Top 10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters From the Books

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1 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley is the main character and narrator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series written by Jeff Kinney. He lives with his two brothers, Rodrick and Manny Heffley, and his parents, Susan and Frank Heffley.

Okay, this might be a bit long.

As a younger kid, I used to absolutely love reading these DOAWK books. It was probably my favourite book series.

My opinions were along the lines of, "Greg is a smart guy even though he's failing, "Rowley is stupid for falling for the obvious jokes", "Rodrick is an awful older brother", etc. These were the opinions that kids my age generally had.

A few years into my fascination with these books, I started to pick up on something.

Why does Greg not care about the way he treats Rowley and everyone else?

That was before I had learned what the word'sociopath' meant. Recently, I started to learn and study what terms like sociopathy, psychopath, narcissist, and other similar words mean.

Once I started to gain knowledge on those, I realized that Greg wasn't JUST a middle schooler that thought everyone was a burden to him. He wasn't JUST a guy using his so-called best friend to perform weird and sometimes sadistic tasks. He was a budding sociopath.

It kind of hit me like a truck. Of course, he's a sociopath! What normal person thinks that way.

2 Holly Hills

She is a lovely patch of sunshine, rich, beautiful, and popular, no one can let her down! Greg adores her! In middle school.

Holly is nice, intelligent and independent and I see why Greg admires her.

NO! I completely hate her. I don't know why Greg's going after her.

3 Frank Heffley

Funny and very athletic, and it is surprising Greg is his son! Susan is his wife.

He loves his civil war replica in his basement.

4 Susan Heffley

A loving, caring, mother, who embarrasses Greg.She loves to dance! Greg, Rodrick, and Manny are her sons.

She honestly gets better on in the later books.

She make mommy meals! I actually want to try a mommy meal in real life cus why not

5 Rowley Jefferson

Poor Rowley, Greg is a jerk to him! I mean, Rowley is a little stupid, but that doesn't mean that Greg should mistreat him!

I've always loved Rowley. I hated how their friendship separated in The Ugly Truth and The Third Wheel.

A funny, loving, kind heart, sweetie, who embarrasses Greg his best friend! And acts like a kindergardener! In middle school.

6 Rodrick Heffley

He's a bit of a jerk and not likeable to be honest but still the party he threw was funny especially the crusty pizza crust in the cereal box and the message written on the door.

Rodrick understands how middle school actually works, he finds a way to enjoy his life, even do his little brother Manny is so spoiled and rotten.

This dude is awesome. 3 reasons he loves heavy metal, he likes Avenged Sevenfold, and he likes Guns N' Roses. This is like the awesomest dude in movie history.

7 Heather Hills

A hot, popular, cool, beautiful, chic! Holly is her sister.Rodrick loves her! In high school

8 Bryce Anderson
9 Manny Heffley

Manny really pisses me off and always get Greg in trouble! And he's a not a innocent, sweet and cute toddler the person below me.

Manny is a bit of a tattler but in a way I think Manny is funny.

A innocent, cute, sweet, baby who is three.

10 Chirag Gupta

He might be mean to Greg but he is a good actor. Have the comments above me forgotten this is just a movie

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11 Fregley

Why am I the only one who unironically considers him to be my favorite character? Too bad he doesn't show up after the 8th book.

My twin! Stop hating on him please thanks

12 Manny's Pet Pig
13 Mikey
14 Silas Scratch
15 Patty Farrel

I don't like her. She's a rude know it all.

16 Meckley Mingo

The Mingo tribe would be interesting if there was more of a backstory or deeper look at them to be honest. Like why are they there?

17 Mr. Beardo
18 Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated... read more

Who put Nate on a Wimpy Kid list

That's like putting Spongebob on a "Best Mario Character" list

Sarcasm warning he's the best Diary Of A Wimpy Kid character hands down strange how people put him 13 instead of 1 and they think he's from Big Nate series that's Greg Heffley also Nate is the main character

19 Alex Aruda

It's funny when he keeps everyone in during recess.

20 Linda Jefferson
21 Abigail (Rowley's Girlfriend)
22 Dr. Salazar Kagan

Greg's Dad should NOT have switched Greg's dentist to him. Greg should've kept going to Tender Hugs and see Rachael, not Dr. Kagan.

23 Albert Sandy

This kid always spreads fake news and Greg is so gullible to fall for it. But nobody wanted to use the bathroom when he said "Silas Scratch can come out of the toilet"

24 Aric Holbert
25 Mr. Sparks
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