Top 10 Worst Percy Jackson Character Deaths

Which was the saddest character death, whether they came back or not?
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1 Jason Grace Jason Grace was the Roman demigod son of Jupiter (Roman God of the Sky) and the late actress Beryl Grace, the younger brother of Thalia Grace (whom Beryl had with Jupiter's Greek form Zeus), the former co-praetor of Camp Jupiter, the Counsellor of Cabin 1 at Camp Half-Blood, the former boyfriend of Piper McLean and one of the protagonists of the 2010-2014 Greco-Roman mythology book series The Heroes of Olympus (the sequel series to the 2005-2009 Greek mythology book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and a supporting character in The Trials of Apollo book "The Burning Maze".

This guy was perfect, and had a heart of gold, in the first book he was boring, but in the mark of athena he turned out to be caring and such a good friend. If it wasn't Jason trying to convince nico, he would have never met will and left the camp. The way his death was described broke me, he was expecting and was still surprised but didn't try to fight it. He was one of the seven, can you imagine what would be their reaction when someone ask the others about him? Jason was strong but he never let himself become a coward because of power. And Thalia, she suffered so much, and now her brother dies.

This will be fairly long, so I'm a little sorry about that

Jason was not my favorite character. Far from it, actually. He was just a bit of a bore, and I didn't quite enjoy him. However, that doesn't mean that I hate him, not that what he goes through isn't sad.

Jason had a sad past. Not as sad as Nico, Leo, Hazel, or even his sister Thalia. But still. Imagine being abandoned by your mother who hardly even cares about either of her children. And then he finds out that she's DEAD, so there's absolutely no chance that he would've ever found out why she did what she did.

I didn't really enjoy him for most of Heroes of Olympus. He had his funny moments, sure, but it just wasn't enough for me to like him.
However, there was one scene that I always enjoyed. Lefrazel gets back from Camp Fish Blood, and he eats the brownies. The comments he and Frank made were just absolutely hilarious.

And then the burning maze happened.

He and PIPER broke up. When they ...more

Truly one of my favorite characters alongside Percy and Nico. His death was spoiled for me but it didn't really hurt that much until I actually read the Burning Maze and the events leading up to it and his death scene in the book and the aftermath (I cried). He really deserved more and his death for me is the saddest death In the Rick Riordan universe. I really wish somehow he comes back but it's a long shot. Overall, he was a really brave and amazing character and deserved way more.

It all kinda makes sense if you include the Great Prophecy. We all thought that it was finished when Leo defeated Gaea and the "oath to keep with a final breath" line was his promise to return to Calypso. But the part that bugs me is the "To storm or fire the world must fall" Since Leo cheated death then Jason got it instead. and his "oath to keep with a final breath" was him making Apollo promise to remember what it was like to be human. Msg me back if you agree, but this is what I thought.

2 Zoe Nightshade

I love Zoe. She is an amazhang character, and her death made me so incredibly sad. The way she refuses Artemis's attempt to heal her, telling Percy he wasn't so bad after all, apologizing to Thalia... It just makes me so happy that she got turned into a constellation. Bob says hello, Zoe.

She died fighting for what she believed in and for people she found worthy to save. She stopped directing her bitterness about Hercules onto other male heroes, and in her final moments let go of her anger and grief and forgave. Need I say more?

Zoës diat made me cry for 2 WEEKS she was my favourite character. Her whole life she was an outcast and had no family until she became a hunter. Her sisters claimed she wasn't anything to do with them and when she finally sees her dad he kills her. I really wished zoë hadn't of died she was a noble and loyal character and deserved to live. she will always be in the stars and in my heart forever and always.

Did you notice how when Bob closed the doors of death, he asked to say hello to the stars for him? HINT HINT: Zoe Nightshade.

3 Bob

"Bob says hello."
That line RUINED me and I tear up whenever I think about it. He and Damasen were the only ones who gave their lives so that Percy SPECIFICALLY could keep his. Wrecks me every time I read the House of Hades

Poor Bob. Still, in the final Trials of Apollo book Nico hinted at someone from Tartarus calling for help, so Bob could still be alive.

I love Bob and Damasen more than anything. I will always reread that one part just because I love when Bob is alive and when Annabeth Teaches Damasen to remember her Face! I loved it when Annabeth later in the Blood of Olympus yells "DON'Y INSULT DAMASEN!" And cuts of fears ear!

Bob died fighting for percy. Percy was never nice to him but he still risked his life to buy. Percy more time

4 Bianca di Angelo

I remember the panic I felt when I first read this... The god statue, telling Percy to tell Nico she was sorry, sacrificing herself... She was an amazing sister, and I wish she were still alive to love Nico. I absolutely adore Bianca. I know it was kind of selfish to join the hunters and leave Nico, but as a big sister I can see it from her view. When I first read the part where she died, and they were searching for her, the line of the prophecy was echoing in my head before they said anything. "one shall be lost in the land without rain," And for a long time, like a year, whenever I re-read that part I would still cry.

"You've grown."

Bianca--she was my favourite character for a while. Her sisterly overprotectiveness, her desire to please--they reminded me of myself. Yet, the true travesty of her death was not it in itself but the impact in had on Nico. It's somewhat challenging to imagine Nico as the little bean of wonder he was after he lost the second mother-figure in his life--even more devastating as she chose rebirth. I hope Bianca finds peace.

I'm the oldest sister of four and I would do anything for my siblings. I connected with her so much. I cried when she died. The way Percy reacted was heart wrenching. He dug around the pile and searched for her. I hope she has a great life in rebirth.

Ok, gosh. I think this is a terrible death, mostly because of how it affects Nico. It's also the first REAL death in the series. Plus, I find it so sad that her last words are an apology to her brother.

"Tell him I'm sorry"

5 Luke Castellan

Luke, I still have a bit of a grudge against you, but especially after reading Demigod Diaries, I understand more. You felt unloved and unwanted. Unimportant. So you did something about it. You did the wrong thing for the right reason. You didn't like how the Olympians stole the attention from the other gods, and you were a child of one of them! Not even a son of a minor god! But you still acted, and even though you kinda went all evil, it is a tad admirable. Whenever I hear your name I shout or type, "WE FORGIVE LUKE!"

What Luke did was wrong but I understand why he did it. How many half bloods died at the streets because the gods did not help. How many kids died because the gods were screwing around but not taking responsibility. How many kids died because the gods were too prideful to give the minor gods, their cabins. What Luke did was wrong, he tried to stop killing with killing. He did the wrong thing for the right reason.

He gets killed by a Triton that Percy held in the movie. Then in the sequel, get eaten by giants. Ouch! Get's two deaths in one franchise.

This dude was amazing.
Even through the series before he died, I loved him, because I knew he would turn away in the end, because h was bloody amazing

6 Charles Beckendorf

I felt really sad but also proud for Charles. He was the excellent metal forger who found Festus the dragon in the forest and rebuilt him. He also built the dog collar for Mrs O Leary and last but obviously not the least he gave up his life for a greater cause to buy the demigod some time and saved Percy jackson's life.
Also being a good boyfriend to Silena.
3 cheers to that guy.

His death made me so sad... And Percy and Silena's reactions?! Broke my dead heart into more pieces. (I guess my heart wasn't dead yet though.) I don't have much more to say than stating how incredibly brave he was, but of course I don't even need to point that out.

I literally started crying. I love Hephaestus children. They're so underrated. I shopped Beckendirf and Silena so much and now they're both dead. Way to go Rick. Ruining people's lives. Thanks very much.

That moment where Percy tells Silena that Beckendorf died... I cried.

7 Silena Beauregard

Silena died a hero's death, bringing the Ares camp to fight alongside Camp Half-Blood. She joined her boyfriend Charles at last, and I was happy for that.

All these other deaths were heart wrenching and well written. But this character should have survived! She was what a real strong Aphrodite girl is, not Piper. Silena owns the beauty and girliness, and that's part of what makes her such a wonderful, feminist character. Imagine if she was one of the seven! How interesting that would've been! A sweet daughter of Aphrodite who was a former spy(and people would probably still be whispering about it) who wants redemption. And she lost her boyfriend. Though this death was well written and served as great development for Clarisse, it was a waste of potential

She truly died a hero trying to reverse all the damage that she had done as a spy. I really want to find Drew and punch her for how Drew trashes Silena every time I read Drew's name. I really hope she achieved Elysium, she deserves it.

Silena made a mistake, but in the end she died trying to redeem herself. May she rest in peace with Beckendorf by her side.

8 Ethan Nakamura

Ethan... where to start? Ethan made the wrong choices, yes, but I understand that all he wanted to do was to knock the Olympians down a peg. I don't believe that he wanted things to go the way they were going. All he wanted was respect for his mother, his mother who had told him his destiny in trade for an eye. And his destiny came true, just not in the way he thought. RIP, Ethan. Have a good time in Elysium.

He chose the wrong side because he wanted his Mother's approval. In the end, he died hoping that Percy would inspire change (for the better) for the unclaimed half-bloods and the minor gods.

It was revealed that he received Elysium. When I saw it, I literally burst into tears with relief.

He chose the wrong side, and died, but in the end he delayed Kronos enough to win.

9 Festus

It was just so sad that he died… I cried when he died and every time leo thinks of festus I feel a throb in my heart. It's just… so unfair. Why did festus need to die?

He kind of died because he broke...? That's really not my best description tho.

Festus was the best pet ever! He didn't deserve to die.

You say, "Yes", I say, "No"
You say, "Stop" but I say, "Go, go, go"
Oh no
You say, "Goodbye", and I say, "Hello, hello, hello"
I don't know why you say, "Goodbye", I say, "Hello, hello, hello"
I don't know why you say, "Goodbye", I say, "Hello"

10 Pan

Alright kids let me teach you something, so as it states throughout multiple series by Rick Riordan; If people start not worshiping/believing in a god the god will "fade away" or die. This is exactly what happened to Pan.
Have I educated you? Good, now goodbye.

Seriously Grover spent almost all his life looking for Pan, and when he finds him, Pans all like "Oh, hey Grover. If you don't mind I'm gonna die right now. Go tell the others.

You can't just die you are a god you do not die if your a god. It unfair to Grover to find and be excited then you just die and break his heart. YYOURR A GGGOOD.

Pan was a great God of nature. He was respected and his movements were wise.

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11 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

Leo of all people I didn't read trails of apollo until a little while later so his death stayed.

I know that he came back but I still love him. I cried when I thought he died

When is he die?

After a horrible life I wish he had at least someone attending to fight for

12 Thalia Grace

Thalia's bravery still blinds me now, and it was so kind for her to die for her friends. Though a vicious fighter, she is still one of my favourite characters, as she supported Percy a lot and helped out a lot on their quest too. When she was made leader of the Hunt, I was sort of sad that she won't be in the stories with Percy so often now that she's sworn to be a maiden.

She died so Annabeth, Grover, and Luke could get back to camp half blood safely. Thalia didn't have the saddest death but it is forgotten. Thalia was thrown by a cyclops. Zeus saved her by making her a tree. She came back to life by the golden fleece

Hem hem... You guys haven't read the third book? She came back and she became a part of Artemis hunters!

She sacrificed herself to save her friends. Even if she did come back, it was still very sad.

13 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Annabeth is my favourite character in the Percy Jackson series. She is always strategic and wise and I was really upset when she died (although she didn't).

That moment where Percy thought Annabeth was dead is just heartbreaking.

No she' can't be dead.

She did not die. Did she.

14 Hazel Levesque

She died in the past dumbbells.

How did hazel die?

I don't think hazel dies

What makes Hazel's death disturbing is the fact that we read it from her perspective

15 Crest

Crest was my favourite character in all the Rick Riordan books. If he doesn't become a music god I will personally boot Riordan to Mexico!

Poor Crest. He just wanted to play the Ukelele and be a music god. Make him a music god!

He saved the day. Hopefully Apollo will make him a Music God too.

So sad should be ahead of the people who never actually died!

16 Grandma Zhang
17 Damasen

Do I even need to say anything?

So sad he is so nice.

Isn't he immortal

18 Castor

Castor was one of the twins. Imagine losing a friend that haven't been separated from you since you were born. Just imagine, just imagine how hard it would be for his twin, Pollux. Losing a twin was unimaginable, unbearable. I was stunned when Castor was killed. Remember that they were named after the constellation, Gemini. In the mythology, Castor died, and Pollux, being the son of Zeus, was heartbroken, and asked his father to turn them into constellations, which he did. But, sadly, in real life, their father, Dionysus was not able to do that. Pollux was forced to accept the disturbing fact of his twin's death. I just wished that Castor could go in Elysium.

His brother and his dad's reactions just make you cry even if you didn't know the character

19 Esperanza Valdez

It's so sad! Leo's mother… Died at the hands of dirt face.. Poor leo.. when I read the part about Leo thinking about his childhood pasts I cried.. My tears were shed majorly

One of my widgets on my iPhone is a picture of a picture of Leo and Esperanza, slowly burning at the hands of Dirt Face...


I think Leo sacrificed himself to dirt face to avenge his mom.

20 Michael Yew

He sacrificed his life to buy Percy more time.

He died to save mortal lives. A ferret faced hero.

1 person left in Apollo.

So underrated I cried more at his death then Jason's he was truly the purest soul RIP

21 Daedalus/Quintus

He died as a hero sacrificing himself to save camp half blood. Destroying the labrinth and the monsters with it

Was a little bad, but still, very sad.

22 Frank Zhang

So sad when frank dies (kind of dies, anyway) he sacrificed his firewood that tied him to life to kill Caligula and save Apollo and his home. But by using the firewood as an asset he comes back to life!

Even though he didn't die for good, I still cried when I was reading that part.

Since when did frank die?

Frank... didn't die

23 Lee Fletcher

Why does nobody care about him? He was crushed by a giant for gods sake.

24 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

He didn't die ! It was Jason, not Jackson

What I read the whole series he doesn't die Jason does I the burning mase

Percy Jackson was great!

When did percy die?

25 Octavian

I'm not sad but I would thank him because he accidentally shot himself up to Gaia and killed her along with Leo's explosion but um glad he died. Doesn't deserve to live!

Be honest, who could actually be sad that Octavian died? What a terrible character.

That A-hole deserved to die. Hope he ended up in the fields of punishment.

Leo should have cursed him that he has to live in tartarus and when he dies he just comes back to tartarus and dies again.

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