Top Ten The Infernal Devices Characters

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1 William Herondale

Demon pox, oh demon pox
Just how is it acquired?
One must go down to the bad part of town
Until one is very tired

Demon pox, oh, demon pox
I had it all along---
No, not the pox, you foolish blocks
I mean this very song---
For I was right and you were wrong.

Will rocks! He loves to read, so yeah. We need more bookworms in books and the real world alike. I've actually found many books to read from him. So yay!Totally one of my favorites, he ties with Gabriel (don't hate me) for first place. Yay! So yeah, anyone who says something bad about any of the good guys (aside from Magnus, he sucks, no offence) is personally dead to me. Even if you just think it. Beware. Will rocks the deep sea!

YESSS! Will is the best character ever! When I first met him in Clockwork Angel, I fell in love! He is a super sarcastic and funny character with a softer, more caring side. LOVE him. Wessa is my OTP.

I don't understand the person who said
I know who ever you are
What do you mean?

Will is incredibly likable. From the moment I met him, he became my favourite character

2 James Carstairs

Why is Clary, Simon, Izzy, Alec and Jace even in the top ten? They're Mortal. Instruments characters not the Infernal Devices! And Jem is definitely the best character.

3 Tessa

I love Tessa, she's really relatable, realistic, sarcastic and curious.

I love to read! I am so like Tessa!

4 Magnus

I love magnus he beats everybody on this list!
I kinda like his cat too.

5 Jace

He is a herondale, which makes him the best.

6 Henrey Branwell

I do love eggs, I can eat them all day!

7 Charlotte Fairchild

Charlotte is the strongest female character in all of Cassandra Clare's books. She is a great leader, but is also extremely loving and caring.

8 Jessamine Lovelace

My favourite character. All she wanted was to love and be loved. I hope she finds peace.

This girl is bad

9 Clary

Clary is the main character of this whole thing! She deserves to be on top not #5 what is wrong with you people.

No not really William is a lot better than Clary.

My favourite heroine

10 Sophie
The Contenders
11 Simon

I think simon is the best not clary or will. he may not be the best looking or anything but he brings humor into everything. Simon has a good heart and is very brotherly to Clary. he is amazing in every way and what happened to him made me cry. keep on being simon. LOVE you

Well simon isn't that great. main characters should be on top. I don't consider simon a main character. yes I agree he was funny but I think Cassandra clare just wanted him there for humor, just like magnus. in my opinion he dosnt even belong on this list.

I don't like flat soda
I don't like crappy boy band pop
I don't like being stuck in trafic
I don't like math homework
I HATE JACE see the difference?

Am I the only one who knows the difference between The Infernal Devices an The Mortal Instuments?

12 Izzy lightwood

KIcking demons buts, and look good while doing it.

13 Alec Lightwood

I like alec and all but he is barley mentioned. I hope to see more of him in the future.

14 Chairman Meow
15 Gabriel Lightwood

Ah, yes! The Lightwoods are so UNDERRATED! They totally rock! Gabriel is such an amazing character! He ties with Will for my first favorite. Here is a list:
1: Will/ Gabriel
2: Cecily/ Gideon
3: Tessa
4: Sophie/ Henry
And, after that I just have characters that I like and don't like. Some I like more than others, I just don't feel like pondering this much.

16 Gideon Lightwood
17 Cecily Herondale
18 Luke Graymark
19 Max Lightwood

Poor max he just wanted to grow up.

20 Ragnor Fell

This guy is awesome. He is my Emerald Prince.

21 Emma Carstairs

She is brave and amazing. Go Emma

22 Julian Blackthorn
23 Axel Mortmain
24 Six Fingered Nigel
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