Top Ten Weirdest Things That Happened In Warrior Cats

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1 All the clans forgetting Mapleshade in a heartbeat

I feel like she would at least be like a little elder's horror story for the kits like Tigerstar was, but nope, she died, that's it. Maybe they just wanted to forget her, so they never brought her up to the younger generations.


This isn't really about the clans forgetting her, but... How did the medicine cats not smell Mapleshade's scent on Ravenwing's body?

Now that I realize it, they did forget her quite quickly.

Also, there never really were any books after that, so we don't know that for sure. I love Mapleshade so much. Her life was so unfair!

- Spiritstar of LightningClan

2 All the clans forgetting that two cats cannot be mates with another clan cat

Well, it's love, and the cats that do love other clan cats think it's worth it. Graystripe was heartbroken. Bluestar was shocked. Sasha was also shocked. And all the others were shocked and displeased.

These dumb cats are like freaking idiots. Leafpool (an angel with her father, the BEST warrior cat and leader) gets with Crowfeather while being a med cat and having kits. Like these people!

Um. I hate half-clan relationships. OK. Sure. I get it. You're in love. So what? Would you rather betray your clan and kin and have babies with someone?

3 Blackstar turning good

I've always liked Blackstar. He is just amazing and so cool, but there was a point in his life when he was the mass murderer of the age. One second later, he's the goody who saves ShadowClan?

Recommend reading Blackstar's Reckoning. It explains everything.

I still hate him. He killed Rosetail, and I will never forgive him for that. And, oh, did I forget to mention that Rosetail was an elder? And he tried to steal kits. And he murdered Stonefur. Blackstar will always have an evil heart.

He allied with Brokenstar and Tigerstar. While it may have been out of respect, as they were leaders, the fact that all the other clans pretty much forgot about his previous alliances is what makes this so weird.

4 Nightpelt becoming leader

Like why? He was a freaking elder. I mean, what about Blackfoot? Why didn't he become leader? He was a freaking elder with asthma. He was not fit to be leader. - WolfStorm of ThunderClan

This is wrong. People say Blackfoot should have, but he followed Brokenstar! He, Clawface, and others did, so they had no leader. And just like that, BOOM, Nightpelt is suddenly leader but ends up not getting any lives.

It just doesn't make sense. You have plenty of warriors, and you make an elder a leader? No wonder Starclan didn't accept him.

5 Yellowfang getting punished by Starclan

I actually forgot about this! But Yellowfang was punished by Starclan. It's true, and this is so confusing.

1. Yellowfang is a good character.
2. In the ultimate guide, it says she is the most loyal cat, and that's like number one on the warrior code, so surely she shouldn't be punished.

How come SHE gets punished and Leafpool doesn't, although she went with someone who wasn't in her clan? That's unfair. But yet again, it's Firestar's lover Spottedleaf who lets her.

Let me say one thing: StarClan gave Yellowfang powers so she would become a medicine cat. Brokenstar was born to punish ShadowClan for... something.

Now, Brokenstar could be a much better cat if StarClan didn't go in and say, "I'm just going to make it so Yellowfang breaks the warrior code when she has a kit that has to be born no matter what! Yeah, then we can get mad at her for it!"

6 All the impossible genes

I am a crazy cat genetics person, and it's stupidly terrifying how bad Warriors is with genetics. For example, Molewhisker should be a gray tabby tom with a cream belly. Rosepetal should be a ginger she-cat.

This is just my thing, but if the Three were actually Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits:
JAYFEATHER - longhaired ginger tabby tom with amber eyes and white paws
LIONBLAZE - dark ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes
HOLLYLEAF - dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

The Erins have flat-out denied a polite request by multiple people to learn genetics, and it's just gotten so bad, it's annoying. While I'm not saying they need to go and read a big, long textbook explaining lilac and calico and tortoiseshell and all that jazz, all I want to know is: ICECLOUD. ICECLOUD, MAN.

How the heck does a dark brown tom with amber eyes and a gray-flecked she-cat with green eyes equal a white she-cat with blue eyes? How? I understand why you do some things, Erin Hunter team. I understand Spiderleg's coloring and why Ivypool managed to look like...Ivypool, but now you're just mocking us.

7 Cat is named Egg

Why the heck would a cat be named Egg? I mean, there are thousands of names! Yet, you choose the name Egg. Seriously, it's a cat named Egg. They don't even know what an egg is.

Plus, it's a really weird name! If they're white, you could name them things like WhitePelt, SnowStorm, IceTalon, FrozenWing, SwiftHeart, RabbitPelt, OwlFeather, FrozenBerry, etc. But gosh, naming a cat Egg is like naming a fish StrongWings.

That is a weird name. Also, I thought only kittypets had one-word names, or are the wild cats starting that? Also, their parents must not have liked them very much because that is the single worst name I have ever heard.

-Snowpaw the ThunderClan apprentice

8 The three losing powers

This is weird! If they lose their powers, does that mean they are no longer "The Three"? Poor Jayfeather - when he was a kit, he fell into the ThunderClan hollow and "broke everything."

Poor Dovewing, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. They didn't deserve to lose their powers. They had a prophecy, and then StarClan was just like: "No, we can't let you be more powerful than us because we are all-knowing." Anyway, WHY? Did they really have to lose their powers? It's just so odd.

I feel bad for them because they had a whole prophecy, and then all that time was wasted! And then Jayfeather's stick breaks. Come on, people! Stop being so mean to poor little Jayfeather! - Dovefeather of ThunderClan

9 Hollyleaf killing Ashfur
10 Bluestar knowing Rusty's name before he told her it

This isn't true. In the comic at the end of Bluestar's Prophecy, Whitestorm and Lionheart lead him in, and they say, "It's okay Rusty, don't be alarmed. It's probably good they have a good look at you." But I forgot the first book, so someone please tell me if she says his name out of nowhere!

Well folks, we all thought Jayfeather was great, being able to read minds, but Bluestar could read minds before him! She goes into Rusty's mind and was like, "Oh, he's thinking about someone calling him Rusty. That's his name!" And then boom! Bluestar is so amazing, being able to travel into a kittypet's mind like that!

I'm kidding, she can't read minds, but I want to know how she figured it out. Rusty never even told Graypaw his name, so Bluestar couldn't have overheard! This doesn't make any sense.

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11 Ashfur getting angry with Squirrelflight just wanting to be friends

I hate Ashfur, and nothing will change my mind! Even if you'll give me a million dollars, no! Blame him for everything bad that happened! He captured Squirrelflight, mauled Shadowsight, and killed Willowshine. Why does he have to be so mean?

When Squirrelflight was going to go back to the lake, he wanted her to suffer. He loves too much. He's such a stalker! Why can't he accept that Squirrelflight likes Brambleclaw better? The more he makes her suffer, the more she doesn't like him. - Dovefeather of ThunderClan

12 Cat's fading from Starclan

It's so deep and just terrible. Just imagine that you died and went to StarClan, only to find out you can fade when cats forget about you and be gone forever.

What is next? You can't die a thousand times. What comes after StarClan? StarClan the Second? StarClan the Third?

When I read horrible things like that, I just try to imagine they don't exist and think of the book without them.

13 Greystripe's parents are brother and sister

I am sure both the mom and dad knew this, but they still loved each other. They couldn't tell that their love was because they loved each other as siblings, but they really didn't know that.

Patchpelt (his father) is Adderfang and Swiftbreeze's first litter (with Leopardfoot), and their second litter is Willowpelt, Redtail, and Spottedleaf. That means Willowpelt is her older brother's mate.

Wait, so that means Graystripe's family is shorter than most because he doesn't have families from both of his parents' sides since they're siblings.

14 The main character doesn't get beaten for 5 series, but dies from a tree

I mean, it would be kind of weird if Firestar got beaten by another cat, wouldn't it? Also, I'm pretty sure the tree killed Longtail, but it just set on fire. Anyway, Firestar died from wounds and smoke combined. It's kind of ironic that 'the fire that saved the Clans' was killed by smoke.

When he died, I hoped that he would pop up and say, HEY! I had one life left! Then Brambleclaw drops dead like Sorreltail did, and Graystripe is deputy and leader soon.

There's a joke that goes (I know that you guys probably know already), "Firestar couldn't be beaten for FIVE SERIES... and then gets killed by a TREE."

15 Firestar being everywhere

This is strange. No one can be everywhere unless you have like a million clones of yourself everywhere. And Firestar does not have anything like that, or else Tigerstar would have died in his sleep already.

-Snowpaw the ThunderClan apprentice

Haters: -hides behind SkyClan territory- Phew! Finally! No Firestar here!
Firestar: -appears next to them- Hi, guys, I'm here!
Haters: NO!

He doesn't go away. He is the Yellowfang of both the living and afterlife. You can't get rid of him, and you know it.

16 The Warrior Code is broken so many times

Bro, if the code is broken so many times, then why doesn't StarClan even care about it? Firestar had broken the code a ton of times, so why even let him into StarClan? If StarClan doesn't even care if the cats follow their code or not, then why even create the code? Just let the cats live with the feeling of freedom, with none of those stupid rules!

It's like you try to preserve the warrior code so many times and then ruin it by mating with a cat from another clan. Why make the warrior code and then break it so many times?

17 Puddleshine Being Cured by Deathberry Skins

Exactly! I mean, no one in their right mind would be like, "Hey, you're sick? I'll give you the skins of the deadliest poison in the universe and you'll get better!" And he gets better.

Ok, Puddleshine, we're gonna give you the most dangerous thing since Tigerstar, and that is as useful as poisonous potatoes in Minecraft's skin to cure you. That good?

It is kinda weird that a deathberry can cure AND kill. But I am relieved that they were able to cure Pebble.

18 Lionblaze Giving Birth to Fernstep

Umm... How is a tom supposed to give birth? Maybe it was a mistake or his life was a mistake. Anyway, that's weird! Why does Erin Hunter keep making mistakes? It drives me insane! - Dovefeather of ThunderClan

Wow. I didn't know toms could give birth. When did this happen again?

19 Oakstar Banishing Kits and Still Goes to Starclan

That just seems wrong. Oakheart, you are one of the most evil characters now. How dare you banish kits that have nothing to do with you? You are a monster, and I hate you. Never go to StarClan. That place is only for the good cats. No bad cats allowed. Bad cats are bad, and good cats are good. - Snowpaw, the ThunderClan apprentice

Okay, Mapleshade I feel was a right choice to exile her, as it fits breaking the code. But the kits were completely innocent. They didn't ask to be born as half-clan cats.

I mean, you just about sentence three kits to death and still get to go to StarClan?

20 Dovewing's eye colors changing

Dovewing, listen to me. How do you keep changing your eye color? Does it go like this: Umm...I want green eyes. No, I want blue eyes. Never mind, I want green eyes. Seriously, does Erin Hunter have to change her eye color? She has one, so keep it that way and don't change it.

-Dovefeather of ThunderClan

Bro, Erin, can't you just think of a good eye color and stick to it? If you have problems remembering which color you used last time, then why is Dovewing the only cat who has eye color problems?

I've seen this problem too much. I don't think my eyes are working...

21 Yellowfang letting Ashfur into Starclan

"He only loved too much." Girl, he tried to murder a woman and her three adoptive children all because she (politely) wouldn't date him. Squirrelflight had every right to reject him, even if she never outright did. She doesn't have to date someone, and it's a good thing she didn't because just look what happened! -Songshadow

They send Darkstripe to the Dark Forest when he almost killed a clanmate but didn't. And then it's the same with Ashfur. He almost killed Hollyleaf but was sent to Starclan! Yellowfang was like, "Oh, poor Ashfur, let's bring him to Starclan and not care about Darkstripe."

22 Darkstripe being secretly in love with Spottedleaf
23 Leopardfoot and Pinestar are the parents of Tigerstar

Pinestar was a leader when Leopardfoot was born (Bluestar's Prophecy), and they gave birth to two she-kits called Nightkit and another one whose name I forgot, and the dark tabby Tigerstar. The two she-kits died after a moon, so yeah!

Yeah, this should be under a weirdest couples list, too. How did Pinestar not find a mate before Leopardfoot? He was already almost eight lives in when she was born!

24 Someone is called maggot tail

His name at first was Dashpaw for his speed, but in a dare to race a fox, he got the tip of his tail nipped off, and it got infected with maggots. When he became a warrior, he asked his leader to be named Maggottail.

25 Mapleshade Being Kicked Out of Her Clan, Even Though the Cats After Her Were Never Kicked Out.

Why? Mapleshade is amazing (I think through past comments I made it clear that I am her #1 defender)! She just got hallucinations that made her go crazy, and she wouldn't be "evil" in the first place if she wasn't exiled. Maybe she gave cats the lesson, "Don't exile for dumb reasons."

Mapleshade is literally amazing. She did not deserve to be in the Dark Forest.

To be honest, it's messed up. The only one who left their clan was Graystripe, but he left by choice. Then again, Graystripe is kidnapped by Twolegs/Upwalkers/Nofurs.

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