Worst Things About Chuck E. Cheese


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1 The Commericials

The commercials suck and they are so annoying!

Chuck E Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid!

The commercials are ear bleeding. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I like the ads from the 80s and 90s

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2 The Band

have you ever went to chucky cheeses and theres a area with the big tv with them dancin its annoyin -

Every time I go to Chuck e cheese the songs make me cringe. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

3 What's On the TV

I Was At Chuck E Cheese Last Night with my friends son. They Were showing Caillou on their T.V. monitors and I Hate Caillou. Chad My Friend's son wasn't happy about it either. Chuck E Cheese You are messed up

They once played Littlest Pet Shop on T.V.
Chuck E. Cheese where a pet can be a pet

The best ones On T.V. was the Monkey Ninjas Cartoon, comical skits, segments, intermission,parodies and The birthday 2002 version! Those were the best!

They played are Teletoon Advance (English Dub) and Les Vacances de Piwi! (English Dub) on T.V. They were my childhood.

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4 The Catch Phrases

Everybody say Cheese is funner? What are they trying to teach kids?

Funner is not even a real word in the English language. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

5 The Songs

I hate the songs. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

6 The 1 Token Scam

My Chuck e cheeses has a play card instead of tokens - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

7 The Prizes

You can buy them at the dollar store

I have played a lot of games there and what do I get? Some candy. Really CEC? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

8 The Games

Well the games are fun and the pizza but at my CEC there are 2 Simpsons games. The Simpsons is a great show but it's not for kids. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

I like the Ken Chuck E Derby game. It’s fun

9 Guy Dressed As Chucky Cheese

I would rather listen to Justin Bieber than be in a stinky costume all the time. And I can't stand Beiber. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

It must suck being the guy dressed as Chuck E. because some 9 year old basters always hits you in balls!

I don't even get why they need a mascot there. - Powerfulgirl10

10 The Little Kids

Kids just plain and simple annoy me.
I think it should be:
#1. Everything
#2. Little Kids - fireinside96

Two words for the moms at chuck e cheese: Birth control.

There annoying except when it's my cousins

One time I was at one in Colorado springs (we were hungry and it was across from our hotel.) And the T.V. said Chuck e was coming and there were a herd of kids running at my way screaming " YAY CHUCK E IS COMING! " Spoiler alert Chuck e was not there. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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? The Animatronics are Malfunctioning

The eyes of the Helen animatronic got a little crazy.

? NCircle Entertainment Intermissions

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11 The Customs
12 The Playhouse

I think you mean the tubes that little kids crawl in

13 Germs

I mean this place is pretty much a giant petri dish. Moms don't care if the kid has the sniffles and they go there. A kid can wipe his eyes, or nose, and mouth, and touch every joystick, every button, and not to mention, the bare feet everywhere and dirty diapers in the bathrooms. Sorry folks, but the complimentary Purell doesn't cut it.

It should be illegal

Kids love to spit on the games and the games get destroyed because spit contains water. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

If Captain Falcon (F-Zero Gp Legend) and Cloud (Final Fantasy 7) sees some kids spitting on the games and games gets destroyed including the F-Zero and Final Fantasy 7 game, they will beat them up

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14 It Tries to Be "Mom Friendly" When It Will Never Be

The Mom friendly ad part when moms want manicure, pedicure, jewelry and other what moms want is just stereotyping. My opinion. They should remove the word mom and change it to Fan Friendly.

Fans want the Avenger Chuck e, more Chuck e Cheese music videos, CEC ident bumpers, phase 3 format with the dark dim lights to make it like 80's or 90's like, Birthday song (2002), live show dance, the walls with signs said Show room, Chuck E. Cheese show with more humor, intermission shows with more humor,
Some shows aimed at older kids

It should be fan friendly than mom friendly

Chuck E. Cheese is for little kids.

Vv I have to agree, the clock goes 1/3 it's original height, kid check is annoying and even if you are 17 1/2, KID CHECK! It shows baby shows when there is no CEC music video on the T.V., which if they think the older kids shows are too inappropriate, why don't you show ONLY CEC music videos. That's why all the "former CEC fans" go to peter piper pizza or D&B - Maddox121

15 No The Wiggles

I hate The Wiggles!

16 The Pizza

Little Caesar's is better.

Their pizza is good

Pizza sucks.

17 It Smells Like Pee


18 Removing All the Animatronics

That's just sad!

19 Music Videos

I like the MGM Sing-Alongs better than Justice. This is the best!

They use to play MGM Sing-A-Longs on T.V. when I was little with my friends in 1997.

20 Pushy Employees

Not good service at all

21 The Animatronics Are Creepy

They smell like blood that I have in my period.

22 Boring Picture Frame of Kids and Family On the Wall

I would like to rip off these ' poster and change back the old parody posters!

I like the parody ones better

It's called Phase 4

23 Phase 4

Wait a Second This is a good one with phase 3

24 Kids Screaming, Yelling and Crying
25 Sensory Sensitive Friendly
26 No VeggieTales

VeggieTales is cancelled!

27 Cartoon Network Intermissions

These intermissions are too inappropriate!

28 The Disappearance of Piwi TV Originals

I miss them so much that I'm about to cry...

29 The Disappearance of Eddie Coker

Darth Vader: NOOO!

30 The Disappearance of Télétoon Advance

That’s just sad...

31 The Food
32 The Tickets

Everyone's so unlucky to get lot's of tickets and dang! They should put in small tickets to earn the big prizes!

33 The Show

The show is crap and it actually takes footage from other shows. - RalphBob

34 Birthday Song

I like the other Birthday song (2002) version, it's way better than that current one

I like the other birthday (2002) song from Eddie Coker better than the current one they have now. Bring that song back!

35 The Tunnels

Smells like cat pee!

Smells like 10 day old pee up there!

36 Cheap Prizes
37 Some Games Don't Give You Tickets
38 They Are Terrible Cooks
39 The Breadsticks Look Like Pizza Crusts
40 That Extremely Ugly Mouse

I don't think he's ugly, just a bit strange. - Powerfulgirl10

41 People Fighting
42 It's Annoying

The annoyance makes my head hurt! *crying*

43 Not Enough Chuck E Cheese Videos Showing
44 No Showroom
45 Kids Bothering People When Watching the Chuck E. Cheese Show
46 The tubes smell like feet and butt
47 No Chuck e Cheese Console in CEC Studio
48 Rockstar Chuck
49 Spanking Kids
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