Top Ten Best Sneakers

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1 Converse All-Stars

In my humble opinion, Converse
All stars is one of the timeless classic sneakers in the world.
That's the OGS of them all and most Popular shoes for all mankind.

I slaughter people who wear converse because only depressing people wear them and they are idiots

They're the only good ones. Love them

Converse are the best

2 Nike Air Force Ones

Far better than the All stars - RaidenRain

80 s icon - JoeLandin

3 Adidas Superstar
4 Air Jordan 1

This should be 1

Great classic shoe with good looks

That's right some shoes wouldn't be on this list because of AJ1 - they are lit

The Air Jordan 1 was the first real basketball shoe to be marketed the way it was. If it wasn't for the AJ1 half of the shoes on this list wouldn't be here.

5 Adidas Samoa
6 Nike Dunk High Nike Dunk High Product Image

Super Duper Sneakers man!
HAte Converse. l.!

7 Converse Weapon
8 Nike Air Max 95 Nike Air Max 95 Product Image
9 Reebok Answer IV
10 Air Jordan 5

This is the best air jordan in all time especially the air jordan 5 metallic! it should be number 1 for that reason and it just looks good!

The Contenders
11 Adidas Top 10
12 Nike Air Max Wright
13 Nike Air Jordan 11
14 Nike Air Max 90

Love the remaster, really sexy shoe plus esh

15 Nike Blazers
16 Nike Air Max Barkley
17 Reebok Question
18 Air Jordan Spizike
19 Nike Air Griffey Max 1
20 Nike Air Yeezy
21 Nike Air Max Lebron 7
22 Adidas Mega Softcell BHM
23 Nike Cortez

The classic Nike that changed everything, and forever immortalized in Forrest Gump

24 Nike Air Max Plus
25 Light up Sketchers

Best shoe of all time hands down. Worn by legends like, Gucci mane, Kanye himself and Michael Jordan, as well as Jared the subwayy guy. EATT FRESSH, WEAAR FRESSH

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