of content. He went back to play old games and generate episodes, but he would put them to bed and call it quits when it was getting stale. He's funny, because he's always so positive and laid back about things where-as other channels have folks wigging out and acting high on drugs. He's a relateable guy, and it's just entertaining watching him play some games since you can tell he's just being himself instead of mugging for the camera or trying to act outlandish for the sake of views.

Sips almost got mired down in also-ran stuff (IE: jump-scare videos, Happy Wheels videos, etc). But, he branched off with his own style. His "Evening with Sips" videos show-cased weird or good games that were getting little love from others. They provided a one-off showing that didn't make him feel forced to crank out content on it for the sake of content. He's positive, laid back, and you feel like this is how he really is instead of him forcing a persona to be entertaining.

The real guy the only guy

The ultimate Dad

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33 Cinnamontoastken

Okay... Honestly, KEN IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER. I don't know why he is so far dow n on this list, maybe because he is not very well, known. But, he has a GREAT sense of humor... And he always makes me laugh

Good, professional-looking videos and generally manages to keep it entertaining, which is one of the most important qualities in a youtube gamer--that most others lack.

I really enjoy him, he's wonderful. Amazing beard, amazing voice, great sense of humor. I humble, down-to-earth guy indeed.

Ken is one of my FAVORITE you tubers ( besides pewdiepie) he makes me laugh like crazy. I love how he's always playing around in Garry's mod!
He has a great sense of humor and I never want him to change!
Stay toasty my friends is one of my favorite YouTuber sayings

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34 CaptainSparklez

His music videos are the greatest! His most viewed video has around 45 MILLION views! That is incredible for a gaming channel and a lot more than any other gaming channel in history! He also has over a million loyal subscribers! Truly the best.

He never fails to keep me entertained, his music videos are very good and is something I'll recommend to anyone who is looking for a good parody. Also, his modded survival is the best, starting out as a simple survival map that risen to be the most popular thing on his channel. Which is something, because 2.8 million subscribers watches his videos. In other words, he's a very funny guy and I'll recommend it to anyone who likes a good laugh.

He is the best because he is never annoying, he is funny, all of his videos are great and he must be rank #1


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35 FRANKIEonPCin1080p

Frankie is one of those extremely professional gamers I've ever seen. I am very impressed. Nobody could beat him. In fact, he makes those tough games look so easy and he never loses a round! Not to forget his sense of humour, he is very entertaining! I recommend everybody to watch him.

He is the man you watch laying on your couch or bed, eating some popcorn, because damn he is awesome! His episodes are pretty long, sometimes like an hour, but he uploads them maybe once a week. I'm always looking forward to his videos, it's just awesome how he can turn a regular dayz gameplay to a movie. he's a hardcore gamer, very very skilled, invincible! If you are looking for a YouTuber that will keep you entertained friday night in your comfortable bed with an ipad in your hands knowing you don't have to wake up the day after and just want to spend some nighttime watching something (that's what I do at least), Frankie is for you!

Frankie is one the greatest YouTubers in my opinion. He will make ordinary gameplay seem like a movie. But a big part of his channel is that it is a hobby and not his profession, which is just another reason why I love him. He may not post as often as other, but you will always know that your getting the best quality gameplay possible.


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36 Yamimash

One of the best youtube gamers out there. Who doesn't love the mash? This guy is extremely entertaining and he is even british! What more can you ask for? I started watching his minecraft videos a year ago and now I am extremely addicted to the horror games he plays. When you say this guy is "underrated", I believe you are right. This man deserves more subs than he already has..
Come to the MASH!

Definitely, he is so underrated.

Woo, probably the funniest gamer out there, maybe not the most skilled though

He was good until scott ' cawthon made FNAF for fans to crank out terrible fan games for Yami to play

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37 GameTheorists

Theories are bad and sans is not ness and that's my opinion

Matt is awesome and the best!

38 GameGrumps

It's about friends having fun. It's not about speed-runs or exploiting secrets or doing every possible task in a game, but when these good friends get together, jokes will be made and you're going to have a good time. Watch it as improv comedy. Don't watch it as an example of how to play games. They will not read manuals and rarely on-screen instructions, so they'll get stuck. They'll do it wrong, sometimes. But be honest, we've all been there, and this is more about the experience than just the game.

I would usually say JonTron's better, but this is basically JonTron everyday. People criticize them for being a Le's Play channel, but they get it right. Besides, they said they don't want to be called a Let's Play channel. They should be at least 3 and PDP shouldn't even be on the list.

I have no clue why this isn't higher, the Game Grumps, along with Seananners are my favorite gaming channels on YouTube. However, I know that people font have the same opinions, so instead of gushing about the channel, I will go into specifics and give my two cents. The thing I love about Game Grumps is that it's not necessarily about the game. Sure, we've seen them get emotionally invested in a game, to a point where they are screaming at the screen, and Arin punches a wall. However, Game Grumps, Steam Train, and all the other shows that have been on their channel have a very Seinfeld-esque aspect to them. This is the gaming channel about nothing. They will often not talk about the game, and ramble on about what they did that day, and any of their hilarious improv commentary and hilarious voices. They let themselves be themselves, which can often lead to some really racy stuff, which some other YouTubers may try to reserve, but that's what's so likable about them, their honest. If ...more

Horrifically low on this list

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39 brainscratchcomms

How are they not higher... They are the people who created the Mario party feud, the iconic maniac Luigi voice and ANARCHY

Very funny and very insightful. They know what they're doing and it's so good.

BrainScratchComms is a group of 4 friends who LP and commentate over their recorded footage of a video game. They may not record high quality videos, but their commentary is just hilarious, especially in their Sonic the Hedgehog LPs. So far, their most hilarious LP is when they did Sonic 06. If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend that you look up their channel, you won't regret it

40 TheBajanCanadian

I don't know why no one added him! He should by FAR be top 50 AT LEAST! One of the funniest gamers I've seen! Him and JeromeASF make one of the best teams.

Back in the days of late mw2 and early bo1; asf was by far my most watched channel on YouTube. Even though he's strayed off to minecraft, I still like watching him from time to time.

Benja Canada. So many phrases he makes up in his videos just brighten up my day and I'm pretty sure him and jerome are worth watching

I am canadian

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41 Achievement Hunter

Same people that are in RoosterTeeth, this should've number 4 - KrazzyMadd

Thank god they exist is all I have to say

Fantastic and hilarious content

I Love You, Number 9 Of My List

42 newLEGACYinc
43 jahovaswitniss

Definitely deserves to be higher on this list. His personality is quite entertaining and it's funny to watch him get mad with the rest of the crew. He has a great sense of humor but is also sometimes a somewhat mature guy.

Definitely should go higher on the list. Definitely

Defiantly better than most of these people

One of the funniest gamers ever! Him and his crew (including KYR SP33DY) are the funniest bunch on YouTube, deserves to be much higher up in the ranks!

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44 penguinz0

How is PewDiePie above Cr1TiKaL? Anyways Cr1TiKaL (Penguinz0) Is the funniest person on Youtube. All his Youtube earnings go to charity. He cannot get scared. In slender every Youtuber hides and screams while Cr1TiKaL says "Target Slender Man has been spotted. I am attempting to flank, this forest is closed, Ass****! "

His subjective, dry humor can keep you laughing.

I'm sorry, but if you don't find his deep, monotone voice and incredibly creative word choices to be hilarious, you have no soul... - rallyfan98

You are so cool

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45 Blitzwinger

Best Gamer in all history, very happy, caring and allows us to send our own stuff to him.

100% AWESOME! He brings out 4 or more videos a day and they are all awesome-sauce!

Blitz should be way higher. He was my first favourite youth her.

Love him

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46 Vinesauce

Dry human humour, brilliant for obscure games and something a bit different

Vinny, Joel, Rev, KY, Hootey, Dem, Limes, Study, Darren, Fred, Dire, Shi, Gingers, Ima, Jen... These guys are the best. Quality streams, quality content. All day, everyday. - TCMMKLA


47 TheSw1tcher

Been watching the Zaibatsu for several years now and they just keep getting better, bringing the fans Full lets plays, mini lets plays, "Friday night fisticuffs", not to forget one of my personal favourites, Rustlemania, in which Matt, Pat and Woolie play the worst wrestling games of all time. These guys upload daily without fail, as well as doing a regular podcast, which is now up to 59 episodes. Not only this, but they go through hell to provide for their plans. The have played Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the fans happiness alone, despite hating David Cage as a game developer, and cleverly named it "The Sadness Trilogy". The provide witty and informative comments throughout their videos, making lets plays fun and engaging. I find myself not even paying attention to the sroty, and enjoying videos of games I am not remotely interested in. Not to forget Zach the cat, the cat that Matt owns named after York's "imaginary friend" in Deadly premonition. Their ...more

These guys are my favourite gaming channel. They're funny and staggeringly intelligent (most of them have college degrees) with real world experience of working in the games industry (well three of them anyway, Pat used to be a grocery bagger with a degree in psychology) so they are always well informed and their opinions are their own. With four members for playthroughs there is always a a great dynamic between them and their friendships shine through in their videos and podcasts. Truly a great gaming channel, they really do deserve greater recognition and they are slowly expanding their fan base.

Basically the best Let's Players on YouTube. They play a variety of games ranging from Astro Boy to Dark Souls 2. With there being 4 members, you get multiple gameplay styles, and mixing of personality for either the funniest jokes or more sandbagging then you've even heard. Above all, they always finish their Let's Plays. Along with hosting a podcast, they visit lots of cons and interact with the fans. Each let's play has it's own intro usually made by a fan.

These guys are top five material. They deserve to get 1,000,000 subscribers. - bobbythebrony

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48 PressHeartToContinue

Dodger's super entertaining and posts both gaming news videos and let's plays. While normally lighthearted, she can get real if the situation calls for it, and you never know when, say, watching a game about pigeons is going to make you tear up.

I love her gaming news videos. Every Sunday she brings gaming news from throughout the week and presents it to you in a very entertaining way.

Quality content.

49 xRpMx13

Cause He's The MilkMan

Hello he is the Minecraft Morgan Freeman at least top 20

He's batman in hunger games that's why he wins GAMINGoRaNgE was here

HEY ryan I don't know y your so low your good-jade

50 TheGamerBrothers

Foxmcloud21 and Mariofan37 rock

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