Best CGI Animated Movies that Aren't Made by Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks

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1 The Lego Movie

The lego movie is one of the best movies of 2014. It is awesome like The lego Batman movie. The lego movie is way much better than the Dreamworks movie Home. The characters in Home are not written well. The lego movie Characters are written way better than the Characters in Home. The lego movie and The lego Batman movie are bpoth awesome.

I had very low expectations for this film. I never thought that I'd say this, "The Lego Movie is awesome! ". The song 'Everything is Awesome' could've been done without, but it wasn't the worst. - UselessReptile

I thought The Lego Movie was live action. But I did like it. The only Lego movie I liked.

Tied with Lego Batman and Lego Ninjago.

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2 The Little Prince

Visually beautiful, with a good script and a nice revamp of an all time classic book. - kempokid

3 Ratchet & Clank

Am I the only one who likes this.

Nope, you aren't.

4 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
5 Ice Age

Very entertaining good film!

6 Despicable Me

Best animated movie

7 The Peanuts Movie

This movie I'd beautiful we get to see the little red head girl it's over shadowed by the minions this movie is awesome why is minions better oh that's right it has minions on it so it's good wrong I hate minions bye

Is this movie underrated or what? I guess it's overshadowed by those gosh darn minions who had a movie the same year. I'd definitely suggest watching this movie.

This is probably the only item on the list I agree on, it's a fine movie. - DapperPickle

good movie - Randomator

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8 A Monster in Paris
9 The House of Magic
10 Monster House


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11 Despicable Me 2
12 Hotel Transylvania

What a movie man! EXCELLENT!
When I first saw this movie, I didn't move from my place. It is a very interesting movie if you watch it for the first time.
The Dracula accent is very funny!
This movie has comedy, adventure and many things in it.
Good movie by Sony Animation Studios!

13 Arthur Christmas
14 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
15 Rango

A man I the only guy that liked this movie? This movie should be higher then despicable me!

16 The Boxtrolls
17 Polar Express

Tintin has better CGI than this! - Milohamada

18 Beowulf
19 Disney's a Christmas Carol

It says Disney in the title - shawnmccaul22

You had one job, cooldude, ONE JOB. - DapperPickle

20 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

This movie looked stupid. Oh look meatballs are falling from the sky.

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