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1 The Kingdom of Fantasy

I loved this book more than the other Geronimo Stilton books. It's just because the words in the book shows hilarious scenes and this story fits the book cover itself. Geronimo acts like a funny person playing silly jokes on you while you read the book. The series is not like any other boring,old-fashioned and classic novels.Other novels has long stories, BUT you will find the book boring after you read halfway through the book. This series keep you entertained and you won't find it boring at all. A GREAT BOOK!

My little sister loves this book and I was a Geronimo fan myself! Geronimo is a hilarious classic and he is adorable! I think anyone who voted for something else if the haven't read this book pick it up and you will change your mind!

The Kingdom of Fantasy is really the great book than other Geronimo Stilton books. It entertained me more than The Quest for Paradise

Geronimo stilton books are so cool yeah I know the bad guys are a little lame but hey its way cool.

2 A Very Merry Christmas

Greatest book in history. Love it. Must read

Best book ever I saw

The books awesome!

I think That other than the books of geronimo stilton there is no other book I could like

3 The Quest for Paradise

This Book is full of Adventure, This is my first Geronimo Stilton Book, It is a must read book

4 It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!

This isn't a book, it is just pages with stickers on them.

5 Valentine's Day Disaster
6 Geronimo's Valentine
7 Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye

It was pretty good

Worst book ever!

Ugly bad book

This is the first geronimo stilton book ever made

Pretty great book in my opinion

8 The Dragon of Fortune

Outstanding the scenario and the expressions were drastically amazing. I am only 13 years but this book could also be read by elder or old people. It has a different world. The best I could say is I have no words to say. All the geronimo stilton books are awesome but I do not like comparing them with each other.

I like this book very much. I also thank the author for making such a lovely book.

This is the newest Kingdom of Fantasy Book released on September 2017. The story is totally epic and it is worth to buy and read it.

This book is epic. Just read it.

I loved this book. It has cliffhangers that make you wanna continue. By the way, I am the one who posted this book on this list, seriously. Best book ever...

9 The Amazing Voyage

A great book for kids

10 Merry Christmas, Geronimo!

Oh god, the nostalgia...

Very good book

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11 The Dragon Prophecy

Very nice book

12 The Mummy with No Name

I like this book because it is about my favorite subject: Egypt. It's very interesting.

This book actually made me freak out cause' the mummy scared me rather than Geronimo himself

13 Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House
14 The Phoenix of Destiny

It's simply the best. This book is my youth. In my country (Belgium) this book is the ninth book in the series and after 6 years, I still love this vook

I love all Kingdom of Fantasy books, but in my opinion The Phoenix of Destiny is simply the best.

I bought this book on Amazon and I LOVE reading it!

15 The Way of the Samurai
16 Bollywood Burglary

Best book for Indian

17 The Enchanted Charms
18 Hour of Magic

My favorite book in the Geronimo Stilton series.

19 The Wild Wild West
20 The Ship of Secrets
21 Guardian of the Realm

Great book I love it

22 The Journey Through Time

It is a fantastic book

23 Magical Mission
24 Get Into Gear, Stilton
25 Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro
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