Top 10 Bio-Sensitive Companies on Net

This list is the REAL DEAL in terms of a business caring about the planet.

We were looking for businesses that weren't duped by things like stripping trees away to plant organic crops or carbon neutral energy plants that end up burning trees as a source of energy or reforestation promises whereby someone who is a major polluter and "buys" a program to plant trees 80% of which are never planted.

NO, we were interested in businesses that inconvenience themselves immediately in order to take measures to lessen their carbon print, and who make decisions every day to sell products or services that directly lessen man's carbon print.

In other words, there are businesses who attempt to buy good will by using terms such as organic or carbon neutral or reforestation offsets for abusive practices. OR businesses who sell credits to bio abusers who pay cash so that they can continue to abuse the planet. None of that.

We were after businesses who do it themselves immediately, no buying anything off or offsetting or putting off or any of the other fancy terms used to fool the public with GREEN labels on products that rarely if ever mean what they say.

So here they are, and our reasoning for each.
The Top Ten
1 ToysPeriod

This business has won Green awards, that's true. But, that's not enough for our fabulous 50 evaluators, so we contacted the business. We had seen an article about this business being particularly GREEN. This is what we found:

1) Since they are primarily in the collectibles business, ToysPeriod makes choices every day to purchase new products and hold them until they increase in value or go to the hassle of buying older toys and rejuvenating them, hoping to find a market.

ToysPeriod has chosen 95% of the time to recycle toys, that is, reclaim them from the attics and playrooms of the world, and lovingly restore them.

However, it doesn't end there.

2) Recycling toys is not as simple as it sounds. Collectors are very particular in terms of the condition of their collection, and they must "appear" new, even though a collectible toy can be several decades old. That requires restoration, and multiple washings, many times using the same kinds of processes used to ...more

2 Cartridge World

Cartridge World positively impacts our planet by keeping almost 9 million ink and laser printer cartridges out of landfills this year! Rather than throw their ink and laser printer cartridges away and pay full price for a new one, we empower our customers by giving them the choice to recycle their ink and laser printer cartridges at about half the cost.

3 Nutrilawn

Nutri-Lawn is dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy lawns while minimizing or even eliminating the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Their ecologically friendly approach to lawn and soil care promotes healthy, green lawns with the use of organic or all-natural products.

4 Repid Recovery

Green isn't new but it is a white hot business segment! Many companies produce green products or claim to be green companies because they use recycled napkins or florescent light bulbs - Rapid Recovery franchisees are the real deal, situated smack in the center of the environmental movement!

Every year Rapid Recovery collects millions of pounds of ozone depleting C02 equivalents through the proper recovery of coolants used in everything from industrial chillers, residential and commercial HVAC units, refrigerators, transformers and vending machines.

5 Complete-Entertainment-Exchange

There are always people whereever you are in the world that must have the newest, latest and most up to date products. These people love to upgrade, they must find a place to dispose of "last week's" model. Most of us however are content with "last week's" model, and if we can pay less by purchasing a slightly used item that comes with a 12 month warranty, we are more than happy. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Complete Entertainment Exchange ranks high on our list as a Green business.

6 Pro-Energy-Consultants

This is the fastest growing company in the US dealing with doing audits of homes in order to reduce energy consumption.

While many green decisions, like solar installations and renewable energy options represent significant investments and long ROI's, having an energy audit performed on your home, often for just a few hundred dollars, is a practical and meaningful first "green" step that will almost always result in a more energy efficient home (and lower utility bills).

7 US Energy Solutions

US Energy Solutions provides energy efficient solutions resulting in proven cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and a smaller carbon footprint. US Energy Solutions provides customers these solutions, some of which are proprietary, to customers in many industries and specializes in several vertical markets.

What Pro Energy does for the home owner, US Energy Solutions does for businesses. They consult with companies to help them evaluate opportunities to invest in projects that provide significant energy savings, which have attractive payback time frames. All projects pay for themselves through energy savings.

8 Junk King

There is a fast-growing demand for affordably priced junk removal. In today's economy, more people are improving their homes and making the most of their space rather than moving into bigger properties. Everyone has clutter and unwanted items, but few have the time or ability to dispose of it properly. Junk King allows people to make environmentally positive decisions.


When all the "low hanging fruit" of energy savings has been picked by others, EASI starts where everybody else leaves off. Energy Automation is a worldwide electrical design, contracting and manufacturing firm specializing in electrical efficiency. Simply stated, they lower the electricity bills paid by their clients. They are a deeply skilled and hard working company.

10 All About Kids

All About Kids has become the regional leader in green building construction and operations in the childcare industry. Their standard building is designed with energy efficient systems and environmentally sensitive materials. Operations and maintenance protocol are guided by green principles of healthy indoor air, proper building maintenance, and water and energy efficiency. All About Kids knows that green facilities result in happier, healthier and more productive children and staff. Their Green Imitative is one aspect that sets us apart from other centers.

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