Rocky Marciano


I saw an interview with Muhammed Ali, kind of a silly thing where Ali was asked how he would have fared against the greatest fighters of the past. I didn't give it much credence, as Ali was at his prime, and as boastful as he ever was, but one thing that I think caught everyone off guard was after explaining how he would have beaten every fighter to that point, he claimed he would have struggled, and possibly lost to Rocky Marciano. Marciano was the only fighter he put in the same class as himself. That said a lot to me. Ali forgot more about boxing then I will ever know. Combine that with the film I watched of Marciano, and that seals it for me, I'm voting for Rocky this time. - Ned964

Muhammad Ali was a great boxer but he was too slow and would be held up in the ropes until his opponent would get tired and ali would give a haymaker to end a fight. Rocky never let himself be touched his hands looked like if they were made of steel and he was fast in his punches and light on his feet. He went 49-0, 45 won by the way of knock out. He was a true champion and up to this day he will still be the greatest champ ever!

Rocky Marciano's unorthodox style plus his apparent toughness together with an unbeatable record of 49-0 makes for an impressionable champion. One of which even the likes of the great Ali would have a difficult time dancing around!

Rocky marciano is the only heavy weight to retire undefeated he has the highest ko percentage and the only argument is he didn't fight anybody in their prime but jersey joe was still great when they fought and ezzard charles was only 33

Tyson being so high just shows how people are so manipulated by the media. Marciano was a fantastic fighter and brawler but if you look at it honestly, top 5 should be Robinson, Ali, Marciano, Louis, and Willie Pep. My only knock on Marciano is that he fought old fighters, but was tough as hell!

The only heavy weight that could come close to Rocky would be Tyson. The problem with Tyson was that it turned out he couldn't take a punch. Rocky would have knocked him out. Ali couldn't punch, so he would be dead meat against numerous good heavyweights.

Didn't vote because of some animated piece of crap... But Rocky's record speaks for it self. 49-0, 43 KOs. I think that's enough said. This is the best record ever. I love Mike Tyson at his prime, Mohammed Ali and every top boxers but lets face it... This is the one and only undefeated boxer in his career. RIP Rocky. Love ya

Nobody could ever know just how great the real Italian stallion was because of his tragic demise, but if he'd been around to fight, if they (promoters) would have stopped him before he was to old to continue at his best then he may have very well been 60 or 70 -0.

If anyone deserves to be on the number one spot it's Rocky Marciano, he was a beast till the end of his career, retired undefeated what more can you expect?! He's the undisputed king of boxing world, and deserves to be on the number 1 spot on every boxing list ever made.

Rocky Marciano is way beyond all other fighters in recorded history. The comments here are from under 50 year old boxing fans that don't remember Marciano and probably don't realize he NEVER lost a fight, was NEVER knocked down and WON EVERY fight by a KNOCKOUT or TKO. How can anyone in their right mind put any other fighter above Rocky Marciano...49 Wins...Zero losses. I rest my case.

Hands down, the best boxer ever! Burt sugar knows nothing about boxing! Marciano had the best single punch that boxing ever seen, period! He would of killed Ali. That man hit too damn hard. I know that personally.

Never lost and he fought some greats and beat them so in my opinion he deserves to be higher up in this ranking, Ali spoke a good fight and was pretty tough but I believe Marciano would have destroyed him in the ring

Rocky should be number one, he never lost a fight and would never lose due to his willingness to only win. He could take a beating and then dish it back twice as hard. Pound for pound the greatest there ever was

I consider him in the top 5 list and I consider him to be the heavyweight of all time he's the only champion to retire undefeated. That's pretty much sums up how great he his

No other boxer could stand more pain, more punches and no one ever was down, but came always up from the ground. Despite that, he was also a very tough puncher.

Its because he didn't have the mouth Ali had or the flash. He is truly the greatest and defines what a true boxer is.

Yeah the highest threshold for pain that I have ever seen, NOBODY HAD ONE PUNCH KNOCKOUT POWER LIKE THIS PUGILIST! 49-0 Number one in my book always!

The only undefeated heavyweight champ and he actually boxed, unlike Mayweather. Truly, the greatest of all time.

I grew up in the same city as rocky so obviously I am going to be biased towards him. look at alis record of his first 49 matches and see who still has 0 wins. no doubt ali is probably one of the greatest but the argument of who is the greatest is always rocky Marciano

He trained harder than anyone else and today he would kill Manny pacquiao and mayweather at the same time

Started boxing late, served his country! Then threw bombs in the ring! Rocky#1 Tyson#2

Marciano won all 49 official fights he was ever in. 43 by knockout. No question. Ali maybe, but he didn't have near the record of Marciano.

This man is number one in his weight class. I am satisfied to see Manny number one though but Mayweather isn't a good champion

The guy was a strong, fast, and had power not to mention he was unbeaten. He fought who ever was put in front of him at the time.

He is undefeated and ali even lost some matches so it is clear that marciano should be number 1