Best Calvin and Hobbes Story Arcs

Calvin and Hobbes was a comic strip that was written from November 18, 1985-December 31, 1995 by Bill Watterson. During their 10-year run, it focused on a precocious 6-year-old boy named Calvin and his imaginary tiger friend, Hobbes. Calvin had many interests (tigers, dinosaurs, alter egos, driving, Saturdays, dessert, summer vacation, etc.), he also hated a lot of things (school, baths, getting babysat by a teenage girl named Rosalyn, girls, etc.). Like any other comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes had story arcs, and this list will consist of some of my favorite story arcs. These are in no particular order in case you are thinking that some should be higher or lower on the list. If you do not like any of these story arcs listed below for any reason, then I respect your opinion.

The Top Ten

1 The Raccoon Story (1987)

I almost cried reading it. - RoseWeasley

So sad

It appealed to Calvin's soft side. - anonygirl

2 Rosalyn Plays Calvinball (1995)

This was one time where Calvin and his teenage babysitter, Rosalyn, actually got along. - anonygirl

3 Calvin's Good Side (1991)

You see, this is my favorite, as it has two things of information: a) calvin can be good, b)calvin likes susie.

4 Transmogrifier Gun (1988)

"one can hardly imagine the myriad uses of a handheld iguana maker"

What's a pterodactyl? Some kind of bug?

5 Transmogrifier Box (1987)

It's cute when Calvin turns into baby Hobbes - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

6 Calvin Duplicates Himself (1990)

Scientific progress goes boink? - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

7 Calvin Goes to Mars (1988)
8 Stupendous Man Costume in School (1993)

This is just the true nature of Calvin and Hobbes. The stupendous man transformation takes on a whole new level. Even though the scheme flops, to quote Calvin: “They’re all moral victories”

9 Calvin's House gets Robbed (1989)

"Mom says no one would steal Hobbes because he's not valuable. Well, I think he's valuable."- Calvin (1989)

10 Calvin Plays Recess Baseball (1990)

The Contenders

11 Time machine (1992)

Calvin won't do his homework, so he goes forward in time to get the completed assignment from his future self - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

12 Leaf Collection (1995)

"I believe that's poison sumac you're holding." Makes me laugh every time.

To finish an assignment, Calvin trades his whole planet for 50 alien leaves - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

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