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121 Max Schmeling

Schmeling was not the fastest boxer. He was not the hardest puncher. He was not a big slugger. He was not a fancy boxer. He was only the smartest boxer there ever was.

Classy fighter, challenger, beyond his time!

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122 Marcos Maidana
123 Fruit Of The Loom
124 Saúl Álvarez
125 Gene Tunney

He beat Dempsey twice and is ranked 143?

The fighting marine only lost onceas a HW to harry greb beat J Dempsey twice how can this champ be forgotten should make the top 20 for bringing the art of science to boxing

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126 Terence Crawford

Crawford is not considered the best of all time, and for good reason, his legacy is still growing. People who know the sport and follow regularly understand where this guy will end up on a list like this. His ability to go from a traditional to a south paw stance seamlessly and straight up punish his opponents is uncanny. Look out for Bud to rise the ranks and impress in his next few fights. He is about to beat indongo in lincoln, NE. This will be a very rare 4 belt unification. He is looking to fight all comers, the only problem is... no one wants any of this guy.


127 David Haye
128 Jimmy Thunder

Because he's the man he's still holding the worlds fastest knock out 1.7 seconds and as you see in his video's he doesn't just wait for them to throw the first punch he just goes and destroys them his punches are so deadly man especially punching with his right arm. I reckon he should be in top 10 not only because he's Samoan and big, strong and powerful he's really smart and dodges like most of their punches and he's quick like thunder. A guy like this would definitely be a good match against Manny. Search him up if u need to because this man right here is truly amazing.

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129 Jim Watt
130 Nigel Benn

Ali was not even close to the greatest of all time, got caught way too often only his chin saved him, he leaned back, he threw no body shots, we are all victims of believing his own hype he was great but not that great, top 20 though.. Hopkins Toney Calzaghe should all be in the top 10

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131 James Driscoll

A true great who was world champion in all but name, it's a pisstake list, half the morons on list not within. Top 1000, - dazter

132 Andre Ward

When he fights Canelo or triple g then I will say something good - mountainhawk

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134 Buck Smith V 1 Comment
135 Ray Mancini
136 Lucia Rijker
137 Román Gonzalez

He has never lost a single fight. - juan101

Best Nicaraguan boxer - juan101

138 Tony Halme
139 Joan Guzmán
140 Tom Cribb

British and World Champion for 11 years. The worlds first sporting superstar. Invented 'Milling On The Retreat' amongst other techniques, effectively inventing modern boxing.

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