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1 Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali (January 17th 1942 - June 3rd 2016) was an American former professional boxer . He was generally considered among the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport.

If Ali were in the same weight class as Manny he would destroy him. Ali would dissect Manny's brains and make him believe he was invincible. Physically Ali had faster hands, better foot work, the best jab of all time, a diamond chin that was unbreakable and a heart that wouldn't give in. Mentally he is just too smart for Manny, He would psych Manny out and toy with him before and during the fight. He is a genius, and that can't be beaten.

Easily the Greatest of All Time, the greatest boxer, thinker, competitor, role model, and the greatest leader for loving people, competing with his all, and not thinking of his self.

Was Most fearsome boxer in the world he should be no 1

Greatest boxer of all time in my opinion is Sugar Ray Robinson. I didn't bother to read any other comments since I've been around boxing all my life and boxed as an amateur for many years before hanging up the gloves. Ali was a gifted boxer and one that we all had our issues with at one time or another. In my youth, I had a hard time warming up to the young Ali because he was all over the place however I was hoping he would pull off an upset with Liston. Needless to say, he shocked the world and continued to shock us throughout his career. As a young champion he was the epitome of boxing although he bent some of the science with his style of boxing yet his speed, reflexes, power, and instinctive boxing wherewithal enabled him to plow through the heavyweight division with ease. There were good fighters then and we all know how he handled them -- without so much as a blink. Coming back from the sanction he had lost that edge over the contenders in the division that made his work look ...more

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2 Sugar Ray Robinson Sugar Ray Robinson Sugar Ray Robinson was an American professional boxer who competed from 1940 to 1965. Robinson's performances in the welterweight and middleweight divisions prompted sportswriters to create "pound for pound" rankings, where they compared fighters regardless of weight.

Ali said himself and always maintained that Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest boxer of all time.

He said of himself, he was the best heavyweight. And because he was the larger man, not the better boxer he would have beaten a Sugar.
Pound for pound Sugar was the best.

Roy Jones wouldn't win against Sugar with both men in their prime even if they fought ten times!

Mike Tyson over Sugar Ray Robinson is a joke, and the comments on Tyson's slot, trying to counter claims that he was overrated only serve to demonstrate their own ignorance and affinity for hype. (Attempting to claim Larry Holmes - also a better champion than Mike Tyson, for the record - is only known for beating a shot Muhammad Ali is all I should have to point out to demonstrate.)

As for Robinson, there's a reason anyone who's not currently a more popular name (and several that are) are ranked below him. The term "pound for pound" best was single-handedly started for Robinson. He was one of the fastest of all time, he somehow had durability and knockout power to go with it, he could fight with virtually any style, he was equally good with both hands, and he was champion in 2 different weight classes. He only lost once to his biggest rival, another all time great, against beating him 5 times. And who else beat Robinson? For his first 131 fights, nobody, and up until ...more

Sugar Ray Robinson hands down should be #1 end of discussion


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3 Mike Tyson Mike Tyson Michael Gerard Tyson (born June 30, 1966) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005. He reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years, four months and 22 days old.

I get kind of tired of people giving Tyson less credit than he deserves and its bull. Everybody complains about how Tyson just fought average fighters and not the best and when he fought the good fighters he lost. Tyson dominated for about 5 or 6 years fighting pretty much the best of his time. Yes he beat an old Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks but lets admit do you really think that those bag of bone boxers could beat one of the strongest punchers of all time by using jabs and crosses? Mike would beat them if they were in their prime the only reason why Larry ever became famous anyways was because he won against a old Muhammad Ali its funny how no one ever brings that up how Larry won against an ancient Ali but everyone brings up Tyson won against ancient Larry Holmes. Then Spinks came into the argument; you know at least Larry was able to last about 3 or 4 rounds but Spinks got knocked out in 91 seconds that's is basically domination. By the time he went to fight Buster Douglas ...more

Tyson was the most exploited boxer in terms of "myth building" by Don King's organized crime organization and the sporting press ate it up which created the most over rated fighter in history! Tyson was a wonderful combo of speed and power and given the tomato cans that his handlers put in front of him, he was destined to reach the top of the heavyweight division at some point but it was no accident that a boxer with power like Buster Douglas knocked Tyson out early on because Tyson was vulnerable to a big puncher. He was never again to face a quality opponent until the two Holyfield defeats and then the Lewis destruction. George Foreman never got the chance to fight Tyson as his promoters knew that the match up of styles would expose the five foot eleven Tyson to the knockout power of the out of shape, aging Foreman. If you want to understand the heavyweight division you should study film footage of the greats like Jack Johnson, Evander Holyfield. George Foreman, Joe Frazier and even ...more

When it comes to the two best of all time it's no doubt Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. When it comes to Ali vs Tyson I pick Tyson every time. Tyson won against tomato cans as you say but he also had some a lot of good wins and if Tyson and Holyfield would have fought in 1991 I bet the fight would have been a different outcome. You say Tyson never won against anybody to good and lost to the best competition. Not completely true Tyson is the youngest man on earth to have ever to capture all three heavyweight belts and it a two time world champion. Tyson was in a time of newer and improved fighters while Ali was in a class of people that were not in his league. Ali is good no doubt but could Ali deal with what Tyson dealt with? Ali beat Sonny Liston wasn't Liston just the regular brawler? Floyd Patterson was really no different than Liston he didn't move very well and was very slow. Anyone see how George Foreman fights? As Ali said he fights like a mummy and that you can out run a mummy. ...more

Definitely not Ali, and of course not during Tyson's whole career, but put all fighters at their best, nobody could stand Tyson. Comparatively, Ali was very close to his competition and not always coming out on top, even at his best. I don't like Tyson at all, but one has to be blind and brainwashed to put Ali above Tyson in the hall of fame.

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4 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. He currently ranks #4 in BoxRec's ranking of the greatest pound for pound boxers of all time.


Pound for pound BEST IN THE WORLD!... I'm glad he's number one... I mean its not like he has to prove anything.

Spell Manny Pacquiao in English, "THE BEST"
you know why? because he is the best.

Only boxer to win eight-division world champion;only boxer who have won ten world titles, only boxer to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes He was named "Fighter of the Decade" for the 2000s by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA). He is also a three-time The Ring and BWAA "Fighter of the Year", winning the award in 2006, 2008, and 2009

"number one" pound-for-pound best boxer in the world by most sporting news and boxing websites, including The Ring, BoxRec.Com, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NBC Sports, Yahoo! Sports, Sporting Life and About.Com.

Pacquiao = G.O.A.T.

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5 Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano should be number 1, he beat Ali in the Super Fight Animation! He is still undefeated even though he is dead (RIP), went to 49-0, had one of the hardest punches in fighting history, NOT JUST BOXING! He beat Joe Louis and also MANNY PACQUIAO NUMBER 1!? That's very bad, it is between Ali and Marciano.

I saw most of his fights on television and he should be the best. Even Ali couldn't match him.

Best of all time

marciano is the best... he has begun his career while he was a soldier that is why I appriciate him... besides he just super, best ever

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6 Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American former professional boxer and current boxing promoter. more.

This guy doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the top twenty his whole carrer he's been ducking fighters he just fights boxers he knows he can beat he is in it more for the money than the glory so if you want to even be mentioned with the greats you fight all comers even if you know there is a chance he will wipe the floor with you.

Floyd Mayweather Jr comes in at number 6? Really?
He beat Pacman, Not only did he beat everyone he fought but did it well. This is bogus, MAYWEATHER comes in at number 4, behind Tyson and that is REAL! He proved himself and I don't like the guy but I RESPECT his craft.

This guy have been hated on nearly his whole career. Everyone they put in front of him, they say he would lose to, he beat. Let's not forget early in his career, he was the one being ducked by the top fighters before his hands broke down on him. Even with that, he became one of the best defensive fighters of all time. He had over 20 title fights and never been knocked down. Over half of his fights been against champions and former champions. He have the highest percentage of punches landed. He also considered the best of his era in any weight class. Pacquiao had delayed the fight against Mayweather because he said he didn't like needles while he was training and before the fight. Mayweather personally called him and offer to wire him 50 million of his own money to take the fight. Of course Mayweather got the blame for it not happening sooner, but ultimately he beat Pacquiao and other excuses came about. Hands down Mayweather Jr. should be easily in the top 3

You just insulted boxing bad saying he should be in the top 3. Floyd made more excuses then Manny. - Sabbath

He's ranked way too high! There's around 15 fighters ranked below him on here that are better then him - Sabbath

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7 Sugar Ray Leonard Sugar Ray Leonard Ray Charles Leonard, best known as "Sugar" Ray Leonard, is an American former professional boxer, motivational speaker, and occasional actor.

My favorite boxer of all time

I think Sugar Ray Leonard was the best I've ever seen. And he beat legends not just great fighters and came out of 3 year retirement to beat Marvin Hagler. As tough as fighters as you could get. And great boxer Benitez and quintessential sluggers Hearns and Duran.

To me, the pound for pound greatest fighter. He possessed super speed, good power and the chin to take a punch. If not for a severe eye injury earlier in his career, he would have fought more fights. His epic fights with Hagler, Hearns and Duran will always be in my memory.

In his prime, no one was on his level. Leonard’s combination of technique, speed and underrated power made him great. If not for a career shortening eye injury, he would have won many more fights and belts. Mayweather wouldn't have stood a chance!

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8 Joe Louis

Simply the best I have seen

This man is simply the greatest, watching him fight in his ever stood a chance. His only legitimate loss was against Max Schmeling and Joe knocked him out round 1 of their rematch. The precision he had, he was able to land one in right on the chin every time as opposed to throwing random hard punches until his opponent was done. I find watching this man far more spectacular than any other boxer as every knockout of his was some perfect direct hit that looked like he was planning from the very beginning. Ali prepares moments like this, but Joe just waited and prepared for the moment to land his perfect 1 hit KO punch. - connorfordham

What makes an athlete great is not only how much they excel at a sport but how they standardize the sport and how they inspire people (black and white, rich and poor alike). We, unfortunately live in a time where athletes are nothing more than athletes. No one stands up for anything anymore or inspires us to be great at what ever we do like Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, or Rocky Marciano. Joe Louis has my vote for #1 place. He has an outstanding record and title defenses and well as longevity. Joe Louis #1.

A real peoples champ, he was undefeated for 12 years! and was champion for that long as well!

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9 Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones Jr. Roy Levesta Jones Jr. is an American former professional boxer, boxing commentator, boxing trainer, rapper, and actor who holds dual American and Russian citizenship.

really impressing und stunning - untouchable.
combining lightning speed and reflexes with ko-power - he had the complete package.
He was so fast, this enabled him to do what he wanted to, although it surely wouldn't work out for anybody else.
Should have fought more in his prime and easily beat everybody - he had no opponents.
Should have end his career after his heavyeight-title-fight.
Poor and sad career-ending.

I had wrote this previously on a different page: Special. In his prime, Roy Jones Jr was something extraordinary. Ultimately, its difficult to sum up what made him so great in so few words, but he left a lasting impression. With the sheer hand speed, fleet of foot and reflexes that made him impossible to hit, Roy was able to get away with incredible showboating, and dazzling punch combinations. Realistically, Jones was faster than anyone in history pound-for-pound, even the great Sugar Ray Leonard at 147 would have trouble beating a 168 Roy to the punch. The hand speed will never really be matched, and the more I consider it, although other great fighters will come and go, Roy Jones Jr, wasn't just special. Roy was as close to Superman as any being will ever get. Watch the highlights and mull it over, because as Max Kellerman once said " We're never gonna see that again."

In the mans own words "Ya'll must have forgot"


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10 George Foreman George Foreman George Edward Foreman is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1969 to 1977, and from 1987 to 1997. Nicknamed "Big George", he is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

Foreman was the most feared fighter of his day and retired for ten years during his absolute prime. He returned to the ring in poor shape (for only the money) during the reign of Tyson. Don King knew that the match up of styles would not be in the best interest of Tyson and the myth they had fabricated around Tyson and would not make the dream fight happen. An interviewer asked Foreman if he thought he could beat Tyson as Tyson had dismissed the prospective match as a "piece of cake! " The interviewer said to Foreman "you must admit, he's a pretty tough cookie" Forman replied "yah but that tough cookie is afraid of this piece of cake! " Foreman's power, longevity, jab, chin, and second career success ranks him among the top five fighters ever. The other four in any order are Jack Johnson; Roberto Duran; Teofilo Stevenson; S Ray Robinson.

George Foreman is known as one of, if not the, boxer with hardest punching power of all time. During an era of giants in boxing history, he defeated everyone and anyone who came in his path - usually with a second or third round KO. It didn't matter who he fought; even Joe Frazier and Ken Norton, the only ones, at that time, who had ever beaten the GOAT of boxing, Muhammad Ali, fell before him.

Foreman had one weakness. He was a bad tactician, but he later improved as a clever boxer when he made his comeback at the age of 38 and took back the championship at the age of 45.

I am related to him

Foreman was outsmarted in Zaire plain and simple. Ali didn't beat Foreman, Foreman beat himself. Foreman was "punched out" with little left in the tank. If you look at the tape, It was an arm punch that put him down, Ali wasn't planted when he threw it. A rematch would have had a different outcome which I suspect is the reason there wasn't one. He wouldn't have been fooled the second time. Foreman "could" have been the greatest of all time.

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11 Joe Frazier Joe Frazier Joseph William Frazier, nicknamed "Smokin' Joe", was an American professional boxer who competed from 1965 to 1981. He reigned as the undisputed heavyweight champion from 1970 to 1973, and as an amateur won a gold medal at the 1964 Summer Olympics.

He was one of the bravest fighters to ever grace a ring. He won a gold medal with a broken thumb, He was legally blind in his left eye, he never backed down from a fight even in the ring he always was the aggressor. He may be underrated by everyone else but in my opinion what makes Joe Frazier the best in my book is knowing he walked into the thrilla in Manila riddled with arteritis in his back and hands, blind in one eye and past his prime, and despite all I said went toe to toe with Ali. In the 7th round of the fight Ali whispered in his ear "Joe I heard you was washed up" and Joe looks him in the face and says "they lied". He continued fighting another 7 rounds blind, fighting on instinct taking hits left and right but giving way more than he got beating Ali so bad that in the exact words of Muhammad ali "it was the closest thing to dying I have ever felt" and through all that Muhammad Ali finally admitted to the whole world "Joe Frazier is the greatest boxer ever next to me" you ...more

Needs to be ranked higher. He had Ali’s Number in the fight that mattered.

Remember, he knocked Ali's ass to the ground and won the first fight between them.

What makes a real Champion? Real Champions do not duck anybody. Joe fought the best! Joe beat the best! Joe lost too. He can rest in peace because he was a fighter in the truest sense. Fearless sportsman through and through. Boxers must challenge themselves or else they lose before the bell rings. Joe was a winner because he fought the top contenders. Fearless.

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12 Marvin Hagler Marvin Hagler Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns, was a world middleweight championship boxing match between undisputed champion Marvin Hagler and challenger Thomas Hearns, the then reigning world's junior middleweight champion, who had gone up in weight for the bout.



Greatest middleweight ever

One of the greatest middleweights of all time mayweather wouldn't stand a chance

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13 Jack Johnson

No one at any weight could take Johnson in his prime. His defense was an art form that no one else could master. Who could last 20 to 40 rounds? He carried fights to sell film footage for financial gain but had the power to end a fight in round one. Watch Ken Burns documentary "Unforgivable Blackness" to see film of this super human from the early 20th century!

He was the first African American Heavy Weight Champion of the a time when the Race Line was in full force. To achieve what he did during an Era of Tremendous Racism he attained and retained the crown for 8 years...He never had the chance to become a "2 Time Heavy Weight Champion" either...Totally underrated and deserves to be ranked higher...Long Before Joe Louis or Sugar Ray Robinson or Ali...There was Jack...and He is my #1 Boxer of All Time...32 years and a record of 77-13! Yeah that says it all...

He should be ranked much higher. Probably in the top 5 of all time. If you watched the many bouts that he fought in way back in the day, most heavy weights today would've struggled to beat him. They were out there fighting 20 rounds in the hot elements of 90 degrees temperatures in a lot of his fights. That's unreal when you think about it. A true beast of a fighter who was shockingly good on defense and smart!

This list is awful in the way its done. The biggest crime is no Benny lynch, one of the greatest small men of all time

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14 Henry Armstrong

Hard to compare hank with anyone under ranked here

Held the 125, 135 147 titles at the same time and just missed winning the 160 crown by points! Most fighters today sleep in their dressing rooms till it's time to fight. Hammering hank would shadow box 15 three minute rounds to warm up, then go fight 15 three minute rounds in the fight! Other than the larger heavyweight fighters of today, the lower weights would get their asses handed to them by the old timers! Including Jones, Mayweather and Pacquiao.

No one in that history of boxing has accomplished what Hammering Henry was able to...buff said!.

#6 all time

15 James J. Jeffries

He know how to punch

Best fighter ever

16 Lennox Lewis Lennox Lewis

So the guy that beat the fighter at number 2 deserves to be at number 17? Poor list

Ruddock, Bruno, Morrison, Mercer, Akinwande, Briggs, Tua, old tyson but still tyson, vitali and either lost or drew with Mccall, Holyfield but avenged all. I think rocky higher than Lewis is an insult his best opponent was an aging Joe Louis.

The greatest UK boxer of all time! He beat Tua, Tyson and Holyfield! He can beat anyone if he tries his best!

Great boxer... But never got the respect he deserve... Heavyweight class was weak during his era... Even weaker now!

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17 Julio Cesar Chavez

Went at least 88-0 (13 Years)longest in over 75 years, held titles in three different weight divisions, most successful title defenses (27), most title fights (37), at least 10 year as champ. First pound for pound title. Best fighter ever.

He has been the best for years and only lost because the years counted down on him

Didn't only fight journeymenn and ring vrecks, to build up a clean record, his list is for real. The best of all time.

Was undefeated and was able to go to 88-0 now that's really saying something, about how good he is!

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18 Evander Holyfield

His stamina was amazing. Most part of this list would be defeated by him.

He came into the ring in phenomenal shape, and he prepared himself rigorously for every fight. He was dedicated and resilient.

No question Holyfield should be in the top 10. The man was and is the real deal!

The best, he beat Tyson and had a lot of good fights and beat a lot of people. He just beat somebody a few months ago at the age of 49!

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19 Roberto Duran

Held the lightweight title forever chased Ray leonard (moved up to welterwight) in the first fight he showed it was man against boy. Was forced to take a rematch in one of the shortest time spans (allegedly after Leonard scouts reported he was partying and had balloned to over 200lbs and had about 45 days of training. Demanded money for second fight be deposited before the fight ( no mas fight was result of horrible conditioning. Don King cut him loose after loss to nobody Kirkland Lang later went on to win more titles I consider that a victory over one of the most corrupt promoters in boxing history. How many times has that been done? Laugh out loud His win loss record amazing. A brutal inside fighter and counter puncher.

The greatest infighter of all time. He ruled the lightweight division. His murderous punching power and defensive skills allowed him to move into heavier weight divisions successfully, as he won the welterweight, junior middleweight and middleweight crowns.

Destroyed the lightweight division, first man to defeat Sugar Ray Leonard to win the welterweight world title and later on became the world champion at junior Middleweight and middleweight.

Best pound for pound boxer of the 70's. Duran moved up in weight during the 80's an was super competitive against the elite fighters. He started slowing down in the 90's but fighters still were very nervous to fight him.

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20 Bernard Hopkins

Top 10 for sure. Beat people way younger than him and his career is incredible. Wins over oscar and Trinidad etc.

hopkins can adapt to any style and may win by late hnockout or decision

Your my ideal

It's self explanatory the executioner had the most title defenses and won almost every weight division Ko Del La Hoya and Trinidad - mountainhawk

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21 Willie Pep

Watch a Willie Pep highlight then tell me he is not the slickest boxer of all time

Has to be in the top 3 best fighters ever just look at his record 229-11-1

242 fights, lost 10 or 11, eat that! He would have smoked all of the boxers of today in the featherweight division. Also he, not Roy Jones Jr. was the first fighter to win a round not only by not getting hit but not throwing a single punch! He made opponents look like clowns in the ring.

The best fighter ever, anybody that know real boxing and boxing history... KNOWS

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22 Harry Greb

If his current spot makes it look like he was just an above average boxer with a small fan following, read up. Harry Greb is considered possibly the greatest middleweight of all time, maybe even over Sugar Ray Robinson. He once won 45 fights in a row, enough for an entire career, in one year alone. (That's almost 1 fight per week.) He was also the light heavyweight champ, took out enough top contenders to be one of the best heavyweights in the world, and was the ONLY fighter to beat Gene Tunney, who would go on to beat the one and only Jack Dempsey twice.

So yes, Greb's placement here is 100% a popularity thing, not helped by the fact that no footage of his fights is known to exist. (The fact that he beat, sometimes crushed, fighters who showed legendary skill on tape has boxing fans watering at the mouth to see even one recording.) To hardcore boxing aficionados, he is one of four boxers standing in a league apart from everyone, pound for pound, the other three being Sugar Ray ...more

Greb has to be in the top 10. He won 261 fight, 45 against HOF! And he fought half his career blind in one eye

Pound for pound, the "Pittsburgh Windmill" should be under the top 10. Who the hell made up this list?

Harry greb should be in the top 10

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23 Bob Fitzsimmons

Best of all time only man to hold undisputed heavyweight,light heavyweight,and middle weight titles it will never be done again

24 Jack Dempsey

Hajime no ippo, anyone?

The name to be remembered, the hard hitting boxer and savage of the ring, I like his style, the way he moved and punished his opponents.

He should be in the top ten. I heard his name all the time when I was a little boy, and he had not played in 45 years!

Very strong man with his special move called dempsey roll

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25 Sonny Liston

Sonny Charles Liston's reputation was trashed by the sporting journalists of the day. Everyone talks about Muhammad Ali beating him, but Liston was an old man when he lost and, let's be fair, every great fighter looses in the end (Muhammad Ali included). The quality of the opponents that Liston defeated (annihilated) was far higher than other heavyweight fighters in the top 10.

Undefeated for 7 years most feared boxer of his time Muhammad ali said he was scared to death people said they saw peoples legs shake when they got in the ring George foreman was scared to talk to liston

Most feared boxer of his time, was undefeated for 7 years, destroyed the legendary floyd patterson 2 times! In under 1 round and many others of his time, only the legendary muhamad ali defeated him in his prime and that was in very shady circumstances. Should be at least in the top 10 in my opinion

Come on! He was one of the gretest heavey weights his time.

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26 Sam Langford

The greatest uncrowned boxe of all time. In 1915 Sam Langford went against the greatest boxer at that time Jack Johnson Johnson won but Langford put a cut the size of a hotdog on Johnsons left cheek

He fought 58 fights against hall of fame boxers (more than leonard, lewis, holyfield, frazier, liston, jefferies, mayweather, marciano or tyson ever faught. all currently ranked above him) though I can see a case made for fighters with more than 100 fights ( like robinson, pep, greb, moore, charles and armstrong) being ranked above him no boxer with so few fights can be ranked above a man who faught so many fight against such good opposition and that's not counting the fact that he also faced so many more great boxers or the fact that he did all that across 6 original weight classes while being only 5 foot 7 and facing giant heavyweights (such as bill tate at 6 foot 6) and not mentioning all the boxers that ducked him including greb, johnson, flowers, burns and dempsey to mention just a few. in conclusion he is a top 3 boxer of all time and does not deserve such a low rating, truely underrated.

Sam Langford "The Boston Bonecrusher" was an unusual yet incredible combination of James Toney and Mike Tyson. Standing at 5 7 he competed in light heavyweight and heavyweight bouts (despite his short stature) this man took on Joe Johnson and a lot of great fighters of his era. People can argue that he lost against Joe Johnson but it was a decision (they fought for the coloured heavyweight championship) and when Johnson became the official world champ, he never accepted any offers from Langford's camp for the rematch citing that he would make less money from fighting black fighters. Ironically when he did accept an offer from a black boxer, it wasn't Langford. Racism was casual in these days and hence Sam and other talented black boxers never got the recognition that they deserved. He had a reputable record of 180W 29L 39D. He only ever really lost to Harry Wills(a ferocious fighter who was scheduled to fight Dempsey for the title, but as expected the fight never happened; which is ...more

27 Roberto Manos de Piedra Duran

Duran, if handled by superior American management and Media savvy marketing team would and should have ranked among the top 5 boxers in any weight in history. With his Killer instinct and his genius for cutting off the ring, and forcing his fight, he was unbeatable. Ray Leonard won the 2nd match by his own genius and forcing his fight which frustrated Duran beyond his emotional limit. Now the question is HOW Ray did that compared with the way Duran forced his fight. Ray di it through clownsmanship in my opinion and Duran used physical skill and sheer determination. So you be the judge of which those is more admirable for a boxer. As for "fighters", Duran was better than Leonard and that's what the world really wants to see - a real Fight.

Just The Greatest. He was far better than Ray Leonard, who admitted he was the hardest puncher he ever faced and that he was also the hardest boxer to hit cleanly. In fact Leonard said you couldn't hit him with a handful of rice. I don't think Roberto gets the credit he deserves as possibly second only to Sugar Ray Robinson in the all time greats list. And I mean no disrespect to any other boxer. They are all heroes for stepping into the ring. No matter where we place them in lists, all are great in their own unique way. Thank you for allowing me to comment. Harry.

Why is number 1 at no 28? A natural lightweight who won titles in 4 divisions and dominated the best over four decades. He is incomparable! Was at his best in the early 70's when he was angry and hungry - he later fought out of shape and with little passion but still won! I saw him fight in the early 1970's and after winning he went after the opponents corner men! Scary!

I remembered in more than one ocassion,when Duran fought in Panama city,we would be in line cause we arrived a few minutes late
to the ficht ,all of a sudden ,we would se everyone was coming out the other door,we tought it was a fire or something,when we asked ,the reply was Duran knocked him out in less than 1 min.,this man was without a doubt,the greatest latin american fighter of ALL times!!!!

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28 Jimmy Wilde

This man had a 104 fight winning streak and finished his career with a record of 132-4-1 and retired as the best flyweight of all time he needs to be in the top 10 at least - donovanthorn

Unbelievable record.

Do your research. No doubt.

Best pound for pound boxer

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29 James Braddock

He should be ranked higher than that in my opinion

Should be higher on list. He is a person who overcame the great depression against all odds.

If Max Baer is higher on the list then How is Braddock so low if he beat him, also Braddock should be right after Joe Louis in my opinion due to the fact that he did knock him down.

Aa good man with heart

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30 Marcos Maidana

Greatest boxer of all time

31 Jake LaMotta Jake LaMotta

Got to at least be in the top 20 possibly the strongest chin to ever be in boxing... Also beat the best p4p boxer of all time!

Jake lamotta was never knocked down and beat the best ever fighter that lived ( sugar ray robinson) and should be ranked in the top ten

Best god damn fighter ever he's my role model

Jake Lamotta could take a punch like no other, he should be in the top ten at least!

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32 Larry Holmes

The Ivan Lendl of boxing. A modestly talented fighter who just happened to fill a void between over the hill Ali, Frazier, Foreman and the rise of Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis. His record is great on paper due to this fact (which was out of his control) and affected his own objectivity regarding his place in boxing history.

One of the best boxers of all time but sadly was never recognised and should have done 49-0 but because he wasn't liked it got fixed

49-0 Until they gave him a defeat against Michael Spinks, what a joke.

Holmes and tyson should of fought again after a year and it would have been a different outcome.

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33 Arturo Gatti

I'm not sure there was a fighter with more heart and I'm a boxing historian. He didn't have the human DNA to quit. Never gave up and you had to literally pray the referee stopped it because you weren't going to knock him out. - Cush77

Most fun to watch. Ali next. Pernell next. Oscar next.

I'll give Arturo Gatti the hugest heart award! He just wouldn't quit. He had more heart than skill, but I loved to watch him box because of it.

Gatti fought Ward with and broken hand AND a shattered ear drum. Argue that. Gatti was the BEST!

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34 Chris John

He is also one of the kind of the role model for young people. When you work hard enough you will get what you want.

Surely he is one of the best boxer in the world. Chris "The Dragon" John. With Unbeaten record. WBA Super Champion, more than 10 times defending his title. Awesome, full tehnic, with only a few KO his opponents is proved that he is fighting beautifully round to round in his career

So cool

35 Wilfredo Gomez

Gómez was fearless the best súper Bamtweight ever in my opinión he's one of the top 50 Récord speaks for itself 17- title defense all by knock-out it's a récord till this day

36 Juan Manuel Marquez Juan Manuel Marquez

The guy is a true warrior

Extremely underrated, could dance with the best and still win, also never ko'd never ducked a fight and when he thought of retiring he went and fought manny one last time and won

December 8th 2012. See what he did to Manny Pacquiao. No one has ever done what Marquez did. Also, to this date (December 2012), NOBODY HAS EVER knocked him out; all his losses (except the Mayweather fight, where he had to go up two weight divisions in a couple or months amd wasn't ready) are questionable decisions. Marquez is definitely the most underrated fighter ever!

37 John Duddy

He should number one he knocked out mayweather in two hits

38 John Wall John Wall

He is a nba player not boxer

He don’t look like a boxer

39 Archie Moore

Competed from 1935 to 1963. Incredibly long career.

Very smart fighter. A small man who fought all the great heavy weights.

Even at 80 still could hit like a freight train.

ZOne of the greatest fighters that ever lived, loved his boxing style, unique, also a great human being

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40 Darren Till

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41 Jimmy Barry

Who is Jimmy Barry?

42 Robert Helenius
43 Benny Leonard

Simply the best

44 Emile Griffith
45 Wladimir Klitschko

Klitschko can beat one by one everyone of above mentioned Ali, Tyson, Sugar Ray, Foreman etc.! All they were great boxers, but they never faced any boxers from other countries the planet.

All sports get better and better performances by time. Mark Spitz 2:00 200 fly - Michael Phelps 1:52. Carl Lewis 9:84 - Usain Bolt 9:58. Wlad is now. 1) Untouched in ten years. 2) Facing better opponent records than anyone. 3) Facing boxers from every nation on the planet as Ali, Foreman and Tyson didn't.

Nothing else needed to say but he is very underrated in this list, should be up on top 5 at least on top 10. He was Te best and will forever be the best in my eyes.

Bosslike performer. He simply a boss. He was a beast is a beast and will forever be a beast. Do you really need more? He is nearly unbeaten

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46 Salvador Sanchez

Salvador Sanchez was once voted #1 in the word right after he died and now is at #27, who ever did this website is on crack," I will say it once and one time only, "( for his wait and style every boxer should rewind his tapes and open their eyes, and bow down, He is and will ever be the best, Thank God! )"

Have Manny #1 Come on! this guy can beat Manny with eyes closed... Salvador was a Virtuoso an invencible fighter, nobody at featherweigh -manny, marquez, morales, barrera, even pep- Manny #1 jaajaja what kind of joke is it

Salvador Sanchez was so amazing in his time, RIP a legend in Boxing History

He was the youngest world champ he should be #1

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47 Ray Mancini

This guy should be higher! Boom Boom!

From Youngstown my hometown, guess that made great to get out of there😋

48 Vitaliy Klitchko

The greatest! He just needs a true challenge to prove himself! He still is the best no matter what! He is what you think Ivan Drago from Rocky IV was like, that is who he is based upon, except the steroids which he doesn't take!

He is the greatest world heavyweight of today and is tonnes better than Mike Tyson! Anyone can tell you that!

He is best because he is look like heavyweight tall strong he can ko any one only by his left hand he is the best for me.

This is madness! He's in the top 10 heavyweights for sure. Lennox Lewis would be beaten if he didn't make a cut and Vitali never lost without an injury or a stupid cut. He never lost a game on scorecard while fought a lot of games. Incredibly underrated, which is a shame!

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49 Bobby Pacquiao

He's just using the name of manny and I think he make a little proof by winning on his own but as a boxer I think he still have made a good accomplishment on his own.

Pacquiao turned professional in 1997. He won the Philippine super featherweight title four times in years 2002 and 2004.

He did a lot of blow-blows - riceboydm

50 Amir Khan

Greatest Player

Amir Khan the Legend...

Very good representative

NOT THE GREATEST. But Olympic champ at 17, world champ at 22. Put 100% of his heart into every fight. Involved in wars like Miadana and classed the classiest like Judah and Paulie. Even after the brutal hook from Garcia that 99 percent would not recover from he got up, fought and ended the fight on this feet. Could have become one of the best had it not been for some weaknesses in his defense.

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