Top 10 Reasons People Dislike Emos

Now not every emo person is like the things I'm about to list. Not every emo person acts the same. This is just the main things I've come across in emos. Some have it worse than others. Some really do have depression. Some are really nice people. And then there's the ones who are annoying, which are the ones I'm going to be talking about.
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1 They're troubled and proud I have a friend who is extremely proud of being emo. One day, she decided to be emo out of the blue, and started telling EVERYONE how emo she was. A year later, she's still going on about how depressed she is, even to the people how don't care at all. Her family is one of the richest in the town, and she doesn't have any problems with them. It's terrible, because she is very rude to some less fortunate kids at my school, even though they have much worse problems than her. I have never really cared about emos, but she has absolutely turned me against them.

2 They say their life sucks and then cut themselves to make it worse

True true. Some people have legit reasons to cut though it ain't the answer others they just try to do it to make life worse or as an excuse for attention I've met people like that they are good people it's just what they do is messed up.

This makes sense, I got some emo friends and everyone I've met does it for the most retarded reasons, my parents slowly died over the course of years and I couldn't do anythin for them, those idiots don't see me cuttin myself, go cry in your room alone like normal people if you got somethin bad that happened.

3 They say they like "metal" but the bands they like aren't

It's probably the most annoying thing. I've got a friend and we were taking about music, I didn't really know her music taste at the time and so when she said "I love heavy metal" of course I got excited, when I asked her what her favorite bands were, she said "pierce the veil and fall out boy" I lost quite a bit of respect for her that day. I accept that she's "emo" and respect her music taste but if she loves these bands that much, then she should at least know what genre they are.

Yup. This one all the way. Pierce the Veil is not metal. It's a castrated sheep bleating. Just because there's instrumentals, doesn't make a band metal. They are also so hateful of others in their own genre fandoms. Twenty One Pilots, for example. They hate on the popular songs by their favorite bands until their bands literally hate their own music! How is that being a good community?

4 They self diagnose

I self diagnosed with depression in fifth grade mainly because 1. I wanted to die 2. I could barely function I was so sad all the time 3. I hated everything about myself. I really didn't want to self diagnose because I wanted real help from a professional. However, I had to in order to try to explain to my friends why I couldn't bare to get out of bed in the morning. Thankfully, my parents found out how horrific my self harm was. After they found out, I asked for a therapist and I got one one year later. The therapist diagnosed me with depression imminently. I am so so thankful that my friends told my parents.

5 They are obsessed with anime

Although not any emo's I've heard of are obsessed with anime specifically, their obsessions can get seriously out of hand. To make it worse, like 60% of them don't know squat about what their "obsessed" with. They will never hesitate to butt into a conversation(At least the one I have to deal with every day) and tell them how much better their "obsession" is, even if you weren't even talking about something like that. Emos really made me hate Sherlock and Imagine Dragons.

You're a poop. Weebs = people who want to be Japanese. People who like anime, are people who watch it for fun. People who have anime fan art, merch, posters, etc. are probably just fans. People who call others "weebs" without understanding the meaning of it are ALWAYS losers and should go f themselves.

6 They always talk suicide

This list is retarded. I am emo myself, and I see that emos never talk suicide. They mainly talk about spicy rock band memes and emo memes. This is a stereotype. Most people just dress emo for the fashion, not the sadness. Honestly, stereotypes are completely FALSE.

I've been in a group where they only talk about how they want to hang themselves and all but like BRUH NO ONE ASKED!

7 They try too hard to be random

You see, some people don't really know what they want. Because if emos who are acting like they're something else would say that they are emos everyone would judge them. And if they are acting like nerds you think that it's annoying then what would you say if they tell you who they are? Of course, they would look annoying too, just because of depression they have. Just stop. Because there are a lot of emos, some of them are just people who wants to look cool, and there's some who really needs help and support. I'm on the other hand hate that I'm emo. Because there's nothing good in that. Just you, your depression and music. So stop saying that ALL emos are annoying or just acting cool because it's not true. Sorry I just want you all to understand what I mean..

8 They get butthurt over small things

It's true that some people get easily offended but once (I don't even 'identify' as emo) but someone told me that it would be better if I just killed myself and I don't even talk about wanting to die. I just like to listen to music a lot and wear dark colors. So naturally, I had a friend who killed himself and so it really hurt to see people say stuff like this. When I tried confronting them about it, he asked me if I was on my period and said that I was overreacting. But yeah some people do say stuff like that to get attention and it's awful

9 They're posers

I don't really hate emos, in fact, I myself could be considered one. I like a variety of music like kpop, pop, rock and of course metal/'emo'tional music. The technical definition of emos are people who like emotional music, or more clearly, not like One Direction, but more like Black Veil Brides if you have ever heard of them. Emos also tend to like black and tend to have more empathy for people. At least based off of most emos that I have met. They do tend to let their emotions free more instead of keeping it bottled up inside.

However, what I hate most is a type of people you mostly find on Tumblr. These people are fakers and annoying as all hell. They post images of their wrists "cut" and then just plaster on some fake words of sorrow. They talk about how "Woe is I" when they don't even suffer anything from 'society' and they don't have any kind of mental illness.

Sure, a lot of actual emos may like dark stuff, horror, and creepy stuff that many other people may not like, but the actual emos and not the posers don't do those kind of post the cuttings on your wrist to the internet.

10 They say, "I can do what I want, cause I'm emo"

This is not true, all the alt people I know are chill and great to hang out with, this is a stereotype. This whole list is some people who probably haven't talked to an emo much/at all who are just butthurt we like My Chemical Romance and Ankle Boots, and have decided to complain about the most basic stereotypes, but get mad when we get annoyed by the stereotypes.

I'm reading comments about people telling emos to go kill themselves but not all emos are like this! I am an emo myself but I don't go around bragging that I hate the world or that I have huge problems... Not all emos are bad and boastful. I have some friends who are also emo and they don't do this either. I mean sure, some people boast about being an emo and they may act like an a-hole but that doesn't mean they speak for the entire emo population.

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11 They're depressed stereotypes

They think the world revolves around them, they FEED on attention, they torture god by hurting themselves. All they need is a kawaii bear hug from people who don't think they're "insane".

If you're emo, you don't always have to be depressed, I count myself as an emo but I'm not depressed, I've had depression, but I'm fine now.

We're stereotypes? Did you mean to say the list was? Some of us have actual mental health problems. Mental Health is real.

12 They give a bad name to -insert band-

I once saw someone say blink 182 was emo. They are literally everything but emo. Since when has not wanting to grow up had anything to do with embracing the darkness. And don't even get me started on how these emos have put their horrible brand on panic at the disco. It's got to a point where members from these bands have actually come out and said they are not emo and hate the label. I feel disgusted that these people are members of our society.

A lot of non-emo people enjoy certain bands that emo people enjoy which makes people think that the entire fanbase of the band is just teenaged emos.

13 They're compliment fishermen

This happens with other styles but I've seen it more with emos. Passing a picture of themselves around at a party while saying "Don't I look terrible? ", mentioning how ugly they are around a group of people, I've seen it before. They want people to give them compliments and for people to be worried about them. The more people worry the more emo they think I am right? No!

They are also the type of sadistic people who trolls 8 year olds on minecraft when they're adults talking to a little kid and ruining their damn minecraft server. WHY?!

14 They're hypocrites

There's this dumb kid who doesn't look emo, but claims he is. He was dumbass jerk to me that made fun of people below him. Then he ended up feeling emotionally sad and couldn't figure it out why no one liked him.

You're generalizing everything, just because you know one emo who does this one thing or responds this one way to something doesn't mean they're all the same.

15 They use being emo as an excuse to complain

I've seen it before, and honestly, not every emo on the planet is depressed, suicidal, or anorexic. Maybe they just like the style. But just doing it as an excuse to complain about their life is just utter crap. I mean, okay. You have problems. I get it. We all have problems. But seriously. You don't have to put on a big show that you have so many problems that you "just can't even." I get down from time to time but I'm not emo, partly be as my parents would notice and think ", get her a counselor." and overreact, but the people who actually are just fishing for compliments...just...don't. So if you're an "emo" who is just being emo for no reason except as an excuse to complain a lot, no offense, but you should get a check up from the neck up. :/

16 They complain about the "popular kids"

I mean yeah, the "popular kids" are rude sometimes, but I have "popular" friends. Besides, what even makes people popular? It doesn't matter. If you truly feel the need to complain, don't complain to me. I've been bullied by the "popular" people, but that doesn't mean they're all airheads. Sometimes they're trying to fit in, or they're trying not to be kicked out. I've done it too. But they're people, not some look-obsessed shells you have the "right" to complain and make comments about.

I am popular at my school and I don't think it's fair for people to judge me because I have a lot of friends. I try to be nice and make friends with people. When I talk to any emo they treat me like I just spit on them even though I just want to be friends. I thinks that they should try to get to know someone popular before getting angry at some stereotype.

17 They're not greatful that people care about them
18 They say, "OMG don't look at me like that"

This has happened so many times. Expect people to stare, laugh, point, etc when you're walking around looking like Marlyn Manson played dress up with a corpse. That was a little harsh but you choose how you dress, which is great be yourself, so if you choose to wear a sign that says "give me attention" don't get mad when it's not the attention you wanted.

This is a real thing though. People do this to me all the time. When I'm on the street and stuff these people always stare and sometimes make bad comments it makes me so mad but then I don't think you should overreact and use this to get more attention. I just settle for the good old sideways glare, at least I feel like I've done something about it. :/

19 They don't know any actual emo bands

Yeah I do! I know Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and like, many others!

20 They act like they're better than everyone

A lot of emos, especially girls will make fun of other girls for being a "basic white girl'

Meanwhile they all wear the same things all day and listen to the exact same music. Just saying.

My sister is "emo" (even though the only real emo band she listens to is My Chemical Romance) and she just hates on everyone else's music taste.

I have to disagree with this one because you can almost say this about any other stereotypical label right?

21 They claim non-emo bands are emo

Once an emo said Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel and Slipknot were emo. I hate it. It's clearly metal. She said Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse were similar to MCR. They couldn't be more different, like ugh.

The reasons why emos are associated with blood on the dance floor. Us real emos don't want to be associated with poop

I've dealt with this, an emo girl at my school called Muse and Stromae emo... kill me

22 Their appearance

It does not matter if you can't tell peoples genders apart, you don't need to judge people for their appearance. Like I have short hair -real short- and wear boys clothes sometimes, There is nothing wrong about that...

Most people just don't like the way "emo" looks. Not because it's dark or scary but because it makes the guys seem feminem and the girls seem masculine. It sometimes gets to the point when you can't tell their genders apart from one another.

To be honest. I like the emo style. At least when it's not over done... But I think it's kinda stylish and unique. Overall, emos are still annoying.

23 They're obsessed with being emo

I have a friend who in a half hour will mention how emo she looks over 15 times either by whispering it to herself, going into rants about how much more emo she is than some chick, or by just saying "I look so emo, right? "

Ugh, I totally understand. My friend is absolutely obsessed with being emo, when she isn't, at all!

24 They find a way to make everything about themselves

Doesn't apply to all emos but I've seen it in a lot. They just love drawing attention to themselves and it's annoying especially in conversations. I've been in situations where a group of people are having a light hearted conversation and they suddenly change the topic to be just depressing and awkward.

25 They're downer

When an emo person is the type of emo that is always forcing themselves to be sad. They could be actually sad or just be frowning because "it makes me looks so emo". If someone is constantly frowning, constantly talking about their problems to people that didn't ask, and even talking about things that they hate 24/7 it makes them look like a big attention seeker who just wants to be in the spot light.

This isn't true about all of the emos. I'm pretty emo, but I don't make it obvious that I'm sad or depressed. I just want to be emo because I think of it as a style. I do have my downs, but I get over it real quick. I don't make my problem other people's problem.

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