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81 Peanut Butter Snickers

This is the best chocolate peanut butter combination I've ever tasted and I used to Hersey, Pennsylvania

82 Skybar

Seriously this is amazing! get one NOW!

What is a skybar

83 Cadbury Caramilk

Good bar that I always enjoy

84 Pot Noodle
85 Dots

They are delicious and fruity! - PokePony

86 Take 5
87 Fuzzy Peaches

Fuzzy peaches r the best and also it's like, a whole pack of candy! - kennymccormick2169

88 Bottle caps
89 Aero

These are really good. Definitely one of my favourite chocolate bars. My favourites are Kit-Kats and Mars but still aeros are good.

90 Jelly Belly

Who doesn't like candy shaped of beans with flavones like watermelon,peach,Lina colada,etc
And even the disgusting ones like barf,rotten eggs,etc - Sce2

91 Mambas Mambas
92 Gum
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