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1 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

I cannot even begin to say how great a character he is. He has sacrificed himself many times and would literally lay down his life for another person, even if he might die. Unlike Leo, who only sacrificed himself because he had a potion from the god of healing, Percy has defeated many gods and goddesses, such as Ares, the god of war, at the age of 12, even though he barely trained for many years at Camp Half-Blood.

He has been on many quests and led a war against Kronos and won. He was offered immortality but refused, showing how noble he is. He refused it so that many demigods, minor gods, and goddesses could be treated right. He has done good things despite being treated horribly. For instance, in the Sea of Monsters, he was able to find the Golden Fleece but took no credit, and many campers ignored him. But Percy did not care and was only happy he came back alive.

I can go on and on, but he has done too many things to write all of them down. He is the best demigod there ever was, with such a noble and kind personality. Others could wish they could be 1% as great as Percy was.

2 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

He's just hilarious! Like in that part of Heroes of Olympus where he's with Frank and he's tempted to light his hand on fire and yell, "Bwa ha ha!"

Percy is a good character, but he never had to go through what Leo did. Even though Percy thought about sacrificing himself, Leo actually did it (and came back). Sure, Percy has powers over the sea, but that's common for sons of Poseidon. Fire powers are rare, and Leo is awesome at mechanical stuff! Percy doesn't have that skill.

Despite all his awesomeness, Leo had to endure even more pain. He watched everyone with their girlfriends and boyfriends while he was single. When he did find a girlfriend, she was literally supposed to fall in love with every boy she saw (and she even hated him at first!). Leo is just so awesome like that.

3 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Poor Annabeth's backstory is so underrated. I actually think it's a lot like Leo's. Leo was called the devil by his aunt. Annabeth was called a freak by her parents. Leo's family didn't want him, and neither did Annabeth's. Leo ran away at a young age. Annabeth ran away at 7 and was hunted down by monsters.

Leo's aunt blamed him for his mother's death, and Hermes blamed Annabeth for Luke's death. Annabeth had been everyone's second choice until Percy came along and chose her over immortality. She even mentioned that Camp Half-Blood was like an orphanage for her. She would make a friend, but that friend would end up leaving her or dying. So many of her friends have also betrayed her.

Plus, she was the only one of the seven without powers and the smartest.

4 Coach Gleeson Hedge

My favorite quote from any Riordan book is "Hey, I like peace as much as the next satyr." And who says that? Gleeson does. But Valdez tops it off with "You hate peace." So funny.

5 Grover Underwood

Why is Grover last? Grover is one of the best. (In my opinion, Grover is number 4.) Grover is funny, smart, and a great friend to the demigods. Go to the Fields of Punishment if you don't like Grover Underwood.

I stopped reading Rick Riordan about a year ago and came back here while doing a book project. How dare you put Grover at 10? He at least deserves a 5!

Wow. A character that is not full of themselves. A rarity among Percy Jackson characters.

6 Sadie Kane

Sweet, funny, smart, quick-thinking, and a TOTAL BADASS! She's also a strong and independent girl, sassy and quirky. One of my favorite characters in Riordan's books.

She's not afraid to speak her mind, and she's able to cope with the fact that she has a double boyfriend, which can be hard to deal with for us girls.

I love Sadie. She is so funny and witty. She technically dates Anubis, who is my favorite god. Plus, the Kane Chronicles is my favorite book series.

7 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting... read more

Nico's sexuality was super important to me growing up. Like with many of Riordan's other characters, Nico gave me a positive view of something that I struggled with, especially since many of the people around me were homophobic. As a character, he's cool outside of that, of course, and I fell in love with him. He was always super relatable and cool to me, even before I read House of Hades.

Admittedly, I was a little emo when I read the series and obviously thought death was cool as hell. Overall, I'm super thankful to Riordan for including a character that I love as much as Nico.

8 Frank Zhang

"If I'm going to burn, it might as well be bright."

That line changed how I saw Frank. I always liked him, but he was a little bland. But he sacrificed himself and kinda died in ToA, and now I love him.

Frank reminds me of myself. He's a klutz, is very sweet, and in the end, sacrifices for what is good.

He can literally be any animal or mythological creature! Need I say more?

Also, his story is not easy. His mom died. He had to leave his grandma. The god he hated turned out to be his dad. He was placed in the fifth cohort. He was made fun of for being a bit chubby. He has his life tied to a burned stub. Hazel almost left him for Leo.

9 Thalia Grace

Thalia is such an amazing person. She was even a female main character in The Titan's Curse. She was an important older sister figure in both Annabeth and Jason's lives and went from being a tree to the leader of the Hunters of Artemis!

Thalia is cool and punky. She is actually a hunter who deserves the role. Thalia's a caring sister to Jason and a kind friend to Annabeth. She is a literal legend.

Thalia is Thalia. Get it? She's a huntress and still helps everyone no matter their gender, though she isn't a fan of Leo.

10 Magnus Chase

Magnus Chase was a refreshing new protagonist in Riordan's series. He is powerful in his own way since he is the only main character who isn't actually good at direct fighting. He still gets by with his wits and the help of his friends because he is also a great friend. Usually, in any fantasy story, the healer is not that relevant, but Magnus Chase takes command of his own story.

You want to talk power? He is the son of one of the most powerful Vanirs and wields Jack. Want to talk about a sad story? The kid was literally homeless and still radiates light. Even if you want good LGBTQ+ representation, he is at least bi. He's not afraid to follow his heart despite the gender of the person he's chasing. He is fierce, but definitely not fearless. He didn't even give up after he was dead. All that makes him original, refreshing, and awesome.

Percy Jackson is still my favorite series, but Magnus is my favorite character.

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11 Hazel Levesque

Hazel is such a good character. She's kind to the other members of the crew, and her control over mist makes her a powerful ally.

Don't forget she's only 13 when Heroes of Olympus started. That's like 2 years younger than anyone else. Plus, her powers are really useful.

Brave, has a creepy past but is still strong, and one of the ONLY ones that Nico is comfortable with.

12 Alex Fierro

Alright. If I'm the only one here who read Hammer of Thor, you should know that Alex didn't experience a death in her (his) family but had an abusive one, especially considering her mother (Loki), who made it even worse by exposing her to the Norse mythic world. Moreover, anyone who can resist Loki's control and refuse to kill is truly remarkable.

Alex deserves more credit than Piper, Walt, and many others. Additionally, when both Thor and Halfborn Gunderson claimed that she was unmanly, she proved them wrong. Alex is far more underrated than you might think.

13 Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

Out of all of them, she endured the most and yet still stayed the strongest. Reyna's had her heart broken so many times, but she still manages to persevere despite the challenges that she faces. Jason, who had been a close friend to her for so long, left her for a girl whose memories of him were fake. She's such a queen and deserves so much better. Long live Reyna.

Reyna is such a strong person who never gave up. She was the best big sister to Nico and never gave up. I hope she found happiness with the Hunters of Artemis. The scene where Apollo asked to be her boyfriend, and she laughed in his face, really showed her character growth because before she would have grabbed at any opportunity to get a boyfriend.

14 Jason Grace Jason Grace was the Roman demigod son of Jupiter (Roman God of the Sky) and the late actress Beryl Grace, the younger brother of Thalia Grace (whom Beryl had with Jupiter's Greek form Zeus), the former co-praetor of Camp Jupiter, the Counsellor of Cabin 1 at Camp Half-Blood, the former boyfriend of... read more

Honestly, guys, Jason out of the top 10? You gotta be kidding me. He is the joint strongest demigod in the series (along with Percy). Born to be a leader, his leading and military skills are second to none. Even when he was dying, he saved his friends. And guys, don't forget the fact that he saved Percy in the ocean. His wind-manipulating and lightning powers just make him stronger. So, in my opinion, he's the best demigod there is!

He is kinda annoying sometimes, yes, true, but why does everyone hate him? You know even Percy is kinda annoying. Jason sacrifices himself, and he is also courageous and brave!

15 Apollo

The character development here is amazing. I mean, he is the most stuck-up and selfish god when he first appears (in Titan's Curse). Then in Tower of Nero, he takes on one of the most powerful entities in the world by himself (and wins!). It would have been good to see him end up pulling a Percy and rejecting immortality, but that would have been pretty predictable.

The last few pages of TON are absolutely ASDFGHJKL. If you compare them to Apollo in TTC or THO, he's a completely different character. That's what I love most about Apollo. I mean, he has some great comedic lines, and his banter with the Arrow of Dodona is second only to that of Magnus and Jack, but the growth he goes through... words can't describe it.

16 Piper McLean Piper McLean is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan in The Heroes of Olympus series. She is one of the Seven of the prophecy and is the daughter of Aphrodite.

Why does she get hate for thinking about Jason a lot in the first book? She found out that all her memories of him were fake, but Leo gets no hate for all that Calypso this, Calypso that in BoO. And obviously Percy NEVER thinks about Annabeth all the time, and it's obviously not perfectly normal to think about your loved one.

I hate all the hate surrounding her. People are somehow so jealous of her, even though she has lots of faults. On the worst and most annoying Rick Riordan characters lists, she was number one by a lot, well above Octavian and Drew and all the other sucktastic characters. Why?

17 Hearthstone

Really, this guy had to suffer so much and go through so much pain. Abusive parents, the death of his brother, running away from home, the thing with rune magic, returning back to the site of his childhood trauma, and claiming the inheritance rune. He at least deserves 5th place.

P.S.: I ship him with Blitzen.

I love him so much! Hearthstone has been through so much, but he always stayed strong. He's my favorite character in the Magnus Chase series!

He might go unnoticed, but he makes sarcastic remarks so much.

18 Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Ok, I didn't vote for her because I think she is the best but because she deserves to be higher. She is brave, kind, artistic, and fierce. I love when you have characters who are regular people but still play a part in some fantasy/myth story. Plus, she hit Kronos in the eye with a plastic hairbrush.

Okay, I understand that she likes Percy. (I love Percabeth.) But she's a good character. In The Lost Hero, she was crying when she thought she killed Piper. I still like her. Plus, she hit a Titan in the eye with a hairbrush. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Maybe I just like her because I'm a redhead too, but whatever.

19 Will Solace

Great friend, seems like a nice guy. If I could meet any Apollo kid, I'd meet Will.

20 Blackjack

Why so low? Blackjack is the ultimate companion. I mean, "You got it, boss," is like my favorite line!

Best guy to call to meet the wine dude.

21 Carter Kane

He is way smarter than everybody else except Annabeth. Plus, he has heightened abilities thanks to Horus and can match Percy in power.

Underrated protagonist. One of the best.

22 Luke Castellan

I think Luke Castellan deserves a higher spot on this list. He may have been the antagonist in the series, but he changed and saved Olympus in the end. He is a character with a lot of depth, and the best thing about him is that he truly believed in his cause, even though he paid the ultimate price. Percy Jackson was not the hero, Luke was.

Luke is one of the best characters in the whole series. He is so well-written and understandable that he's probably in my top 5 characters of this series.

Luke ended up saving Olympus practically.

23 Samirah al-Abbas

So brave and always ready to prove her haters wrong.

24 Iapetus

I don't actually think he's the best character. I just thought he deserved to be higher than #24. Titan Bob really is an amazing character, though, and just about the best part of House of Hades.

We loved Bob until the end. But wait! It was hinted in the finale of ToA that Nico is getting some kind of mental plea for help from Tartarus, and we assume that is Bob, or maybe even Damasen.

I love Bob. His death was so sad. I loved him so much. He was so funny. We all miss him.

25 Calypso

She has gone through a lot. She made a small mistake in choosing the Titans' side in the war, and her punishment was Ogygia for all time. She was awarded with a hero she was cursed to love, but they always ditched her. Also, she is the daughter of Atlas. Poor girl! But even after all that, she is still so kind and has an important part in the Dark Prophecy. Go Calypso!

She and Percy would have made a nice couple, but she and Leo are even better!

She's a good character. She isn't the best, but she's unbelievably low.

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