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61 John

Best cheap cigarette ever except for the globe one

Budget cigarette... Glory john white

MYR 4.50 in Malaysia. Smugle brand number 1!

I'm smoke john at 12 y/o

62 Benson & Hedges Silver

Smooth taste a lot of smokers start with this brand due to its smooth feel on the throat

Smooth taste, perfect for those who think B&H Gold are too strong. Cool pack design, nice taste. My everyday smoke.

Smoking is very bad habit, It is bad for good health.

The best there's ever been

63 American Spirit

American Spirit cancer sticks are the bomb. These are some wicked harsh smokes. You gotta be a real man to smoke these - if you're female, you'll sound like a man within a month of starting to puff these wicked sticks - toughens up your throat and turns your vocal cords to leather. As for taste, American Spirit is like sucking in the smoke from a house fire - or maybe a chemical plant fire - it is HARSH. Man, I've smoked some gnarly Turkish smokes and some painful French cigs with the dark brown paper, but AS is like drawing in the concentrated smoke pouring off a burning house or car - has a weird 'burning plastic' component and a wood-burning background. I predict firemen will either love or absolutely hate this brand, as it smells like what they smell on the job at five-alarm warehouse fires or chemical plant blazes.

Long burn, nice flavor and a good price (depending on state tax laws on tobacco). American spirits beat out most brands I've tried, due to the fact they have a fresher taste to them and (as a cigar smoker) their burn time is admirable for cigarettes. I recommend you try the blues or turquoise (if you like a full bodied flavor) (if you like a soft flavor go for the yellow or gold) first and then try their menthol.

American Spirits are absolute heaven. Its all natural blended tobacco with no additives. They take about 8 minutes to burn so each cig is a commitment. Lites, full body, menthol, etc all of them are great. I've been smoking a pack a day for 7 years and my had a AS 2 weeks ago in the morning, I started buzzing so hard I almost fainted and had to sit down.. If that doesn't embody American Spirit cigarettes then I'm not sure what does.

Dark green menthol is a go damn perfect cig, 2.4 nicotine, slow even burn evertime, Newport 100 are the only thing close in my opinion, Kool 1oo menthol burn in a minute. But like I said AMERICA spirit full flavor menthol - dark green pack is something you'll never be unhappy with, nice, nice buzz, and if your on antidepressants like me, wait one hour and then have a smoke after your dose, it's heaven. But if you can't find them, Newport 100 is my next choice. Thanks peace

64 Sobranie

Good, strong Russian-style Virginia tobacco! It has aristocratic past and it shows in the appereance and overall quality.

I smoke Sobranie Gold, probably the best cigarettes in the world.

Greatest tasting, most stylish, premium cigarettes in the world. Oldest luxury tobacco brand
From London, used to be hand made for aristocrats. Its ranking should be much higher, but then again better kept as a secret for the most selective :)))

Best in the world,quite expensive,but I don't mind!

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65 Gladstone
66 Craven A

Decent cigarette (Good flavor but lacks some smoothness). In Vietnam, it costs only around 1 dollar a pack - already with the government tax stamp on it. The most valued brand I've ever bought.

Great taste. Too bad only a few countries have them. Canada, Jamaica, Vietnam...

67 Black Devil

I started at 15 with smoking and this was my first brand, the smell is not that hard for the passive smokers around you, but it's still soft and tasteful.

I personaly started on these when I was 13 and love the vanilla flavour its not like a normall cigarette its softer and more tastefull

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68 Four Square

It is the best ciggarette in its class. So much affordable and the taste is just awesome. Its taste will make you feel like it is a very expensive brand. The best part is that every one can afford it.

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69 George Karelias & Sons

Very good cigarettes, rich taste, good burn, beautiful package.

Love them. Awesome packaging, great taste, cheaper than Marlboro or Dunhill, but better. The dark variant is a bit too strong for me, but the lights are just right.

Great cigarettes! Just try them!

The quility of the tobacco is superior

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70 Winfield

Australian made cigarettes, one you go Winfield you can never go back. The taste is superior to any other cigarettes.

Winfield optimum Blues are amazing. Literally the best I've tasted

The menthol are amazing

What cheaper brands are kind of similar to Winfield blues? Anyone know? My first ciggerette at 11. Now 33 can't really tolerate anything else..but 35$ for a oack is getting out of hand lol

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71 Classic Menthol V 2 Comments
72 Virginia Slims Ovals

A most wonderful smoke and sexy as hell.

How much does Virginia slims or capriscapm

Sexiest cigs on the market

Um I don't know

73 Capri

Very Sexy when dressed provocatively with 1" nails, sexy makeup, mini dress, black seamed fishnets and 7" stilettos at the bar. I get many compliments how sexy I look smoking Capri 120's!

The SEXIEST cigarette that I have ever smoked by far! I love how sexy they make me feel when I am smoking them... A long, super slim cigarette between my quite long nails! I have been complimented on how sexy and classy that looks.

Love capri best taste ever.the sexiest ever.

74 Belmont

Classiest smoke on the damn planet, perfect for a crowded elevator.

Smooth charcoal filtered.. probably the creamiest and richest smoke in Canada

Belmont red is the best cigarette of the world!

Best of he smoothest, lighter cigs; Marlboro best woodsy, dark.

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75 Captain Black

Sweet and Royal

very good

76 Just Black
77 Wills Classic

The best.
The only thing is if you start smoking this chances are you will smoke for the rest of your life, you just cannot quit the butt. Mild flavor is much better.

Great one I like it
If you taste you too will sar just great nthng more to explain

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78 L&M Blue Pack
79 Mayfair

Very cheap for whats in the box, not to strong and not too light. I started smoking mayfair because they are the cheapest cigarettes after pall mall in ireland

I started on j, p blue. Tried mayfair, they are very smooth and a bit cheaper. Cutters choice are my favorite rollies.

2nd most popular cigarette brand in the UK in 2007, medium smooth taste of very good quality for its price

Can you buy Marlboro black in Australia, if anyone knows

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80 Next

Next is an alright brand of cigarettes considering the price witch is around 8 $ a pack they burn moderately slow and taste rich easy to get a drag you don't have tp haul like a crack head ahaha

Next is one of the bestt you can get here in Isreal.. so you can all go to hell!
70my ass...

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