Most Powerful Demigods From Percy Jackson

Who do you think is the most powerful from all of the demigods we encounter in the Percy Jackson series?
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1 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Well, at first, Percy's the main character. And, on many sides, Percy has super powerful powers. He defeats his monster math teacher when he learned nothing yet. Even though he said that his fighting skills haven't progress, he still fights good. He fought with Jason, and he almost wing. Jason's the son of Jupiter, he trains for maybe 13 years of more, you know. Percy only trained for probably 4 years, and SUMMER ONLY. Nico thinks Percy is the most powerful demigod, too, even it's maybe because of his love of Percy, though.
And by the way, Percy isn't my favorite character. Nico is, but I'm sure Nico isn't super powerful, maybe even weaker then Leo. I don't know.

1. Water control
I mean, come on. Percy can create and control water no matter where he is. He can breathe underwater, create storms, blow up a volcano... he can do a LOT of powerful stuff with his power
2. Sword fighting
This is useful as it means he can hold his own in battle. Percy managed to fight Ares and not die when he was TWELVE
3. Talking to horses
It may not seem SUPER useful but it is cool to be able to communicate with the pegusi and other horses.
4. He's smart
Since he's usually next to Annabeth, his brains don't usually come through but his trick with the golden boy is really clever.

He is awesome. Percy is a very talented sword fighter, he beat Jason in Kansas and beat Ares, the god of war. People say he needs water but Percy can create water as he did to clean the horse stables and make the volcano explode. Percy can also control water pressure and turn water into a shield as he did to block the garbage thrown at him by the river spirits. Percy can controls poison as well so theoretically he can control the blood in a person's body. He is also not totally dumb as he used his brains to beat the "golden boy" with his crew of dolphin men. Percy also survived Tartarus, though with Annabeth. Percy would also sacrifice himself for his friends without hesitation. He was said to be the strongest by Nico as well. He is stronger than Thalia as she doesn't know how to use the winds and Percy can deflect her lightning by using his water to conduct it somewhere else. He is stronger than Jason for the same reason but if Jason uses the winds than Percy can create a hurricane ...more

Using only facts, Percy is by far the most powerful, The other demigods listed all have their advantages, for example, Nico has more willpower as shown when he survived Tartarus on his own, Jason can control the air and summon lighting, yes but Percy can control pretty much any liquid/substance as long as it flows like water. He's created his own hurricane and is slightly immune to lighting as shown in The Titans Curse when Thalia struck him lighting. He's loyal to the end. Percy was also stated to be one of the best sword fighters in a 100 years and Nico stated himself after meeting both Jason and Percy that Percy was by far the most powerful demigod he's ever met. When fighting the giants Jason had to call upon the help of his friends and dear old daddy to help him when Percy found a way to kill a giant by himself. Percy can also summon water out of almost anywhere and caused an entire volcano to blow up, the only demigods who may have a chance of beating him are Nico and Jason, ...more

2 Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Without a doubt, he is the most powerful in terms of power. The only thing that is holding him back is the eternal pain and suffering he holds back. And maybe I'm biased, but while Percy needs water to actually fight effectively, Nico only needs the earth. He can bring skeletons and resurrect people like he did with Hazel, and even shadow travel. And hypothetically, if Nico and Percy got into a fight, Nico can just shadow travel away. And this might be entirely false, but I believe that he can even summon black fire like his father Hades (shown in the last book of Percy Jackson).

He is awesome! He can control almost every dead people! He even risk his own life to save the camp! And they do not even respect him. sure they say wow your a hero for about a few days but look at the other monsters! Ethan was a traitor but they forgive him when he saved them in the last battle. also Luke but Nico? They do not even like him. But I must say I love Nico, They need to give him a chance. But in the end they did and I am glad they did. About time.

Nico is the most powerful demigod with powers and pretty much everything else. Maybe Percy could beat him in a sword fight but in a powers only fight to the death Nico would win. He can make walls of rock and bone, shields of darkness, summon undead warriors, shadow travel etc. More powerful than Percy hands down.

Nico can control the earth and dirt and stones, he can create an undead army, summon deceased spirits, telepathically communicate with the dead, sense death, control ghosts, can turn people into ghosts, control bones, use the Death Trance, use Shadow Travel, absorb and dissipate shadows, shoot bolts of darkness, make SOLID shields out of darkness, become invisible, and heal with darkness.

He can control temperatures by creating fire(when he destroyed the skeleton warrior) and ice(murder of Bryce Lawrence), control sleep, and radiate an aura of fear and death.

Everyone is saying Percy Jackson is the most powerful, but what can HE do? All he can do is have power over water. In a fight, Nico would easily beat him.

3 Thalia Grace

I would put Thalia higher than Jason because she is immortal. She may have her fear of rights but she still is a massive threat. She has shown several times that she is no pushover unlike her brother(He spent a lot of time unconscious)

Thalia's just awesome in general. She's Artemis's lieutenant of the Hunter's as well as daughter of Zeus (even if Zeus is kind of a jerk). Plus, Thalia's got an awesome shield. Not that that has anything to do with how powerful she is, but I mean come on, it's kind of sick. And she's amazing with a bow, naturally since she's a Hunter. I think she should be in third place right after Percy Jackson then Nico Di Angelo. She is definitely more powerful than her brother, Jason Grace.

She is good and Amazing. she gave her life for Annabeth and Luke. But a Daughter of Zeus who is a lord of the sky afraid of high place?

Duh. In the Lost Hero, one show of lightning at the campfire exhausted Jason. Thalia does it all the time. If she didn't have her fear of heights, her powers would be even more spectacular.
Also, she's versatile. Her mainly known weapon is Aegis, which she uses in a number of ways, yet she can use a spear like a boss, and her archery skills were of that to match a Huntress, seeing as how she was made Lieutenant of Artemis immediately when she joined.
She also went head-to-head with Percy. Anyone who can do that has my respect.

4 Jason Grace

Jason Grace is, in my opinion, second to only Percy and here's why. He's the son of the most powerful god, he's the most experienced of all the characters and unlike Percy and Thalia he accepts that he's a demigod and his powers. The only reason he's second to Percy is because we love Percy because he had his own series, Percy went into the River Styx (which people forget about that he did that to give him extra power but still he survived) and also Rick is biased towards Percy for obvious reasons. So yeah, in my opinion Jason should be higher since he's really powerful.

Jason is literally 2nd to Percy, anyone who disagrees didn't read the book. Jason took down an army by himself (200+ enemies) in the beginning of the Blood of Olympus.
Jason summoned a thunderstorm in MoA, then a hurricane in BoO.
Jason can also summon multiple lightning bolts without getting exhausted.
He's literally the 2nd strongest demigod

Ok, Jason Grace is definitely the most powerful character. For starters, he can fly. Sure, Percy can control water, but can he get up into the skies. Jason is also able to bring down lightning. Don't get me wrong, Percy's not bet, but he's not as good as Jason. Jason would've won the battle in Kansas when they were being controlled. Sure Percy can control water, but Jason can control the air! Another thing is loyalty, and fight for good. Jason had these character traits. For example, he gave his life so that Apollo, Meg and Piper could beat the emperors. Finally, Jason is a mini-me to his father Zeus and Percy is a mini-me to his father, Poseidon. Oh! Last I checked Zeus was the king of the gods, not Poseidon. Those are all the facts, so as you can see, JAson is much better than Percy.

I think that Jason could beat Percy in a fight, maybe not easily like Nico, but he should be #2 with Nico #1. No matter that Percy could've beaten Jason when they were being controlled, I mean, they were being controlled! If they were in their right mind, Jason could definitely beat Percy.

5 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

Leo Valdez is the best character in the Heroes of Olympus series. He has gone through so much. His mother dying. Foster homes. JASON dying. He tries to hide his pain with jokes. Without Leo, the whole crew of the Argo ll would be a whole lot more depressed. He DESTROYED GAEA. He SACRIFICED himself to destroy her. HE HAS FIRE POWERS. He is VERY SMART. He can build practically anything in such little time. (He built a working helicopter in minutes) He is HILARIOUS. He has an amazing personality. When Leo was down, everyone was down. He might be a lot smaller than the others, but he can get himself and his friends out of basically any situation.

Okay he is powerful but how is he higher than Frank and Hazel? I think he's extremely overrated but again I am NOT denying that he's powerful. Just overrated.

He is one of my favorite characters. He has potential. Even after he died. He managed to do the impossible. Twice. He destroyed the fireproof clothes he was given and came back to an island that no man has ever come back to.

On a dangerous quest to save a Queen goddess, where he was the one who had to take care of the ride, he remembered to bring vegetarian food for his friend.

He is a little smaller than the rest, but he used his skill, his wit to make the best of the situation.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, he decided that, he couldn't hurt anyone more than a significant other. Since he didn't have one, he decided he was the one who needed to die.

He makes on whim, but surprisingly rational decisions. Anger him, and he will stop at nothing to destroy you (Gaea! ). He always keeps his promises, even though he is careful where and when he makes them

6 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

I think Annabeth Chase deserves higher place. She doesn't have MAGICAL powers, but she has wisdom. I'll give example of... maybe Percy (sorry guys, no offense, and I think that Percy is strong too). Percy has DAM awesome powers. However, what if Percy doesn't know how to use these powers correctly? It can be a disaster (fortunately, percy is just obtuse, not stupid). Athena ALWAYS ALWAYS has a plan. Not first place, but she deserves second or third place next to Percy.

In Ship Of The Dead (MINOR SPOILER) Percy says that Annabeth is the most dangerous/deadly demigod, more dangerous than himself. He was right. While Annabeth doesn't have any visible powers, her wit and intellect make her powerful, more than a lot of heroes can imagine. Heck, if she can make Coach Hedge scared, than she must be pretty powerful.

I think Annabeth deserves 2nd place because of how wise and smart she is. Let's face it, if it weren't for Annabeth Percy would most likely be dead.

She doesn't have any actual powers, but she's an amazing fighter and can beat Percy and Nico. Sure, she can't control and element or fly, but she logics her way out of things.

7 Hazel Levesque

She has a small list
1. Mist Control. She can turn you insane in seconds before you can even think about attacking her.
2. Earth Control. She can create earthquakes and rocks. She can create and open up a tunnel under your feet and suffocate you underneath the earth.
3. Darkness Control. No explanation needed. Plus: shadow-travel.
4. Skeleton Control. She can conjure an entire army of skeletons to kill you.
5. Metal Control. She can use her own sword without even touching it and can take away anyone else's weapon just like that.
6. Arion. That horse will knock you down in seconds.
7. Sword fighting. She trained at Camp Jupiter for a whole year. She's quite awesome at sword-fighting.

The fact that she's 13 and is such a powerful demigod makes her such an important member of the 7. She could kill or drive anyone insane by showing them disturbing images with the mist, but she's to good a person to do that kinda thing:)

Hazel is easily the most powerful demigod because there is no one on this list she couldn't kill if she wanted to (but she doesn't because she is great like that). Obviously, she could do it with the Mist, like tricking them into walking off a cliff or thinking that she is not holding a knife when she is or getting them to drink poison while thinking it's really grape juice or something. She also has the ability to control metal, so she could stab someone with their own weapon without lifting a finger. And, though people may forget about this, she also has the cursed-gem thing (or at least she used to, I'm not sure exactly what happened to it) and she could just give them one of those if she didn't want to get her hands dirty.

I think she is pretty powerful and should maybe even be in the top 2nd or 1st because of her power to manipulate the mist. She could make Percy imagine that Annabeth is in danger and make him jump into a pit and die.

8 Frank Zhang

Well let's see. He can shape shift into all sorts of creatures even a DRAGON and he's an amazing archer to, plus when he gets the blessing of Ares he is temporarily invulnerable. Maybe number four.

Frank has also has potential. He came to become a magical animal (such as a dragon). He is also has a lot of muscle and he seems to be experienced in fighting.

We saw Frank turn into a dragon, so clearly he doesn't just turn into animals, but MAGICAL ANIMALS! For all we know, he could turn into a hydra, or the Nemean Lion! His powers are virtually limitless, especially considering the whole 'swarm of bees' thing. Not one bee, but an entire swarm! could he become an entire flock of birds, or a whole colony of ants? No way to know, I suppose, but I'd say hands down yes. He could command the skeleton warriors and has superb archery skills. Due to the "blessing" of Mars, he's got huge muscles, and so out-muscles the rest of the whole 7. The stick isn't a weakness, it's proof of just how powerful he is. Juno seriously said that he was so powerful his powers would kill him, and that's why he needed the stick- it becomes his weakness instead of his own strength turning on him. And it's not even that bad of a weakness, anyway. People overreact about it, especially considering the fact that if it's on him when he transforms, it just disappears with ...more

1. Frank Zhang
Big, buff guy, great at archery, and has the power to turn into any animal he wants to, including majestic creatures! He could just turn into a dragon and beat any of the other characters up! He's strong without his powers too.
2. Nico di Angelo
Son of Hades, ability to summon undead warriors and shadow travel. He's almost like a mortal version of Hades!
3. Percy Jackson
Son of Poisodon, great sword fighter, and has the power to summon water at will, and cause hurricanes. As the main character, he's almost never lost!
4. Leo Valdez
Son of Hephaestus, one of my favorite character. Amazing builder, great technology, and has the power to summon fire at will. I wanted to say he is stronger than Percy! He also has Festus.
5. Hazel Levesque
Physically a powerful character, has the power to summon metals, and has Arion the horse, who can move almost at the speed of sound!

9 Luke Castellan

Luke is the strongest and here's why: he may not be a physically or magically as strong as Percy and Nico, but he's manipulative. Using just his wit, he almost destroyed the world in the first book. In the first book everyone was just wrapped around his finger and he used them like chess pieces. He even controlled the gods of Olympus

How is he not higher? Total badass and the best swordsman in 300 years! Percy is the greatest obviously but Luke deserves to be second, right?

Excuse me? He's like the best swordsman in three hundred years and he's better than Percy! He even hosts Kronos in his body and he didn't have powers either like Percy or nico. Top three at least

I would personally say Luke. He is the best fighter by far, and if you compare Percy to him, I think you forgot who taught Percy. Also he is a good, but misguided person, and his powers, which we didn't see much of, are very powerful. I would also say that we have not seen the last of him, even though it seems he is dead.

10 Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

She is much more better then Piper. I was pretty surprise that her last name was so, so long but actually she is great. She would have been awesome girl friend with Jason.

She took down Thalia in two seconds, she beat Orion, she kept camp Jupiter running while Jason was gone, and she helped keep Nico alive by lending him her strength during The Blood Of Olympus.

Reyna should be way higher, top five at least. She was able to beat Orion, had Thalia down in two seconds, and was blessed by two war goddesses, one of which was a Greek one even though she's Roman AND she's a Hunter of Artemis!

A daughter of a war goddess who has been training at Camp Jupiter for four full years (mind you that Percy only trained during the summers cause he wasn't a year-round camper) plus training from Hylla to protect herself from her father and training from Blackbeard and the pirates on Circe's Island. Has Aurum and Argentum, the Aegis cloak, and defeated Thalia Grace while blindfolded and tied to a chair. A true queen.

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11 Tyson

No Tyson is a demigod and quite a strong considering that he had no lineage based powers and weapon. Let's not forget he is still a kid Cyclops and still manage to save Percy,that annoying blonde know it all who called him a monster and made him feel miserable, mister goat and little miss I - will - get-my- revenge -u - twig -nut ( Clarisse)

Tyson is a different type of demigod. Demigod means half mortal, half immortal. So, if Tyson's mom is a cyclops, a monster which can be destroyed, he is a technical demigod, since his dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea and earthquakes.

He's not a demigod, I mean demigod means half-bloods, kids of a God and a mortal. But his mother wasn't a mortal, she was a nature spirit. He is half god but in a different way

Even though he is so childish and adorable, he is super strong and can withstand fire! He deserves to be in the top 3.

12 Piper McLean Piper McLean is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan in The Heroes of Olympus series. She is one of the Seven of the prophecy and is the daughter of Aphrodite.

Piper McLean is so powerful. And a lot of hate towards her is unnecessary.
Everyone seems to hate Piper McLean. That's PROBABLY because of all the rants. Well, I'm here to convince you to not hate her, and here's my argument.
1) Autumn claims Piper is a Mary Sue and a pyscopath, and that she's selfish, blah, blah, blah.
Now, this can't be true.
Um, why?
Mary Sues don't have any flaws. They're perfect.
Selfishness is a flaw, hmm?
So Autumn's claim #1 is wrong. Piper can't be both. She can either be one or the other, and Autumn's argument is already falling into pieces.
2) Autumn claims every girl would want to be Piper.
Why would I want to be Piper.
My boyfriend would die.
Who would want that?
So Autumn's wrong yet again. And also, why is that a reason to hate Piper?
3) Autumn claims Piper stole the cornepica (can't spell) the horn without feeling any guilt. Really?
Look at the book, fangirls.
She feels plenty of guilt for ...more

Reread the Burning Maze, The Lost Hero, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, and Blood of Olympus. Meg, Apollo/Lester, Grover in the Burning Maze, Percy and/or Jason in the Mark of Athena, Annabeth in the Blood of Olympus, Jason and Leo in The Lost Hero and pretty much everyone on the ship when Khione attacked, and more! Her charmspeak is extremely strong, and we know that Jason and Leo (and probably most or everyone else) aren't resistant (as shown with Medea) so charmspeak is ANYTHING but a weak power. And charmspeak does work with monsters as shown in...pretty much all the books she's in

Plus she learns how to use a blowgun really well and a dagger really well and a sword

do you guys not realise she could say "Stab yourself" and they would she could take over the hole world like: "Hey mr president why don't we make this law..." and next thing you know you're not allowed to sell pink lipstick.

She is not so good. I mean her voice is great and all but not so. I mean what could she do? She's not so good at girl friend thing. though I still well like her a bit but Reyna is better.

13 Charles Beckondorf

Think about it, Percy wouldn't be alive if it weren't for this guy. Pretty much no one would. By blowing up that ship of monsters, he saved almost everyone's lives. Sure, some deaths couldn't be prevented, but this guy was a huge hero.

Go Charlie!

Stealth ninja genius with an early grave.

What kind of hero blows himself up? Sill, he was pretty powerful

Rip love you beckondorf

14 Bianca di Angelo

Same powers as Nico, hunter of Artemis, and if she hadn't died she might have been higher. Also I respect her giving her to save her friends

Is the equivalent of Nico and is in peak form forever if she didn't die. She is a child of the big three and could be the most experienced than anyone except maybe Thalia.

First I thought Bianca betrayed Nico, but then I realized it was for his own good. If Bianca was still alive, everything would have been different.

Even though she doesn't have many feats, Hades himself stated that she would be preferable over Nico if she were alive. That's gotta count for something

15 Zoe Nightshade

She was leader of the hunt for over 1000 years, she was taken down by the Titan general, she beat beckendorf and many others including Nico by herself.

She's awesome! She lead the hunters for many years and went on a quest she knew would kill her. That's true bravery.

Not as universal as Percy, but epic nonetheless.

Zone is very powerful, not saying she's the most powerful, she just deserves to be higher

16 Meg

I don't think Meg is the most powerful demigod but she's up and coming! She has been trained in sophisticated fighting style, and has the whole plant thing going for her, plus peaches. I thinks she's an up and coming demigod that will show that "hey Demeter is cool too"

She did more than Percy ever did when he was 14!
And she is twelve
She can teleport from weeds and summon Karpoi and use all plants and can sense things made from magical wood.
Judy wait till she grows up
She will pulverize percy

She is definitely one of the strongest. Definitely stronger than piper. She can fight with swords and has crazy plant powers, and she's only 12.

She will eventually become the most powerful demigod in any series, just wait until she gets older.

17 Clarisse LaRue

Um she is a daughter of war! In a no powers fight only sword and spear no water nearby she would beat Percy. Not first but maybe fourth or fifth.

Is the daughter of a war goddess, which makes her skilled in all types of weapons, has an electric spear, killed a drakon all by herself with no armor on, and was already a powerful expert fighter before Percy even knew he was a demigod. #The only reason Percy was able to beat was because he was strenghtened by the water Clarisse can beat Percy in a sword fight change my mind.

As a daughter of Ares, Clarisse has an ability to control any weapon she touches.
She killed the drakon single handedly, without armour in the titan war which even impressed Ares who blessed her with the blessing of Ares which made her invulnerable, at least for some time.
I REALLY think Clarisse must make to the list of the most powerful demigod

I think Clarisse is underestimated, just because she stayed at camp, or bullied Percy. Yes she is not the BEST person, buts she is a GOOD person.

18 Magnus Chase

Magnus Chase was a late realisation but his Sumarbrander is unbeatable for any demigod weapon. Give him some time and training and look at the havoc he can cause. He is the Percy Jackson of Norse mythology. He is the most important part of ragnarok. So put him in upper tiers and Jason Grace will wet his pants on seeing Magnus' incredible prowess
By Fredrick Chase

He is not the best character. I'm nit saying that I hate him, but I mean he is not that powerful.

Is an awesome healer. I think he would be higher if he could actually fight by himself.

He sucks. 15 just learns about his powers, relies on a troll and a elf to save him all the time

19 Achilles

This guy was literally called the greatest hero to ever live, which means greater than Hercules, Perseus, Theseus just to name a few. with his blessing of Achilles no-one can harm him unless they know about his heel. adding his superior battle strategy and skill he is almost invincible. plus you don't get called the greatest hero ever for nothing.

Hercules is an ungrateful & conceited bastard. Achilles is better than Herc!

After Hercules he is the most strongest.

20 Will Solace

He shouldn't be on this list, honestly. He's my favorite fictional character ever in the entire world, but a part of his character is that he's a healer, not a fighter. His powers are healing, GLOWING (so adorable), creating an awful dog whistle to disarm people, and that's about it. His power is pretty much to defeat people without hurting them, which makes him adorable, but he's not powerful at all. He knows he can't fight, or use any weapon, or anything like that, but he heals which is also really important.

He is sooo awesome! He has excellent healing powers and a natural archer (even though not as skilled as his other half siblings), a natural musician and is such a great person! He also has increased athletic skills and audiokinesis and can couplets curse!

He is awesome yeah but about those music powers, he said himself he's almost only music talent is that... OMGS I don't know what it is in English. Oops... But yeah Will is great but Nico is the most awesome.

Superb healer and his music talents!

21 Chrysaor

Percy is number 1 and this guy probably won't be because he was only there for a short while.but in mark of Athena he was far superior to Percy. His sword fighting was shown to be much better than Percy or Jason.he as a son of Poseidon was able to bring water out of Percy's control completely.percy couldn't move water because of chrysaors powers and he also disarmed Percy quicker than anyone ever has. Percy wasn't able to even scratch the guy.

He beat Percy so easily. It also took all of the seven to beat him.

He took down Percy within like 5 seconds!His swordsmanship is like 3 times as Good!

22 Hercules

Hercules if we go by the powers of the big three being the son of Zeus gives him aerokinsis, electrokinises and his own immense strength. If we are only following the books everything Percy has done so far Hercules has already done and more. It was mentioned that Hercules has a great publicist meaning the mortals will never forget him and his Greek/roman counterparts do not cause major personality changes. If it was a fight between the children of the big three and we removed Hercules immortality Hercules would win because of his vast knowledge and skills as a fighter and his immense strength. We can't forget he has beaten Ares, wounded Hera and hades, wrestled and defeated Thanatos just to name a few so let's not belittle the lion of Olympus

Most powerful demigod ever, nothing could ever stop him. Beat the crap out of basically every single thing thrown at him. Seriously, he should be number one on this list. Heck, he was able to get coconuts stuck on the Argo 2 eventhough they were so high up in the sky, and you know what they used to make the ship right?

He is supposed to be the strongest one ever. He wounded Hera, Hades, Defeated Ares, wrestled and defeated Thanatos, Triton, tied with Zeus in a wrestling match, lifted up the sky, Defeated the mightiest beasts ever. Killing Orthrus with a single blow, strangling Menoetius to near death, Killing Ladon with a single arrow (He indeed killed Ladon in the original story), Crushing the Crab of Hera, Killing Hydra, Nemean lion, Erymanthean boar, capturing Kerynean hind (couldn't be captured even by ARTEMIS), Diomedes' mares, Cretan bull and etc. He was the only demigod in the original Gigantomachy. He singlehandedly killed Alcyoneus Porphryon and others as well as killed Enceladus, Mimas, Polybotes, Hippolycus etc combined with a god each, this itself puts him far beyond all the modern demigods combined together. His feats are unparalleled. There is no demigod who could compare with him. Not just feats but he was a cultural hero too, found the cult of the 12 Olympians, started Olympics, ...more

Hercules abandoned Zoe in the books remember! He lied to her and broke her heart. He's the reason she became a Hunter. Also think of what he did to Piper and Jason!

23 Samirah

She is Magnus's friend. She should be after Magnus.

Loki is her father

24 Poseidon

Uh, if Poseidon wanted to he could destroy every single demigod, he is a god, an immortal being, he isn't even human, he has literal different blood. Yes, some demigods have harmed gods, e.g Ares being defeated by Percy, let's remember this guy is one of the big three. Any of the big three could easily destroy all the demigods, maybe there is an exception for hades though, although hades could do a LOT of damage as well.

He is such a chill dude! And I know this is supposed to be for demigods but come on! People have to admit that he's powerful! He defeated typhoon and all the other gods were having trouble with it! And basically all of them were there trying to stop him!

Umm, it says demigod, yet I don't know why I'm voting for him.

He's A GOD how is he not on top?

25 Ethan Nakamura

I think Ethan could have been very powerful demigod. But Unlucky him, he had an unfortunate past and parentage.

His mom is a stupid person. He's nice, his mom is awful.

Nemesis: I hate all my kids. Hahaaaha.

Ethan: I hate u. Kills Nemesis.

He's just hilarious

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