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141 Jiri Demeter (Pucak)

Jiri has won most fights. One of the best boxers in Czech Republic.

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142 Young Stribling

He was such a gentleman that it affected his killer instinct in the ring. A hometown hero that died before he achieved greatness.

Look this guy up - the most fights as a HW - most fights in one year 55 - most knockouts 127. Career bouts 286 -12.
What is amazing he died aged 28

143 Kelly Pavlik
144 Henry Cooper V 1 Comment
145 Joe Bugner
146 Willie Peters

Possibly the greatest south paw ever lived. Living legend great style simply the best

147 Wayne McCullough

Went to America to live from Northern Ireland to persue his ambition to become world champion and achieved it then took on the best in the world never dodged anyone with a dogged relentless style that the Americans loved. Wayne is an ambassador for the sport and is admired by all who understand the sport.

148 Ossie Ocasio V 1 Comment
149 Francisc Vastag
150 Ezzard Charles
151 Floyd Patterson

The greatest

152 Vitaliy Klitchko

The greatest! He just needs a true challenge to prove himself! He still is the best no matter what! He is what you think Ivan Drago from Rocky IV was like, that is who he is based upon, except the steroids which he doesn't take!

He is the greatest world heavyweight of today and is tonnes better than Mike Tyson! Anyone can tell you that!

He is best because he is look like heavyweight tall strong he can ko any one only by his left hand he is the best for me.

He reflexes so fast that people can barely touch him, never been knocked down.

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153 Miguel Cotto

Nice Power And Speed in his Jabs and uppercuts

Puerto Rico's Finest strong chin and ducts nobody His hometown Providence has to be happy with him - mountainhawk

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154 Brock Lesnar Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE. V 3 Comments
155 Eric Butterbean Esch V 1 Comment
156 Leon Spinks

Only boxer to beat Ali in a title match

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157 Tommy Morrison

2 time world champ and one of the greatest left hooks of all time

Tommy the machine gunn

158 Kid Chocolate V 1 Comment
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