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1 Moonclan

It's a great clan name, don't get me wrong, but SO overused in the long run. I recommend thinking of anything that reminds you of the name "Moonclan" (like gleam, mist, etc), it really worked for me!

It sounds really cool... my warrior cat name is Tiger Lily and this just sounds so cool. Also what in the name of star clan is this jabbering about '' cyber clan '' down in sun clan?!?!

I really like this name, so I am going to use this clan name for a replacement of StarClan, since I don't want to copy Erin Hunter!

I like it and I am using it for my book but its way different than warriors its about owls

2 Seaclan

Ik I sound stupid BUT I'm writing a KIND OF warriors book but they are like all chill dogs instead! All I can picture is my Brindle Dog Sitting on a nice warm rock while then waves lap up against it and small water droplets cool him as he relaxes! I LOVE THIS CLAN NAME

I think it would be the nomads of riverclan. Outcasts of their clan, they traveled until they found the sea. There they found their calling

Beautiful name! It would be cool if apprentices had to swim a certain length to prove themselves to be warriors. Or even kits daring each other to swim! Totally using this!

Love the name...but, sounds rather similar to riverclan, I would personally recommend something similar, like lakeclan, creekclan, pondclan ( etc)

3 Mossclan

This is such a beautiful clan name! I imagine it as a clan who is very close and open to nature, earth, and water. I'm definitely using this name in my story.
-Rosethorn, medicine cat of MossClan

A gorgeous name compared to some of the others. For my OC clans I’m still debating to use this one. Don’t think I will though, no matter how beautiful it is!

Mossclan sound the best in my opinion I love it and I am using for my clan, a clan- MossClan, and it is basically like wolves of the beyond, if you have ever heard of them. It is about clans of wolves and they hunt and fight for survival and they live on a stranded island that is filled with wolves, and the occasional person.

This sounds like (because I'm doing dogs not cats) a clan where all the members would hang out in the old stone temple that is their camp and the pups play hide and seek and the nursery is enclosed by cold stone wall that are covered in moss and the moss has little pink flowers growing from it!

4 Frostclan

Has a nice ring to it! Also considered using this one, but I need something more unique. Still a gorgeous name though!

I love this name, and I'm using this in my fan fiction stories. Also, my friends and I made our own clan called FrostClan. We have two(2) leaders, and I am one of them.

I have a clan named Iceclan in the story me and my friend are writing... But FrostClan is a awesome name as well! Definitely putting my vote in this one.

Frost is such a pretty prefix! (Hence my name) And I imagine them being graceful and live up in the snowy mountains

5 Thornclan

Sounds like a clan with lots of overgrowth. The cats are probably really protective! If you want some more names like this:

Feel free to use these if you like!

I LOVE it I am totally using it for my story I'm going to say they have thorn sharp claws and thorn bushes as an advantage in battle.

It sounds like they have sharp claws and are strong and brave I really like it!

Such an inventive clan name! Incredible. So using this for my story!

6 Sunclan

My clan is Doveclan but Sunclan is the second best! I would choose it if I didn't have Doveclan, and I didn't do it, but whoever keeps deleting Cyberclan has the right idea, why would you do that? That is a horrible name for a clan, no offense

I really want to use this but I feel as it would be overused. It's a really good name in the long run! - Suntail Of RiverClan

This name is really good has a nice ring to it.

This is a beautiful clan name!

7 CypressClan

Its very unique, I think I might use it now, Thanks

I'm gonna use this right now

I have a clan named Fade'Clan in my book


8 DoveClan

So pretty! Dove is a gorgeous prefix and I honestly love it

The most graceful clan of all

I love the name dove for a Clan! So pretty! It’s adorable! I imagine them living in a forest or thicket!

9 PetalClan

It reminds me of flowers it is beautful name.

10 DawnClan

It reminds me of friendly cats that are fast and smart. The love watching the sunrise, that is why they wake up so early it's dark out, to see the sunrise! They usually have beautiful golden pelts. Hey! I already have my other clan names, and I need one more! Yayy this one TOTALLY!

Out of all of these dawnclan is my has to my favorite. I think I might use this for my story

It just sounds awesome! The Warriors series is my favorite series.

I love this clan name! It sounds like they are really fast and agile!

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11 Smokeclan

Smokeclan has a nice ring to it and could symbolize many things

I love the name it has that kind ring to it great for my book

Think this is a cool name

Hello, hoiw weird to see smokeclan here! smokeclan is my clan!

12 Bloodclan

Blood clan is a clan scourge leads it

Awesome killer like clan name!

I love all of these names!

Bloodclan is my life

13 Aquaclan

Sounds like cats kicked out of RiverClan would go and make it x3

Ooo they live near the ocean and there leader is Oceanstar
So pretty!

My favorite color

It has a very nice sound to it! But personally, is the clan named after something? I’m curious

14 HollyClan

I loved Hollyleaf, but I'm disappointed that she died hysterically after a tremendous death. We will still be reminded of her, no matter what.

I feel so awesome for holly leaf!

To honour hollyleaf

This is awesome!

15 Stonefur

StoneFur was an amazing cat in the series, so I think the name StoneClan would be amazing!

Pretty sure Stonefur isn't a clan. Perhaps Stonefurclan is better?

He was an awesome cat, but not a clan?

Stonefur's a cat but StoneClan sounds cool

16 Nightclan

This Clan name fits a Clan full of Warrior Cat villains, if you ask me.

Well I voted because my oc is night song and my name is midnight so... yea

I like this better than sun clan

Purrfect to stalk around

17 WillowClan

Mostly all cats with the prefix Willow in warriors are wise, calm, and loving, I think these would be the qualities of WilliowClan!

I like it, I would use it but it doesn't really fit my clans because I have two sets of clans four coming after the original clans and the other four based off of the holidays.

*Tosses them into willows* WillowClan UwU Sounds like they're kind and helpful, always helping, but fight when needed.

This reminds me of river clan because it reminds me of sleek cats and water for some reason

18 Cloudclan

I voted this because I have a fan story and the three clans are cloudclan, stormclan, and forestclan ( p.s. please don't steal idea, I plan on putting it on quotev or wattpad) I chose the name because it matches perfectly with the established clans, its similar to thunderclan or skyclan, so it would be the perfect addition to the clans

I'll join Cloudtail's Clan. Should be fun. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to hold in a poop that's trying to give me lessons on what giving birth through your butt feels like.

Maybe they are softies, kind and caring, looking up to the clouds for help and care? I dunno, but this is a beautiful name!

Just doesn't roll off the tongue very well, in my opinion.

19 Bushclan

A Clan that lives in a jungle-like undergrowthy forest. The kits, med cat, elders and apprentices sleep in three almost combined trees. The warriors sleep in a clearing below the trees to protect and guard camp. They eat mice, voles, and other woodland life and are amazing climbers.

I imagine they live in a place surrounded by hedges and sort of close to the twolegs, and have plants surrounding their camp

They live in a rainforest haha

Leader: Vinestar-A grey Tom with green eyes

Deputy: Rippledpelt-A pale grey shecat with darker grey ripples and blue eyes
Apprentice-Twistedpaw a black and white Tom with a bob tail and a twisted left paw

Med cat-Leafpatch a tortoise shecat with green eyes
Apprentice-Goldenleaf: A golden and white she cat


Gold petal-Gold shecat

Mistshade-A dark grey and black she cat with fierce blue eyes

Whiteleap- A huge fluffy white Tom with green eyes
Apprentice-Gourdpaw a gold Tom with black dapples and green eyes


Silver spark-pale silver she cat with blue eyes mother to white leaps kits CloudKit and Larkit

Ivyheart tortoiseshell and white she cat with green eyes mother to vine stars kits Poolkit-grey and white.

20 EmberClan

Hmm... I really don't know, but this is a lovely name! I think I'll use it!

Fierce and brave. They live near some sorta volcano

This one is really good

Mah favorite so far

21 CloverClan

They seem like the clan that are soft and kind, living near large patches of clovers?

CloverClan is so amazing! If you read the vision of shadows series, Cloverfoot is so amazing!

I honestly think Cloverclan is interesting. Sounds lucky too

It has a nice sound to it.

22 Lightningclan

I like this name. I used to dislike it because of its similarities to Thunderclan. However I think now that it sounds like these cats are quick and powerful striking down opponents with swift blows

Love it, it reminds me off fast cats that have sharp claws

Well...I think it's a little cheesy, no offense, I like it, its kind of like a rip off thunderclan though. - Swiftwing of WindClan

When do role play I always want it

23 Featherclan

Frost and Feather are the prettiest names EVER (in my opinion, hence yet again my name) And feather clan is soo pretty and graceful

It's kind of cheesy but I love Feathertail and maybe all the cats in this clan are fast and lightfooted. Anyways I like it, and I know how hard it is to come up with a clan name so I applaud you, nice job!

They probably have loads of birds drop feathers down!

Awesome name, I would totally join Feathertail's Clan. (Frostedsky)

24 Oceanclan

I love this. But I don't know if warrior cats know what a ocean is, since they call it the sun-drown-place.

I don't think they know what an Ocean is because they call it the Sun drown place.

25 Flametail

That is a cat not a clan name

But this isn't a clan name?

Flamey deserves a Clan name in his memory.

Dude that's a cat!

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