Top 10 Saddest Warrior Cats Moments

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1 Firestar's death

Yes, this is pretty sad, but it makes sense. I'm not sniffling an whining over this because there was clear intent behind this.
Firestar was the main character from the beginning. We watched him grow and learn. We saw him defy stereotypes by showing even kittypets can be strong, he rooted out Tigerclaw's assassination plot, and in the end, he died defending the clan he built. It's a very tragic end for him, but I wouldn't want it any other way. If Firestar died before the great battle, it would've felt rushed and forced, as a way to have a new character take up leadership in their time of need. If he had died after, it wouldn't have the same emotional impact.
It's not just another casualty of war. It's the death of the main character, who we've followed for 24 books.

He should not have died, I hate how whenever the story line gets dull, the author just takes another life from him to spice things up, his lives were just wasted away for entertainment while other leaders stayed in leadership much longer and lost lives much slower. Firestar is awesome and deserves a tenth life.

COME ON! Think about this for a second. He lead them all to the lake, killed Scourge, encouraged all the other Clans to fight BloodClan, gave up a life for Onestar, and SO MUCH MORE. Every life he lost (apart from illness) was for his Clan or the other Clans. He is the best cat in the series.

Firestar was my favorite character, and I personally think that if more people in this world were like him we would have less problems. I don't really get emotional when I read books, but this scene made me cry.

2 Crookedstar's Mom "abandons" Crookedstar

I think this made me shed a tear...I also wanted to punch her in the face...and then make her into a loving mother that doesn't only care for looks but for the soul...that's the problem with some people these days people don't accept each other. At least Crookedstar had Oakheart's shoulder to lean on when he needed it!

This is really sad for me, but I don't hate RainFlower. It doesn't justify her actions, but it has been confirmed that e only reason she left StormKit was she thought he would die, she changed his name so when he did die, she could tell herself it wasn't her kit, AND when she realized he would live, she was to ashamed to apologize. She was always proud of Crooked, and wanted to give him one of his lives, but StarClan forbid it, b it when Crooked died, she greeted him in StarClan, and they made up.

I've loved Crookedstar since I read Crookedstar's Promise (it almost made me cry when Willowbreeze and 2 of his kits died) and I'm glad Rainflower died, shame on her!

Rainflower= worst warrior cats mother ever!

3 Dovewing's birth

Ivypool is horrible. Dovewing is one of the most amazing characters, and Ivypool is a fat whiny brat. Dovewing always tried to spend time with Ivypool, but Ivypool just grumped about it.
Dovewing: *Talks to a few cats*
Ivypool: Oh NO! My sister is getting more attention than me! It's the end of the world!
Dovewing: Oh hi Ivypool! Wanna hang out?
Ivypool: *Stomps off back to her den*
Dovewing: *Falls in love just like EVERY OTHER CAT DOES*
Bumblestripe: *Cries and whines*
You see? Dovewing is great.

Wait...*snorts and laughs like a weird person*
This is like so true
It shouldve been number one!

Haha I laughed so hard when I saw this. But it's true. This was the WORST warriors moment ever

Die Dovewing die, and go to the Dark Forest! Whitewing should had just killed Dovekit.

4 Mapleshade's life story

This really makes you think. Starclan are made of a bunch of jerks. They threw Mapleshade in the garbage can, but accepted APPLEDUSK.

Curse Appledusk! Why does her life had to be so sad, she didn't even do anything!

0,: yess, its os heartbreaking! I mean, how could the RC dude reject her whne she gave up everything to be with her!

I agree! It's actually really sad,

5 Gray Wing's death

OH MY STARCLAN. IT WAS SO SAD. And that's saying much because it don't really find a Warrior Cats death that sad! Well except for Yellowfang and Bluestar. Gray Wing didn't deserve to die nor have a brother like Clear Sky. He was so kind and brave and such a great father aka THE BEST WARRIOR CATS FATHER EVER. He deserve to see his real kits grow up. But no his stupid asthma had other plans. Before he even died I was sobbing saying no he can't died. I was crying sobbing groaning and I had to stop reading it for a moment because IT WAS SO SAD! And I almost GOT TEARS ON THE BOOK. I just couldn't hold back the tears and my emotions. But he died happy Slate Black Ear White Tail Silver Stripe Jagged Peak Clear Sky Pebble Heart Sparrow Fur and Windrunner was there. He also named WindClan and SkyClan. What was even sadly was that Black Ear White Tail and Silver Stripe were only kits! And that Gray Wing was telling him to forgive any harm he has been done to show kindness to his Clanmates. And ...more

Okay... When I heard that Gray Wing died because he was sick, I thought that he was old and was like "mkay". And he was 2.5 years old at death. So young and loved, he died, LEAVING 3 LITTLE KITS. His life was pretty dispressing, but maybe that makes us to fell to him. Anyways, I really wanted to see Graystar.

It is SO sad, he was my favorite character in dawn of the clans. He was kind, brave and didn't deserve a brother like Clear Sky who abandoned anyone that wasn't perfect. This was the only warriors book that I had to stop reading for a second so I wouldn't get tears on the book. Gray Wing NEEDS to be higher. GO GRAY WING!

This was the only thing in Warriors that made me cry, except for Blue star dying. It was so sad! He had cats that felt like his kits, but when he actually has them, he only got to be with them for a moon! Clear Sky/Skystar does not deserve him as a brother, especially after everything he did to Thunder.

6 Bluestar gives up her kits for the sake of ThunderClan

This was the second book I got from the warrior series and she was my favorite like firestar but her giving up her kits made me cry.

She saves ThunderClan, but gives up her own happiness for it.

Poor Kits! Bluestar should have have kept them and be deputy later

It broke my heart!

7 Feathertail's death

She was the cat I cried the most for. Usually tears just stay in my eyes, but they were running down my face! I couldn't think about anything else at school.

I know it was noble and all but it shattered Crowfeather and it was still a shock when I read the book for the second time.

She was amazing and just had to die helping the tribe but she did the right thing to do so.

You got to love the fact that Crowfeather named himself after her.

8 Yellowfang's death in the ThunderClan fire

Yellowfang was my favorite warrior since I read warriors. The time Yellowfang joined ThunderClan and served he new clanmate as a new medicine cat, I just literally loved her. She might be grumpy- but she is really kind hearted and she just volunteer for hard works, like saving herbs and elders. The forest fire! It should never be happened! Yellowfang, you're the best. You taught Cinderpelt in TC,Jayfeather and Puddleshine in StarClan, Runningnose in ShadowClan, and taught many life lesson for every cats. Your life was sad, and Brokentail! How can he exile you! How dare he! I just hate him. Yellowfang, you'll shine brightly like a star, always, and forever

SHhITT I cried so hard during this, especially when Firestar (Fireheart then) talked to her in her final moments, Yellowfang was like family to me.

Yellowfang, we will always remember you. You where amazing. Love, love, love.

Yellowfang wishes Fireheart was her son instead of Brokentail. So sad ;-;

9 Cinderpelt's death

It's just.. Cinderpelt was awesome, and this was one of the saddest (In my opinion) deaths in Warriors history.

So sad! She could had lived again, but she freed Cinderheart.

Cindy is my all time fave character!

I was just too sad

10 Twigkit and Violetkit's first gathering when they get split up

Shame on stupid fat Rowenclaw (I have no respect to Rowanstar to I call him Rownclaw) I laughed out loud when he died. Tawnypelt should have had a better Mate than ugly Rowenclaw.


At last the kits understood what was happening. Violetkit began to wail in a shrill voice and lashed out helplessly with her tiny paws.
"No! No! Don't take her! " Twigkit screeched, flinging herself against Rowanstar's leg and raking her claws through his pelt.
"Alderpaw! Help me! " Violetkit begged. "I want to go home! I want Lilyheart! "
Dangling from his jaws, Violetkit twisted around so that she could still see her sister.
"Twigkit! Twigkit! " she kept on calling until she vanished from Alderpaw's sight.
The little gray kit had collapsed into a heap, letting out a desolate mewling. Alderpaw bent over and licked her head and ears. "Don't be sad, little one," he murmured. "We'll look after you. And you'll see Violetkit again, when you're old enough to come to Gatherings."
"But it's not the same," Twigkit whimpered. I want Violetkit now! And what will she do without Lilyheart? "

This scene was the only scene I cried on. So sad.

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11 Jayfeather leaves Half Moon

Staying in the past was really Jayfeather's only chance of having a mate and kits. It was all just taken away from him, which really proves that he can't have anything or make any big decisions for himself, so I can understand why he's so frustrated and upset. Some people call him a brat for trying to get what he wants, but in the end he never really gets what he wants (staying in the past, becoming a warrior, living a normal life). But anyways, enough about Jayfeather, this scene was just really heartbreaking...Jayfeather and Half Moon both want something so bad, but they can't have it. But I really like how Half Moon came back for him in the end. I thought the whole "I'll wait for you forever" thing was really bittersweet and it has so much weight to it. We've seen Half Moon in StarClan before, so she'll probably be there when Jayfeather dies... :3

"I'll wait forever Jay's Wing"
It's so sad and sweet how Half Moon has no clue where Jayfeather is going, who he is, but she still trusted him.

They were pretty much destined to be together how could this happen!

They should so have been a couple, they really loved each other and no one understands or knows about Jayfeather's pain and grief over having to leave half moon

12 Leafpool's death between books

Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Deep down, I always knew what I had to do, and that's why I came back to the Clan. Whatever else happens, I trust you to know the right thing to do as well. Listen to your heart, Lionblaze, because that's where your true destiny lies." This truly touched me. No matter how much I hate Leaf Pool dieting, she was important, and loyal. No matter what got in her way, she conquered it. She lived for many good moons. Her seasons of StarClan have been awaiting her. May StarClan welcome you as a true medicine cat, Leaf Pool. <3

Honestly this should be way higher. I loved Leafpool ever since I started reading that part of the series. Why couldn't the Erins kill Mistystar, Graystripe, or even ' Cloudtail instead. The worst part was Jayfeather's emotions with this scene. The bonus scene in Lost Stars was really touching and it shows that you're loved ones are always with you. I feel pity for Jayfeather, losing his sister and then, a few years later, losing his mother.

The most I've ever cried because of a Warriors book was Leafpool's death in Squirrelflight's Hope. The moment Leafpool decided to stay in StarClan while Squirrelflight decided to go back to ThunderClan, I just had a continuous flow of tears until I finished the book. RIP Leafpool ;-;

What about when Squirrelflight thinks about leafpool and their memories together. Most emotional I've been all my life

13 Willowbreeze and Crookedstar's kits die of sickness

Crookedstar faced so much grief yet was one of the best RiverClan leaders. I hate Mapleshade for this! Why you horrible fox-hearted mouse-brain did you curse innocent Crookedstar and lifeless kits? May you rot in the Dark Forest mapleshade... poor kits!

I think that Willowbreeze never gets enough of an honourable mention. She was sweet and completely selfless to Crookedstar and she truly loved him for who he was, she didn't care about his looks or whatever the other Clan cats thought. I think she was the real hero of his novella and her death was one of the saddest deaths of a she-cat in the whole series. :(

This is so horrible, Crookedstar has suffered so much just for his mate and kits to die. Then they kill Silverstream later, I mean what? Why?

I was heartbroken when I read this. Like, I could feel it shattering inside my chest.

14 Brightheart mauled by dogs

Brightheart is one of my favorite characters in the series. I HATE those dogs. They KILLED Swiftpaw! Swiftpaw didn't even get a full life. He died when they weren't even aprinteces! He wanted to be a aprintce so bad that they got the idea to try kill a dog. He sacrificed his life saving brightpaw from a dog. I wish he never died and at least be an aprintce! I mean, it was so sad! I'm listening to titanium right now. PERFECT timing!

I hate the dogs for this, it made me even more of a cat person. Cloudtail's devotion to her is so cute though, because you think of him as an arrogant, ignorant young warrior until you see his soft side for Brightheart.

I was relieved the she was alive but Swiftpaw died.

Aah! I felt more scared than sad though.

15 Graystripe goes into Riverclan

This made me go into tears.he was best friend with fireheart! But I know it will be hard if he stayed in thunderclan. But, thus happens a lot anyway.

I hate this, he should have stayed in Thunderclan and fought for the kits. He broke Fireheart's heart and caused himself a lot of grief too.

Fireheart was so devastated and why did Graystripe have to Leave!? (I know why)

I cried more at this than when Silverstream died.

16 Snowfur's death

This was the saddest! She was my favorite! And I watched the youth video of her and I cried! Even reading the book! Poor Bluestar seeing her own sister get run over by a monster! Also Thistleclaw became bad after that! At least Snowfur is with her niece in StarClan which was Bluestar's kit that froze to death and Snowfur is also with her mom! And her mom is with her daughter and granddaughter! So we can at least look at the bright side of things!

Snowfur was angry and wanted to be a warrior again, she should have stopped at the thunderpath, the Shadowclan cats had already fled back to their own territory and there was no need to run out on to the thunderpath. Bluefur's refusal to accept her death afterwards is absolutely heartbreaking.

Snowfur was my favourite character. It was unfair for whitekit (whitestorm). SO SaD

17 Hollyleaf's real death

This made me cry a lot because Hollyleaf was my ultimate favorite character. I loved reading parts with Hollyleaf in it for no reason and it made me cry when she died. Especially when she forgives Leafpool, that was very heart-touching. I had a feeling of melancholy when she died! You are my one true favorite cat in the whole Warriors series, Hollyleaf!

It's so sad when she forgives Leafpool. "I couldn't leave without getting to know my mother..." So sad! I think this was a well carried out scene, but depressing too.

Hollyleaf is one of my favorite characters. She sacrificed herself for forgiveness she already had, that's just... so sad

Not fair! Not fair! Tigerstar get's whatever he want's! Why can't Hollyleaf survive?...

18 Ivypool's birth

Annoying ripoff from the other item of dovewings birth, instead of using this list to trash on characet you don't like can you use it for what it's meant for, ACTUAL sad moments, please?

Idiotpool is the worst. She should have been killed the minute when she was born, since she's nothing but an idiotic disease.

Ugh. I just really hate her, and I wish she was born dead.

What is the point of her?

19 Snowfur dies and Bluefur has to tell Whitekit about it

Bluestar does everything to avoid crushing this kit's heart until there is no choice. It is truly heartbreaking when something like this happens to a kit.

This is so sad! Snowfur's death and white kit being told about it was one of the saddest moments for me.

I felt so bad for bluestar when she had to tell whitestorm about the death of his mother.

I was already crying at this point, but then later that day I saw an animation on YouTube of it, and it made my depression even worse

20 Sandgorse's death

Sandgorse was a total jerk and abandoned his son because his son didn't want to be like him, if you ask me, he was just trying to take out his anger by rebelling and going into the tunnels that day. It was almost happy when he died for me, I was like 'that jerk is gone for good! YES'

The last thing they did together was fight. If that's not a sad death, I don't know what is.

Just the fact that Sandgorse never forgave Tallstar before he died.

Sheds one tear

21 Swiftpaw's death and Brightheart's mauling

#1 SADDEST DEATH! I was crying. Hard. Curse those dogs, curse Tigerstar, and don't curse Bluestar because she saved the clan from said dogs which makes me far less mad at her but still.

Brightheart is one of my favorite characters and I think Swiftpaw would have made a good warrior if Bluestar didn't go crazy and he hadn't died. (I still would have wanted Cloudtail and Brightheart together though)

That was so sad!

22 Jackdaw's Cry and Falling Feather kill each other
23 Badgerfang's death

I almost cried at this.. Badgerfang should've still been a kit in the nursery.

I dare you to read this without crying.

I cried two times! This is 100% saddest warriors moment EVER!
It's sooo underestimated

24 Snowkit's death

I cried harder here than I did any other moment, just because of Brackenfur trying to save him and chasing the hawk even after it was gone. so sad.

I cried, it was so sad! I still get testy when I think about it too much

25 Mosskit's death

This is probably one of the ONLY deaths that made me cry, in ANY book.

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