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441 ProDuckChins
442 C2Games
443 RhinoCrunch
444 Bro Team Pill
445 teh2Dgamer
446 IIamnesianerdII
447 Flabaliki

Worlds best Minecrafter and pays attention on his fans and always answers all questions given to him he is awesome!

448 jahg1977

An awesome YouTuber and a genius is Minecraft plugins and such, and deserves more subs!

449 Katers17

A really sweet and honest Brit. Been on YouTube for year vlogging and making short films which are absolutely fabulous as well as making us laugh out loud from her absolute clueless when playing new games. DediKaters for the win!

450 Minituff

Minituff interacts with ALL of his audience. Every episode, he asks for your opinion and whether you like it or not. He's not someone else where he just plays for the fame and money, he plays it to make sure you have as much fun watching it as he does playing. If you want to watch someone that you can interact with and enjoy, vote Minituff!

Minituff is very funny and makes sure that he interacts with his viewers. He is very down to Earth and makes sure that if his viewers want something he gets it done. He puts a lot of time and hard work into his videos and posts as much as he can. In my opinion VOTE MINITUFF!

Amazing Commentator! Needs to be better known! His stories might ramble on every now and again, but its never discouraged me to watch! Funny, friendly, easy to watch!

Minituff is the type of commentator that enjoys to be interactive, he enjoys talking to people on how he can improve. He is funny, he has a particular type of personality that drags you in the episode and you can't get out (his episodes just make time go flying). He is a very intelligent person as well. His Minecraft Let's Play is amazing, as well as him commentary. Vote for him! He has the potential. Vote Minituff!

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451 OfficiallyGR3EN
452 ChrisArchie
453 fanny7770
454 VerticalSandwich
455 xsstreem2
456 Bananapielord

BPL is hilarious, I love his minecraft videos, and he has amazing voice editing. He loves to use his auto tuner.

457 Ready Up Live
458 readyuplive

Awesome and funny. readyuplive makes Minecraft and Halo videos and gives me great ideas. You must go watch him, you'll never forget about him.

459 gameguy888

He never swears and he's funny the perfect let's player for someone new to the internet - J-D3D

460 Troll Munchies

He's a really funny guy. He is the first Trollarch director and he's growing very quickly. I was his 286th subscriber and he is getting better and better. Check him out!

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