As much as everyone on this list is a great YouTube gamer I have too tie it between like 13 people so I just chose one they are hilarious and they are making a game I backed it and they are (by my standards) one of the best channels on YouTube and if someone says that's not true then screw that guy!

Whenever the Yogscast posts a video, I know to expect 20-30 minutes of pure laughs, quality gaming, and fantastic video presence. They are by far my favorite channel to watch, and their 4.5 million subscribers show that there are boatloads of people who feel the same way!

Simon and Lewis are hilarious and are my favourite two YouTubers. The rest of the YOGSCAST is also fantastic including Sjin, Duncan, Hannah, Hat Films and Sips. They don't only do Minecraft, but do a large variation of games. Many don't like Minecraft videos, and I'm not exactly a fan of them, but these people make them fantastic because they just mess around and mock one another. They are under-rated, mainly because they're identified as a Minecraft channel which as I said, many people do not like, but they deserve a lot more than they already get.

Just the best and have inspired me to make my own channel, they feature a wide range of games and have quite a few working for them. So if you are bored of one there are many more, although I don't see why you would get bored because Simon and Lewis can keep me entertained for hours. Defiantly my favorite

Best YouTubers online. They upload daily and I look forward every day to come home after a long day and watch their videos. They also have 7 other amazing partners in the Yogscast family. You will honestly die of laughter.

They're original and downright hilarious. They're high-quality and never repetitive. They keep things fresh and there's always something new to watch or experience. They do a broad variety of games too, so nobody 'misses out'. Love them so much!

These guys deserve 1st place especially with 2 million subscribers along with 1 billion views! If you haven't seen these guys already you must check them out!

These guys are just awesome. I learn everything from these guys (Even if it takes 92 episodes) But simon and lewis are just plain awesome. So much better than everyone else!

A variety of games they play, They can sometimes not finish let's plays but don't let that put you off it make's up for their comedy playing the games and they deserve to be second on this list!

I Love the British What else can I say? They are the most hilarious people I've ever seen and their videos are very high quality in both Definition and Humor

I'd like to just make it clear that my vote is for the Yogscast in general, not just Simon and Lewis. A day doesn't go by where the members of the Yogscast fail to put a smile on my face.

They put a lot of effort into making Minecraft series/videos entertaining and hilarious for anyone. They put out a large variety of videos from Garry's Mod to Minecraft Mods.

The Yogscast family will make you feel like the happiest person in the world. The videoes they make will get you laughing for a great good while! They have a great community, and even host charity drives ever December month! Their humour is for every age range, and are definitely not only for the younger, as some may believe. They are the greatest!

Simon and Lewis are funny, awesome people. They are part of the Yogscast family and the founders of the Yogscast. They produce high quality videos. Every day you can watch hours of entertainment.

These guys upload funny and creative videos everyday and watching their videos are sorta in my to-do list of things to do everyday.

Great variety and plenty of other yogscast channels to chose from!

Love simon and lewis. Wait all day for there videos and always give you a warm feeling inside. Great to sit down to after a long day

The Yogscast have to be the single greatest people ever! They are hilarious no matter what game they play and I look forward to a video every day!

Simply far better than any other YouTuber out there. Most others have an unintelligent, childish sense of humor (Pewdiepie being a prime example). The Yogscast are the pinnacle of YouTube entertainment, and their success is well deserved.

Yogscast was what got me into the world of video games, if it hadn't been for them, I would have never been introduced to so many great games.

These guy can keep you occupied for HOURS! Please like and Subscribe to their channel

Funniest people ever super nice and awesome

Hilarious Sips is amazing because of his sarcastic humor

These guys make me cry with laughter even when they play boring games. There content is varied and well thought out. Seriously just subscribe to them and to be honest all of the yogscast members you won't regret it. I am Dave! Yognaut and I have the balls.

They make me laugh all THE time and Lewis is kinda serious and goes with Simons weirdness