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41 India Kings

The only real thing in the market

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42 Vogue

Vogue clickis the blue pack, what I love about them is the fact that you can click to change your cigarette to menthol any time after lighting, I used to do half way but now I click befor lighting up, they are smooth and very sophisticated, I have managed to introduce at least 7 people to vogue, as I won't smoke anything else, friends need to try mine to see what all the fuss is about, once you vogue ther is no going back.

I adore smoking vogue frisée menthe. So elegant. The pack is ultra cute. The super slims burn a little slower than the original slims making them last a few hits longer. Every vogue is an absolute pleasure and a must for all fashion conscious smoking girls. The flavour is immense. Once you go won't change.

43 Surya

This is the best cigarette I have ever test. You feel very proud to smoke. It is the thing to introduce among the world. It has to put in top ten list. It is coolest cigarette ever. It is not just ok or better it is the best one. Once you smoke sewer you were addicted. I guaranty it.

Best tobacco flavor I ever smoked... Everyone must try this one then you will stop smoking other brands...

Best Ever. But I don't Know where I can find it in America

The right combination between tobacco and cloves. Plus the legendary tobacco herb sauce.

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44 Merit

I have been smoking merit for 10 years and I've tried every brand but merit is the most awesome and good taste for me.

I'm 17 & a girl. My dad smokes & I started it beacaude my life was very boring. It's my dad who smokes merit & so do I!

Best of the best.

I love these cigarette they so good that I smoke them with alcohol.

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45 555

I only smoke 555's. They taste perfect and pull very well. Its right in the middle of light and medium, more towards medium but incredibly smooth. They are expensive out here and you can only find them in a hand full of smoke shops. Your right about "rich"... It is. I am not too much of a cig connoisseur, but they are my most preferable ones.

This is awesome smooth and feeling premium when smoke No.555

Decent British brand. Good flavor and fairly smooth. Blend No.555 is popular in SE Asia.

Test good

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46 Business Royals
47 Samson
48 Prince

Such a Rich Taste as the pack suggests it is really nice it kind of leaves like a caramel taste inside your mouth not too strong not too smooth!

Prince red 100's the only one for me. Been through them all; the premium, the budget brands, nothing comes close. But it's the red 100's that I love. Their taste is rich and smooth, Much nicotine & tar. Still smooth.

The Best taste evergreens is a red prince

I smoking PRINCE over the 20 yrs, since my 16.
Best tobacco, strong and flavour!

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49 Look
50 More

Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman smoking a more!

Best cigarette I ever had very elegant last long time to smoke always get look from other people dare to be more try one today

The best cigarette I taste ever, and the only that never bothered me

Smoked green More for many years. Am now upset and angry that they are no longer available in Republic of Ireland. The best cigarette ever.

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51 Class Mild

The after effect is too die for and it is very smooth and easily available throughout india

Awesome awesome awesome.. Has a silken touch to it.. It tastes amazing

The best blend I have ever smoked. I moved from India and tried so many cigarettes. Nothing came close to classic milds blend!

Awesome blend taste... Once you've smoked this.. You can never change the brand! Thumbs up! (y)

52 Gauloises

I always prefer this brand when available. I like Camels as well but there is just something special about Gauloises. Mild rich taste (Reds) - Superb!

If I had a thousand choice, I would only choose Gauloises because to me and to all of the people that I know it is THE perfect brand, I've never known anyone who got into Gauloises and then switched to something else.
Personally I prefer the blue ones because I like strong cigarettes

One of the most popular and best French cigarette, a strong and rich flavour, a great taste.
Enjoy it with a coffee

I really love this brand for the strong but mild flavor you get. They go well with red wine or whiskey. And not like almost every other brand, I never get sick of em. Favourite: Gauloises Brunes Filterless 😍

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53 Maverick

I started out as a Marlboro Red kinda girl way back when, once the prices were jacked up I switched and happened to go between Basics and Mavericks, Now I can only smoke Maverick Light 100's. All others make me sick. They have a much smoother taste and not the awful burnt after taste of the Basics.

Maverick very cheap and light cigarette menthols have a clean menthol taste unlike Newport menthols that have a dirt taste I would really compare them to Marlboro menthols just a little lighter

Mavericks are a cheaper version of newports. They hit just the same the flavor is the same except maverick menthol (I smoke 100's) are smooth burn slow and are exceptionally cheaper Indiana prices where I live are about $5.03 a pack depending on which gas station you go to. My wife switched to maverick regular 100's. We won't smoke anything else now!

I love smoking mavericks there so smooth plus its cheap I used to smoke Marlboro and pal mal, but Marlboro were two strong and I can't afford pal mal

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54 Richmond

I love these, the tobacco is sweet, the quality is perfect, could smoke these all day. Really affordable too!

Have a sweet taste my personal favourite although lambert is nice

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55 Djarum

Very unique taste and it's made in Indonesia too! Best cigarettes ever

I love djarum products.. Taste goods for my mouth and good for my lungs..

The best cigarette that I've ever try.. Love it..


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56 Benson & Hedges Sovereign

Very strong and acquired taste one of Benson's side projects that has survived the test of time.

Smoked these bad boys all the time hard to find these days though. Shame really!

57 Cedars

Lebanese brand, easy on the throat in dry heat (at least compared to the usual suspects). Not available in the duty free zone in Hariri Airport, because... Actually why do the sell you the same junk of brands in nearly every airport around the world? Who do they think I can impress back home with a gift that the recipient can get at the next cornershop? Sure, there are people loading up on booze and smokes at airport, but there's also a different type of customer... Ah, all those promises of the free market, that it doesn't keep. (This has gone astray from smoke brand, sorry for that :-))

The best cigarette you can ever have, it is cheap and maybe the slowest burning one and the most important is that it is chemical free. Trust you can never go wrong with cedars

Best of the best. You smoke cedars, you smoke the best. Trust me. Made for humans.

This cigarette is chemical free unlike others. It's easy to inhale in and gives a great taste!

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58 Cleopatra Cigarettes

Its simply my country's production... The taste is great and satisfying.

Keep it up Egypt

Best cig ever invented

59 Benson & Hedges Gold

Smooth strong taste, is among a list of inappropriate baby names alongside fish and chips and black child, smoked by oasis, Ian Curtis (joy division),

Best ever brand for the rich

Super Smooth Super Strong


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60 Peter Stuyvesant

Mild cigarette with a slight toasted bite. Pack used to be a design classic before the giant health-warning obliterated it.

Peter stuyvesant. ITS Like the commercial says. You can take the world wit PS! (YouTube) Very rich and balanced flavour with hints of honey, herbs and a fine after tobacco taste. The quality of peter stuyvesant is always superieur. I would advise to smoke this cigarette to anyone! Even not smokers. Just trye it. Life is to short not to!

Out of all cigarettes I've smoked,Stuyvesant does it for me

I love stuvy

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