Top Ten Characters from the Lorax (2012)

L E T I T D I E , L E T I T D I E , L E T I T S H R I V E L U P A N D -

The Top Ten

1 Aloysius O`Hare Aloysius O`Hare

He looks like Edna Mode's twin. - egnomac

The worst character. - TeamRocket747


Let it Grow but you need to read the description to know what I did.

Let it Grow but every time they said “Grow”, It’s replaced with “BEE! ”, And every time they said a noun, It’s replaced with “Craznocks”, And every time they said an adjective, It’s replaced with “4 dozen eggs”, And every time they said a verb, It’s replaced with “Here’s Johnny”, The word “Tree” doesn’t count, And every time O’Hare said “Die”, It’s replaced with “Jazz”, And every time they make a sound, Random annoying sounds start playing non-stop, The phrase “You greedy dirtbag” is replaced with Anais said something nonsense.

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2 The Onceler The Onceler

HOW BA-A-A-AD CAN I BE? - DapperPickle

Yeah, Bad!

He's so tall
And handsome as hell
He's so bad
But he does it so well - Puga

3 Granny Norma Granny Norma

Don't type Granny Norma is google by the way. - DapperPickle

I'm Granny Norma, I'm old and I've got grey hair.
But I remember when trees were everywhere!
And no one had to pay for air.
So I say, let it grooow! - DapperPickle

4 Sy Sy


You don't know me, but my names Sy
I'm just the O'Hare delivery guy,
but it seems like trees might be worth a try,
so I say, let it go... - DapperPickle

5 The Lorax

Dis is my favorite person he speaks for the trees he speaks for the mosy colorful trees

6 Wesley

My names Dan, and my names Rose.
Our son Wesley kinda glows.
And that's not good so we suppose,
we should let it grow. - DapperPickle

7 Ted

He is coll dude ted. - DapperPickle

I am Ted
I hate going to bed
I always drink Dr. Pepper
And I have no helper. - DonaldTrump

8 Marie Marie

The picture of her just... lmao. - DonaldTrump

My names Marie, and I am three!
I would really like to see a tree.
la la la la,la la la lee.
I say let it grow. - DapperPickle

9 Pipsqueak
10 Sai

The Contenders

11 O`Hare Bodyguard

And the Bodyguards are named Morty and McGurk. - DonaldTrump

12 Audrey

She need's to be higher - Azurin13

13 Barbaloots
14 Big Brown Bear

Gosh it's called a Barbaloot!

15 Aunt Grizelda
16 The Fish
17 Isabella

Isabella is the Once-ler's mom. - girlcool

18 Ubb

Th Once-ler's uncle. - girlcool

19 Lou
20 Cy
21 Ted's Mom
22 Dan
23 Rose
24 Melvin
25 The Duck
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