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All the clans forgetting Mapleshade in a heartbeat

Let me say this. Mapleshade loved Appledusk, and if you look at the time, he was cheating on her. (You can’t love a cat in a couple seconds, and when the kits died he loved Reedshine, so she cheated on her) her clan exiles her and her MONTH OLD KITS to fend for themselves in the wild. They did a horrible death she tried to prevent. She hates herself and everyone who was the cause of their death. Apple dusk wasn’t, but she was so mad at everything he did to her. No, that does not justify her actions. But imagine being a loyal warrior and everyone now hates you and exile you, and your children die, and your mate seriously hates you for some reason and doesn’t want to be with you anymore. It is just so sad in general. Then the clans are like “6 CATS DIED AND INE IS PERMENTLY BLIND. WHO CARES SHADOWCLAN TOUCHED OUR BORDER.” like, dude?

Pretty weird, but I don't feel sorry for her, I feel sorry for her kits.

Those kits deserved better MAPLESHADE! But she was so sad...

Title pretty much sums it up.

All the clans forgetting that two cats cannot be mates with another clan cat

Um. I hate half-Clan relationships? OK. Sure. I get it. You're in love. So what? What you rather betray your Clan and kin and have babies with someone?

Graystripe and Silverstream, Crowfeather and Leafpool, Tigerheart and Dovewing (they never officially became mates though), etc.

Everyone suddenly forgot this! Yeah, lol, screw the warrior code.

Crowfeather is the biggest codebreaker along with leafpool who broke both codes

Blackstar turning good

I laughed my head off when I saw this. Read Bramblestar's Storm. He was sorry for being so mean.


I love you, Blackstar.

I still hate him. He killed Rosetail and I will never forgive him for that. And, oh, did I forget to mention that Rosetail was an ELDER? And he tried to steal KITS. And he murdered Stonefur. Blackstar will always have an evil heart.

He allied with Brokenstar and Tigerstar. While it may have been out of respect as they were leaders, the fact that all the other clans pretty much forgot about his previous alliances is what makes this so weird.

I always liked Blackstar because he looks cool. Some of my favorite moments in the Warriors series are When Blackstar becomes friendly to anyone outside his own clan, even if it is only for one moment.

Nightpelt becoming leader

Read Yellowfang's secret idiot, he retired early due to asthma

He was an elder!

He is an old cat.

That’s when their was no such thing as BlackFoot

All the impossible genes

Let's see, Squirrelflight, Scrouge, Blackfoot (star), Bluestar, Rosetail, Cloud Spots..

I really don't care tho, they are fictional cats anyways.

The Erins have flat-out denied a polite request by multiple people to learn genes, and it's just gotten so bad, it's annoying. While I'm not saying they need to go and read a big, long textbook explaining lilac and calico and tortoiseshell and all that jazz, all I want to know is: ICECLOUD. ICECLOUD, MAN.
How the HECK does a dark brown tom with amber eyes + a gray-flecked she-cat with green eyes equal a white she-cat with blue eyes? HOW? Look, I understand why you do some things, Erin Hunter team. I understand Spiderleg's coloring, and why Ivypool managed to look like...Ivypool, but now you're just mocking us.

Why are people complaining about this when they never complain about scar's color in lion king?

Ginger cats and dark tabby cats don't have grey kits and black kits

Yellowfang getting punished by Starclan

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she have her kit while she was a medicine cat?

She was mates before she was a medicine cat!

YellowFang:*Sleeps with RaggedStar in secret
Starclan:hey look! Our favorite medicine is sleeping with the leader of ShadowClan! Imma teach her a lesson



Cat is named Egg

Do cat's even know what an egg is? I bet Leafstar named that cat egg.

Some one is called maggot tail! Imagin being called maggot star! Maggot paw! Maggot kit!

Well, it's better than the names of SOME of the cats cough Loudbelly cough

May I say more? Egg is a terrible name for a cat! He is in Skyclan.

Hollyleaf killing Ashfur

Umm this wasent weird though. She had a reason, to keep him from telling the clans about her parent but she divided it would come out eventually

Erm... Just saying... She broke character...

Why, Hollyleaf

The three losing powers

I'm happy they lost there powers.If there were a lot of battles Lionblaze would have been known as a murderer (not that I would have been sad about it I hate him)And they made Ivypool feel left out and useless because of Dovewings power.It's so cruel.

One of the reasons why the series would have Infinity Stones.

This is hardcore messed up dudes.

By the way, it's Three, capitals.

Bluestar knowing Rusty's name before he told her it

I was freaked out and almost stopped reading the series because I thought I might be full of stupid magical powers.

And Princess knowing Fireheart's warrior name before he told her.

She could have read he's collar name tag, but then again cats can't read.

YAH she-cats have mind-reading powers!

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Cat's fading from Starclan

It's so deep and just- terrible. Just imagine that you died and went to Starclan- and finding out you can fade when cats forget about you and be gone forever...

What is next? You can't die a thousand times...What comes after Starclan? Starclan the second? Starclan the third?

Because there's some dumb cats in Starclan

Why did Erin have to add that? WHY?!

Ashfur getting angry with Squirrelflight just wanting to be friends

The whole fire scene thing ruined Ashfur's character, he was so nice before then... then he turned NASTY

He was more than angry

More like mates

Firestar being everywhere

Haters: Thank goodness.
Firestar: Hi! Wanna go interfere with other Clans business and walk all over their territory and annoy their leaders to death?

Haters: -hides behind SkyClan territory- Phew! Finally! No Firestar here!
Firestar: -appears next to them- Hi, guys, I'm here!
Haters: NO!

Haters: welp uh whats that noise.
*Firestar eats the haters *

Haters: -hides behind SkyClan territory- Finally! No Firestar here!
Firestar: -appears next to them- Hi, guys, I'm here!
Haters: NOOO!

The main character doesn't get beaten for 5 series, but dies from a tree

When he died, I hoped that he would pop up and say HEY! I had one live left! Then Brambleclaw drops dead like Sorreltail did, and Graystripe is deputy and leader soon NOW!

For STARCLAN'S SAKE! Firestar was killed by Tigerstar! The tree was a sign that Firestar joined Starclan! Dudes do you honestly think the Erin's would kill Firestar with a TREE!

There's a joke that goes (I know that you guys probs know already), "Firestar couldn't be beaten for FIVE SERIES...And then gets killed by a TREE.

Fire star the cat that had been killed by 2 trees in one of his 9 lives

Puddleshine Being Cured by Deathberry Skins

EVERYONE LISTEN UP! the seeds are poisionus skin is not; Deathberries, also known by Twolegs as yew berries, are a type of poisonous fruit resembling red olives. ... Note: The red flesh and skin of the fruit is harmless, but the seeds are extremely poisonous.

Ok puddleshine, were gonna give you the most dangerous thing since tigerstar and that is as useful as poisonus potatos in minecraft's skin to cure you. That good?

He was sick and Alderheart decided it would be a good idea to feed her deathberry skins, he lived.

Exactly! I mean no one in their right mind would be like “Hey you’re sick? I’ll give you the skins of the deadliest poison in the universe and you’ll get better! ”
And he gets better.

Greystripe's parents are brother and sister

Um... What the hell is wrong with people. I am just thinking of my friend and her brother now...

Yes! flashnose had an unknown mate and had a litter of stormtail, adderfang and swiftbreeze. adder and swift mate (? ) and have leoapoardfoot patchpelt redtail spottedleaf and willowpelt (2 litters). then patch and willow have graystripe. gross. 6 ^-^

Billystorm eating Dovewing after Fallen Leaves kills her

Is that not a human name

This never happend

I can’t stop laughing now.

that did not happen but that is funny that that is on the list-Riverpool of stormclan

Lionblaze Giving Birth to Fernstep

Toms can not give birth

Toms can give birth?!

Me: <gags> <throws up>

You mean Fernsong?

Leopardfoot and Pinestar are the parents of Tigerstar

Yeah, this should be under a weirdest couples list, too. How did Pinestar not find a mate before Leopardfoot? He was already almost eight lives in when she was born!

2 good cats (Pinestar is a kittypet and Leopardfoot is a good cat) giving birth to the most evillest cat in the series! (Tigerstar)

Brambleclaw killing Hawkfrost 1st and 2nd time

He killed his half brother BOTH times! I mean, seriously, who hates their half brother that much?

And Firestar (Scourge is secret half brother)

Same with Yellowfang.I really hated it.

The Warrior Code is broken so many times

No wonder the recent arc is called The Broken Code. They forgot it in a heartbeat

Yeah! Looks like (almost) nobody is taking the warrior code seriously!

I tried to count but got overwhelmed by Forest Of Secrets.

Why is it -the warrior code- even there if no one follows it

Someone is called maggot tail

Imagin being called maggot star! Maggot kit! Maggot paw!

Oakstar Banishing Kits and Still Goes to Starclan

I mean you just about sentence three kits to death and still get to go to starclan?

He might’ve done something worse...

Oakstar banished Mapleshade’s kits in Mapleshade’s vengeance.

still upset that every cat thinks he amazing, and he’s related to many leaders.

Darkstripe being secretly in love with Spottedleaf

Thistleclaw was in love with her not darkstripe

Omg he’s in love with spotted leaf? I think he loves Tigerstar more though do he wanna be gay or normal human

Darkstripe having a crush on Tigerstar

Does Darkstripe want to be gay

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