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61 Northernlion

Northernlion never fails to provide engaging and helpful gameplay combined with some hilarious digressions

NL never slows down. He has an insane quantity of videos and his quality never dips. He's a seriously quit witted dude with a pop culture memory that's never been seen before. Funny guy with funny friends. Endless content.

Eggscum can't even get good ratings on this website, 0/10.

Henlo egg, you stinky egg, go read this list ugly. - kempokid

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62 Robbaz

A Hilarious commentator and king of Sweden!

I've been watching Robbaz (Robert) play games since he started making videos. He's evolved his humor of the course of his video career and his videos get better and better.

I think he would be best if he made videos more often! He has great humor and I enjoy watching his every video.

Should be higher.

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63 thecreaturehub V 1 Comment
64 stampylonghead

Have you seen his videos they are amazing you should check out all of his friends channels too (the magic animal club)

He is so funny and loves to laugh! He is always being happy, entertaining, and creative. This is why I love his channel. Thanks Stamps!

I love his videos he's so funny and loves to laugh I would surely vote for him if I was you

He's the most famous - Spiritualsavedboy

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65 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists

I know his theories are all far-fetched and he overlooks games a bit too much but unlike other similar channels, he actually provides solid evidence. He can blow your mind sometimes. Despite the hate the crossover series gets, I love. Same as GaijinGoombah. Ronnie's boss too

They deserve to be much higher I swear they belong in top 5 at least

The smartest show in gaming.

Their theories are amazing

If you look at them without your rose colored glasses, you will find that most of his theories are wrong and horribly lack reason or research. - Lmrpirate

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66 Morfar
67 GameTheorists

Theories are bad and sans is not ness and that's my opinion

Matt is awesome and the best!

68 jahovaswitniss

Definitely deserves to be higher on this list. His personality is quite entertaining and it's funny to watch him get mad with the rest of the crew. He has a great sense of humor but is also sometimes a somewhat mature guy.

Definitely should go higher on the list. Definitely

Defiantly better than most of these people

A hilarious Gamer. Philosopher.

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69 Deadlox

Come on he is cool and personally I think he reaches out to his subscribers so #10 at least

Someone actually mistaken me for Deadlox before...

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70 2BCProductions2BC

They consistently post quality gaming videos. They commentate games such as NHL, FIFA, Minecraft, Happy Wheels, and others.

These guys are absolutely hilarious, tons of energy in their videos. Always entertaining!

Johnny Superbman's wrestling videos are the greatest. He gets so damn excited!
His rage quits from Happy wheels series are also fantastic.

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71 Vinesauce

Dry human humour, brilliant for obscure games and something a bit different

Vinny, Joel, Rev, KY, Hootey, Dem, Limes, Study, Darren, Fred, Dire, Shi, Gingers, Ima, Jen... These guys are the best. Quality streams, quality content. All day, everyday. - TCMMKLA


72 ChrisSmoove

He's also further up... Just saying'

He should be in the top ten

I love when he goes splaash

too funny

73 paulsoaresjr

He makes awesome Minecraft videos. He is the only one I would watch for Minecraft.

He's really good at any game you give him to play.

Paul was the first YouTuber to upload Minecraft he basically started Minecraft in YouTube. Also he doesn't swear.

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74 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

I am in love with caddy best game reviews ever absolutely hilarious and he covers retro games as well as all the new releases new video every Sunday is the highlight of my week

Hilarious, I've watched almost all of his videos. I crack myself up in every one. My favorite is Peter Pancreas and Snow white

You will be convinced he belongs in an insane asylum after watching some of his videos, but you will be entertained.

Make sure to drink lots of miluk - Disasterpiece

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75 PressHeartToContinue

Dodger's super entertaining and posts both gaming news videos and let's plays. While normally lighthearted, she can get real if the situation calls for it, and you never know when, say, watching a game about pigeons is going to make you tear up.

I love her gaming news videos. Every Sunday she brings gaming news from throughout the week and presents it to you in a very entertaining way.

Quality content.

76 TheGamerBrothers
77 49ersfan77playsMC
78 CriousGamers

Chilled is an amazing gamer he is always entertaining to watch and uploads videos whenever he can. He knows how to make the viewers laugh all the time, he is truly awesome. Everyone should go subscribe to him.

Great to watch chilled and the other YouTubers play together. Gets me in a lot of trouble at work when I sneak a video in during quiet times. Very funny.

Chilled's comedic timing is fantastic! He adds so much fun to the games and plays the lovable dunce role perfectly! I Love his videos

Honestyl he deserves a higher placement he really has good content

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79 MangaMinx

No, no. She deserves to be higher. Hands down the best female gamer. She is nasty, evil, and sneaky! Minx' s laugh and accent are both amazingly funny to hear! If you watch her videos, you'll see how awesome she is. MangaMinx is the bomb! Love her!

Love her quirky sense of humour and incredible laugh. Power to the minx

She is just amazing and I will never get tired of her sense of humor

Whhhat minx can't be this low! Put her higher in the list!

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80 AviatorGaming

He is just so cool and that is all that is needed to be said about this amazing guy.

So he's not the best but he is the only one I know who has met at least fifty other Minecraft YouTube people and put them into a game show besides zexyzek

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