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321 Samgladiator

He is the best doing Minecraft roleplays especially Yandere High.

He makes the best Minecraft role plays with Grian and Taurtis.

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322 elrubiusomg
323 Poiised

Plays tons of horror games and has, hands down, the most hilarious freak-out scream out of any other YT gamer I've seen. - Mcgillacuddy

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324 Draegast

Great YouTuber, plays mostly sandbox games but has fun while playing them. Makes sure to include his viewers in every video. Does a lot of "Best creation" vidoes on games like Scrap mechanic and Beseige

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325 Many A True Nerd

Funny, witty, amazing at fallout and a nice almost old fashioned gentleman type of humour and character. Basically the stereotypical well mannered Englishman

Best Fallout New Vegas/3/4 YouTuber. Some of the stuff he does is insane. Making it through Fallout New Vegas + all DLC on one health bar and no stimpaks.

326 Clash With Cam V 1 Comment
327 Exinthevatican Uncut: Full Joel Streams
328 packattack04082 V 1 Comment
329 Joel (Vinesauce)

All hail the bonzi buddy


330 Albertstuff
331 Mangs
332 MrsBlackOps
334 tejbz
335 MysticNova
336 ZeldaDungeon

I use Zelda dungeon all the time thanks

337 HCbailly

He plays the best games in my opinion. He's probably the most likable guy I've ever seen too.

He is entertaining and nerdy. Sounds like a stereotypical dungeon master. - Electricbassguy

Let the references, character, and opinions begin!

338 Mritryhard

The nastiest commentator in all of the online gaming community

339 MotherAsia

Hilarious friends who play games and say random stuff! Super funny, average gamers but they make me always smile! A new channel I subscribed to.

340 Drlgaming

He is so funny and original I LOVE him and all his Minecraft Videos are so funny :D He is the goal that you want on YouTube. I would totally check him out! Also Check out all his friends! Deserves number one!

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