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1 Greg Heffley Greg Heffley is the main character and narrator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series written by Jeff Kinney. He lives with his two brothers, Rodrick and Manny Heffley, and his parents, Susan and Frank Heffley.

It's not all his fault he can be quite mean and a jerk about things in life like egotistical. It's also even his very own parents' faults for not raising him properly. They're both so very misinformed for parents they both really truly are in life like just don't ever at all seem to care.

He's the best character ever! Even if he acted rude and arrogant, he had trouble and school and home. He gets bullied by Rodrick a lot, and the bratty ugly Manny always gets him in trouble.

He's the classic protagonist, so of course he is number 1! My drawings always consist of the doodles featured in this series, and my figure is Greg. He can be a mean jerk sometimes, but he's still hilarious and awesome!

Greg is a bit of a jerk. But if you think about it for a while, he goes through a lot. Such as his family mistreating him, and so every often, he gets bullied by jocks in his school.

2 Rodrick Heffley

This immature teenager himself is extremely very incorrigible like not able to be stumped, corrected, or reformed even with being sent to a reformatory school or penal institute or military academy just like the Spag Union Preparatory School turning irresponsible little boys into men since 1925 mentioned and said in the third film.

He really gets on my nerves for how much an exclusive bully he is to his little brother, Greg Heffley, like he literally plays him like a heavy metal drum of rock music all himself like saying he torments and tortures him constantly to get him into trouble and wrongly blamed and framed for his trouble-makings and wrongdoings by his parents like persecuted by them both in life. I also even have a theory he named his band "Loded Diper" after reading that offensive old magazine towards women in life in the very first film.

That wild chaotic party he threw the night his parents went out in the second film, Rodrick Rules, was truly really a jamboree.

He is the best. In the movies he picks on Greg and makes him miserable, but he makes up for it every time. The reason I've stopped watching the movies and kind of stopped reading the books is because they hardly include Rodrick. Devon Bostick portrayed him perfectly and nobody has a chance of taking Rodrick's number one spot…..except maybe Frank.

3 Rowley Jefferson

I loved him in the movies, but he was an annoying character in the books. He stole Greg's idea and copied him a lot, he acts like a baby, and he left Greg for his girlfriend later on in the books. But he was at least nice.

Ohhh Rowley. Such a gullible doofus. I feel bad for him. The way Greg controls Rowley like a puppet and forces him to do things is sad. He's such a great kid restricted by his parents and controlled by his "best friend".

He's enjoyable to read, his book character is great, especially in the earlier books. He's a little under-used in the newer books.

However I hate his interpretation from the movies, they make him more restricted and childish in the movies.

Rowley should be No. 1. I found him annoying in the book and took credit for a lot of Greg's ideas, but I loves him in the movies cause he is a little fatty (my fave part was when he sat on the spiked ball manny gave Greg I'm Rodrick Rules, whilst wearing undies on his head)

4 Frank Heffley

Easily one of the best in the books and the movies. He's so stupid that it's funny. He acts crazy, but he gives Greg some tips on how to act like a decent human being. The way he's obsessed with little things like his Civil War figurines is hilarious. Overall a great character.

I really like Frank as a character, because it's so hilarious when you see him trying to interact with the kids or always ending up screwing up something!
Top five Frank Heffley Moments
5. FPOO!
4. Greg:DUCK! DUCK! Frank:Where? Where? *Branch right in front of him*
3. Friend = Good!
2. Mom says I need to hug you guys...
1. Lets you and me have a talk... FRIEND. XDDD

Why would he throw a brick at Greg? That's dangerous! Then again, Calvin's dad threw tools at Calvin, who is SIX, so maybe it's not that bad.

Um, my only question is why are there so many pictures of him nearly naked, such as when Greg scared him when he stepped out of the shower.

5 Holly Hills

Holly Hills was a nice character, but in the books she had no personality at all and was a bit boring. In the movies however she was kind to Greg and helped him a lot.

I really didn't know whether I should've voted for her or not, but I chose to do it. In the books she doesn't do that much and I could care less about her, but the movies save her.
The way she is so nice to Greg even when he is a total weirdo just blows my mind. I would've put a restraining order on that dude lol.

In the books she was in, she was pretty great. I just wish we saw her in the later books.

Shes the best character in the movies. It's so sad that they have to find a new actor for her though.

6 Susan Heffley

She always shows absolutely indeed no such remorse or regret for her embarrassments to her middle son, Greg.
She also even always constantly spoils, pampers, and favors Manny even in The Long Haul film where she is just always a pure complete jerk and even buys him a binky.
I'd tell and say to her and Manny myself, "Put a binky in it!" just like literally put a cork in it.

Me and also even Greg Heffley are better off without her around to even be a mother or even anyone's mother or even my own mother exactly. She's always so very unempathetic and never ever at all seems to care or show any remorse or regret or repent for her embarrassments or even any such gray/grey areas like with a "saving face" like to avoid embarrassment in life.

She's a hypocrite:...
Treat those in power differently than they act toward underlings.
She criticized Greg for lying in Rodrick Rules even though she didn't care if Rodrick was lying himself to her about him in the first film like Greg saying "He's lying! He was gonna kill me 'cause I was in his room!"
Susan Heffley: "And so you peed on him?!"

This woman and mother is always just such a jerk and huge pain in herself always spoiling and pampering Manny and her other 2 sons like Rodrick more so than Greg.

7 Grandpa

He's also even clueless himself just like a giraffe is.
This guy is such a clueless giraffe.
Don't be so clueless, Grandpa.
Don't be such a clueless giraffe, Grandpa.

In the second movie and film, Rodrick Rules, he said, "TV is a bunch of fakers! This is real life! It's real life! You can't beat it!".
What about virtual reality and ultimate reality by God and also even including hyperreality that is hyperreal.

Grandpa was trash in the movies. Nothing fun about him. The books are the only reason I voted for this guy. He has a sense of humor and does really stupid things. Kind of like him but ruined in the movies. #notmygrandpa

Ok, here we go. I'm one of those people that write long responses so be prepared. Grandpa is just the most iconic and corky in the books although I did not enjoy him in the movies. I don't think they portrayed him right. It may just be me but, in the movies he just seems a little off. But he makes up for it in the books. He is very old fashioned in the way he does things and brings you into Greg's perspective of his grandfather and makes you wonder if grandpas as silly as he seems.

8 Manny Heffley

Book Manny was an ugly, selfish, bratty, demon child. He always gets Greg in trouble and I feel like he should never exist. Movie Manny was cute and was slightly better and way less annoying.

He is the worst character. He's maybe cute on the outside, but he's a selfish devil on the inside! He is such a spoiled brat and gets EVERYTHING he wants! He doesn't get in trouble at all, even if he deserves it! He is also such a big liar. He also makes a stupid excuse that he's only 3 when he breaks Greg's things! He's like 5 or 6! He also makes the whole family suffer because of his stupid imaginary friends. He called Greg "Ploopy" and never got in trouble for it. But when Greg called Manny "Ploopy", he got in huge trouble. He did many bad things and never got in trouble for it. He drew on Greg's bedroom door with a permanent marker, broke Greg's video game console, hacked Greg's video game account, broke his mom's glasses, and also only set the T.V. to watch HIS favorite shows! He also did worse things like turning off the electricity and freezing his family and getting his hands a box jellyfish for his pet and almost killing everyone!

Spoiled. He's just spoiled, why would anyone like him? He's just a frickin' moron that I would nuke. "I'm only thwee," he says, and yeah, but he's evil, moronic, just pure devil and nightmare fuel for parents, not to mention he got attached to a freakish farm animal and loves it so much that he put it in front of his everything.

Manny is the worst character he is selfish evil greedy. He let his family freeze to death in cabin fever and I wish he would die.

9 Fregley

Why does he exist? He's a complete weirdo who wants to scare the life out of all of the people he wants to make friends with. If he could just stop the pestering, he would be a

He is among the weirdest book characters I have ever read about. In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, he actually put his own booger on a piece of paper to someone else. No wonder Greg fainted! Why is Susie Heffley always trying to set up a play date with two boys who have nothing in common? Especially when one is afraid of the other. I mean, I understand that she would want to help Greg make new friends when he's fighting with Rowley, but out of all the possible candidates, why would she chose the one who Greg would least like? It doesn't make any sense. Also, why does Greg always go to Fregley's after he fights with Rowley? He is clearly choosing the wrong kid. In the first Wimpy Kid movie, Fregley asked Greg and Rowley if they wanted to help him name his "secret freckle" which, y when way, was disgusting. He is probably dangerous. More than the Mingo Kids, by a lot. I'm 90% sure his parents keep an electrical fence, too. And who. can blow a bubble of gu m with his belly button? Is he like part ...more

Pretty decent character.

I think he has autism

10 Patty Farrell

It's not truly or really all her fault. She's not really all that bad in life over things. It's truly really Greg's fault for insulting her enormously dreadfully extremely back then during "kindergarten and fourth grade" she mentioned in very first film with that insulting rhyme.

Patty Farrell might be the worst diary of a wimpy kid character next to manny she literally bullies Greg at school in the movies, and she got Greg an F on his geography test by telling the teacher to cover up the state capital map too! Patty deserved to get that apple thrown at her head at the play.

In the movies, Patty is mean and she thinks Greg is an idiot. She is such a brat.

Patty was such a brat! Honestly why is she even on the list!

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11 Chirag Gupta

Chirag isn't the most interesting character in the books, but he's a great character in the movies. The invisible Chirag joke really boosted his popularity to fans and the way he got Greg back was actually kind of funny. Overall good in the movies and thrown away in the books.

I loved his character and I think he's super underrated. He should've been in the movies and books more.

A minor character in books, Chirag's character is brought charm and charisma through the movies.

He's hilarious and makes a good character. Should be higher up.

12 Gramma
13 Gammie

She's the best and funniest old lady I have ever seen.

14 Uncle Charlie
15 The Heffleys' Pig

The pig was WAY better than Manny, plus it's not really the pigs fault when it does something wrong, it's a pig for gods sake. Plus the pig was a comic relief character.

It's just a farm animal that Manny loves, but Manny goes to such lengths that he literally put everyone in front of the pig.

Because of this evil narcissist, Manny now rules the world.

The Pig is fine, it's potty-trained at least.

16 Leland

He's is a big Nerd but I like him.

17 Silas Scratch

He's not technically a character, nor do I like his story arc.

Creepy and cool. I was hoping he was real but still he is a cool urban legend made by frank (gregs dad)

Frank was seriously clever as heck for this.

He deserves a horror movie!

18 Gary Heffley

The second most relatable character (besides Rodrick). Frank doesn't like him and that's not a surprise. He's is a careless idiot and that's what makes him funny. I wish we could've seen him in the movies. What a movie that would've been.

Gets married each year

19 Heather Hills

Heather should be higher

I love holly hills

20 Sweetie

What can I say? It's a dog. a freaking dog. Just look at it. The movies make it suck but I still love it.

A lovable doggie!

21 The Giving Tree guy

Literally he looks like a burglar!

22 Mr. Nern

Weird that this one was on here. Not gonna lie I kind of like him though. He might look creepy, but he does try to help Greg get new friends and even tries to be his friend. Kind of a cool guy.

"I am your friend"

23 Ethan Bradberry

What the... Spider-Man is not related to Wimpy Kid.

Why is there a picture of Spider Man?

24 Uncle Joe

Doesn't do much in the books and obviously not in the movies. He isn't that interesting and is honestly one of the most forgettable characters in the books. Sorry Joe, they did you dirty.

25 Mr. Jefferson

Rowley acts like a baby and this guy dose not let him grow up. He made Greg pay him. He would not let Greg eat marshmallows he is a douchbag

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