Top Ten Canadian Stereotypes

As a Canuck myself, here are the top ten Canadian stereotypes.

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81 Beady eyes and flapping heads

Where the hell are you getting this from?

What the hell? Where are these people getting this stuff from? - CanadianGirl

Haha south park laugh out loud

This is like south park now.

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82 Our girls are extra dumb and extra slutty

Wow, who is stupid enough to think that

No no no, switch out "our" with "Americas"

What, NO! Please tell me you're not mistaking us for some of America's girls. And one last time, WE ARE NOT American!

If you swap 'our' with 'American', you'd be right on the money.

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83 Our police all ride on horses

They are called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a reson it is not like a big deal, eh?

No but a lot do

They ride polar bears duh

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, more commonly known as the RCMP, only ride on horseback for ceremonial purposes.

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84 There's a high population of beevcoons

Laugh out loud I haven't seen one

Oh f@#$ yeah budd the beaver population and the raccoon population are high even higher when the numbers are added to one an other

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85 All Canadians are bible-thumping Roman Catholics

We are not known as a strongly religious country but some are Christians

Quite disrespectful, eh? Well, I'M SORRY but who cares. I'll just go back to sipping my Tim Hortons coffee and read my bible

May the Lord speak into you so you may be saved. Eh?

I'm not Catholic.

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86 Canadians are afraid of the dark

Another stereotype Americans give us.
I just had to add this, the entire list made me think of how I met your mother

Why is this on this list three times?

Wow. We have polar bears to protect us, honestly people. This is as true as saying we say 'soda' instead of pop.

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87 We live off of donuts

A lot of people are named Kevin

No but we love them

Love them! But no - CanadianGirl

Better than other stuff

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88 Nobody's Polite

MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! We're nice and polite, no they're mean and rude, honestly, we can't be both!

At the beginning you guys said we were all polite! And this not true - CanadianGirl

So we're nice and polite, then we're rude and mean...

Didn't the beginning say that we're polite?

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89 Everyone needs to drink a double double from Tims

I don't drink coffee, but Tim Horton's hot chocolate is extremely good.

Coffee stops or slows down the growth of height

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90 We sleep with the Canadian flag

I'm only 15 and I don't sleep with the flag. Like who would. But you never know, we do have blankets that look like the Canadian flag.

I wish that was a blanket but it isn't so no

I don't but I bet my Prime Minister does.

I do! - CanadianGuy99

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91 Canada has no identity

What does this mean, exactly? Is this implying the fact that we are a very diverse country, and have many cultures? Because this is not a bad thing. I would like to apologise on Canada's behalf for accepting other cultures into our own.

WE HAVE PEACEMAKERS and they go to different countries with no identity at all but it's the opposite

If Canada has no identity then why list all these stereotypes?

92 Canadians are gay

That's not true! That is rude Canadians actually RESPECT other people!

No we are just really nice and respect everyone and their beliefs.

Oh yes, we are all very gay here! That's why we Canadians don't live off pain killers and depressants.

Your a waste man

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93 They barf a lot

It's cause we drink a lot of beer

Where do you get your information

I haven't barfed for a year or two.


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94 We have pet polar bears

Yeah and I ride them on my way to school

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95 Donuts rock

Especially those of Tim hortons

Yes donuts do rock

Of course they do.

they do eh

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