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Andrew Peterson's Wingfeather Saga is filled with a vibrant cast of heroes, villains, and everyone in between. Whether they made you laugh, cry, or cheer, the characters of this beloved series definitely left their mark on your heart.

So now it's your turn! Think about those unforgettable personalities that shaped the story. Was it a courageous sibling who always stepped up? A wise but quirky mentor? Maybe it was a villain you loved to hate?

Vote for the characters you think are the absolute best. Your vote helps shape the ultimate ranking of the most loved (and perhaps most despised!) characters of Aerwiar.
The Top Ten
1 Kalmar Igiby (Tink) Kalmar Igiby, also known as Tink, is the youngest of the Igiby siblings, marked by a courageous heart and a transformative journey throughout the Wingfeather Saga. His character development is pivotal, reflecting themes of redemption and identity.
2 Janner Igiby Janner Igiby, the eldest Igiby sibling, carries the weight of responsibility for his younger siblings, embodying the role of protector and guide. His journey is one of self-sacrifice, maturity, and leadership, navigating the perils that threaten his family and the wider world of Aerwiar.

He should be number one. I fell deeply in love with him even though he's just a book character. He is so responsible and smart. He is so self-sacrificial. I love him.

3 Gnag the Nameless Gnag the Nameless stands as the malevolent ruler of the Fangs of Dang and the chief antagonist in the Wingfeather Saga. His reign of terror over the lands of Aerwiar and his relentless pursuit of the Wingfeather family are driven by dark motives and a mysterious past.

Even though he is the villain of the story, he turns good in the end and owns up to his mistakes. He even gets a name!

4 Esben Wingfeather Esben Wingfeather is the lost king of Anniera and father to the Igiby children. Presumed dead for much of the saga, his character embodies themes of sacrifice and the deep power of familial love, making a profound impact when his true fate is revealed.

I can't put my love for him into words.

5 Nugget Nugget, a loyal and brave creature, serves as a symbol of innocence and the unexpected courage found in the smallest of beings. This pet of the Wingfeather children showcases the importance of friendship and loyalty in the face of adversity.
6 Peet the Sock Man (Artham P. Wingfeather) Peet the Sock Man, whose real name is Artham P. Wingfeather, is a tragic and heroic figure marked by a struggle with his identity and a past filled with both noble lineage and heartbreaking loss. His journey from madness to redemption is a testament to the saga's themes of healing and the power of love.
7 Oskar N. Reteep Oskar N. Reteep is the beloved librarian of Ban Rona and a font of knowledge for the Igiby children. His passion for books and history plays a crucial role in the discovery of ancient truths and the preservation of wisdom in times of darkness.
8 Podo Helmer Podo Helmer, the rugged and hearty grandfather of the Igiby children, is known for his seafaring past and his fierce dedication to his family. His tales of adventure and his combat skills are invaluable as the family navigates their perilous journey.
9 Nia Igiby Nia Igiby, the mother of Janner, Tink, and Leeli, embodies strength, wisdom, and nurturing love. Her sacrifice and determination to protect her family at all costs are central to the narrative, highlighting the profound impact of a mother's love.
10 Leeli Igiby Leeli Igiby, the youngest sister with a heart as brave as her brothers, possesses a unique strength in her music and kindness. Despite her physical challenges, she plays a critical role in her family's adventures, proving that strength comes in many forms.

She's so kind and caring! I love her.

The Contenders
11 Sara Cobbler

She has so much stamina and courage! I love her!

12 Wendolyn Igiby
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