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421 Kappa Dash Flygon Albania NPR News V 1 Comment
422 Playstation Access
423 Stomedy

Bravo Stomedy

424 Review Movie World
425 ItsPeetahBread

Best Letsplayer out there. He's charming, funny, and has an amazing voice. His playthroughs of "Life is Strange" and "The Sims" are some of the best on YouTube. Check him out - you'll be glad you did. - Spark_Of_Life

426 TheStickyPaddle

Why didn't anyone mention this channel? Awesome Creepy Gaming Channel. - UserWhom

427 MoreTDM V 1 Comment
428 Glaciercano V 1 Comment
429 EricVanWilderman

He is by far the best YouTuber. He plays many games and his sense of humour is great. - Jweet4444

430 Xnestorio Xnestorio

Uhc Player that's a pro - Winwin098098

431 ConCrafter ConCrafter
432 DannyJesden
433 Clare Siobhan
434 Matroix

Ali a is by far the best for Call of Duty news and gaming he has an awesome channel I'm a subscriber

Ali-A is a great YouTuber. Mainly does Call of Duty stuff. A great YouTuber to follow if you love Call of Duty games. He will keep you up to date with the latest information...

Ali-a is a very great youtuber he is the first one to know about any upcoming games before any other youtuber I really love his reactions to games and he is starting to play more games like minecraft assasins creed battlefield and much more please keep subscribing to ali-a

V 3 Comments
435 AmazingFilms247
436 WingsofRedemption
437 Fluffee4TheWin
438 Xelger
439 DSPgamming

Not only is his commentary hilarious but he cannot stop making videos that are very entertaining. His morals for videos are excellent and he doesn't take offense to people telling him what he does wrong. In my opinion, I prefer him over most of the mainstream people from the top of the list.

He is an EXTREMELY active uploader so there is tons of content and his videos are really hilarious! He also speaks his min when he wants and that is awesome.

440 ClashJTM
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