Top Ten Books You Probably Read from Ages 1-6

These are books that you probably read as an early child from ages 1-6.
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1 The Cat In the Hat

This was one of my favorites in front of the elephant and pig books

I used to read this book a lot and was my favorite book.

Uh duh who did not like this comment if you did not

I read this to my little sisters. They love it.

2 The Saggy Baggy Elephant
3 Bad Kitty

12? Try being 14 and still liking this.

I'm 12 and I still love Bad Kitty.

I'm 14 and still love these. Haha!

I love this series and I'm 12!

4 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I always read this one when I was younger, along with Thumperlina and Green Eggs and Ham.

I definitely read this

I read this at my school!

I remember this one!

5 The Pokey Little Puppy

I remember this one!

Oh, I remember this.

It was a great book

6 The Lorax
7 Pirate Pete

I've never read this

8 Little Miss Spider
9 Goodnight Moon

I forgot about this one while making the list. I should have put it in the top ten.

Remember from Nostalgia Critic? Batman reading this?
"Goodnight... MOON! GOODNIGHT STAR! "

I read this when I was 2. I might buy it again.

My mom used to read this to me. I loved it.

10 Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

I haven't heard of nine of these items, this one included. I wasn't raised on American storytelling.

I forgot about this one! But I did read it as a young kid. Now that I'm older, what kind of a last name is 'Bindergarten'?

I remember this. My Kindergarten teacher read it to my class.

I loved this series as a kid!

The Contenders
11 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
12 Poor Puppy

No is this like a sequel of bad kitty

13 Green Eggs and Ham

I LOVED this book. Not just this book, Dr. Seuss in general, was my favorite.

14 Blue's Clues: Growing Up With Blue

I loved Blue's Clues as a child

15 I Was So Mad

I loved These Books They Should Have More Votes

16 David Goes to School

This book and "No David" was my childhood. They were so funny!

17 David Gets In Trouble
18 Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
19 Ozzie and Mack
20 Alice in Wonderland
21 Charlotte's Web - E.B. White

This book is 7-12 not 1-6!

22 Harold and the Purple Crayon

I think this is my favorite preschool book.

23 Stellaluna
24 No, David!
25 Color Farm
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