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21 Balki & Larry - Perfect Strangers

This one's weird because they're distant cousins. But it is so bromantic.

22 Leo & Max - The Producers

They're very touchy-feely with each other.

23 Prince Dmitri Vassilovich Orlowsky and Max Lozoya - Don't Turn the Other Cheek

A bromance between a Russian con artist and a gruff-voiced bandit who doesn't like being touched is an odd one indeed.

24 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The West had no greater bromance.

25 John Mallory and Juan Miranda - Duck, You Sucker!

"But what about me? "

26 Dale & Saul - Pineapple Express

One's sensible, both are stoned, both LOVE each other.

27 Mr. White & Mr. Orange - Reservoir Dogs
28 Abu and Iago - Aladdin: The Series

These two have a shared love of wealth and luxury. You can say that they're partners in crime. A reformed villain, Iago is the one who comes up with all the plans. Abu is a bit more level-headed, but constantly lets Iago talk him into such things. Iago can play Abu like a zither, but more than enough he has shown a deep concern for the monkey that's very poorly hidden.
The two constantly grab, tackle and collapse on top of each other. Iago even went as far as to kiss Abu on the forehead in one episode.
Iago does have a female love interest, whom he seems to care about very much, but being a workaholic, she only has a few appearances in the series.
All the same, these two seem to be more into each other than they are into getting rich. - SourNote2014

29 Rogelio & Michael - Jane the Virgin

#Brogelios4Life - SourNote2014

30 Cory and Shawn - Boy Meets World
31 House & Wilson - House, M.D.

So much love there ❤️

32 Frodo and Sam - Lord of the Rings

Should be number one!

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