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381 DJSoldier
382 Jesserthelazer
383 Game & Wario
384 Pointlessbloggames V 1 Comment
385 SMG4
386 HikeTheGamer

By far the funniest guy I have ever watched. He deserves the Top 10

V 1 Comment
387 Primo Trev

He constantly interacts with all of his subscribers and has amazing commentary.

He is awesome deserves number one

388 S4GAM3R

S4GAM3R is awesome. He doesn't care about trolls or how much money he makes off of YouTube. He just loves to play video games!

389 MrWilliamo

Makes me laugh so much

390 ChadTronic
391 TearOfGrace
392 Martynyogscast

I don't know who this guy is but you guys look to love him so I'm sorry that he is in the 200s.

Martyn is the person who I first saw on YouTube and have lead me to discover the over Yogscast members and the brilliant Nerdcubed.

V 1 Comment
393 EWNetwork
394 TheJWittz

My favorite youtuber at 627... Doesn't cuss, and is funny, and gives good facts and tips. Why do you people like pewdiepie but not this guy?

V 1 Comment
395 Olizandri


Deal With It.

Great upcoming gamer

396 EvanTubeHD

I just don't like how Evan and Jillian always waste food. Their parents actually commented to the hate and said: "Well, we should drink this or people are going to say we're wasting food." And the parents ATE. THE. DISGUSTING. SMOOTHIE. MADE. OF. EVERYTHING.

Not sure if this is EvenTubeHD, but it is definitely a channel related to it and made by the same people. Also, sometimes I feel these videos can get a bit dull. Evan is not very lively and his acting is horrendous! Other than that, I mostly try to avoid his channels. I know if I don't, I'm going to scream my head off in agony.

You're the best kid ever to be in 578 place in this right now

Best kid to be a YouTuber which is really amazing because he explains what he's doing and he is very popular he should be #1

V 2 Comments
397 CraftBattleDuty

I love him! He is funny, inspirational, kind and also cool!

He has amazing content and personality

V 2 Comments
398 HazardousYT
399 Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon

I love the fact that he is so sincere and natural in his conversations with us while he is playing! He may not be the best player, and even make some mistakes sometimes, but it is certainly very entertaining to watch! Go go go, Falcon!

400 Thedragonhat
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