Best Trios in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus Series

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1 Annabeth, Percy and Grover

They worked so well together and it was never akward like with Leo, Piper, and Jason. Also Grover isn't annoying like Coach Hedge.

They are the original trio. The first trio. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are the originals, so you can't beat them!

The first trio. The original trio. Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are the originals, so you can't beat them!

2 Thalia, Percy and Nico

JESUS! I probably shouldn't be saying that because jesus is Christian but DANG! This trio would be unstoppable. Also I absolutely love these characters especially Percy and Nico. This picture is also really cool. I don't know what Thalia is doing.

Percy can control water, Nico can control the dead, Thalia can control lighting and there all a child of the big three gods. The perfect mach!

This is so much better than the sons of the big three. Thalia is so much better than Jason.

3 Leo, Piper and Jason

First trio in Heroes of Olympus and the first people in the lost hero so ya nice trio. And there is a love story in there so heck ya got vote

Best trio I loved their team work and I remember the last time they worked together alone when they went to collect the vial thing to save one of them that was very emotional for me cause that was their last adventure with just the three of them, the parts in book I remember the most are their adventures and the lost hero was good book not best but good tho.

4 Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth

I LOVE their dynamic its sometimes rocky but put together they are all such powerful heroes.

So funny, I laugh at them all the time. They just have those good vibes

They make me laugh all the time.

5 Leo, Hazel and Frank

Reason why this is the best trio. Leo has fire powers to fight and mechanic powers that he can make almost anything. Hazel can detect traps and give cursed gems. Frank... do I have to say more. well Frank has animal changing powers happy.

Sure, they fight, but this is the best trio ever! Hazel and Frank are so nice, even though they only knew Leo for the quest, he trusted them to tell about his dying!

Best trio in HoO. Even though the seven are awesome, I love the original team better: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, and Rachel forever

6 Reyna, Nico and Gleeson Hedge

the best trio, in my opinion. Nico is my favorite Rick Riordan character, out of all the series, and his and Reyna's relationship was so well developed that if Nico liked girls and Will was off the table, I feel like they could have been a perfect couple (coming from the biggest Solangelo shipper of ALL TIME, this is meaningful)

I found these characters more likeable since none in my opinion nobody was insufferable and all of them were fairly strong.

Their quest was a huge success and I love reyna and nico working together as a powerful team. Plus furry goat war machine coach hedge? What's not to like

7 Annabeth, Thalia and Luke

This trio is very imortianal and cute... I am so sad it had to end... After Thalia became a pine tree one of them was gone and then years later Luke separated from Annabeth and then in the end of sea of monsters Thalia returned but since Luke wasn't there the trio wasn't fixed... I can't say more it's so sad...

I'm bawling. The relationship between of three of them was so pure and amazing and ugh. Dam Trio and Broken Trio forever.

The apparent "broken trio." Saw a fan art this morning and was left bawling for eighteen hours straight. Don't ask.

8 Thalia, Zoe and Percy

They never seem to get along, but when the three are working together, there are just so strong!

Finally two girls and one boy, I mean, in most books with trios its two boys one girl!

9 Percy, Hazel and Frank

Alright, these people are the best. They worked awesome together, sacrified themselves and never gave up. Also, HILARIOUS. It redefines the word. I couldn't sleep at night cause I couldn't stop laughing. Ultimate Saracasam.

OKAY so this should be in the top 5 at least for sure. personally top 3 definitely. the son of neptune trio had more bonding and friendship than the hazeleo love triangle for sure at least. it sucks that it wasn't majorly addressed later, but you can still see frank and percy's friendship later on. (also so many great undiscovered friendships in those books)

10 Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Piper McLean

Best girl trio and girls rule so I mean obviously this is best trio, the girl trio was better than any boy trio because the girls are more heroic, powerful, better, awesomer, brave, etc.

I haven't read the book with Hazel yet - but I support any team where Annabeth and Piper pair up - they make such a good team.

Girls rule. They are the queens. Need me to say more?

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11 Thalia, Luke, and Annabeth
12 Annabeth, Percy and Rachel

They are a good team. Although it is a little akward since percy has a crush on both girls

13 Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Bob the Titan

I hat this group. Percy and annabeth left bob to die. That just broke the group.

I loved the Tartarus parts because of these kids teamwork they worked so well together.

14 Reyna, Hedge, and Nico
15 Percy, Grover, Thalia (The Dam Trio)

The dam trio is the best . It is constantly brought back .

I laughed at the Dam jokes for days omg.

16 Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades (The "Kill Dad" Trio)

Guys if they one wanted to kill every monster, demigod and mortal they could. Without breaking a sweat.

Love the name. So true. but most of the time they would be flirting with mortal women

17 Jason Grace, Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo

The sons of the Big Three! they all work well together. Percy can control liquid, Nico can summon dead spirits to help them fight, and Jason can fly, and control the weather to give them the advantage.

I just felt like Jason without Piper isn't actually bad, and the three grouped together is, well, you know what I mean

The best three demigods ever in a trio!

18 Small Bob, Bob, and Damasen
19 Piper, Jason and Percy

I loved their part to be honest when the three of them went into the underground pool thing was great teamwork I liked that part.

20 Zoe Nightshade, Bianca di'angelo, Thalia Grace
21 Annabeth, Piper, and Reyna

They were good trio those girl inseparable.

22 Percy, Annabeth and Tyson
23 Silena, Luke, and Ethan (The Sacrificed Traitors)

Well uh... they all made bad choices but sacrificed themselves in the end. Luke: Duh he almost destroyed the world. Silena: passed information to Luke (Spy.) Ethan: joined up with Kronos knew Percy's weakness.

I was left crying for days after the last Olympian because of how sad there deaths were .

24 Meg McCaffrey, Apollo, Percy Jackson
25 Apollo, Calypso and Leo
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