Top 10 Worst Things About Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese has been a childhood staple for generations. The smell of pizza, the cacophony of arcade games, the promise of tickets and prizes... it's all wrapped up in this weird, nostalgic memory we cling to.

But let's not kid ourselves - Chuck E. Cheese has always had a bit of a dark side. Remember those creepy animatronics? The weird songs? The questionable pizza?

We're here to dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes Chuck E. Cheese such a unique... experience. We're talking everything from those bizarre commercials to the questionable "entertainment" they provide.
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1 The commercials

What? Who hates the commercials? I love the commercials with the animated Avenger Chuck in them! They make me have a crush on him, and these commercials make the character charming. I don't like the Rockstar Chuck commercials as much. It makes sense because either the Avenger Chuck commercials have been on for years or have been aired multiple times, while the Rockstar Chuck commercials are just not the same.

Well, thank God I live in England, and they never opened them over here, haha. It wouldn't be called Chuck. Even though a fast-food restaurant with a playground sounds fun.

2 The band

I enjoyed the band, especially the Tuxedo era songs, but there are some that came later than the Tuxedo era that I can enjoy anytime.

3 What's on the TV

I was at Chuck E. Cheese last night with my friend's son. They were showing Caillou on their TV monitors, and I hate Caillou. Chad, my friend's son, wasn't happy about it either. Chuck E. Cheese, you are messed up.

The best ones on TV were the Monkey Ninjas Cartoon, comical skits, segments, intermissions, parodies, and the birthday 2002 version! Those were the best!

I like what's on TV before the Rockstar Chuck era, and I am obsessed with Helen Henny's Hollywood.

4 The songs

The songs were a lot better back then, especially during the Tux and other eras. As for Rockstar Chuck, I enjoyed a few, but I don't need KIDZ BOP trash!

5 The catch phrases

Everybody say cheese is funnier? What are they trying to teach kids?

6 The 1 token scam
7 The prizes
8 The games

I like the Ken Chuck E Derby game. It's fun.

9 Guy dressed as Chuck E. Cheese

It must suck being the guy dressed as Chuck E. because some 9-year-old brats always hit you in the balls!

I don't even get why they need a mascot there.

10 The little kids

I went a couple of years ago, and there was maybe a kid who was 2 or 3, and he took some of my tickets! I told his mom, and she was pretty upset that I would complain about him. The little kids are always trying to make me play with them. They also always choose to play the games where the machines are broken, and they win like 8 tickets, while I win 2.

Kids just plain and simply annoy me. I think it should be:
#1. Everything
#2. Little Kids

Two words for the moms at Chuck E. Cheese: Birth control.

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11 Germs

I, at one point, got really sick a couple of days after my cousin's birthday party because my relatives were sick during the day.

Unfortunately, this place can be messy and dirty, and it can make you sick.

This place is pretty much a giant petri dish. Moms don't care if their kid has the sniffles. They go there anyway. A kid can wipe his eyes, nose, and mouth and then touch every joystick and button. Not to mention, there are bare feet everywhere and dirty diapers in the bathrooms. Sorry, folks, but the complimentary Purell doesn't cut it.

12 The playhouse
13 The customs

Chuck E. Cheese's? More like Stinky Cheese's! Oh my God! This place sucks! This place is too babyish!

The games are bad, the rides are lame, the pizza tastes disgusting, the shows are annoying, and the animatronics are too creepy! I used to go there when I was 4, and now I can't because I'm getting too old for it!

I hope this place goes out of business soon! Thank God the animatronics are removed in some locations! Do you know who loves this place? All babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! They love to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. And do you know who hates this place? Me, the Sailor Scouts, and the cutest anime girls! They wish they could go to Dave & Buster's instead of Chuck E. Cheese's.

So screw Chuck E. Cheese's! And screw GameWorks! Anyways, Dave & Buster's will be forever better than Chuck E. Cheese's. End of rant.

Here are the next rants.

14 Removing all the animatronics

All they have now is a light-up dance floor and live costume characters.

I can't go there anymore. *sobbing*

Especially the 3-Stage! Want to thank myself because my local still has the 3-stage until in the future! ;)

15 Trying to be "mom friendly" when it will never be

The Mom Friendly ad part where moms want a manicure, pedicure, jewelry, and other things that moms want is just stereotyping, in my opinion. They should remove the word mom and change it to Fan Friendly.

Fans want the Avenger Chuck E., more Chuck E. Cheese music videos, CEC ident bumpers, the phase 3 format with the dark dim lights to make it like the '80s or '90s, the Birthday song (2002), live show dances, walls with signs that say Showroom, a Chuck E. Cheese show with more humor, intermission shows with more humor, and some shows aimed at older kids.

16 The pizza
17 It smells like pee
18 Music videos

They used to play MGM Sing-A-Longs on TV when I was little, with my friends in 1997.

I like the MGM Sing-Alongs better than Justice. This is the best!

19 The tunnels

They are gone, but I honestly kind of miss them.

Smells like 10-day-old pee up there!

20 The animatronics are creepy
21 It's annoying

The annoyance makes my head hurt! *crying*

22 Phase 4
23 The disappearance of Piwi TV originals

I miss them so much that I'm about to cry.

24 The animatronics are malfunctioning
25 The food
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