Top Ten Most Boring Months


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1 February

This truly is the most boring month, just endless coldness and Valentine's Day is uneeded - darthvadern

It's boring year-round for me! :(

Lol, h8rs gonna h8 bruh. You're all jealous of us feb babies.

2 September

Pretty exciting for me, but I see your point - darthvadern

Uh, back to school! - gemcloben

3 August

Back to school, yay (not) - darthvadern

The weather is changing from summer to fall. Back to school the days start to get shorter as the sun sets earlier. The air is crisp and there are no holidays to celebrate. Boring dull.

4 March

Feels like February part 2, still cold and nothing special - darthvadern

Nothing exciting happens in March.

This is my favorite month! - RalphBob

5 November

What? This one's exciting, it's the entrance to December (the best month) - darthvadern

6 April

Aside from Easter it's a bit boring (except for my mum's birthday) - darthvadern

7 May

This one is exciting as it's close to summer vacation - darthvadern

Already on here - darthvadern

May isn't boring. It's my birthday month. - JaysTop10List

Lol I figured. I'm from Canada, so we get of at June! :( - HappyFlower

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8 January


How is this so low? Christmas and New ears Eve are over and you've got endless coldness in front of you for three-four months - darthvadern

Yay! I'm so lucky to have my birthday in January, when it's summer.

9 October

Ok month - darthvadern

10 June

Damn boring

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11 July
12 December