Top Ten Warrior Cat Clan Names

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1 Moonclan

Leader Moonstar a dark gray tom with a white underbelly
Deputy Flowertail a ginger she cat with white paws
Medicine cat Sunrise a golden she cat with silver swirls and a white underbelly
Haven't come up with warriors yet.
I love it.

Maybe StarClan but for another animal? I wonder what animal it would be for? Great clan name though! - Blackmoon, Warriror of PebbleClan and NightClan

It's a great clan name, don't get me wrong, but SO overused in the long run. I recommend thinking of anything that reminds you of the name "Moonclan" (like gleam, mist, etc), it really worked for me!

It sounds really cool... my warrior cat name is Tiger Lily and this just sounds so cool. Also what in the name of star clan is this jabbering about '' cyber clan '' down in sun clan?!?!

2 Seaclan

It's a nice name... I would love to see apprentices having to swim against strong ocean waves and catch small fish to feed the clan, or grab shiny shells to decorate the camp!

!it love I and clan this used IV those like soothing heart sea horse or -spirit dolphins like animals ocean the with names the with all clan a like be would clan this that think I very its think I

Love it. its familiar to my OC clan BayClan, but I acept it.

Leader: Wavestar- dark gray tabby tom, blue eyes

Deputy: Currenttail-light gray she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Salt-ripple: gray she-cat, golden eyes

Most Active And Loyal Warriors:

Rockshard-black tom with green eyes

Applewave- ginger she-cat, blue eyes

Musselfoot-strong black tom with hazel eyes

Seaflower-light gray she-cat, green eyes

lets me have a lot of imagination

Beautiful name! It would be cool if apprentices had to swim a certain length to prove themselves to be warriors. Or even kits daring each other to swim! Totally using this!

3 Mossclan

Sounds like some clans that in dense undergrowth with lots of ancient trees.

Leader: Moorstar-Black tom, green eyes

Deputy: Bushfur-brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine cat: Mossyleaf-ginger and white she-cat, golden eyes.

Most loyal and active warriors:

Thornstep- ginger tabby tom with blue eyes

Bramblefoot-bushy maghonghny she-cat, hazel eyes

Rootpelt- brown tom with yellow eyes.

The apprentices would also love climbing all the trees they can

This is such a beautiful clan name! I imagine it as a clan who is very close and open to nature, earth, and water. I'm definitely using this name in my story.
-Rosethorn, medicine cat of MossClan

Mossclan sound the best in my opinion I love it and I am using for my clan, a clan- MossClan, and it is basically like wolves of the beyond, if you have ever heard of them. It is about clans of wolves and they hunt and fight for survival and they live on a stranded island that is filled with wolves, and the occasional person.

I think this is a really amazing clan name. I feel they would live in a small forest with old twisted oak trees, with lots of moss growing up and around the base of them.

4 Frostclan

I love this name, and I'm using this in my fan fiction stories. Also, my friends and I made our own clan called FrostClan. We have two(2) leaders, and I am one of them.

I have a clan named Iceclan in the story me and my friend are writing... But FrostClan is a awesome name as well! Definitely putting my vote in this one.

Frost is such a pretty prefix! (Hence my name) And I imagine them being graceful and live up in the snowy mountains

Like they like leaf bare. Nobody likes leaf bare! But either way I love it.

5 Thornclan

A clan that is very aggressive and also lives in lots of undergrowth and their camp is protected by thorns.

Leader: Moorstar- brown she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy: Willowsong- tall, light gray she-cat, teal eyes

Medicine Cat: Logfur- brown tabby tom with white underbelly and blue eyes

Apprentice: Sorrelsplash- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Most Loyal And Active Warriors:

Goldstorm- golden tabby she-cat, one blue eye and one amber eye

Hazelwhisker- gray she-cat with hazel eyes

Cool Name!

I LOVE it I am totally using it for my story I'm going to say they have thorn sharp claws and thorn bushes as an advantage in battle.

I'm making a Warriors world in Minecraft. I'm calling it this now because of the super pointy mountains it's located at.

Sounds like a clan with lots of overgrowth. The cats are probably really protective! If you want some more names like this:

Feel free to use these if you like!

6 Sunclan

They like to watch the sun rise and the sunset. Their leader is a strong and fast leader and they live on a moor that the sun touched everything. I love it

My clan is Doveclan but Sunclan is the second best! I would choose it if I didn't have Doveclan, and I didn't do it, but whoever keeps deleting Cyberclan has the right idea, why would you do that? That is a horrible name for a clan, no offense

This name is really good has a nice ring to it.

This is a beautiful clan name!

7 CypressClan

...I love it, I just love it.

8 DoveClan

...I love it, why am I being asked to. Oh follow the script okay okay.
I live Dov- does that say petals or petlas? Okay just say I love it got it,
I love I-

Anything with "dove" in it sounds awesome, in my opinion. Don't ask why.

9 Smokeclan

I can definitely see the cats in this clan constantly being surrounded by heavy fog and mist and only on the hottest summer days is the fog or mist lighter and you can see a decent distance.

They get forest fires! No they don't. They live in a redwood forest and hunt mice and rabbits and their leader is called Redstar. I'm using this

Smokeclan has a nice ring to it and could symbolize many things

10 PetalClan

I'm very sorry and I don;t want to hurt anybody's feelings but I think this name might just be a little to elegant and graceful and... how do I describe it... ah yes... a little to "shiny"

They have many flowers and the kits love to collect flowers and petals for the warriors and to decorate camp! In spring they pick flowers.

The Contenders
11 Bloodclan

Awesome killer like clan name!

I love all of these names!

Bloodclan is my life

12 DawnClan

It's a gentle name and it would be perfect for a clan with cats that tend to wake up very early and they wont be tired!

It reminds me of friendly cats that are fast and smart. The love watching the sunrise, that is why they wake up so early it's dark out, to see the sunrise! They usually have beautiful golden pelts. Hey! I already have my other clan names, and I need one more! Yayy this one TOTALLY!

It just sounds awesome! The Warriors series is my favorite series.

I love this clan name! It sounds like they are really fast and agile!

13 Aquaclan

It has a very nice sound to it! But personally, is the clan named after something? I'm curious

Ooo they live near the ocean and there leader is Oceanstar
So pretty!

My favorite color

14 HollyClan

I love holly leaf favorite character and to have a clan named after her I think that would be a great way to remember and honer her.

I loved Hollyleaf, but I'm disappointed that she died hysterically after a tremendous death. We will still be reminded of her, no matter what.

HollyClan, the clan that kills cats and has pity party's and feels no joy for others like hollyleaf.

There is her and sol, now named Sundapple. Snowfur is in here. Daisy was named Daisyfur. Sagewhisker is med. this is my least favorite cats. Scourge named Whitefoot.

"Hey Hollystar I had kits with Whitefoot." Said Daisyfur. "This little one is Rubykit, this is Littlekit, and this is CloudKit! " She said. "Erm I don't feel good." Said Hollystar only caring about herself, just like in da books.

I love the name! Especially because it reminds me of Hollyleaf! She was one of my favorite characters!

15 WillowClan

I like it, I would use it but it doesn't really fit my clans because I have two sets of clans four coming after the original clans and the other four based off of the holidays.

Mostly all cats with the prefix Willow in warriors are wise, calm, and loving, I think these would be the qualities of WilliowClan!

I don't think you can understand how beautiful this name is.

A clan full of willow trees... It's a beautiful name I think personally

16 Nightclan

They only hunt at night and lurk in the shadows and hide away from other clans and are very hungry for revenge and not very loyal and break promises and alliances, turn on their from other clans. Not a nice clan but I love the name.

This Clan name fits a Clan full of Warrior Cat villains, if you ask me.

Well I voted because my oc is night song and my name is midnight so... yea

My own adoptive clan. Not much I can say. - Blackmoon, Warrior of PebbleClan and Nightclan

17 Cloudclan

I voted this because I have a fan story and the three clans are cloudclan, stormclan, and forestclan ( p.s. please don't steal idea, I plan on putting it on quotev or wattpad) I chose the name because it matches perfectly with the established clans, its similar to thunderclan or skyclan, so it would be the perfect addition to the clans

I'll join Cloudtail's Clan. Should be fun. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to hold in a poop that's trying to give me lessons on what giving birth through your butt feels like.

I'd choose the cloudClan and the frostClan as well as the BlossomingClan Because they're very interesting names.

Maybe they are softies, kind and caring, looking up to the clouds for help and care? I dunno, but this is a beautiful name!

18 Bushclan

A Clan that lives in a jungle-like undergrowthy forest. The kits, med cat, elders and apprentices sleep in three almost combined trees. The warriors sleep in a clearing below the trees to protect and guard camp. They eat mice, voles, and other woodland life and are amazing climbers.

I imagine they live in a place surrounded by hedges and sort of close to the twolegs, and have plants surrounding their camp

19 CloverClan

They seem like the clan that are soft and kind, living near large patches of clovers?

CloverClan is so amazing! If you read the vision of shadows series, Cloverfoot is so amazing!

I honestly think Cloverclan is interesting. Sounds lucky too

It has a nice sound to it.

20 EmberClan

Hmm... I really don't know, but this is a lovely name! I think I'll use it!

This one is really good

Mah favorite so far

Sounds like we just came out of a fire with sparks of fire in our fur

21 Stormclan

They live by a river, a strong one. I love it.

I love the storm ring to it!

I imagine they would be like the tribe, living in the mountains

22 Featherclan

It's kind of cheesy but I love Feathertail and maybe all the cats in this clan are fast and lightfooted. Anyways I like it, and I know how hard it is to come up with a clan name so I applaud you, nice job!

They are soft and love to hunt, not birds. They collect feathers for camp and nests and live in a forest.

It's a soft, gentle clan name. It'd be best if most of the cats in this clan were to have long and soft fur!

They probably have loads of birds drop feathers down!

23 Lightningclan

I like this name. I used to dislike it because of its similarities to Thunderclan. However I think now that it sounds like these cats are quick and powerful striking down opponents with swift blows

The new thunderclan

24 Oceanclan

I love it, it is really cool. It's like they swim all day and love to hunt big fish and kits are only allowed to swim in small pools and their is a distance a apprentice can swim and warriors can go further. I love it!

I love this. But I don't know if warrior cats know what a ocean is, since they call it the sun-drown-place.

I don't think they know what an Ocean is because they call it the Sun drown place.

25 Snowclan

I love it! sounds like a snowy field with their dens made out of snow and ice like igloo's!

It sounds like they get a lot of snow in leaf bare!

This is a very creative name for a clan I like it.

I love this one

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