Top Ten Canadian Stereotypes

As a Canuck myself, here are the top ten Canadian stereotypes.

The Top Ten

1 EH?

Only one I think is really true, I'm Canadian, eh?

I have heard this from a lot of people that canadians say eh a a lot, but I can never tell maybe because I am used to it.

Hey I'm doing my speech on canadian stereo types and eh is the major steroe type rock on Canada!

Justin Bieber is Canadian and I barely hear him say eh.

2 It's cold

Most of Canada have hot, muggy summers especially Montreal and Toronto.

Yo guys eh, it's really cold right now so do you want to ride my polar bear back yo my igloo... It's a-Boot 20 miles away cause we only have one road and stuff eh also lets go watch some Justin bieber or other stuff you can choose cause I'm really nice eh.

We Canadian have the same summer as New York does, depends on where you live in Canada because it's a big ass country

It is VERY cold in winter, but only hot in summer if you have never felt an actual hot summer. People in places like Dallas and Phoenix would laugh at them. If it's so hot, why does nobody install air conditioning?

3 Everyone's extremely polite.

YEAH! I have met no one in Canada that is from Canada that is not polite. I live in Canada and we have three ranks of nice people. Super nice, nice kinda nice, and not Canadian.

Guys... Everybody loves Canada. The only stereotypes I've ever heard are this one, maple syrup, and the hockey thing. But there's nothing really BAD about those things. The point is... You Canadians are so awesome and nice that we just are making friendly jokes about you. Don't worry, we'll always love you, it's just... A thing. I mean look at U.S. A's stereotypes. Would you rather be accused of being polite or being fat, stupid, and racist?

Thank you & Sorry - Canadians are known for saying Thank you and Sorry way more than other cultures. Almost too much sometimes, but it's just how we're raised. We are raised to be polite

I don't mean to be a bit rude, but that stereotype might be false.

4 They say a-boot, not about.

I've never heard anyone say a-boot

I love the Canadian accent. It sounds smoother and I find they're more well-spoken than Americans.

If there was a difference than American and Canadian accents.

The only Canadian I've heard say a-boot was a random dude on YouTube. Every other Canadian I've heard says about like everybody else.

I read in a book that the main character described the Canadian's accent as skipping along quickly, and not the 'southern drawl' she was used to. As a Canadian, I would also like to agree and say that unless we're making fun of our own stereotypes or it's winter, we don't say a-boot.

5 All that's watched is hockey.

Its not all we watch, but we do love our hockey!

Um...NO! I honestly think hockey's a bit annoying I like to watch random stuff.

hockey's not all we watch, after all, baseball was invented by a Canadian, so why not watch it? - mark008

In Quebec where I live people only talk about hockey, or almost. We also watch a bit of football but I only watch the superbowl so I definitely believe that this one is true especially in the province of Quebec. In fact I have been playing hockey myself for a good amount of time now and it's by far my favourite sport. Best sport ever if you can afford it (since it can be expensive to play in a league like me).

What's that aboot, eh? We also watch dems Curling!

6 It's winter all year round

5 seconds of summer, baby

I lived in Canada my WHOLE life and there's also a magical season called summer it can get REALLY hot where I am from

Where I live, our winters normally last from November to March

Depends where you live. Where I'm from, it's winter for 8 months with no spring and a 30 degree summer

7 There is only one road in Canada

Um...I'm Canadian, and I know that there are more then one road near my house...

Wait what why would that be the case that does not even make sense.

Maybe people should look at a map

Yeah. Although I love the Trans-Canada Highway. Makes travelling from one province to another much easier, eh? - PizzaGuy

There's more than enough roads, buddy.

8 We all drink Tim Hortons

Daily.It is better tasting and cheaper than starbucks or second cup. Besides, with so many locations its faster to grab on the way to the office.

Okay. This one may be true.

Timmies is my FAVORITE

That's not true McDonald's is so much cheaper and does it really matter it's like rite-aid us Canadians don't really ever talk about your stuff seriously it's just a coffee place ok

9 All we eat is Kraft dinner

I Haven't Had Kraft Dinner In Years

Last time I ate KD was like a few months ago...

Again with the all... Also I'm vegetarian and Canadian. So I make my own food.

I'm Canadian but I hate Kraft Dinner. No joke.

10 Everyone's a lumberjack.

Not true. The majority of Canadians live in the city so they don't know how to use a chainsaw. The only Canadians that could have experience in doing lumberjack work are the ones that live in the countryside.

We do have a lot of trees (because Donald Trump's not curing them down), but we ain't hose heads!

Um, no. Sure there's a whole lot of trees and all, but not everyone's a lumberjack.

Guys, this stereotype isn't even logical. We aren't all lumberjacks. End of story. No explanation needed.

The Contenders

11 We love maple syrup

We do love Maple syrup but we don't have it on everything we use it for Pancakes and waffles! :3

I honestly cannot deny this one. Maple syrup is one of my favourite things.

Why is this a stereotype? Speaking as a Canadian, I LOVE maple syrup. In fact, my uncle is personally involved in the maple syrup process.

This is the stereotype I'm most familiar with, subtract, "EH? "

12 We hate the US

Not that much they are just spoiled...

A lot have too much pride in their country and in themselves. its really annoying. I'm not saying everyone is like that

Not all Canadians hate the US, we just disagree with a lot they have done in the past. For example, slaves from the US had to escape to Canada. Canada and the United States are actually allies. There's also a lot of racism in the US that us Canadians don't agree with. (not that we're all perfect, everyone makes mistakes)

Actually I kinda like the US. I was there last year beautiful half my family lives there!

Well they criticize Canadians about Justin Bieber when crap singers like Rebecca Black Snooki Nicki Minaj etc. Are from the USA. They criticize Canada about clubbing baby seals over the head when U.S soldiers tortured people in Iraq and made Syria Iraq and Afghanistan are war torn countries thanks to the good ol' US of A. That's a good reason why over half the world hates the United States. Canada can no longer trusts it's closest ally USA because America's president Trump trusts evil dictator Kim Jong Un who threatened the world with nukes threatened to nuke the USA. Trusts him more than Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau. I guess that part is only for show.

13 We ice skate or ski to work

Why do people think Canada is a frozen tundra!?!?!?

I actually wish this was true, though. Really, who wouldn't like a game of pickup hockey on the way to work. - HerbiQuintus

"Ski to Work? " That's just going overboard. But yes, we do ice skate.

The only time we would ski to work is if we happen to be a ski instructor and we live on the hill. Get it together world.

What is it with people who have obviously never been to Canada and assuming that we are an all winter country? We have summer, spring and fall just like the rest of the world does.

14 Everyone listens to Rush

Who or what is Rush? I've never heard of it/them. Is it a band? Is it a person? I have no clue.

I'm Canadian and I have no idea what you're talking about. Can someone explain please?

Their the biggest canadian band of all time, and it's a shame canadians don't even know who they are

Huh? What is Rush? I'm Canadian and I've never heard of them before today.

15 It always snows

I live in vancouver it never snows

Well where I live it snowed from November to early may this year and that's not unheard of. But we still have June to October to soak in the warmth

Here in Ontario it does snow but not always. And snow is not all that bad...I actually LOVE snow.

It snows in winter and is nice and hot in summer. That's about a 1/2 snowing and 1/2 melting/summer

16 Tim Horton is our President

First off, Tim Horton is not our PRIME MINISTER! Second, Tim Hortons is a Coffee Place (Best Coffee Place Ever, eh'? )

Tim Horton is our Prime Minister, not our president

Lol, this list was so obviously made by an American who knows nothing about Canada. We have a PRIME MINISTER.. NOT a PRESIDENT!

Wow Americans, you know nothing about Canada. You need to pass geography class.

17 We wear toques all the time

Some do some don't but the ones we wear in summer are for style. But Americans are so caring about that eh?

Why, don't Americans wear toques? I wear a toque ALL the time cause they just feel so soft and warm. And there's something called Winter - one of the reasons why we wear toques.

Again there's this thing called summer

Well I can't argue with this one. I love toques. They make me feel cozy. But like nobody else does so it's just me.

18 If you scratch the maple leaf on a dollar bill, you will smell maple syrup

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Of course there's no maple syrup on Canadian money...

At least Canadian dollars have more colour in them than American dollars.

Also our coins taste like syrup if you suck on them long enough.

I have Canadian coins from a vacation in 2013 but I WILL NOT put them in my mouth to debunk the "maple syrup flavored coins" myth...

Besides, it's unsanitary!

19 We always watch curling

I don't ALWAYS watch curling, but hey, if it's on..

Honestly, curling is sometimes fun. But I watch baseball the most.

I don't watch curling at all, only hockey.

I don't watch curling at all, l don't even know how to play or what the purpose of the curling is.

20 All men sit down and watch hockey all night

Well not everyone... Its incredibly popular but so is football and curling. Although, come Olympic time things are different. It doesn't matter whether you've ever seen a puck in your life - the entire country will be cheering!

This ones true haha especially saturdays! HOCKEY NIGHT IN Canada

We worship hockey, eh?

The games normally end at 10pm, and after midnight, our sled-dogs start getting sleepy. And after 2am, they normally shut down the road.

21 We have no telephones

Not trying to sound Canadian, but, Eh?

If Canadians have no phones, then how did Justin Bieber and other Canadian celebrities take selfies and/or have social media?
Oh wait! This stereotype is absolutely FALSE!
by the way I'm NOT Canadian myself, nor from Canada.

We have iPhone 6 like come on people

Its true I use a can on a string, only thing about that is the string always freezes cause Canada is to cold for polar bears

22 We put maple syrup on everything

I just LOVE maple syrup on my bacon and pancakes.

Pancakes and bacon with maple syrup, delicious! If you haven't tried it then you should

Maple syrup adds a great flavour to everything, but sometimes those things ruin the maple, and that's not good.

No, seriously. Every time my family has salmon for supper (which my dad BUYS from the supermarket) we dip it in maple syrup. NO. JOKE.

23 Canada is a french country

Although French is an official language of Canada, only about 22% of Canadians speak French.

I speak mainly Canadian French in my life. But I speak mostly English.

Not really, yes Quebec is a French province, but most people speak English.

French is our second language

24 All we drink is beer

I AM A KID PEOPLE! where do people get this idea?

Its not all we drink. But a cold beer after a hard days work? No one can complain about that.

We r not drunk every day if we were it would be on the news several times

I thought that Irish people suffered from that stereotype.

25 Sled dogs are the main source of transportaion.

Sled dogs are for the rich. Personally, I ride a polar bear to work every day

Oh yes we ride our polar bears on our one road to get back to our igloos - Morgie2311

Yep! Sure do! We ride them on our roads of plowed snow, to our buildings made out of ice! Oh! We also wear our winter parkas in the middle of summer to!

No we have cars nethier do we ride polar bears

Only the rich can afford sled dogs. The rest of us use cheaper forms of transportation such a Polar Bear Riding, Moose-Drawn Carriages, and Loon-Pulled Boats.

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