Top Ten Favorite Gods from the Percy Jackson Series

Who the best god from percy jackson and the heroes of olympus?
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1 Hades

Hades is the best god. Not only is he one of the Big Three, but he also cares about his children very much, talking to them and caring for them. He also cares deeply about the children's mothers, like Maria and Marie.

Guys, Hades is the best god ever. He goes out of his way to help his kids with quests or at least give them a little reassurance. For example, the whole chapel of bones thing.

He just compared Nico to Bianca because he was angry and bitter. In reality, he really cares about his son and loves and supports him. In BoO, it gives a hint that Hades knows about Nico's crush but is still willing to support him.

Also, he really cares about and loves Persephone, as he rarely cheats on her. He only cheats on her when he truly loves someone, like Maria di Angelo, and only cheats on Persephone because she isn't there for half his life.

2 Apollo

He is just too funny! In The Hidden Oracle, he literally is freaked out by his mortal body. He is just hilarious when he thought he still had his godly powers and tried to use them.

He was a straight-up jerk, but after the Trials of Apollo, he changed for the better. Good job. Next time, Zeus or Ares should get turned into a mortal.

Apollo is funny and kinder to mortals than most of the other gods. Also, he is one of the only gods who help demigods on their quests.

3 Poseidon

He is the father of Percy Jackson and the god of the sea. He is also very powerful for being one of the Big Three. He is the god of horses and the father of Pegasus. He is also a very chill Olympian and didn't even try to kill everyone like the other Olympians. He even agrees that Percy, his son, is the best demigod who ever lived.

I love how similar Percy and Poseidon sometimes are. Their looks, personality, attitude, and temper all reflect the sea ('The sea does not like to be restrained'). He may very well be the most powerful of the Big Three, considering he can not only control the whole sea but can also control part of Zeus' and Hades' domains as the Stormbringer and the Earthshaker.

Poseidon may not get the 'Best Father of the Year' Award, but he still is one of the gods who care the most about their children. He visited Percy when he was a baby, asked Sally to live with him in the sea with Percy, sent Cyclopses to watch Percy, visited him on his birthday, and left his palace to almost be destroyed when Percy asked him to.

I wish we had seen him more in the series, especially in HoO.

4 Artemis

She is a strong, no-nonsense female character. She actually takes other people's advice and is incredibly kind and smart. Also, I love the sibling rivalry. I take the Artemis side all the way.

Artemis is strong, a leader, and a feminist. I love her. She also stands up for Percy in The Titan's Curse. The only reason she's this low on my list is because she recruited Bianca when she knew full well that Bianca was the only family Nico had left.

She's really nice because she founded the Hunters of Artemis, which helped demigods. I mean, come on, she has got to be the nicest.

5 Hestia

Hestia is by far the best god/goddess of them all. She is the oldest, so she should have ruled Olympus. If she had, the world would be way better because she isn't about war and would have made sure that there was no World War I or II.

She is very kind to Percy and Nico when they find her near Luke's house, and she is very awesome. Also, men started most wars, so it would be best if a woman ruled because there was this one war where each man killed at least 10 men or less, but ONE WOMAN killed 300. So I mean, just saying, but the woman literally saved them.

6 Aphrodite

She's really pretty and has some smart and brave children, like Piper. Aphrodite herself is sometimes a bit selfish, though.

7 Dionysus

If I were a Greek god, I'd probably be him.

8 Ares
9 Athena

Athena is amazing. She is smart, wise, and was only mean towards Percy to protect her daughter.

The reason she is so low on my list is because Athena literally sent all of her kids on a death quest because of a mistake she made. But, she did help them out when they battled the giants, fighting side by side with Annabeth. So, I'm not really sure.

Smartest goddess out there. I mean, she can be a bit hot-headed at times, but who isn't? She may have threatened Percy, but it was only to help Annabeth. She's so underrated and deserves to be above Ares and Aphrodite.

10 Demeter

Demeter is strict and demanding, as can be observed when Percy is captured by Hades. She yells at Persephone when she doesn't want to eat cereal.

She is pretty awesome. Anyone who is Meg McCaffrey's mother has to be awesome.

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11 Hephaestus

Guys... this is Leo Valdez's dad. I admit, he isn't the best dad, but he still cares about his kids.

Aww, he's just a little misunderstood. I mean, he tries to be a good father in the best way he knew how. His mother abandoned him, and he only gets found by the nice nymph in the Roman version, when he's Vulcan. He's a good dad, really.

12 Hecate

Hecate is the best. She helped Hazel and the demigods. I'm writing a book, and my main characters are the kids from minor gods, and the main character is the daughter of Hecate. Hecate also gives choices to everyone she meets, and I love that because choice is very important to me.

Hecate helped the demigods on their quest, even when none of them were her kids. That's why I like her.

She helped Hazel a lot. Hecate probably helped the seven demigods more than anyone else.

13 Persephone

Persephone should be above Ares and Aphrodite! She's so kind and generous. Even though she wanted to go back to her mom, Demeter, she was still sweet to Hades and eventually fell in love with him. No wonder she can calm him down.

Honestly, I voted for her because her marriage is one of the most stable. She deserves kudos for that.

She's really sweet and defended Percy when he was captured by Hades.

14 Hermes

With all due respect, Hermes should at least be above Ares, Aphrodite, Hades, and Dionysus. He honestly cared deeply about his children and assisted Percy in numerous aspects in the PJO series. He's the greatest. He had a big heart and is extremely conscientious. He made me realize how utterly amazing parents could be.

Why is Hermes this low? He should be at the top because he is one of the gods who actually cares about his family! He is a very kind-hearted guy.

Hermes really cares about his kids, and I don't see why he's below Ares and Aphrodite. Like, bruh. Hermes loves Luke and only didn't interfere and help him because he had no other choice.

15 Iris

Iris is the best because I'm writing a book and my second main character is the son of Iris. In case you forgot, Iris helped Hazel, Percy, and Frank, and she was so kind to them. I like how calm she is, and she is non-violent, which is cool because not all problems are going to be solved by wars and arguing. Sometimes just peace, a good talk, or stuff like that will make things right.

16 Khione
17 Nike

She's funny. That's why I like her. I mean, the rest of the options to vote for didn't exactly work for me, and Nike was the best one. She also helped out in the battle against Gaea, so yeah.

She's strong but a little crazy.

She's really funny, and her chapters were some of my favorite in BoO.

18 Eros

Eros is the best! Nico never would have come out without him, and the scepter scene was my favorite chapter in the entire franchise (that's saying a lot). Also, Psyche is awesome, and Psyche and Eros are my favorite Greek mythology.

So hot! He's like Aphrodite, only not annoying and stereotypical.

I love that he gets Nico to come out!

19 Nyx

She's awesome. I'm using her for a fanfiction. Nyx seems to care about and like her children, refusing to pick a favorite. After Hypnos got in trouble with Zeus, he hid in her palace, and she defended him from Zeus. Pretty awesome mom moment.

I like Nyx because her name means night, and mine means night as well. My name isn't Nyx. It means night in another language. But anyway, Nyx is cool.

She seems nice. Also, headcanon: she grieves every hunter's death and thinks of them as her own family.

20 Chaos

He created the world. Doesn't get more awesome than that.

21 Amphitrite

I don't know much about this goddess, but if she's with Poseidon, she has to be kind. At least he wouldn't take a bratty little snob like Aphrodite, for example.

22 Nemesis
23 Gaea
24 Tartarus
25 Ouranos

He did literally nothing in the books.

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