Top 10 Strangest Silly Bandz

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1 Ladies Swimsuit Top

Why would someone even make this shape of silly band? I mean these things are for kids not lonely men. A pack that I want to get is the monster and fantasy pack.

I have 1 but this kid was like I've never seen that in my life I'll trade you 50 for it then he said but it sure looks sexy.

That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Why would they sell that

this is so gross and weird why would they make it nobody wants them

2 Seal

It looks nothing like a seal. I thought it was the Loch Ness Monster

From what angle does the seal silly band resemble a SEAL?

I have the seal and I couldn't even tell it was a seal

I thouht it was real creepy. I didn't even know what it was for a long time.

3 Woman Sign

This belongs on a door to a ladies room.

I tottaly agree it is so weird

this is weird a woman sign

I know! no one wants to tade me. what pack does this even come in

4 Cat

I have a cat but it doesn't look like it and lots of peaple have them

the cat is stupid the way it looks

Everyone I know hates the cat!

it looks nothing like a cat

5 Fairy

I don't know why the faery is on this list, but I have to say it is kinda weird because it looks like it has a jousting stick by its foot and it looks like it is explaining something to someone for some reason.

I think the fairy is so stupid! It kinda looks like the fantasy creature that has a horses body but a human head!

The fairy's butt is sticking out. Crazy, isn't it? It is a weird shade of pink!

the fairy look jank it looks like a witch

6 Sun Sun Product Image

It looks awesome on your wrist but you can't tell what it is!

The only good part about it is it can fit around your neck.

I though it was a circle with humps

At first I thought it was a sea anenome.

7 Foot Print

Their are all these cool dinosaurs in the dinosaur pack and then their is a lame Foot Print.

The foot print looks so weird!

yeah it is really weird! lol

weird, weird, weird. I so agree so thats it.

8 Baseball


9 Flamingo

It does not even look like a flamingo it looks like and ostrich

I thought it was an ostrich

it looks like a butt with a line sticking out of it

ya it does look like an ostrich

10 Bone


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11 Drums

It looks disgusting. Just look at the bottom two drums and tell me that doesn't look gross.

12 Baseball Bat

WHAT? I love the baseball bat! '

13 James
14 Sunn O)))

What the hell? It's not strange

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