Top 10 Best Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books

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1 Cabin Fever

I like that Greg mentions Net Kritterz and that his mom and thinks Manny should use Greg's computer while he's at Middle School and Manny figured out how to change his password and seeing his Chihuahua was sad. When they sent an email that he needed to get back on the side he couldn't do anything about it. I also like that Grammie bought their family a "spoon carousel". Seeing that Greg accidentally damaged Middle School property was actually pretty cool.

This to me is Jeff Kinney's best work. I only wish he could return to his original form. Nothing has been the same since he released this book, and everything after pales in comparison to it. It has the best moments among characters in my opinion. Greg and Rowley's chemistry in the book is the best here, as well as between his family. Manny in the previous entries has come off as annoying, and in some ways unneeded, however here, he establishes himself as being an enjoyable character to see despite what he may have caused his family.

The events that take place within the book are the best here. The stakes are high, while not being over the top like newer entries of the series. Greg's newspaper, and him and Rowley's holiday bazaar were fantastic story elements. The individual stories as well that happen overtime come off as realistic, and believable as well as enjoyable to read all at the same time.

The writing has never been better. The stories build up, and central plot are great. The commentary provided within the pages is great to see in a children's book, and it provides incentive to continue reading.

It is a perfect children's book to me. I have no flaws with the film at all. It to me deserves a full 10/10

2 Rodrick Rules

Well I like almost every part of this book. The starting of this book is really great when his dad thinks that he is destined to be a great swimmer and what all he does in the swimming school is really funny. And the Mum Bucks and all are just really creative. His friend Rowley really does it for this book. Everything else like the party, the projects that he does etc. are all amazing. I really think that this one needs to be at the top of the list.

Rodrick is awesome. I like him the best that's because I like rodrick rules the book and the movie. I agree with the person who said rodrick rules is the funniest. it should be number 1 that's right number 1 it is the best diary of a wimpy kid book ever ps Rodrick does rules

This is such a good book. I don't know how Cabin fever is even CLOSE to this one. I've read every single diary of a wimpy kid book except for 'the sticker book' and 'big nate' I have read a big nate book, yet it is not part of the wimpy kid series, but its good. anyways, none even come close to bein better than this. the plants sneezing and dancing mom really make this good. no great. no awesome. no, aww... just forget it

3 The Last Straw

Great because it feels like Jeff got everything into place from the past 2 from the time and used them to make a fun and enjoyable book.

I just don't know how I'm going to say this. In fact, I haven't even read that book before. It's just that I'm promised a book trade to Edgar, my friend, -Rodrick Rules for The Last Straw and I'm hoping that I've made a good decision. I also love the cover of the book as I find it more humorous and interesting than any other Wimpy Kid Books.

This one is superb, every thing was super great, it is funny when he is in church and also when he starts soccer, and valentines day, and when he was at the Snella party and his pants fall of the tree and his Wonder Woman underwear are and video tape. It was also funny when he was locked out of the hotel in his tighty whities.

4 Dog Days

It's hilarious, and I also think the Third Wheel should be at number 2, so I'll make it like this:
1. Dog Days
2. The Third Wheel
3. Cabin Fever
4. The Last Straw
5. The Ugly Truth
6. Rodrick Rules (The movie rocks! )
7. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
8. Do it yourself book
9. Movie Diary
First I thought Dog Days would be my least favorite but I slap myself in the face, pow, pow, it's my favorite, impressive comedy, and the dog was funny, the Cranium Shaker was awesome, I haven't seen the movie Dog Days, but I sill for sure.

I like the part were Greg and Rowley camp out at a video game store to go to a video gaming tournament and Rowley wins and instead of entering for the tournament he grabs a box of chocolate raisens. I like the muddy hand also. The beach part is funny. And when he gets hair cuts at the lady salon he starts to go crazy of tabloids. It is also funny when their dog

Easily the best Diary of a Wimpy Kid book because it makes the most sense to it's necessarily young readers. Basically, the summer goes by quickly and you need to make the most of it.

5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This was the wimpy kid book which I first bought. Since them, I bought every single book I can. This book has great illustrations and an amazing plot. P.S- It also have tips on how to be a boss in school

This one is great because it is the maiden voyage of the series. It has some awesome Christmas features, and Halloween features. I like the school play and when he beans Patty Farrel in the head with an apple. It also has great comics in it to.

This is my second favorite. It establishes the good of the series, and has very little bad. The Halloween chapters are some of my favorite in the series, nothing like those chapters have been done since.

6 The Long Haul

This is my favourite diary of a wimpy kid book in the entire series really funny and I would highly recommend this book. I think it's funny how they stop and things go not as planned.

It's the funniest and greatest in my opinion and yes the 1st one is the most classic I think this one is a little bit better. It's my go to diary of a wimpy kid book, no doubt and it's a different style to the rest I think this is the best one of them all

This was my favorite one out of the entire series. It was nice, because it used the new idea of a road trip. It's way better than Rodrick Rules, which was horrible, and I hope This book gets past Rodrick Rules.

7 Hard Luck

The first Wimpy Kid book I ever read, it will always have a special place in my heart. It was also very easy to pick up as someone who hadn't read the books before it in the series. It was also quite funny, and the magic 8 ball jokes and Uncle Gary plotline were quite good too.

I like what books he finds in his mother's closet. People who haven't read this book, I deeply suggest it. Wait until this part and the part when they talk about the Easter egg hunt!

I think this book is the best Diary of a Wimpy Kid book that Jeff Kinney ever made. It is really funny and just a lot of greatness. For me 1 out of Infinity I would give this an Infinity+. And this is just what I think. Here is a list of the books that I like...
1. Hard Luck
2. Cabin Fever
3. The Ugly Truth

8 Old School

Great book! They kept it nice and simple, and I finished it in like an hour! It was an improvement from the Long Haul, which I thought was the worst book of the series because it was way too plot focused (Rowley appeared like what, once? ) The only negative was the restaurant that Rodrick worked at, which was an obvious recycling of Corny's from The Third Wheel. Overall, very great book though! Deserves to at least be higher on this list!

This book was AWESOME! The only part that is strange is that when Mom makes the whole neighborhood electronic-free and when people are eating dinner or doing whatever at home, they gotta turn OFF the lights! I think it deserves the fourth or fifth place. I'll give a like to Jeff Kinney for writing this book.

I just finished reading this book, and personaly I loved it. Of course there was some negative parts, like for example, what I didn't like about it was that they practically changed the whole story when he went on the field trip, but that's ok. What I also loved about it was the plot twist in the end. Not gonna spoil it.

9 The Ugly Truth

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, one of the main themes is growing up, something a kid never wants to to in their life. When Greg realizes that puberty is a big thing for middle school kids growing up he does not want to grow up anymore.

The very first book I ever read of all the diary of a wimpy kid books. This book in particular was in my school library and ever since that I bought every single book.

I think the best part about the ugly truth is when they went to the school for the overnight lock down and everybody ended up wanting to go home.

10 The Third Wheel

This is LEGIT! So great, like chicken pox, his uncle Gary, Corny's, the party, I also liked Strong Steve, and all the toilet paper fights. And the assemblies, it was also really good when it explained Greg's childhood, Manny's crusty stub remains of the umbilical cord on the belly button still scares the crap out of me. This book is awesome. Just take my advice.

Quite a good one, this book explores Greg's failings in love as the big dance approaches. Well written and entertaining, it's not the series' best but it's better than many of the books after it in the series.

One of the first books I ever got. Nice book but honestly I don't ship Abigail and Greg or Abigail and Rowley.

The Newcomers

? No Brainer

I personally hate this book. First of all he doesn't care ONE bit that he and Rowley are going to a new school as long as he (Greg) gets the best school. I know Greg is selfish like that, but in the Wrecking Ball Greg CRYS when he thinks he's moving.
I think Greg cares about Rowley a little bit. He get's a girlfriend for a little bit who's father is a celebrity. Overall, this book was boring, unrealistic, and unsensitive. I know this Greg Heffley here, but show some hospitality people!

The Contenders
11 The Meltdown

I would say Cabin Fever, but this book took the crown. I had low expectations for this one, because the last two had been mediocre. But from the first page, I was captivated by this one. It introduces a completely new form of writing which is both interesting and refreshing. Not to mention, the plot is amazing.

Not to spoil anything, but there is one part in the book that truly positively shocked me. I had never seen Kinney use such a technique in his books before, and it was fantastic.

I also love the GameOfThrones-esque tone of this one. The battles, alliances that are formed, betrayal, and "tragedy." Definitely fit my taste.

This one is low on the list because it was released just a few weeks ago, but I hope with time this one can climb up. It truly deserves it.

This Book is the best Book out of diary of a wimpy kid in my opinion, and the snowball fight was the best part in the book. You will enjoy reading the book 10 out of 10. Of you buy it you will have do much fun reading the book,I appreciate the hard work of Jeff Kinney.

12 Double Down

I got this when it came out! I liked how it gave flashbacks but it really just went back and forth, some times I get confused if it's the present or a flashback. However it was a great book and it didn't fill me up with a whole page of words. I loved the pictures to add extra effect!

The eleventh book in Kinney's Wimpy Kid series, the young adult novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down follows middle-schooler Greg Kinney on his humorous experiences that he encounters while being forced by his mom to spend less time on video games and more time on being creative.

I hope it will be like the Halloween chapters of the first book, which are some of my favorite in the series. Basically, I hope this will be a Halloween based book, similar to how Cabin Fever was Christmas based.

13 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

The Wimpy Kid Do it yourself book Diary is a book about the making of the first film, which features stills and brand-new illustrations. Jeff Kinney dedicated the book to the film's main stars, Zachary Gordon and Robert Capron.

Very nice book. Questions are interesting. Main downfall for me is that you need to draw. Well that is my opinion and I don't know how to draw but very nice book.

This is a book in which we can we draw or write something about
My daily journal, a noble, or tell your life story. But make it sure it is a journal not a Diary.

14 The Getaway

This is getting ridiculous. Clearly, the Getaway is better than Cabin fever in every way possible. It has a much better plot, better characters, better vocabulary, even the drawings are much better! This is by far the best diary of a wimpy kid book of all time and if you don't like it... then you are an enemy of me, Rowley Jefferson. Of course, it kind of sucks that I'm not in the book very much, but oh well-
Rowley Jefferson

The entire book is just Greg and his families endless summer struggle. It isn't funny, it doesn't have a lesson, and the endless amount of crap getting thrown at these characters you've grown attached to for 12 years for the sake of comedy is just hard to read. Easily the worst book in the series.

Awesome! It came on 3rd November 2017. The plot is totally amazing and epic! This is the only book about Greg and his family going on holiday and the rest of the books are about Greg and his middle school. Sadly, this is the last book in the series. I loved the book title and cover AND story, so this is a book that I won't forget.

15 Wrecking Ball

This is in dead last, and is behind terrible stuff like duplicates, movie posters, and books that aren't even part of the series, and freaking calendars. This book has been out for over a year, so it is ludicrous to see it so low. Please, realise how bad Wrecking ball is doing and move it higher, fellow top tenners, and we can change the fabric of our very reality! But seriously, it needs to at least be in top 5, not 21st. (there are only 14 books)-
Rowley Jefferson

With all that commotion going on and Manny using his BIG BRAIN to build a MANSION with just toy tools and scrap and yet open a party with a bunch of 3-yr olds.

The irony and terrible stuff that happens makes this one a fun read. I will say, kind of repetitive, but whatever.

16 Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal

I read this one in the library. Quite entertaining and interesting to see it from Rowley's point of view, even if it does show how terrible a friend Greg is to him.

UGH it is horrible I absolutely despise this thing. Greg is such a bad character in all the books, but this one is the one where greg becomes the devil.

Its nice to see this from Rowley's perspective. I feel bad for Rowley having such a bad friend but this book is hilarious!

17 Diper Överlöde

I like this one the most

Best book ever read

It is about Greg knowing the band of his elder brother Rodrick

18 Big Shot

Big Shot was definitely an improvement upon the previous 2 books in the series. It has a focused plot and I really liked how Jeff Kinney brought back some old characters (Ruby Bird, the Woodleys, Edward Mealy). It was also realistic (unlike the endings of the last two books in the series). I really liked the new characters, especially Preet. It's not my favourite of the DOAWK books but I think this book has great potential to be the beginning of a renaissance era for the series.

Very nice book

19 Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure

Very nice book. A little corny but who can change Rowley's imagination right?

I just wish rowley kept the alien, but other than that, I loved this book.

20 Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories

Actually this book did not scare me. Anyways The book is very nice.

The least scary book, don't be fooled by the word spooky.

Why is this so low? It was a funny book.

21 The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

This book was a little too basic. It wasn't in-depth enough, it covered the bare basics of how they made the movie. I can enjoy it though. Not as an actual book in the series.

In my opinion, it's dumb to make a movie out of a book and than decide to make a book out of the movie about the book.

Better than Do-It Yourself. It was pretty interesting to learn about the production of films.

22 The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter

The Long Haul is my favorite movie! I love how it explains the moviemaking and gives us tips for our own movies!

It show how The Long Haul movie was made.

It's obvious that this is last.

23 The Deep End

Best diary of a wimpy kid book. I love the plot. Probably read it about 2-3 times already but it's very nice.

The whole thing about jimmy dogfish was just really funny and so was the skunk story.

I love the plot

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