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261 MoreAliA V 1 Comment
262 Lazarbeam

I love how he always does good at his games and he is funny

V 1 Comment
263 Blackblade Games
264 Thesmithplays

Find his videos incredibly entertaining.

V 2 Comments
265 GloomGames V 3 Comments
266 EthanGamer

He is kinda good to be a youtuber

He sucks he hit 1m subs a year ago and is still at 1m subs

Booo ethan is a WAKKA SAKKA CRAP!

267 iPwnstar4hire
268 Mr360Games

He Is so awesome and deserves credit

He's awesome! I don't know why he doesn't have more subs.

269 Zukram97

I love this channel. He always make great videos.

This channel is awesome! :D

270 TWD98

The best channel on youtube, easily

271 Pintipanda

Best gamer on galaxy

V 1 Comment
272 Iballisticsquid

I agree with the one below. He is to funny and happy to be this far down

Watch Chaney ninja on YouTube

He's amazing I think he should be in the top five


V 6 Comments
273 Thinknoodles

Great, positive, and overall fun guy! Been watching him since he first began! - TheParasiter

Think is so much fun! Check him out, you wont regret it

Love him! Why is he not higher up?

He's one of dantdm friend in crazy craft.:D

V 5 Comments
274 FaZe Jev

Fist me daddy


My favorite youtuber, why did nobody vote for him :( - imabigpotato

275 Super Best Friends Play

Seriously entertaining and understand a lot about the gaming industry. Enjoy all of their content, podcast, YouTube and everything on their home site.

276 Comedyshortsgamer V 2 Comments
277 Syndicate

Best YouTube you tuber in the world

V 1 Comment
278 Fgteev

There the best family gaming channel I have ever seen (and the only one)

It has 1,000,000 subscribers and it does Adventure block throughout December in 2015. Check Fgteev out now. The other channels are called Skylander boy and girl, Doh much fun and Funnel vision. It should be first. Please agree.

I agree that fgteev should be first

That whole family should be thrown in a volcano...

V 4 Comments
279 Wroetoshaw

Just amazing, his good looking, funny and sweet

280 ChrisMD V 1 Comment
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