Top 10 Scariest Goosebumps Books

Which of RL Stine's books gave you the most goosebumps?
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1 Welcome to Dead House

It is the most scariest book of all! And I read it as the first book of the goosebumps series... It really gave me the goosebumps and I could not sleep for three days...

The part where they melted by the sun is completely nightmare fuel.One of the main character's friends has a black skull.
I mean Stay Out of The Basement should be higher because the doctor/father kills the clone with an axe splatter with green gore completely messed up.

I like this book because I like a lot of scary and adventures books and I think his books are the best things to ever read.

2 Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Very clever and underrated book. Also surprisingly scary! It's almost like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

It's not that scary. I think every goosebumps book besides my hairiest adventure is scarier.

Amazing Book! I couldn't sleep for 2 days and I didn't look at the Clock for a few months until I thought it was Safe

3 I Live In Your Basement

People turn inside out in great detail. Goosebumps don't get much scarier than that!

4 A Night In Terror Tower

This was definitely one of the eerie ones, but had a great plot to it.

I loved the ending and horrible twist in this book this is one of my favourite book

5 The Haunted School

First goosebumps book. End was Damn terrifying for me.

6 Say Cheese and Die

First book I ever read... couldn't sleep for a fortnite after that.

This book was not that scary. It was fantastic though.

Not scary, but the best story ever!

7 Stay Out of Basement

I watched the episode way back in first grade. That's the first time I ever heard about Goosebumps. The scenes with the basement plants and Margaret and Casey entering the basement creeped me out a lot. My friends cried a lot!

8 One Day at HorrorLand

This wasn't very scary, but it was awesome!

When you read this one you feal like the monsters are in your bedroom

9 Night of the Living Dummy

Slappy is my favorite Goosebumps monster. This book is so scary that I locked myself in my room for a month.

This wasn't scary! However it is the best goosebumps book.

Awesome, but wasn't really scary.

10 Monster Blood
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11 A Shocker On Shock Street

Because the Giant praying mantis was a really sick idea, like who doesn't like praying mantises and especially in the film it looks so sick! and in the title I already new it's going to be an awesome book and the name is totally cool shocker in shock street shock is the best word for praying mantis! especially n the major motion picture version.

This is one of those Goosebumps books with everything in it; Skeletens, Giant Praying Mantises, Zombies, Werewolves, Robots...
RL Stine went went crazy with this one and it turned out pretty awesome!

12 Beware the Snowman

The way he described the snowmen was creepy. I also really like the setting in this one.

This isn't scary at all. I accidentally voted on it.

13 Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

The cover reminds me of lets get invisible and my invisible friend

14 How I Got My Shrunken Head

Being stuck on a jungle island with mad scientists who want to kill you and shrink your head! Can't get much scarier than that!

15 Horror at Camp Jellyjam

This is the best Goosebumps book I ever read!

The counselors are very scary!

16 Ghost Beach

I borrowed the book from the library and I read it. As a kid, I was pretty freaked out by the ghost kids and the ghost in the cave. Even though it gave me nightmares(no joking) I still loved the plot and the book Vote for this

I know all goosebumps series are jokes. But if I should choose one this would be it. By far(in my opinion) this is the best effort Stine has made into his life as a writer.

This should be number 1, I had nightmares as a kid when I read this. I even slept with the light on.

17 The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
18 Deep Trouble
19 Ghost Camp

Curse of the mummy's tomb and how I got my shrunken head is higher than this? Kid stabs himself with a pole in the foot, girl sticks her hand into the fire, oh yeah How I got my Shrunken Head sucks.

20 The Ghost Next Door

I have read this book and it was a little less scary. Hannah is actually dead and Danny isn't so the shadowy figure tried to hurt Hannah! Geez, that frightened me when Hannah didn't touch Danny but Danny's arm goes through her!

This book made me pyrophobic. Kinda. I always blow out the scent candles in my house to make sure they wouldn't burn the house down like Hannah's house did. Yikes.

21 Be Careful What You Wish For...
22 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
23 The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

Out of all the goosebumps books I read as a kid, this one stuck with me. I still remember it two decades later as the most frightening thing I read as a kid.

This book was pretty terrifying and the darkest Goosebumps book. I'm surprised it wasn't on the list

24 The Haunted Mask

The book should be number 1. The floating masks really wanted to point my gun in front of my T.V.. It's great.

This was so not scary and indeed retarded.

25 The Girl Who Cried Monster
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