Top 10 Bionicle Villains

What are your top 10 favorite types of Bionicle Villains?

The Top Ten

1 Piraka
2 Rahkshi

The best rahkshi is the rahkshi of heat vision.

3 Barraki

The best is nocturn!

4 Bohrok
5 Mistika Makuta
6 Visorak
7 Makuta Teridax

The Best Villain I have seen in a while, he isn't naive or overconfident like some of the others but confident enough to make him intimidating to his enemies. His plans have backup plans and his backup plans have backup plans. He's deceptive and mysterious and has a master plan that actually succeeded and required a moon to knock him in the back of his head to finally beat him (something I have not seen a lot).

I'm surprised he isn't Number #1. He did take over the universe at one point after all.

Teridax has always been the big bad through and through in the original Bionicle continuity. Remember when he had managed to gain control of the Great Spirit Robot using his virus? I think that he's the biggest bad in the whole series! - AlexTopTens

The one villain that actually succeed.

8 Phantoka Makuta

I loved Makuta Mutran, Chirox and Icarax, so evil. They were like more brutal and intelligent piraka

9 Vahki
10 Skrall

The Contenders

11 Sidorak
12 Umarak

Umarak is ultimately a well designed and really intimidating villain, a true challenge for the Toa and one of my favorite characters of Bionicle's new generation.

13 Krekka
14 Nidhiki

I think his backstory is one of the best.

15 Makuta
16 Kulta "Skull Grinder"
17 The Shadowed One

Leader of the Dark Hunters

18 Skull Scorpio
19 Cahdok
20 Gahdok
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