Top 10 Best Percy Jackson Couples and Ships

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1 Percabeth (Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase)

Who else? Percabeth is the ultimate couple. We got to see their relationship grow and develop for 10 books. We saw them go from bickering twelve-year-olds to the mature (Percy can be mature) heroes they are today. They have made so many sacrifices for each other, like when Percy turned down immortality for her, or when Annabeth took a knife to protect Percy.

And their personalities fit perfectly. Annabeth is calculating and mature, and Percy is laid-back and goofy. They're super compatible. Percy needs Annabeth to help him reason and make decisions, while Annabeth needs Percy to help her relax and have fun. They are also super supportive of each other and will do anything for each other. Honestly, how could any other couple be at the top?

2 Solangelo (Nico di Angelo & Will Solace)

Solangelo is my favorite ship, hands down. They are complete opposites, but they fit so well. And Rick Riordan obviously agrees because he made a whole book just for them! Their ship is so wholesome, and I just know they're going to spend the rest of their lives together.

They are the better couple. Every other couple had each other, but they both have couple character development and self-development to be better for each other. This is what I call true dedication for each other. Also, they are so cute. #solangelo for lifers

3 Frazel (Frank Zhang & Hazel Levesque)

Frazel is the SWEETEST ship ever. For those of you who say Hazel is too good for Frank, please reread the HoO series and think again. Regarding the age gap, WHO CARES?

There are a few ships like these, like Caleo and Solangelo (though they are now technically the same age), and they are still awesome. I don't get why you people hate it. Just my opinion.

Lazel was a good ship too, but that's ruining two good ships, Caleo and Frazel. In summary, Frazel is amazing.

They are so cute together. They really care about each other and are so supportive and encouraging towards each other.

4 Caleo (Leo Valdez & Calypso)

It's just so cute, and the dynamic is both romantic and funny. I love the way Calypso refuses to admit that she likes Leo, and the way they are both so different yet so similar. It is not at all basic or overdone, and it isn't boring at all to read! It is 100% my second favorite ship, and it is so fun to read about!

I really like shipping Caleo. To me, it is right behind Percabeth. Caleo is supposed to be in second place! But I must admit, Caleo is a little rushed. It's like a week or so and BOOM, the raft appeared and "I swear to the River Styx". It took Percabeth five books to work out, but for Caleo, uh, it's like four chapters?

Still, a lot of people say Calypso only fell for Leo because of her curse, but that's not it! Remember how Calypso hated Leo? If it was the curse that forced Calypso to like Leo, she would have fallen for him right away! Caleo is the second best!

5 Thaluke (Thalia Grace & Luke Castellan)

They are my favorite! He was so broken by her sacrifice, and he wanted revenge. It turned him super bitter against the world.

They were so loyal and trusting to each other! She was crying when they fought on that cliff and she was grieving after she accidentally kicked him off a cliff. I wish they got to say a proper goodbye before he died! He literally would do anything for her!

Come on, people! I mean, nothing beats Percabeth, but this is second in the world of Ships.

One of the main reasons Luke went bad was because Thalia died. They spent years watching each other's backs, figuring out each other's moves.

It's one of the best and worst love stories, because in the end, she turns into a tree, he turns evil because she turns into a tree, she wakes up just to find out he is evil, and when he finally snaps out of it, it's because he's dying.

If that's not a tragic, sad, and heart-wrenching love story, then someone please explain to me what is.

6 Jasper (Jason Grace & Piper McLean)

I love this ship! I don't understand why people must compare everything to Percabeth.

And for the people who hate Piper because she "said that Percy was unimpressive", really? One, she thought, not said that, and people are allowed to think bad things about other people. No one is perfect. Two, she said he LOOKED unimpressive, not that he was unimpressive.

And all this "Percy and Annabeth made sacrifices for each other, Jasper didn't", yeah, because Jason totally did not jump off a cliff for Piper without knowing he could fly, and he totally didn't (SPOILERS) give up his life for Piper. Why do you hate Piper and Jason so much? Without them, your beloved Percabeth would be dead.

7 Percico (Percy Jackson & Nico di Angelo)

At first, I really hated this ship (because of Percabeth), but it grew on me. I don't see the 'Percy loves Nico' side as much, but I think it's nice for Nico to have the person he loved and looked out for so long. I also don't think the 'Nico confesses to Annabeth and Percy' scene was the end of Nico's feelings. A crush on someone he loved for four years (and loved enough to join a war, go through literal hell, and lead (sort of) a dangerous quest to rescue from formerly mentioned hell) doesn't just go away because Nico wanted it to.

Nico's feelings for Will Solace (<3 Solangelo) show that Nico is growing past his feelings, not ignoring them or crushing them or anything. Either way, I've grown to love Percico.

8 Gruniper (Grover Underwood & Juniper)

Haha, so cute! Grover tried really hard to make Juniper happy, and they are the perfect couple. Even after Grover disappears, she doesn't stop caring for him!

They were the first real couple in Percy Jackson, and Grover and Juniper absolutely deserve all the hype. Just overall, 100/10.

Love their relationship and how they interact! Juniper was right, Grover for president!

9 Tratie (Travis Stoll & Katie Gardner)

This is literally my favorite ship with non-main characters! Sure, in the books there isn't a lot of stuff for them, but I still think they are really cute together.

They are meant to be opposites, but they still like each other anyway. This ship is an amazing example of an 'opposites attract' type of ship!

I love Tratie! It's so adorable. Even though they're not main characters, I still really like how they're like opposites. I just think that they go really well together.

Yeah, they, like, had two conversations in the books. I still ship it, who cares? It's really cute.

10 Chrisalisse (Chris Rodriguez & Clarisse La Rue)

They really brought the best out in each other. The way Clarisse took care of him after she found him in the maze is so heartwarming.

This ship is really underrated. It is so beautiful because Chris treats Clarisse like a human, which nobody else does for her. Clarisse cares for him and is gentle to him, which she does for rare people. Plus, Chris was the first person we saw Clarisse being nice to.

Chris was the first person to see Clarisse as just a girl, and not a bloodthirsty monster who shoved people head down toilets. Also, Clarisse was the first one to fully commit to trying to make Chris better. They are amazing together.

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11 Charlena (Charles Beckendorf & Silena Beauregard)

Charlena should be so much higher! They are so underrated, and neither deserved to die. I like the idea that they're both living together in Elysium. I also agree with the third person, Silena is the best child of Aphrodite. She also didn't fulfill what Drew called the 'Aphrodite rite of passage,' where you steal someone's heart and dump them (Piper actually did because she ended her and Jason's relationship).

Personally, I want to think that Silena's never going to fulfill it because Charlena forever!

12 TyElla (Tyson & Ella)

Who couldn't love this ship, literally? They're super cute, and there's no opposing ship, a rare sight worthy to be there for.

Adorable, though I do wish Tyson had matured more - at least to age twelve maturity, hopefully older.

I legit screamed when this became a thing. My sister was very worried about me.

13 Lazel (Leo Valdez & Hazel Levesque)

I love Lazel, and I think Frank and Hazel are much better as best friends (I don't see much chemistry, and I don't think they romantically match), and Caleo definitely isn't a ship that will last. But Leo and Hazel can understand each other, and Leo could be Hazel's guide to the modern world since he is the only one that sometimes tries to explain things to her. Hazel could also use Leo's sense of humor to cheer her up, and they have some chemistry. Also, Hazel liked Sammy, and Leo is similar to him in many ways, so I think this ship would be wonderful.

14 Jeyna (Jason Grace & Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano)

The whole Heroes of Olympus series was unfair to Reyna. Jason and Reyna are perfect together, although it's not Jason's fault that he decided to get a girlfriend because he didn't remember her.

Reyna always has to suck it up and be strong, make allies, and try not to let feelings get in her way. She is one of those characters that has done nothing wrong and deserves everything. I love Reyna and wish Jeyna could be a thing.

Uhhhhhhh... if you guys have read The Trials of Apollo Book Four, you know that this ship is... just no. Same with any other ship involving Reyna.

She literally says, on page 405, (Go read it) that she doesn't like it when people ship her with other people. Respect her feelings! I know she's a fictional character, but if you are reading this, you are clearly already obsessed with fictional characters.

And if you are a huge Reyna fan, don't ship her with people!

15 Jasico (Jason Grace & Nico di Angelo)

I love how Jason is afraid of Nico and yet ends up being his friend. I don't like Piper at all. If they give each other a chance, I bet they'll be the cutest couple. They're not alike, but they make each other stronger.

Oh my gosh, yes. From the very moment of his confession, I have been shipping Jasico. At first, I thought it was just me, but yay, there are others like me! Agreed, Riverstix5555! And plus, I'm really not the biggest fan of Piper anyway.

Honestly, I love it. I mean, they have an excellent friendship, and healthy relationships are built off of friendship or enemies, rivalries, etc.

16 Theyna (Thalia Grace & Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano)

I could see them together. Just make sure you're on their good side. Sadly, they can't date each other since the rules of hunters is they must reject all forms of love.

I know it could never really happen because Thalia, who is a hunter, swore off love for everyone and not just men. If she did leave the hunters for Reyna, she would technically be a demigod, thus making the prophecy Reyna was told about how no mortal or demigod or something would be a lie.

I know it can never be, despite Uncle Rick tweeting that it was canon, but that doesn't mean I can't ship it! It may never be able to happen, but I'm going to ship it anyway.

And to anyone who has a ship that isn't canon and/or doesn't work like Theyna, I have a message for you: "Ship on, my friends, ship on!"

17 Brason (Bobby & Jason)

This is amazing for the same reasons that Drapple is amazing.

1. They're so similar. Both of them are absolute brick-heads, and that honestly just bonds them together so much. It's the same way both Apple and Draco love the color green. It just bonds them together on a deeper level.
2. They spend so much time together, you rarely see Brick and Jason apart! And when they turn their separate ways, you know it's just going to be a couple more chapters until they find themselves together again. It's almost like even the writer ships them together!
3. They want to be together even when they're apart. I don't know why, but Jason reminiscing on when Brick was around by hitting himself with other objects is just too cute.

18 Rachtavian (Rachel Elizabeth Dare & Octavian)

Okay, okay, had Octavian lived, I would ship it. I feel like she would make him a better person. Well, I ship them more as friends.

I am kidding! This is just so funny! Octavian and Rachel are both oracles, and they both hate one another. Wonder what will happen if they get together!

I think this ship is so funny! They're both oracles and they both hate each other, but still, I ship it.

19 Perachel (Percy Jackson & Rachel Elizabeth Dare)

If you guys watch The Office, they're kinda like Katie and Jim. Jim was at the "Okay, I guess she's nice" stage when Katie was at the "So when are we going to get married?" stage. That's how Rachel and Percy were. And, Percy liked Annabeth while he was dating Rachel. That's like how Jim liked Pam while dating Katie. I don't think Peracheal is a terrible ship, but I don't really ship it. And sorry if you don't watch The Office and have no idea what I'm talking about!

Meh. Rachel was in on it, but Percy never really felt it. He was still in the "I guess she looks okay" zone when Rachel was like "Will you marry me?"

At the same time, I feel like they were just moving at different speeds.

I do think the whole "oracles can't date" thing is stupid, because how else could it be passed down from generation to generation? Are you telling me it's via aunt? What if you have no siblings, like Rachel?

20 Pipabeth (Piper McLean & Annabeth Chase)

So, I know they are both straight. But! Imagine, they would be so cute together! Both of them are so intelligent and beautiful.

Also, imagine what a good pair they would make while fighting monsters! Annabeth with her strategies and pure skill, and Piper with her charm speak and dagger! Also, it just makes it even more amazing that Annabeth is teaching Piper how to fight better with her dagger.

It practically writes itself. While I ship Percabeth, Annabeth and Piper are at least a little gay for each other (remember the scene in Blood of Olympus?).

21 Valdangelo (Leo Valdez & Nico di Angelo)

I am a very strong Solangelo shipper, so I don't really ship this, but it is certainly fun to read fanfics about. I don't know why, but there is something that works so well with them.

Probably because they both have terrible mental health. But I could see them bonding over talking about their trauma, and that is just too cute of a thought.

Maybe! Although 'Solangelo' and 'Caleo' are better, Leo is basically Will. Although Will and Nico are more like brothers and argue more (in a cute way), I can't see Leo telling Nico to go to the infirmary, carrying him when he's unconscious, and generally being the guy Nico needs.

22 Glellie (Gleeson Hedge & Mellie)

I love Chuck. And how determined Hedge was to get back to his pregnant wife. It really shows how much he loves her.

And put some pants on!

It was so cute when Coach Hedge was calling Mellie, and he was crying because she was pregnant! I would rate this ship 10/10. Amazing.

So underrated. It came as a surprise, but it made sense, unlike some other ships. Hedge seems violent, but he is such a loving husband and father.

How eager he was to get back to Camp was adorable.

23 Pothena (Poseidon & Athena)

I took these Who's Your Godly Parent quizzes and I always get Poseidon or Athena. Opposites attract, plus the fighting is their cover story. They are so cute together. Plus, Silena and Beckendorf are technically in the same situation as Percy and Annabeth would be if they got married.

You know, if these two got married, that would technically make Annabeth and Percy stepsiblings. Which would be a little weird, but I still kind of like this ship.

They love each other enough to create a sea water spring and wine grapes for the other.

24 Jercy (Jason Grace & Percy Jackson)

I love their bromance and wish Rick could've made them closer. But if this is meant romantically, then how dare you break up Percabeth.

25 Liper (Leo Valdez & Piper McLean)

I see this ship as what would have happened if Hera had never needed to kidnap Jason. But I still love it and it deserves more recognition.

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