Top Ten Best Non-Canon Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Pairings

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1 Tratie (Travis and Katie)

I wish this was canon...
Uncle Rick! This must become canon. Katie went missing in the hidden oracle. I also don't remember seeing a travis in that book... what if they went to college together!

Tratie was the first ship my ten-year-old discovered after Percabeth and I still love it. I don't care what others say. They have both strong personalities you can tell from the little phrases in the book.

I've never understood why people ship these two...
but they are way better than all the other ships on here
lets go tratie
this ship deserves first place

I'm one of those people who takes everything from PJO and finds its HP equivalent (still haven't found Nico) and this is the Fred x Angelina of PJO. (I love those two they deserved more time)

2 Jeyna (Jason and Reyna)

Uh, have you guys even read ToA book 4? because Reyna says, "Everybody was always trying to ship me with somebody. Thalia. Jason. Gwen. Even Frank. Oh you'd be perfect together! That's who you need! But I was never really sure if I wanted that, or if I just felt like I was supposed to want it. People, well-meaning, would be like, Oh you poor thing. You deserve somebody in your life. Date him. Date her. Date whoever. Find you soul mate." If that's not a message from Reyna and Rick Riordan himself, I don't know what is. I mean, Reyna literally says that she doesn't want to be shipped with people, so respect her, and respect what Rick Riordan wrote. They are HIS books after all.

Even though Reyna doesn't like being shipped with people, she constantly thought about Jason romantically in the HoO series. Jason is the only guy she complimented in terms of looks (Reyna called him the All American Boy). Reyna daydreamed about going on romantic walks with Jason and having picnics too.
Reyna was also really hurt, upset, and bitter when she saw Jason with Piper
EVEN ANNABETH says that she can tell Reyna wanted Jason to love her.

Say what you want about this ship, but Jason and Reyna had great chemistry. They definitely had more potential than Jason/Piper, Leo/Calypso, and Frank/Hazel. Jason is very open-minded, and tries to help people with personal burdens. Jason helped Nico come out about being gay. Jason helped Leo and Hazel build confidence. Jason would've helped Reyna with her dark family history

I know that Reyna doesn't like being shipped with anyone, and that she's a Huntress, so she can't date, but this still definitely goes in my top five ships. This probably would've happened if Juno hadn't wiped Jason's memory and sent him to Camp Half-Blood. Jason even felt guilty when he remembered Reyna's name, even though he was dating Piper!

3 Lazel (Leo and Hazel)

Hazel is 13 and short, Frank is 16 and giant. They are cute but were better as friends. Leo, is a year younger, and a lot smaller. They have different personalities yet a strong connection and complement eachother well. It's a little strange considering the whole Sammy thing but I don't know, I just love this ship so much and jate that it didn't happen.

There was a whole chapter featuring their relationship. Their relationship was CANON. See, they were... um, holding hands and staring at each other for hours (giggles at Frank's face), and remember the part in the Mark of Athena where Percy and Annabeth go together in Rome while Hazel, Leo, and Frank go on the Nico-saving quest? Hazel said she needed Leo, and Frank's smile "turned into something more like Chrysaor's mask"
Later Hazel even kissed Leo. Lol

This legit should have happened like OTP. Leo deserves better than a girl who falls for every guy she meets and their cemistry through Mark of Athena was so natural. I have nothing against Frank x Hazel like they are my fave ship in the series (can't think of a better one so yeah...) but like Leo just seems to have better chemistry.

Yes! Yes! YES! Oh my Gods I thought I was the only one who shipped them! Just, they're so adorkable and are probably the only ship that can make me fangirl harder than Voltron.

4 Pothena (Poseidon and Athena)

This would completely renew a major part of Greek Mythology (During the gods time) I could see Rick Riordan altering his storyline to match this after Percabeth seemingly allows them to grow feelings for each other but this would be an enormous disrespect for Greek Mythology! Besides; at no point in time have these two ever felt romantic feelings;you guys like saying Jiper (Jason + Piper) is rushed now this would be ridiculously and horrendously rushed! This could completely screw the shipping organisation entirely and honestly it does seem very very far fetched! Disclaimer: This is entirely my opinion and I agree with many answers on the pros and cons on this relationship - Star Lord Out

That would be fun to watch! Athena watching discovery channel, while Poseidon accidently keeps flushing the toilet every time he looks at Athena.

the heck -
I ship athena and hermes, come on.
I mean, those two actually had a moment together
in blood of olympus, there was a scene where hermes snuck up to athena and tried to put his arm around her, but she showed him her shield, and he scuffled away.
pothena - nah. percabeth - great. but I like hermes and athena together, they have WAY more in common then poseidon and athena

Oh my gods! Can you imagine it!? Poseiden being all awkward and Athena just with no idea of what to do with herself!

5 Brason (Jason and Brick)

This is a ridiculously hilarious ship! For those of you who think this is made up this is basically a reference/Easter egg to Jason being hit by a flying bricks and somehow this gave birth to a new shipping couple! (Are we sure what gender the brick is?) Anyways it's dumb yet used for comedy releif

I have absolutely no idea how this originated. Something to do with Jason getting hit in the head? But I think it's kind of funny.

Can't you just feel the LOVE these two have for each other? Sorry Piper, but... Brason forever!

Get married down in Elysium, you two. (Tear)

Ship shippity ship ship
Although Jason did kiss Stapler once, I hope Brick doesn't find out.

6 Percico (Percy and Nico)

I like this one more than Nico and Will because Percy and Nico have built a relationship while going on quests together. Plus, they have known each other longer.

When Percy finds out Nico had a crush on him it was so OMG. Why could'nt they have ended up together.

I actually shipped this before I discovered Solangelo but now I'm Wilco all the way!

Haha nope! Solangelo is like the best ship in the whole thing (no offense to the people who ship them)

7 Lukebeth (Luke and Annabeth)

I like the concept but the age gap proves problematic.

Annabeth loves him as a brother! She even said so!

I have seen so much fan art for this but I stand firm with Percabeth.

Luke is awaome why do for hate him do you expect every character to be as perfect as Percy."All he did was stab himself" I bet u would not stab yourself I would not.

8 Liper (Piper and Leo)

This is probably me just hating Jason but like if he didn't appear or he wasn't Piper's bf in their memories they probs could have ended up together.

I don't really like jason and piper's ship, I don't know why but I love leo and piper.

There's this headcanon that all Piper's Mist memories with Jason were actually with Leo, honestly that's kinda cool I guess

9 PerBlue (Percy and Blue Food)

YES!YES!YES! This isn't like a hardcore ship but I ship him with Annabeth and blue food now.

Percy loves his blue food.

YAS the best ship ever! Have known each other longer than percabeth

Best ship ever.

10 Pipabeth (Piper and Annabeth)

I love pipabeth! I don't know why but I feel like if Percy and Annabeth were just friends this could really work!

This feels like it would actually work! I'm not sure about annabeth, but piper gives me major bi vibes

Pipabeth is my favorite ship out of the whole Percy Jackson series.

They'd be adorable. And the chemistry between them? Please.

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11 Thalico (Thalia and Nico)

Thalia is a Hunter and Nico is gay. Like seriously?

12 Jercy (Jason and Percy)

This is my favorite ship ever
Of all time
And I know percabeth is sacred but come on. It would be kinda like Nico and will as in they kinda make fun of each other but they would be so cute together

Here's the thing: they both seem super straight to me. but let's say they weren't, and I wasn't such a huge percabeth shipper (jasper's fine, but whatever). they would have a lot of chemistry

I would LOVE this couple to exist. I've got Percy canon as pan. Same for Jason. So like, it's possible in my book.

So cute! They complete each other! ( even though I totes ship percebeth) Annabeth said they had a Bromance in MoA!

13 Thalercy (Thalia and Percy)

Heh its just a cute ship. It wouldn't be the most stable of relationships though, but it could work: definitely not the weirdest ship on this list.

I shipped them when I first read titan's curse. They'll probably fight a lot as a couple but if they get over it they'll make a cute couple. Probably also the strongest

Not likely but would definitely be cute since they're always fighting like a couple. Yes, I know they're technically cousins but who cares?

I ship it! Sure, they are technically cousins, but remember, the gods don't have DNA, so it wouldn't be an issue.

14 Nicleo (Nico and Leo)
15 Percalypso (Percy and Calypso)

I thought it was quite well done in book 4. Then Rick had to ruin it in Heroes of Olympus. She should have been that what if that everybody wonders about

Love this ship but I kinda like percabeth...
Also I think it's a great twist percalpyso and is it just me or does other think if percy became god he will marry calypso cause they're both immortal

I shipped them for like two minutes before I slapped myself...

Percy did say she would be his biggest what if.

16 Percthena (Percy and Athena)
17 Theyna (Reyna and Thalia)

Really cute. Unfortunately, there is no love in the Hunters of Artemis, even between two (or more) girls. Also, I really think Reyna is ace/aro.

They are amazing! ( I know hunters can't be in any relationship but still...) They are perfect, They're both strong, independent woman who have been left by a guy ( Luke, Jason/Percy). Also they're cute.

The hunters' rules never say you can't be with a woman...

I don't care if this could never happen, it's great.

18 Reynico (Reyna and Nico)

In the books I thought will and nico were going to become friends and will was going to make nico ask Reyna out because he had a crush on her. When nico and will started dating I was a little surprised, but mostly discussed

I shipped this right until the beginning of Trials of Apollo. Then I saw Nico with Will and I was like: yep that's better

I shipped this throughout most of their trip across the world.

Once again, Reyna is ace/aro and Nico is gay.

19 Thaluke (Thalia and Luke)

I think that, given more time to develop (a.k.a. the time period when Thalia was a tree), Thaluke would've made an awesome couple. Another guess of mine about Thaluke is that they became a couple while they were on the run, but Annabeth was just too young to notice. (As far as I know, though, there's no mention of a Thaluke romance in The Demigod Diaries: The Diary of Luke Castellan, so that's a bit off-putting. But I digress.) And let me remind you that Thalia rejected the Hunters because she'd have to leave Luke, and that Luke still cared for Thalia when he joined Kronos' forces.

If Luke didn't do you know what and Thalia didn't "die" then they would have worked out, but he's dead and she's immortal.

Maybe if Thalia didn't turn into a tree, it would be canon probably

20 Octachel (Octavian and Rachel)


A lot of people think that people ship this because they're both oracles/augurs, but I ship it because I feel like Rachel could've changed Octavian for the better- that she was the best one for the job.
That's just my opinion. Feel free to criticize.

I don't really like either of them but Rachel could definitely be a good influence for Octavian. Oh wait, he's dead

I mean if Rachel was aloud to date and Octavian wasn't a jerk(and dead) then I feel like this would be cute.

If Octavian wasn't a jerk they might have worked out.

21 Pertemis (Percy and Artemis)

This ship seems so random, but it's actually really cute, and the fanfics for it are some of the best. A personal favorite.

Percy breaks what Artemis thinks of males so could possibly get with her.

Um...okay? I honestly didn't know this ship existed but Artemis would NEVER.

How on earth did this even start?

22 Puke (Percy and Luke)

Name shows feelings

I call it Perluke.

It's a joke with my and friend, but we still semi-ship it. Perluke forEVA bros.

23 Lukethan (Luke and Ethan)

Adorable! Luke told Percy to have people remember Ethan which I thought was cute.

Both back biters

This actually sounds good never heard of it before but it would be really cool

24 Peyna (Percy and Reyna)

Heck no! Reyna showed no attraction to Percy. She asked for help. And so, he thinks it is sexual attraction. Rick Riordan is an awful author

25 Reybeth (Reyna and Annabeth)

UMMM why is this one down here? at least this has in-book material we could work with.. while percabeth is obviously better, these twos scene is the mark of Athena is top teir

Who in the underworld put this on here?

I like how Reyna is legit the roman Annabeth and how similar they are

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